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    bottom married white boy.
  1. Atlanta Tranny connection

    I would love to have a hot t-girl knock me up
  2. What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    still neg, just tested
  3. Your Pervy Bbc Atl Tour Guide

    next time I'm in town I'm gonna go to the POZ-4-Play I'm just not gonna tell anyone I'm neg. if I'm still neg by then
  4. The Cumdump Network - Locations & Phone Numbers

    Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): slut Your cell number (for texts calls): 818-697-6692 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code):grand rapids, mich Times you're generally available: in the am or wknds
  5. The Cumdump Network - Locations & Phone Numbers

    name - dave location - grand rapids Michigan white bottom 4 black tops. 517-798-4147

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