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  1. Woof hey stud I’ll be in Orlando shoot me a message on here or on [deleted] at alexreyez
  2. If you would like to chat hit me up on [deleted] same username

  3. Fuck stud I’d love swapping seed

    1. Alexreyez


      Fuck yea wanna text stud 😈

  4. Woof hey stud. Orlando here 

    1. Marine112413


      Hey, in Fort Lauderdale...love Latin guys

    2. Marine112413


      Thanks for following 

  5. I mean I’m from Orlando originally from Philly and I feel like everyone here doesn’t care and love bb. I’m speaking from experience. I have guys message me how they want me to breed them. They don’t even tip toe at the idea of bb. If I’m not breeding someone or more recently getting bred then it’s a turn off.
  6. Thanks for the follow mate! 

    1. Alexreyez


      Of course 😈

  7. Only recently been getting fucked and been getting bred since I’ve been bottoming. I hate condoms never feels good and the idea of a man breeding me gets worked up. That being said I don’t want a single drop wasted if it’s not in my ass. I want to feel him pulsing inside me feeling his load shoot deep inside me.
  8.  Very hot boy.Travel your way often for work love to shoot my toxic load up your hole 

  9. The slings are back open. There are still serval people who still go like me😈
  10. I moved recently to Orlando and have been having been fucking and getting fucked raw the last few months. It’s been so hot and It’s my first time really encountering so many poz men around here. The idea of a real man using me and breeding me and knowing he is poz gets me so hard. Recently got tested and am neg. a part of me wants to just keep fucking like wild and go to the bath house every weekend. On the other hand I’ve been told to get on prep. What do we think ?
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