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  1. You check out women, but not men. Do they turn you on? Do you have relationships with women? I can sympathize with you on that. I'm married and bi, and love women, both women in general and my wife specifically. I have sex with women. I get turned on by sexy women and actively are attracted to them. I have a great relationship with my wife, and could easily be attracted to and have relationships with other women. But I also like sex with men. I can appreciate a handsome man, and enjoy the company of men, but I don't feel romantically attracted to men. I just like fucking with men. I started topping, getting the oral and anal sex that was missing in my marriage, but progressed to giving head and eventually bottoming as well. Come to find out, I enjoyed bottoming more than topping, and have really expanded my awareness, availability, and fun as a result. I still get turned on by women, and continue to fuck my wife all the time. But some occasional cock, balls, asses and cum really turn me on as well. I have a desire for sex with men that is just different than what I have with women. Isn't bad, just different. Am I gay? I don't think so, as I don't feel emotionally connected to any man like I would (and am) for a woman. I just like sucking cock and getting fucked every once in a while.
  2. I was 34, in a Adult bookstore booth. Was sucking a guy that was sitting on a stool. He pulled me up, turned me around, and pulled me back and down onto his cock. It slid in before I really had a chance to realize what was going on, and before I knew it, he was balls deep inside my ass. I was a bit stunned as he worked me up and down a few times. After a few minutes, slammed me down hard, and I could feel his cock pulsing in my ass as he blew his load inside me. The whole thing was over fairly quick, and I calmly stood off of him, pulled up my undies and shorts, and walked out. It didn't really sink in until the drive home that I had just lost my anal cherry with unprotected sex and had a stranger's cum inside me. I panicked a bit, got tested a few times over the next 6 months, and didn't repeat it for another 5 years. But my next time, I was fully aware and asking to be fucked. Haven't stopped since.
  3. That's sort of how I started. First looking for the blowjobs I wasn't getting at home. Then fucking a tight ass, first with a condom, and then bare and breeding. The first time a bottom sucked my cock and fingered (then ate) my ass, I was in heaven. Graduated to reciprocating blowjobs. When a guy I was sucking started playing with my ass, and talking about wanting to fuck me, it really got me thinking about bottoming. After several times wanting to bottom, but chickening out at the last minute, I finally hooked up with my FB at his house and told him once I walked in "I'm not leaving today until you fuck me. I've got to get over my fear and try it." He took his time, loosened me with his fingers and lube, and took my cherry that afternoon, bareback. Haven't looked back since.
  4. Was in NYC and connected with a local FB. He came over to my hotel and we quickly got undressed. He hopped up onto the bed and I started sucking his cock until he was rock hard and ready for more. He's about 7 inches, not too thick, but knows how to work that tool to maximum effect. I slid down to the edge of the bed and bent over. He lubed up and slowly worked his hard cock into my hole. A few hits of poppers had me feeling fine, and I could feel his balls pushing against mine. He was buried to the hilt inside me. After a few seconds to get accustomed to his cock (as it had been about 4 months since I last bottomed), he started working in and out of my hole. He put his hand on the back of my neck and forced my face into the bed. Felt so good for him to take control of me and use me for his pleasure. He continued to pump his cock into my hole, with no regard to my pleasure. He didn't care, and I was fine with that. My entire existence at that point was to make him cum and release wherever he wanted. But I wanted his cum inside me. I needed his load. I needed to be used by him for his pleasure. As he increased the pace of his fucking, I knew he was getting close. Another hit of poppers, and I was feeling fine. He quickened his pace, and I could feel he was near. Finally, it got to the point of no return, and he pushed deep into my hole. I could feel his cock as it pulsed, shooting rope after rope of cum deep inside my bowels. I felt the contentment of satisfying my top, After a few minutes, he softened and pulled out of my hole. As we laid together in bed, I could feel his cum leaking from my hole. I clamped down, determined to keep his white gold inside as long as possible. We repeated this two more times, and he left after breeding me 3 times last night. I went to sleep with his loads in my hole all night long. Turned out to be a fantastic trip to NYC after all.
  5. Use a silicon-based lube with the latex condom, and it increases the chance of failing and getting that load.
  6. Thanks for the follow

  7. My cousin. Our families usually got together for 2 weeks each summer for vacation. We started jerking and blowing each other when I was 12 and he was 13. A couple years later, when I was 14, he fucked me for the first time, and we ended up sucking and fucking each other several times a day that vacation. We never got together after high school, as we both went our separate way, me to college and him to the Navy. He passed away in a diving accident a few years later. Still recall those times fondly.
  8. I travel frequently for work, and usually play while on the road. Occasionally connect at home for daytime fun if working from home, but most of my hookups are while I'm traveling.
  9. Would love to hear how this comes out.
  10. I bottom safe about 80% of the time. When I do bottom raw, I don't ask the top to pull out. If I let you into my hole bare, I'm essentially telling the top that he can do whatever he wants with me. If he wants to pull out and cum wherever he wants, that is OK. And if he wants to bury his cock deep and blast his load in my guts, that is fine with me too. I also tell him that he's inside me bare, and can cum in me. I don't leave it unspoken. Right out in the open, I want his load.
  11. Between two and three dozen over the past 8 years.
  12. Traveling for work, and had some downtime this afternoon. Fired up a few apps, and connected with a black guy that was interested in getting together. Being married and only playing occasionally, I had never had the opportunity to be with a black guy. The situation was right for today, and I invited him to meet at my hotel. He arrived, and was hot as hell. About 5'6, bald, and sculpted like a football player. We got undresed and climbed up on the bed. I was impressed with his 4-5 inches of limp cock, and as I started sucking, it grew. And grew. And grew to the point where my lips were catching on the rim of his head as I went down on his cock. I could barely fit it into my mouth, and went down on him to fill my mouth to choking with my entire hand still wrapped on the base of his cock. It must have been at least 8-9 inches long, and filling my mouth. By far, the largest cock I have ever played with to date. I continued to suck him until he was rock hard and ready to fuck. I bent over the corner of the bed as he got behind me. After a liberal lubrication of both my ass and his cock, and several deep hits of poppers, he slowly started invading my hole with that monster cock. Slow, consistent pressure make my ring stretch and give way bit by bit, until I felt his pubes tickling my ass cheeks and rim. He was fully inside me and it felt like I was penetrated by a baseball bat. I've never been stretched this wide before. And I loved it. A few more hits of the poppers, and I began to push back, inviting him to start working my hole. I was in 7th heaven as he began to slowly saw in and out, side to side, up and down, teasing my insides with his pole like I had never felt before. This man was a fucking machine, literally. I can only say that I have been fucked many times in my life, but I have never been with a top who's only job was to send me into orbit in waves of pleasure. It was amazing. I've never cum from bottoming, but he pushed me over the edge and I blew a huge load all over the side of the bedspread. As I came down from my high, he flipped me over and put my legs over his shoulders. He leaned forward, kissed me, and asked me where I wanted him to cum. I passionately kissed him back, looked him in the eye, and said. "cum inside me and make me your bitch." He smiled, and started deep dicking me with reckless abandon, using my stretched out hole for his pleasure. I saw droplets of sweat forming on his bald dome and trickling down his face. A droplet formed on the end of his nose and danced there. His assault on my hole was in full force, sending waves of pleasure through me. The drop fell onto my chest and as it hit, his back arched and he drove that magnificent black cock to the root inside me as he exploded. I felt his cock spasm inside me as I clenched down hard to milk the load from his shaft. After our orgasmic high receded, I felt his cock plop from my hole, leaving me with an emptiness I wanted filled once more. I rolled off the bed onto quivering legs, dropped to my knees, and licked his large cock clean, savoring the taste of his cum and my ass, mixed together. As he got dressed and left, we both knew that I was in town for 4 more days, and we would be doing this again and again.
  13. I don't always bottom bare. More often than not, I prefer it covered. But when I decide to bottom bare, I accept that my top is going to cum inside me. As a bottom, if you offer your ass raw, you should expect that load to be delivered deep inside your hole. If you don't want to get loaded up with cum, don't fuck bare.
  14. So fucking hot! Might try this next time I am on the road for work.

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