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    North Jersey (bergeb county)
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Just a watcher , but would love to be a star lol
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    A nice tight bttm to play with Also love ftm and Shemales ;)

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  1. God, I want feel that hole wrapped around my cock and fist.
  2. Would love to get together 

  3. Very hot pic and profile. You’d make a trip to NYC for some top hunting well worthwhile. 

  4. Hey tight bottom here text my number 518 888 5530 

    1. mikeinjersey


      too far away 😞

    2. RawTopnc


      Travel alot your way love to breed you how old are you?

  5. Please let me know when. Hope when it's my turn you will have a few loads in you. Love fucking a cum filled hole🐷
  6. How is your Bro? Have not seen him on here in a while.
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