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  1. Ive been using toys the past few weeks, as I always thought I'd be too tight to bottom, surprisingly I've very quickly managed to get used to my 9inch toy haha, can handle that no problem. It's just when that guy came over for my first breeding, I was tense the whole time... but wanting that load! Guessing it'll just take getting used to till I get more comfortable taking dick and meeting strangers. Just wish I didn't get so anxious, the only thing that got me through it was knowing id be getting bred!
  2. Gunna start off by saying this is my first post 🙏 hopefully the first of many! So I’ve always been into cum and breeding and just generally being a bit filthy. Though I rarely meet up with people, as much as I find it hot I just never do it, nerves maybe? I’d love nothing more than to take multiple loads and just be a bit of a whore (I usually top, it’s only the last few weeks I’ve wanted to bottom). Anyways, the other night I just thought fuck it, and invited a guy over to breed me from grindr. It was kinda half anon (didn’t send me a face pic but I didn’t cover my eyes when he got here), which I found really hot! Though I found myself not enjoying the sex so much, it was pretty quick but I was tense and probably just a bit nervous? When he came though, I got so horny and wanted more… but I wasn’t sure if I enjoyed the process of getting the load, if that makes sense. Probably not the most interesting read on here, but if anyone has any tips for a new bottom… I know I definitely want more loads now, but I want to enjoy the sex and not have it be uncomfortable, and not feel so nervous meeting people? Cheers! (ps. hope I’ve posted correctly and in a suitable place!)
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