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  1. Needs to be more videos where the guys discuss fucking with a condom and one convinces the other to go bare. That extra dominance/persuasion to get them to bareback. It's in some amateur stuff it's so hot to hear even if it is fake (since they all want it bare anyway).
  2. That was a great retelling. You're damn good at giving us a hot look into your sex life.
  3. 1) Crappy audio - stupid rap music or blaring TV in the background. 2) Pulling out to cum. Who does that in real life??? 3) Over moaning. Sure it feels good, but you don't have to constantly be making bad moaning sounds. 4) Same routine. Kiss, strip, stroke, suck, eat, fuck. It doesn't always go like that. Plenty of times it should just be strip and fuck.
  4. Damn I need that bat in your hand for my hole👄🍆

  5. So hot. Wonder if he told the bf about all the details. 😈
  6. I don't know why, but I hate this challenge thing. It sounds like something the clergy or a politician would cook up. "Be a good boy and don't touch yourself or have sex for a whole month." Makes me feel like I'm being submissive to some idiot that invented a challenge as a joke that caught on. No thanks. Already violated it both jerking off and screwing some hot ass.
  7. Except I miss the natural sounds. The cheesy music and bad voiceovers kill it for me.
  8. Honestly, I'd just discuss the option of you grabbing the car keys and going for a hookup. He may like it. The thought that you're off doing that would probably get him horny to hear about what you did when you get home.
  9. The best are the ones that like it in both holes.
  10. When I cum inside a hot ass, feeling my cum all slick in there gets me even harder for a second round. Most bottoms love it, but there are a few that try to cum when I do and don't want to keep fucking. So disappointing.
  11. Yes, enjoy it a lot. Obviously not nearly as satisfying as a real hookup, but sometimes it's great JO material. I usually end up with a precum soaked spot in the front of my shorts during a sexting session. RP that way is fun too.
  12. The story was hot. I've done something similar to a few bottoms. If you start covered, they usually don't complain if you go bare later.
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