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    Phoenix / Arizona
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    Fetish, BB sex, cumdumps, group sex, connections
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    I am a Hung & hairy middle eastern power bottom with a smooth pussyhole. I have a hungry hole that was made for big dicks. I love to groan while being nailed to the floor by horny men. Occasionally enjoy destroying other bottoms with sloppy holes. I am also a fisting top
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    SLEAZY NASTY FUCKING, fetish sex, breeding, new poz connections, poz breeders, men with biohazard tattoos, dad/son role play, being whored out, being gangbanged

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  1. This year, 83 so far. I should work better on my goals
  2. Thanks @NWUSHorny ! That's good to know. I usually start shy but few min later, my inner pig comes out. Might get blindfolded; it helps me let go. Can't wait !
  3. Hey. I'll be going to the LA Cumunion sex party this week. If you have any recommendations or advise on how to enjoy it, or if you've been there, please share your experience PS: Pics included for attention
  4. What do you think about the Cumunion parties at Sanctuary LAX ? Should I go and try it ? If you've been there, please share your experience PS: Pic included for attention. From last weekend in SD pride, after CutlerX rearranged my guts and left me like this 😄
  5. Any suggestions for bug chasers and sleazy sex seekers ? Visiting SD pride this coming weekend ? Thanks !
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