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  1. If you are fucking bareback it's implicit that you're gonna be willing to take his load. And to be honest, if someone isn't willing to then they're a little bit stupid, because the difference in STI transmission isn't huge. There is a difference, but it's not of an order of magnitude worth considering.
  2. 1. Yeah I have done once, I think we only had about one guy in common, and not a lot to say about him. Decent lay and all, nothing outstanding, would repeat but haven't actually bothered to kind of thing. 2. I think it's fine. It's just like when you talk about other people you know. You talk about how lovely it was when Antonio helped you move house, how appalled you were at José's behaviour the other night, and how well Xavi's massive dick fit inside your sloppy hole...
  3. I don't remove any hair. I love a good hairy hole myself, and I also could not bear the regrowth the one time I did shave my arse. I find it odd how many guys are hairy all over but still shave their arse - although I did come across a top who preferred this, so it's not without an audience. Either way the top still fisted me after he found out mine was hairy so he can't have been that put off xD But yeah, au natural is the easiest and sexiest solution in my opinion
  4. I hope it doesn't pan out like this...it really would be awful, I don't see what way of meeting gays could be more tailored to my needs...I dislike bars because you can't hear people and I can't dance. Plus I'm not great looking so it is kind of hard when there's a restricted amount of people (by venue capacity), I depend mostly on guys that find me exotic and I will definitely have more come across my profile on a hookup app than in a bar, the sheer volume of people is what does it. I, for one, however, would gladly be on a hookup app that is PG-13. I mean, I would prefer being a
  5. Once I fucked three guys called Alex in the same day. I was just like...this isn't even serious everyone has the same name
  6. Ah, personally I couldn't get with closeted guys. I'm the (maybe annoying) type that would say hi to a hookup if I bumped into him in the street lol
  7. I always get his name before meeting up, even if I don't know anything else about him. Even when it's really casual, just sex and nothing else, I still like to remember that I'm being fucked by a man, not just a flesh dildo. If someone refused to tell me his name I would find it a bit weird (I mean, he could just invent one) but I would still hook up with him. But it hasn't happened yet.
  8. I don't regret having a loose hole, I love it. I love to feel it filled with fists, arms, toys (but mainly with real body parts!) and with dicks and balls together and the like. I also like to feel the wind breeze past my rosebud. The most relaxed I've ever been was possibly in a club where I was in a sling and had a friend fisting me gently, and we're all chatting away, like four of us...being fisted gently is much easier with a loose hole! Neither me nor my friend had to really concentrate on the fisting because his hand fit so easily, although I was paying a lot of attention to the sensatio
  9. I've tried it before as a bottom with milkshake. I wasn't a fan because it felt too much like I was shitting in the top's mouth, but the top, for whom it was also his first time trying it, loved it, so that's something. Funny thing was that we used too much milkshake (I think about a litre?) and quite a lot more came out as a surprise when he was fisting me. One of the funnier moments I've had during sex I have to say, we were both cracking up while I was cleaning myself of milkshake and he was cleaning the bed... I would still try it as a top, but as a bottom I'm not looking to re
  10. Yeah I take note of nationality too if I know it. I don't really know why I collect this information, I guess it helps me remember the hookup for when I think of past hookups while wanking haha. Otherwise there's some decent ones that I simply wouldn't remember. I only started keeping track relatively recently though...I'm sure there was a day where I fucked three guys that all had the same name but that's nowhere to be found here...but then again, there's two guys I fucked at a club that might have been the same guy, so I guess that balances out xD
  11. To go for it and start fucking and dating earlier and more often. But conversely don't meet that guy that seems a bit dodgy. He's not actually dodgy, but he is a dickhead and will treat you like shit. The apparent dodginess should have been a red flag on its own.
  12. It obviously depends on what exactly is worrying you, if it's social anxiety then socialising more in general would help, if it's a body issue then self acceptance combined with the gym could go far, if it's to do with it being a dude then that's a pure self acceptance thing. Either way a few visits to the psychologist would likely not go amiss (I am of the opinion that way more people should see psychologists than actually and currently do) Oh, and if it's worries about not being able to get it up, viagra could help. Insert all the warnings about do not mix viagra with poppers and be ca
  13. I've gone all over the place with this issue. I started out verse, I simply liked the pleasure in both the dick and arse and also enjoyed the feeling of opening up for someone and of drilling someone. Once my sex life actually picked up I quickly found topping awkward with a lot of guys because my dick isn't that big. It's about 5 inches so it gets the job done but there can be a lot of slipping out etc. and I feel like the thrusts are lacking. At the same time I got into fisting so although I was now almost entirely a bottom for fucking, I was 50/50 verse in fisting. My sex life is
  14. I got 117. I do consider myself to be quite vanilla in taste, even though I'm very open minded in terms of attitude towards more extreme stuff. That being said, I felt like a lot of the ones I haven't done were pretty extreme
  15. For me once I convert I would like it if I hit the jackpot and managed to have a reasonably high viral load without the CD4 being affected so much. I realise high viral load tends to equate to low CD4 but it's just a tendency, not a strict rule. I like the idea of firing potent loads but I dislike the disease part.
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