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  1. Yep, we’re out here on earth first and foremost to please and serve Black Men
  2. It took less than an hour after our first meeting for my str8 married dealer to have me bent over my sofa arm fucking my pig cunt, and cumming harder than he had since his wife gave birth....used to totally get off knowing that he was going to breed me raw at my home and then go back and fuck my pussy juices into her cunt...once he even had me come to his house to pick up while she was out shopping, and fucked me in their bed
  3. Have been telling men for years with varying degrees of success that thick boys like myself are the best bottoms because our phat bootys can take lots and lots of punishment...love it when a big black cock starts fucking me at raping force, and even more when his big flat palm starts to smack the jiggly cheeks.
  4. I work as a checker in a grocery store which is a good place to meet homeless guys and junkies...I always try to engage them in conversation to get them to stick around or come back at the end of my shift...I wait in the bushes by the parking lot and if all goes well, we get high and fuck on work property...love seeing them again after being their Faggot cumdump bitch, especially knowing they could rat me out to the management.
  5. I use to hate all those words...now I love them...my hole is a cunt, my cock is a clit and I'm a faggot
  6. 8:00pm on June 3, 2017...DeShaun looked at me, disappointed. "Fuck, white meat, you let me down...I thought you'd have a little fight in you still. Guess you one of them white faggots just aching for nigga cock in yo pussy, ain'tcha." He punctuate what he said by shoving his fingers back inside me...unfortunately, all it did was make me gasp loudly, arch my back and spread my legs wider. He grinned, and shoved in deeper, twisting his fingers back and forth...I starting gasping for air, unable to breathe at the lovely mixture of pain and pleasure he was inflicting on me. Part of me was embarrassed to be behaving like such a slut in heat in front of three strangers, but as I was violated deeper and harder, I became more and more aware of the nearness of their hard, masculine bodies, the stink of sweat and piss in the room, and the obscenely large bulges in their pants. "Oh baby, you are in heat, white meat...and we haven't even got you hungry yet...let's start you off slow. Tyrell, you got poppers?" One of the thugs slipped his hand into his pocket and tossed something tiny to DeShaun. When he caught it, I could see it was a tiny bottle labeled Jungle Juice. DeShaun chuckled as he shook the tiny bottle, still keeping his fingers in my hole. "Jungle Juice to rile up yo jungle fever, white meat...you gonna like this. When I hold it to yo nose, take a huge whiff...then the other side...then hold it in until I tell you, and let it out nice and slow." He twisted the cap off one handed, used his thumb to wipe the lip of the bottle, then shoved it up on left nostril...I followed directions, inhaling deep - it smelled weird - then the left, then holding it in until he said let it out, then exhaling slowly. I got really hot...or maybe cold...I dropped back onto the mattress, completely dizzy...my blood was pounding...DeShaub was finger fucking me to the beat of my pulse...or do I thought until I looked down and saw I was fucking myself onto his fingers. He just laughed and repeated the process. The room spun, and when it stopped, DeShaun was standing watching me, but something still fucked my hole...turns out that during the second rush, DeShaun's fingers had been replaced with Tyrell's big black cock. I turned to DeShaun, and tried to gasp out my request. "Please...Sir...please..." I grunted. "What you want, white meat? You want this maybe?" DeShaun held the bottle of poppers just out of reach. "Yes...please Sir...yes". I gasped. Tyrell's cock was beginning to hurt places inside I didn't know existed until now. "First, you gotta admit the truth, white meat...the truth you been refusing to admit since yo bro walked you into my crib. Whose property is you, faggot? ". DeShaun chuckled. "Yours...Master..."I gasped while Tyrell picked up the speed and force. And part of me...deep and dark inside...part of me wanted it to be true.
  7. 7:00pm on June 3, 2017....My face was pressed into the filthy mattress by my older brother Mark's hand while his cock was forcing its way in and out of my ass. All I could focus on as the smell of cum and piss coming from the mattress, and the sound of my brother's ragged breathing while he raped me in front of his drug dealer DeShaun and the dealer's two thugs who held me down. Every now and then my brother would mutter under his breath, something like "faggot" or "slut", punctuated by a blow to the back of my head. Once he even said something like, "practically begging for it, weren't you". Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew this was him trying to justify the truly horrendous act he was committing against his younger brother to his drug filled brain, but mostly it just made me feel dirtier (and wonder, maybe, if I had somehow wanted my brother to do this to me). Suddenly, Mark's hand stopped pushing my face into the mattress, and his arm snaked around my throat. He pull me up from a face down position until we were both up in all fours - DeShaun's thugs let go to let the position shift happen - and even though I had thought he couldn't fuck me any deeper or harder, I was wrong. The iron grip if my brother's arm made everything fuzzy as my air flow was getting cut off, and from what sounded like a great distance, I could hear Mark start to breathe more heavily. "Marky Mark - you getting close?" DeShaun asked. He walked over and stroked my older brother's sweaty red face with an almost lover-like gesture. "You gonna POZ that pussy, bitch? Gonna spray your toxic jizz into your little bros cunt and get him pregnant for me?" "Yes...Sir..." grunted Mark, as he raped me even harder. "Gonna fill this faggot cunt up with fuckin death seed. Gonna knock up this virgin pussy." DeShaun leaned down to whisper in my ear, "Hear that, white meat? Your older bro is about to fuckin rape your white faggot cunt to death. After he's done, you ain't gonna be good for anything but to be my nasty faggot whore. So much for fuckin Ivy League and full ride scholarships...you'll be getting plenty of full rides, but the only letters you be earning are STDs." I could feel his tongue licked the side of my face when he was done whispering. I thought I had run out of tears, but I was wrong. Mark was getting ready to climax, pounding harder and harder. I could hear him hissing nasty things through his clenched teeth, "Fuckin hate you...wish you hadn't been born...fuckin nasty faggot slut...gonna POZ your pussy...just...fuckin...DIE". He roared the last word as I felt his cock spasming inside me, pumping warmth into me...and then my ass started to clench while my cock started shooting jizz into the mattress. DeShaun started to laugh. "Oh Lord, white meat...you just shot a huge load from a soft cock...you must have loved getting knocked up by your older bro so much. I'm gonna have so much fun with you." He laughed some more. Mark grunted as he pulled out of me and let me collapse onto the mattress. I could hear him putting his clothes on but I refused to look at him. I didn't know how I could ever look at him again - because while I couldn't admit it to myself yet, I wanted what just happened to happen again. "We good, DeShaun?" he asked. "My debt is paid in full?" "Oh, Marky Mark...we good. You actually built up some credit on that, brother." DeShaun chuckled. "Here, take a ball on me." "Enjoy the faggot." Mark said, prompting me to realize he wasn't taking me with him. "He was supposed to leave on a week long trip straight from the graduation party, so no one is going to realize he's missing for awhile." He walked to the edge of the mattress, looking down at me, tears streaking my face, t shirt ripped to hell, boxers and jeans around my knees, blood and cum oozing from my ass, and cum dripping from my cock. He leaned down and spat directly in my face. "If my parents could see him now, they'd rather he was dead anyway. You are doing my whole family a favor." He turned and walked out of the room without another word. I had a feeling I wasn't going to see my brother again for a long time, if ever. "Well, white meat, I bet you are feeling pretty much like you wanna die right now, don'tcha?" DeShaun said gently, "Good thing Daddy DeShaun has just the thing to make it all better. Time for you to meet Ms. Tina, bitch, because your nightmare is just beginning...and this pussy," he reached between my legs, shoved a couple fingers into my ass, and pulled them out covered in pink stained cum, which he held up to my lips, "this pussy is going to get used a lot worse before your nightmare is over." I knew what he wanted, and a twisted, perverted part of me wanted it too...so I opened my lips and sucked the bloody cum off his fingers.
  8. 6:00pm on June 3, 2017....I had spent the day with family celebrating my hard earned graduation from high school. The school-supervised graduation party would begin soon, and my older brother Mark had volunteered to drive me to the school to join my classmates. I was glad to have the time with him - even though he was almost ten years older, we had always been close until the last couple of years. Mark had become unreliable, always running late (if he didn't call and cancel with some weak excuse), and when he was around, he was twitchy and scattered. Even now, driving me to the party, he kept looking around like he though we were being followed, glancing at his phone and taking the long way to school. "Hey bro" he said nervously, "you mind if we make a quick stop? I got to talk to a buddy real quick." "Sure." I said, "I just can't miss the party." "Oh, kiddo" he laughed, "Something tells me you are going to parTy tonight like you never have before. You are going to remember this night for a long time." With that mysterious comment, we sunk into silence as he drove us to what most would call the bad part of town. He pulled up to a dilapidated townhouse with music playing so loud the bass made the car windows vibrate. "This is where my buddy lives" he said, " Come on, he wants to meet the graduate." "That's okay, bro," I said, "I think I'll stay here." "No, you'll fucking come in!" he suddenly freaked, hitting the car door. "Okay, okay - damn." I said, climbing out of the car and following him. I followed him around to a side door, where he knocked. The door swung open to reveal the biggest black guy I'd ever seen in real life - not that it was difficult because I had grown up going to private schools that were 99% Caucasian. The big black guy looked at my brother with disgust on his face. "DeShaun said you weren't supposed to come around here no more, cracka," he growled, his rich ebony voice sending shivers up my spine and down into my hole. "He said I couldn't come until I could pay my debt," my brother stuttered, then sort of jerked his head back towards me. The big black man finally focused on me...he looked me up and down while I squirmed and blushed - then he chuckled, low and slow, and stepped aside to let us pass. "Damn, cracka, you came through alright! You one evil muthafucka...DeShaun is gonna love this..." he said as Mark grabbed my wrist in and iron grip and dragged me into the house. We stopped when the big black guy snagged the back of my pants. "I'll see you later, white meat," he said in my ear. Then Mark dragged me further into the house. We ended up in what must have been the master bedroom - but there was just a dirty mattress on the floor and a throne-like recliner with a fat black guy and two skinnier guys, one black and the other Mexican, flanking him. The room stank of piss, sweat, and chemicals and something I couldn't place, but would later learn to recognize as the stink of fear. The fat guy in the recliner looked up when we entered. "What up, Marky Mark? You bring me something?" he said, bringing the recliner to an upright position. "I know you wouldn't show your cracka face without bringing me payment for your debts." "Hey, DeShaun," my brother stuttered, watching as the two skinnier dudes moved towards us. He jerked his head towards me again. "This is my little brother Nick - the one I was telling you about." The fat black guy looked me up and down. "Well, hey there Nick," he said in a friendly manner, "I'm DeShaun - a buddy of Mark's. He was telling me all about you - class president, valedictorian, off on a full scholarship to an Ivy League school...you got quite the future in store, don'tcha." "Yes Sir," I said, feeling a certain amount of threat from the fat guy in the chair. "Sir!" he chuckled, "Finally, a white boy who knows his place! Tell me, Nick, you ever have time for getting nekkid with all that schoolwork? You a virgin or a playa?" "I'm a virgin," I replied nervously, "I've never dated anyone or anything...too busy with school." "Bet you wanted your first time to be special...something you'd always remember, right boy?" he asked. I blushed and nodded my head yes, confused about where this conversation was going. DeShaun looked at his two associates who were by now on either side of me and jerked his head towards the filthy mattress on the floor. Before I could do anything, they each grabbed an arm, wrapped it behind my back, and dragged me to the mattress and shoved me down onto my stomach onto it. I struggled pointlessly in their firm grips, yelling for help, trying to be heard over the thumping music. DeShaun got out of the chair and came and kneeled on the mattress next to me, and I felt his hand stroke my head. "Sorry to tell you, white meat, but that bright future you had all planned out just went down the drain. See, your brother Mark is a huge meth addict...my best customer in fact. But, he's had some difficulty lately paying for his drugs. I let him have more and more on credit, but told him he needed to give me something special in payment. So Marky tells me about this hot little cunt of a little brother he has, and offers you as payment to clear his debts. So, now your cunt belongs to me - you gonna be working off his debt. There's just one little matter to resolve first." He chuckles, then says to Mark, somewhere in the room, "You got one more thing to do, Marky Mark, before we square. You know I don't fuck pussy that ain't been broken in first. Now slam that rig and pay your debt." I heard some activity from wherever Mark was, as tears streamed down my face and I was babbling for him to save me. A snap of rubber, maybe, and a grunt and a gasp, and my older brother started to breathe really heavy in and out through his gritted teeth. DeShaun chuckled. "Yeah, Marky Mark, that rig is a little stronger than you used to, but I wanted to make sure you put on a good show for us. Now, let's see you breed that cunt." He punctuated the statement by slapping my ass. I heard what sounded like clothes coming off then Mark spit on his palm and it sounded like he was getting the spit on his cock. I started begging him, DeShaun, anyone not to let this happen to me as I felt his weight hit the mattress and he crawled towards me, held facedow still by DeShauns goons. Then, he yanked my shorts and boxers down, and next thing I knew, my older brother was raping me on a filthy mattress while his meth dealer watched. The part that I wouldn't admit yet, even to myself, was that in the very back of my mind, where the darkest, dirtiest thoughts in my head lived, the situation somehow felt...right.
  9. Midnight on June 3, 2017...I should have been on a boat getting crazy in a supervised manner with the rest of my graduating class of high school students...instead, I could feel the rough surface of the alley cutting into my hands and knees through the haze of meth and alcohol as I braced myself on all fours as the next filthy, reeking homeless guy took his place behind me and shoved a rough finger into my...well, I used to call it my asshole, but I'd learned pretty quickly tonight that calling it anything but a pussy or a cunt would get me a sharp backhand across the face. And honestly, being naked on all fours in a dank, smelly dirty alley at midnight, feeling cum running down my thighs because I was too loose and sloppy at this point to keep it in, the terms pussy and cunt were more appropriate anyway. I bit back a cry of pain as the next guy pulled out his finger and shoved his cock in...it felt like a big one, and I think I felt something inside rip...but I knew that I was supposed to be silent unless told otherwise...thankfully, I felt the glass pipe held to my lips and heard the flare of a torch light up...I started to inhale the precious, acrid chemical smoke that would make this experience not just bearable, but arousing. The soft, smooth silky voice on the other end of the pipe chuckled at my eagerness to inhale. "That's it, bitch...take it all the way in...fill those faggot lungs full. I want you to feel that rush all the way down to your pussy, bitch" I held the hit in as long as I could with a cock slopping in and out of my cunt...then let it out slowly, knowing a quick explosive release would result in being deprived of another hit. "Oh baby...you a good bitch, ain't ya. You learning what it takes to become one of my junkie bitches...only three or four more homeless guys for your pussy and then we can get out of here...now, bitch, take another hit." As I sucked down more meth, feeling the need for cock hitting my cunt hard, I couldn't help but think back to six hours earlier...before my asshole was a cum filled pussy, before I had ever taken homeless cock, before I knew what meth tasted like...when I was a normal, 18 year old white kid from the suburbs. Before I knew my older brother had a drug problem. Before I knew he owed a few thousand to his dealer. And before I became payment for his debts.
  10. I'll come up and breed you if you want...i love whidbey island and take any excuse to make the trip
  11. Once the conversion desire is planted in our heads, we're never going to be happy till we're pozzed, are we...the obsession just keeps coming back stronger than ever

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