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An 18 Year Old Pozzed By Daddy

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I had never been in with the 'cool' kids. At 5' 8", and always on the skinny side, I was to small for the football team and, if I had to be honest, I didn't find much that I had in common with the other kids at school. It didn't help that as I hit puberty the transformation of my body was less dramatic than I had expected, and for an 18 year old guy, I was left looking somewhat effeminate. I don't know if this was the reason, or it was a combination of reasons, but tonight when I arrived at a party of a school friend, things went downhill fast. The jock kids noticed my arrival and immediately the sniggers and comments began.

"Hey Jordan! Why don't you bring those pretty lips over here and learn how to please a real man" yelled Craig, one of the stars of the basketball team. I turned bright red and tried to walk away, but Craig wouldn't let-up, and yelled "Hey, where do you think you're going? I've got a three day load with your name on it pussy boy. Mouth or ass, I don't care. After all you’re just a fucking faggot hole for me to dump a load in." All his friends laughed as I ran from the room.

When I got outside I paused to catch my breath. As I felt the hot tears running down my cheeks, I wiped them away, and also decided to go home - I didn't want to be in the same room with those fucks again. I started the long walk back to my place as I had been given a lift by my sister and she wasn't due back for hours, so it made sense to walk back and clear my head. I was about a mile down the road before I realised just how quiet it was. I checked my watch and it was a little after midnight. As I walked along the road absorbed in my thoughts, I heard a car approaching, and, as it neared, I sensed it was slowing down, and sure enough, a pickup pulled up along side me and the driver called-out "Hey kid, what you doing walking by yourself on the road at this time of night?"

As I squinted into the cab I saw an older guy, probably mid 40's with steel blue eyes and dark brown crew cut. He looked built, and I could see from the light in the cab that he had massive arms and a thick muscled chest. "I'm heading home from a party that didn't end as well as I had hoped" I replied.

"Get in kid. I'll give you a lift. It ain't safe to be walking around at this hour."

I looked at him hard for a second, judging whether I should get into a car with a stranger before accepting his offer. "Thanks, Mr…." I started.

"Matt" he cut in.

"Oh, hey, thanks Matt, I'm Jordan" I replied.

"Get in kid, I don't wanna be out all night" I walked round the cab and jumped in. As we headed off down the road I gave him my address, to which he grunted an acknowledgement. I stared out the window, as he didn't seem particularly talkative. As I looked out I saw his reflection in the glass, I found myself admiring his features. He looked so muscled and strong, I found myself imagining him without his shirt on, and within seconds I was starting to get hard. I had been looking at his reflection so long that by the time I glanced out the window I realised I had no idea where we were, all the houses had been replaced by tree flashing past the window.

"Where are we? Did you miss my turn off?" I asked.

"We aren't going to your house boy" he replied, "we're going to my place. I saw the way you were looking at me, you and me are gonna have some fun."

Fear flashed through me and I started to protest, "Look mister I don't know what you're talking about but I need to go home, just let me out here and I will find my own way back."

Just as I spoke we turned off the main road and into a driveway, as the pickup drove down the long drive I saw an old house come into view. It looked like an old farm cottage and from best I could tell we were miles from anything. "Listen here, boy. You're coming inside with me. I saw the way you were looking and I know you want a piece of my cock." With that Matt jumped out the cab, walked around to my door and opened it, roughly grabbed my arm, and yanked me from the pickup and towards the house. I tried to break away from him but he had a tight grip on my arm and I was tiny in comparison to his muscled body. Holding me in front of himself, he pushed me down the walk and through the front door. Once inside, he pinned me up against the wall, and finally I could appreciate how much bigger than I was Matt. He stood about 6' 4", and he looked like he was made of 230 pounds of solid muscle. As I looked up at him with frightened eyes, he dropped his hand onto my shoulder and pushed me onto my knees.

"Please, let me go! I don't know what you're doing but I just want to go home" I pleaded.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" he barked at me. "Tonight you're gonna find out what a sissy faggot like you is made for. Open up my jeans and get my cock out, bitch."

I hesitated not knowing what I should do, but apparently I hesitated too long because *SLAP* - my face stung as he hit me. "I won't tell you again, boy. Open up my jeans and get your mouth on my cock!" he ordered. Terrified of being hit again, or worse, I started to undo the buttons on his jeans. As I undid each button a pair of white briefs came into view. When I had them all undone I was faced with a wall of muscled thighs and between them an enormous engorged cock, barely contained beneath the thin white material. I watched in fascination as a small wet patch appeared at his cock head, turning the white material clear with precum. "Don't just sit there drooling boy, get that fucker out and in your mouth" he demanded.

This being my first time on my knees, I gingerly peeled his briefs down, and taking his thick cock in my hand, I started to slowly suck on the head of his cock. I couldn't believe that I was actually kneeling between the legs of such a hot daddy, and with his enormous tool in my mouth. "What the fuck are you doing boy? Don't pussy about with it, suck that cock!" he roared as he grabbed the back of my head and forced me down on his eight-inch meaty cock. I gasped for air as he forced it deeper down my throat. I could feel the massive head slide down my neck and triggering my gag reflex. He heard me start to gag and barked "Harden the fuck up faggot! You're going to be doing this plenty more, so you better learn how to take it. If you puke on my cock I'll crush your pathetic little balls." I swallowed hard as I tried to stop from puking and with a lot of effort I was able to settle into a rhythm of him plowing my throat all the way down till my nose was buried in his pubes.

He fucked my face for about five minutes, then suddenly he stopped and pulled out. I was so thankful. Finally I could breath properly. As I gasped on the ground it occurred to me what I must look like: my face wet with spit and precum smeared all over it, my lips red and raw from the vicious face fucking I had taken - just like a dirty cocksucker. "Time for your next lesson on how to please a real man, faggot" he barked at me, grabbing me by the waist and throwing me over his massive shoulders.

He carried me into a room which, from the large wooden-framed bed in the centre of the room, I judged to be the master bedroom. He threw me down on the mattress and as I tried to comprehend what had just happened, I felt him snap a handcuff onto each of my wrists, attaching the other end to the head board. "So faggot, you like to get fucked?" he asked.

"Please! No! I have never been fucked; I have never been with anyone before! Just let me go, we can forget about all this" I pleaded.

"A virgin pussyboy. Well I'll be damned. This IS gonna be fun" he replied, ignoring my pleas. "How old are you boy?" he asked.

"I was 18 two weeks ago, sir" I replied, hoping my age might sway him to release me.

"Damn, boy. Eighteen? I'm gonna wreck you so bad no one is ever gonna believe you are 18 ever again" he laughed at me.

I watched as he grabbed a knife from his side table and quickly cut off my tshirt and shorts, leaving me naked and bound on the bed. Then he stood back and admired his work, watching me squirm uncomfortably on the bed. Approaching me, he roughly grabbed both my legs and yanked them up, exposing my tight boy ass, a sharp gasp signifying his approval as he admired my virgin hole, only, to my utter surprise, to lean over to explore my hole with his tongue. I squirmed with pleasure as his stubble rubbed against my ass, and his probing tongue made me buck and writhe on the bed. I let out a loud gasp, which, when he heard, lead him to snicker "You like that don't ya faggot? I tell you there is nothing as sweet in this world as 18 year old virgin boy pussy." I could only grunt in response. He ate my hole for about ten minutes, slowly opening me up wider and wider. Then, as quickly as he had started eating me out, he dropped my legs back to the bed. I remember gazing up at his muscled frame, still reeling from the feelings he had brought to my ass.

"Ok boy, time for the main event." It suddenly dawned on me what was coming next.

"Please sir, can't I just suck you?" I tried one last time to reason with him.

He laughed in response, "Hell no boy. I've got a four day load in these balls that's gonna be the first load of man juice to get pumped into that perfect little cunt."\

I looked up at him terrified; he was fisting his cock through the front of his jeans. I watched him reach over and grab the lube, slick up his cock and position it at my virgin hole. "WAIT! Please if you're going to fuck me, at least wear a condom!" I pleaded.

"You ain't good enough for a condom, fag. You're just a hole for me to plant my babies in" he replied.

And with that, I watched him line-up his massive cock with my tiny pink hole and push his engorged head against it. He pushed hard and my puffy cunt lips finally surrendered and I had his fat cock head inside my ass. Terrified by this man barebacking me I tried to struggle against the handcuffs but it was no use. He had my thighs held tight and he used them to slowly pull me backwards onto his cock. As I looked down the length of my body, my eyes wide open with shock, I could see inch after inch disappear into my hole, and, in under thirty seconds his entire eight inch cock had been eaten by my hungry hole. "Damn, you're tight fag, but that hole just ate my whole dick. You sure this is your first time?" he sneered down at me. He flexed his dick and I cried out. "ANSWER ME BOY WHEN I ASK YOU A QUESTION!" he shouted.

"Yes sir, it is my first time" I whimpered.

"Then I guess this cunt was just made for my fat cock to plow then, wasn't it?"

I didn't reply and so received another slap across the face.

"WHAT DID I JUST SAY, BOY?" he roared.

"Yes sir. My cunt was made for your fat cock to plow" I sobbed.

And on hearing my reply, he started to slide his massive cock in and out of my no-longer-virgin hole. Each punch of his cock deep in my guts made me moan with a mix of pleasure and pain. His bulbous cock head felt like it was raking my insides over and over, stretching my ass lips every time he pulled all the way out, only to pile drive his cock back in a few seconds later. He looked down at his cock disappearing into my hole and smirked, "Well, I guess that answers that question" he said as I watch him slide down to my ass and touch it. "You're all torn up faggot, bleeding all over my cock." I didn't know what he meant and instead of slowing down or stopping this revelation only seemed to make him fuck me harder.

He leaned down close to me, his face inches from mine and his massive muscled body completely covering my own lithe figure. I watched as sweat dripped off his face and onto me as he rutted wildly in my now destroyed boy pussy. I watched his eyes change and his face went red as his cock slammed harder into my hole. I'm gonna breed you boy, I'm gonna fill you up with a big toxic daddy load. You're gonna have my babies in you, my toxic babies, and then no one is gonna want you faggot ass pussy ever again." I stared at him blankly trying to work out what he meant. Seconds later he froze and I felt his engorged cock head expand in my ruined cunt, and I could feel the jets of thick white hot cum travel up his long shaft and pump into my guts. "TAKE MY FUCKING POZ LOAD, YOU FILTHY FUCKING WHORE!" he yelled.

Suddenly it made sense, the terror overwhelmed me as I realised that right at this moment his fat cock was blasting a massive load of poz cum deep into my destroyed ass. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" I screamed, but it was too late. Even as I went to try and kick him away, he was already pulling his massive cock from my gaping hole. The deed was done.

"Not a bad fuck, boy" he said as he re-snapped the buttons on his jeans.

"Why did you do it?" I choked out as the tears came.

"Someone was gonna poz your stupid cunt sooner or later boy, and I always get what I want" he replied. I tried to roll over and cry into the mattress, I was still sobbing when a minute later I felt him shove a large object in my gaping hole. "A butt plug boy, to make sure my boys don't leak out of that slutty hole" he said. I cried harder into the mattress. "At least until our other guests arrive tonight…" he trailed off.

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Excellent story. I'm already hard and oozing precum fantasizing I'm that massive masculine man enjoying putting the little poof in his place taking the first piece of tight virgin ass of the less than masculine little quiff getting my rocks off in him, my ejaculatory pleasure enhanced by pumping pain and then cum and a load of HIV into his tight twat as I assert my masculine superiority over him.

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      My mind goes blank. My eyes glass over. This is the feeling I seek out over and over. When strangers have the guts to force a mindbreak… I will do anything…
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      I am finally shook awake. As my eyes focus, I can feel a tight pussy wrapped around my girlcock, and someone bouncing on me as I lie on my back on the floor of the booth.
      My eyes finally focus enough to see that the cute young girl from the front counter - who’s young enough to be my daughter easily - is bouncing on me, her sweet little tits jiggling as she does. I watch her alternate between her cigarette and the leftover bottles of poppers strewn across the dirty floor of the booth.
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      The girl leans down and whispers in my ear, “I’m sooo fucking high right now…” as her little body bounces on top of me. She moves down to my tits and starts to suck on them; when my milk squirts into her mouth, she moans and starts to bounce faster, impaling herself on my big thick girlcock. 
      It suddenly occurs to me that when the booth doors are open, the security cameras in the hallways can see in. She saw the whole thing. She watched as 5 men raped me into unconscious bliss. And now her tiny pussy is trying to milk the last of my cum from my balls.
      The thought of this young girl watching the whole time pushes me close; I reach up and grab her little tits. I take a puffy nipple in each hand, realizing how young they make her look. I yank them down as hard as I can, impaling her on me. I feel the momentary resistance of her cervix as I push through…
      And I erupt… I force myself up, pushing as far into this little slut’s cervix as I can, and I fill her womb with every last drop of cum I have left. My tits explode and she leans down and nurses from them as I breed her. She starts to shake as her orgasm takes over.
      She screams, “YESSS KNOCK ME UP!” as her body convulses on top of me. As the wave passes, she collapses on top of me. Eventually, she picks her head up and whispers in my ear, “I’m not on birth control…”
      I whisper back, “they pozzed me.” She looks into my eyes and smiles.
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      Disclaimer: if you don’t like cheating stories then leave. I don’t need your input. 
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      With the holiday this week, I was off work. He had to work a few extra days, but I invited our buddy over. Since my husband works from home, this worked perfectly. While my husband was working, he could take some time and join in with me and our buddy so he wasn’t technically shut out of the fun. But what was so hot about this was when me and our buddy were alone together. I’ve hooked up with this guy before. He’s a married bear, slightly older than both my husband and I. It’s been 10 years since he’s bred me but it’s like it was yesterday. And now it’s super hot watching my husband makeout with him and ride his cock. My husband told me I can play separately while he’s at least in the other room but I’m going to see if this guy wants to fuck alone at his place. So fucking hot. 
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      i arrive at daddys, as i walk in the door he hands me a big drink and tells me to neck it which i do immediately, as soon as i put the glass down daddy grabs me and strips me naked forcefully " im gonna fuck you and take your virginity boy and make u mine " then laughs and slams me with t in my arm instantly my whole bodys tingling and im really high. Daddy says " i just slammed u with a big dose of T And ur drink was full of G ur gonna be helpless boy".

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      Train Station Cruise
      Part Two - The Station Lot
      The train station was only about a mile from where I was. When I arrived, I pulled into the lot and parked all the way at the back edge of the train station lot where there are no lights - and where in nicer weather some cruising trails start and lead off into the woods. By then it was midnight; the storms remained at bay for the time being, and the last train would be coming through in the next 15 minutes. I shut off the car and lights, put down the windows, and started smoking my new 120s heavily. 
      As I French inhaled, I scanned the scene. I come here late at night because it’s quiet, but still a pretty active scene. I noticed a car on the other side of the dark area. There was a man standing at the window, and it was pretty clear from the slight movements he made that there was someone in the car sucking him off through the window.
      I pulled one of my fat tits out of my bra and put a tight nipple clamp on, then lifted my skirt and started rubbing my clit as I watched the show. By the time I lit up again, the guy standing there tensed his ass, and I knew he was shooting his load in the cocksucker in the car’s mouth.
      He quickly looked around, then zipped up and walked away towards the cruising paths, disappearing into the dark. The little Latino boy that was sucking him off could see me now, and our eyes met as I played with my exposed tit for him.
      I could see him lean back slightly; it was clear he was now jerking himself off and watching me. I pulled my other udder from my tight bra and let him watch as I clamped it; I had brought my heaviest metal clamps, and my eyes rolled from the exquisite pain imparted by the clamps. I then started playing with my big tits, making sure he had a good view of my cleavage and clamped nipples as I continued smoking.
      As one hand continued teasing my fat titties, the other moved back down to the edge of my micro skirt and pulled it up just enough to expose my hard girlcock. I spun in my seat so that my voyeur friend could see as I stroked my hard clit.
      Before long, he mouthed the words, “Gonna cum”; I nodded at him and winked as I kneeled up on my seat, giving him a full view of everything. I watched as he came, shooting a few small ropes up onto his shirtless body. 
      After resting for a moment, he mouthed the words “thank you” and started his car. I motioned to indicate that I was offering whatever he wanted, but he pointed at his watch, and his wedding band. I giggled as he drove off, knowing full well what he was giving up.
      I closed my eyes for a few moments, enjoying the scene of my new friend cumming over and over in my mind’s eye. Then I slid my micro skirt down, pulled the clamps from my nipples, and shoved my plump tits back into my tight bra. 
      Eventually, the last train of the night arrived and let a few people off - 2 women and 3 men - before moving on to its last stop. The two women made a beeline to their cars, which were parked directly beneath the first set of overhead lot lights, got in, and drove away. I watched the three men walk further back towards where I was parked in the dark.
      One guy peeled off and got in a car halfway back and drove off. The other two walked towards their cars parked near mine way in the back.
      By the time they walked over to my car (girls, I’ve learned that smoking heavily at night is a good way to attract attention), I had my eyes closed (barely), one tit out of my bra and clamped again, another 120 lit and dangling from my lips as I inhaled, and I was running my purse vibe in and out of my pussy.
      I opened my eyes to see both guys staring at me, smiled wryly, and reached down and hit the rear liftgate switch. It slowly opened. I had reclined my seat just enough that I could easily slip into the rear bed of the SUV, which I quickly did (this is why I permanently leave the back seats down; I have a comfy memory foam mattress back there specifically for getting fucked by strangers - and it has memories of too many men to count unloading in me).
      I pulled my other tit out and clamped my hard nipple tightly. I’m completely addicted to clamping my nipples hard; the pain seriously heightens my orgasms. It will also let me release my milk when I want to (or when the clamps are pulled or shaken off).
      I leaned back as I noticed both men had set their phones up at different angles - strangers as usual recording video of me (again, please, if you got ‘em, post ‘em. You have my official approval!).
      As I laid back, I spread my legs, slipped the vibe out of my pussy and put it between my ruby lips, sucking my pussy juices from it. I used my fingers to spread my pussy as wide as I could (I’m not a fan of gaped holes - I prefer pretty little cunts - and mine is still very tight with sweet plump lips, even with the hundreds of men who have fucked it). I looked at one of the cameras and said out loud, “Well… who’s gonna fuck my bare pussy first?”
      I quickly got my answer, as the two men climbed into the back of my SUV and guided me up onto all fours. I felt one guy’s bare cock head tap at my opening, while the other guy pushed his cock against my wet lips.
      The guy in front of me opens a small bottle and holds it to my nose, telling me to take a hit. Mmmmm… I love poppers being pushed on me. I took a few big hits; they immediately both shoved in hard, and I moaned in response - once again being spit roasted by total strangers who I’d never seen before they walked off the train. And I got lucky; both guys had huge dicks!
      As their thrusts pushed me back and forth, the clamps on my swinging udders shot agonizing pain down my spine. The weight of the clamps felt heavier with every jiggle of my fat hanging tits. The guys would alternate holding their bottle of poppers under my nostrils to keep me buzzed like they wanted me. A few more hits and my eyes rolled; I was high and loving it! The guy in my mouth saw this and forced his big cock all the way down my throat.
      Sometimes I’ll control my gag reflex, but even if I wanted to, Mr. Throatfucker didn’t give me a chance. Honestly, I was so high right then I probably didn’t have the wherewithal to do it anyway. And I loved it. I gagged hard as his cock pushed its way to the back of my throat and slid down it. I could feel my eyes tearing and running down my face, and was happy I wore non-waterproof mascara and eyeliner (guys *love* seeing your makeup run!).
      I felt Mr. Cuntstretcher grab my fat hips and start to slam even harder into my tight cunthole. That prompted Mr. Throatfucker to grab the sides of my head and start slamming his big member down my throat faster. I’m high, my fat udders are slapping the mattress, and I’m being spit roasted by two total strangers with huge cocks.
      I’m in total ecstasy; one big set of balls slapping my chin, the other smacking hard against my own swinging girlballs - fuck I *love* being used hard like this! I revel in it. Suddenly they push me over the edge, and my big hard swinging clit erupts into a huge orgasm, spraying my first load all over the mattress underneath me.
      My orgasms always cause me to flex my pussy; I feel Mr. Cuntstretcher’s cock thicken, and he pushes it as deep as he can, holding my big hips to keep himself inside. I feel it pulse as he shoots rope after rope of his bare seed deep in my unprotected womb. Fuck yes, knock me up with that bare seed.
      Feeling a stranger coat my cunt walls so deeply forces another orgasm out of me; I try to scream, but I can barely breathe with Mr. Throatfucker’s giant dick down my throat. I try to inhale through my big nose, but he jams a bottle up each nostril, forcing a tremendous hit on me all at once; I can only inhale the air in the bottles now.
      Just then, he forces his huge babymaker deeper in my throat as I feel his friend grab my hair from behind, lacing his fingers into it to hold the back of my head still; Mr. Throatfucker is cutting off my air completely as he starts to dump his big load deep down into my belly.
      I quickly rip the metal clamps off my nipples; the intense pain causes my eyes to roll back as another huge orgasm washes over me, enhanced by the almost total lack of air and the incredible high I’ve been forced to. The bottles are now pushed into my big nostrils far enough that they are staying on their own, and I couldn’t even move my hands to pull them out if I was sober enough to - or wanted to (which I didn’t).
      This gave him a perfect view of my big nipples squirting milk all over the mattress and myself and my hard girlcock shooting cum as my body jerked uncontrollably. My head spins as wave after wave of orgasm crashes over me; in my state of popper induced bliss I’m barely aware of my orgasms being exacerbated by the two men slapping and twisting my fat tits and fingering my pussy.
      I begin to suspect either something else was in that second bottle, or it was an extremely strong type of poppers that I haven’t been fed before. All I know is that I hope someone forces it on me again. Soon.
      His cock stops pulsing, and he slowly slides his huge monster out of my throat, sliding over my tongue as he extracts it, along with the two bottles of poppers. I get my first real taste of his cock and cum; it mixes with the smell of sex permeating the back of my car as it all wafts into my big Italian nose. 
      Mr. Cuntstretcher slips out of my pussy too; I feel so empty without his huge cock in me (my pussy was made to be filled, which is why I take so many cocks). I quickly grab my plug and push it in my hole to keep yet another stranger’s load in my body where it belongs - at least until my cunt walls absorb it. 
      I roll over on my back as the two men exit the back of my SUV and walk over to their phones. I grab my big tits and squeeze the last drops of milk from them, nursing from my own tits, my eyes moving between the two phones. I barely notice them reach for their phones, and am just sober enough to see the glint of the wedding bands on their hands. More husbands out barebacking this dirty slut before going home and getting into bed with their wives.
      (I hope you all go home and stick your cock in your wife’s cunt still wet with my pussy juice…)
      I closed my eyes; I savor these moments when I feel like a truly filthy slut; like a degraded street walking piece of trash. When I open them again, both phones and both men are gone. I think I hear their car doors and engines, and listen as they both drive away.
      I lie there for a little while, high, wiped out and well fucked. Eventually I manage to climb back into the front seat. I flip down the visor mirror and smile at my completely destroyed makeup and the mess they made of my hair. I love it. 
      My senses were utterly overwhelmed; they usually are when I’m used this hard. I’m floating on a cloud, and still buzzed from the poppers they force fed me. I drive home slowly, naked except for the plug in my pussy, and finally pull into my driveway. 
      I light another 120, which dangles from my lips once more, although the ruby red of earlier is long gone. I pull down the visor and flip open the mirror; I’m pleased with my utterly destroyed makeup. My hand wraps around my extremely hard clit, and I push the plug in deeper to massage my p-spot as I stroke. I’m quickly overtaken by another orgasm, and spray my load all over my belly, tits, face, and the steering wheel. I lean forward in my usual cum trance and lick my cum off the steering wheel.
      Finally satisfied, I walk in my house, flop down naked on my back on the living room couch, and fall asleep, filled with the huge bare loads of two total strangers, and covered in my own.
      Degrade me. Humiliate me. Say whatever you want. The simple fact is, I’m a fat filthy bareback cumslut, and I love it.
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