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    Fucked my first man at the age of eighteen and a half. Barebacking was the norm back then. I also like to fuck mouths.
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  1. Kenny and I had been friends for years, since college. I had matured but he still loved to get high or drunk at parties while I liked to have a drink or beer or two and then drink soda and sample the hors-devours at parties. The problem as the years wore on was he'd end up so loaded he'd pass out. In the decade since finishing college and trade school we had gained weight, going from 190-200 to about 250 for me and 270 for him. We were both Tops and respected each other not to try to put our dicks in each other. We took our pleasure together by spit-roasting bottoms and versatiles and taking t
  2. I'm thinking how much that man enjoyed pozzing you, how fantastic his dick felt when he pumped-off his pozz jizz deep inside your hole and his virus into your system as he added you to his list of conquests. Also how you felt being conquered by the big uncut dick of a big handsome stud for his enjoyment of pozzing you.
  3. I saw the film four decades ago and I admit getting hard watching the (simulated) rape scenes. I was disappointed the fat man wearing glasses never had his piece of ass. I'm glad he scored your ass in the story, as well as the skinny older man who I assume had full blown AIDS. Some jockers make the punk suck their dicks clean after yanking out of the punk.
  4. Got me hard. 31 isnt that old so the top was able to fuck as good as a college dude, I know that he really enjoyed shooting his poz cum up the neg twink, his orgasm was the best feeling in the world not to mention feeling like a manly powerful stud when he added the twink to his conquests by ejaculating in him.
  5. My friend Kenny and I met a twink in a bar after work. The bug-chasing twink was in heat but his first choice was an old jackoff buddy of mine who I had pozzed soon after I caught the bug, but my buddy ended-up hooking-up with another piece of ass. Kenny and I were large husky masculine working men in our late thirties with baldspots, beards, glasses and work-worn callused hands from our jobs in a metal fabrication plant and a junkyard. Both our dicks were cut. Calvin the twink was 22, slender, a couple inches shorter than our six feet and had very little body hair. His blond hair contrast
  6. At 45 I'd been poz for a decade but healthy due to my exercise, diet and meds regimen. My doctor had given me the standard warning that even if I was healthy looking and feeling, my cum was still toxic. I like as much: being in good shape yet still able to enjoy the thrill of pozzing someone by having a good time fucking him and loving how great my dick felt shooting my deadly poz seed deep in his ass. I chanced to meet a sickly looking guy in his twenties named Dennis. He wasnt HIV nor AIDS poz but had something else wrong and could have recovered had he not allowed me to fuck and po
  7. If I was poz I'd enjoy being part of the team that knocked his neg ass up
  8. I love the Dirty Daddy having fun and a good feeling orgasm knocking-up the 22 year old HIV-virgin hole.
  9. My dick was hard and oozing precum reading about Devon having fun conquering Austin the double-virgin(neg and never been fucked) piece of ass and thinking how really great the stud's dick felt when he pumped his toxic seed into the ass and knowing he was jazzed knowing how he completely altered Austin's life, starting with the 'AIDS flu' a few weeks later and condemning him to a life of taking meds to stay alive. Also thinking of Alex having his fun taking his turn stretching the hole more and adding his own poz load to his lover's in it. Also how the two men would profit off their pleasure
  10. At 45 years old, Jim was a tall man at 6' 6" when barefoot. He weighed about 200, had collar length brown hair, a mustache, wore glasses and was endowed with seven cut inches. His callused work-worn hands weren't conducive to masturbating so he needed to fuck ass and mouth or get sucked off. Clem was short at 5' 6" and about 150 to 160 pounds, sported blond hair in a buzzcut, was clean-shaven and sported well-bitten nails unlike Jim's nails which always had grease under them due to his job at a junkyard dismantling cars, engines and checking transmissions. Clem worked as a clerk in a re
  11. Red proved himself a manly pro stud who enjoys pozzing chasers. I also like the chaser who wanted it and enjoyed getting pozzed and sucking the stud's dick clean.
  12. Thinking of how great that stud and his dick felt when he pumped his poz jizz up that neg ass.
  13. Loved the punchline! "A cobra mask rolled out."
  14. Pissing in someone's mouth while they drink it with their lips sealed around your dick feels almost as good as cumming in it. My only regret is I did it only a couple of times. If I was to become single and found someone who wanted to drink it I would piss in someone's mouth again. All masculine Top and versatile men should try it and all bottoms and versatiles should practice drinking piss from a man's cock.
  15. Tim learned the Hard way about how dangerous his Prank was. Tim and Erick are fucked in more ways then one with Steve having taken what he thought Erick wanted to give up to him. Steve's dick was satiated and he added two virgin asses to his conquests.
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