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pozpuppy    1473

Dad’s Basement Part Twenty-Five

 I really didn't want to leave the resort, but Dad said that we could visit again in the future, which I made him promise. The drive home was quiet, well at least for me, I slept the whole was home. I guess the pool side gang bang wore me out even though I slept all night. Dad should be the one who was tired, he told me he was out whoring around until 2 a.m. 

   We got home in the middle of the afternoon. I really wanted to hook up with either Garrett, well fuck anyone really. 

  “Dad, can you message Garrett or Coach Paul, I need some cock!” 

  “Nope, now between your initiation you can't have sex, not even jacking off.”

  “Are you fucking kidding me”

  “Not at all, I even have something for you to insure you don't”

   He left me standing in the kitchen, as he headed down the hall to his room. He quickly returned with a small box.

  “Drop your shorts, NOW BOY” he ordered. 

  “Seriously Dad?”

  “Did I fucking stutter?”

  I did as he said. He opened the box. He took out what was in it. I watched as this device was put around my cock and balls and locked in place with a pad lock that hung under my balls. 

  “What the fuck is that” 

  “Chasity device, get used to it because it will be on until after your imitation”

  It was so uncomfortable, but for two days I wore it. Some times it was painful, especially when I would start to get hard and my cock couldn't grow. 

   Saturday finally came and I was told to prepare for the night. Dad disappeared most of the day, leaving me at home. When 8 p.m. rolled around he came for me in my room. He was wearing just a jock strap. Seeing him in that, fur and muscles all in display was really turning me on. My cock stirred and pain again swept through my body.

  “It's time to head down to the basement. All the members have gathered, plus the crew to film your initiation,” he said.


  “Yes boy for our site and for our records”

  My cock continued to fight the cage and the pain increased. 

  “Try not to get too turned on, we don't want you breaking your cage or hurting that beautiful boy cock,” he said pointing at my crotch.

  I nodded as he and I walked through the house to the basement door. We stopped at the door.
  “Are you sure about this son, you can turn back now with no repercussions, once we start we don't stop until every member has used your hole and bred you.”

   I nodded.

  “Say it son”

  “I want this Daddy, I want this”

  Dad turned the knob on the basement door and pushed it all the way open. We walked through and went down the stairs. My stomach was a ball of nerves. I took a deep breath and stared at Dad’s furry ass.

   At the bottom of the stairs I saw that the main room had been emptied except for a fuck bench. I was expecting all the members to be crowded in the room, but they were not there. Instead was four men holding cameras. They were wearing just jock straps but the pouches were bulging outwards. There were four lights, all shining on the fuck bench. 

   “Is this your boy,” one of the camera men asked.

   “Yes,” Dad replied.

  “We understand that his hole is the focus of the shots, we plan on having one under the action the whole time. We have a special cover that will protect the camera and the lucky man down there will make sure it stays clean” he said, “the other three will get the fucking at different angles”

  “You are the pros!” Dad said.
   He turned to me and guided me to the fuck bench. He helped me get into position and the strapped me in. The three camera men were already filming, as the one got in his back and positioned himself to catch the action underneath.

  “Son, just one thing. You can not lick, suck or do anything to the camera men’s cocks even if they are pressed against your mouth,” Dad said, “do you understand”

  “Yes Daddy”

  “If you want poppers we will supply them to you, just ask for them”

  I nodded. Dad moved behind me, squirting lube onto my hole, then pushed something into my hole and I felt wetness inside. I took a few deep breaths.

  “Time to begin!” Dad said.
   He stood in front of me, pushed down his cock. His cock was rock hard and bounced as he stood there. He shoved his jock into my mouth.

  “This will keep you from being tempted by the camera men’s bulges”

  Damn he just knows how to spoil a good time I thought as I head the men come into the room from the locker room. My mind imagined them all coming in naked with their hard cocks pointing the way. 

   I felt a pair of hands on my ass, feeling my cheeks and a hard cock rubbing up and down my crack. My gang bang initiation was about to begin. 

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pozpuppy    1473

Dad’s Basement Part Twenty Six

     I felt a cock head push against my hole. The men around cheered as it pushed my hole open and popped inside. I felt the head move in deeper, as my hole slide down the shaft of the hard cock. The shaft plunged into my hole until the I could feel the man pressed up against my ass. 

   He slowly pulled out until the head of his cock was pulling at the inside of my hole. He paused then slowly pushed back in. He continued to slowly move his cock in and out of my hole.

  “Stop fucking teasing him and your cock, fuck him. We want his hole” someone said impatiently. 

   The man laughed and then drove his cock into my hole hard. He grabbed my hips and then started to fuck my hole. He was fucking me hard and fast. His balls were hitting my ass as he pounded his cock in me. His cock was getting harder as he pumped my hole. He drove all the way in and then pressed against me. I could feel his cock twitch inside. I was getting my first load of poz cum, the first of thirty loads. 

  I moaned but it was muffled by my Dad’s jock in my mouth. I sucked on it, tasting his sweat and piss as the cock in me pulled out. It was quickly replaced by another one. This one slammed into my hole with a brute force. I grunted as he got all the way in. This man was in a hurry, he grabbed my hips and started to quickly fuck my ass. 

 I could hear him groaning and already breathing heavily, he wasn't going to last long, which was a disappointment, but I still had twenty eight more cocks to go. He pounded my hole with short strokes until he slammed in and shot his load. 

  “Quick trigger tonight Jason”

  “Been holding that in for a couple of weeks”

  He pulled out of me, but I wasn't empty long. A new cock slid into my hole filling me up. This one was thicker then the first two. It hit the back of my hole quickly. I could feel the muscles of my hole stretching open. There was no pain just pleasure. He pulled out and plunged back in, driving deep, until his balls pressed against my ass.

  “His cock is going to stretch him so open we won't feel his lips” someone said jokingly.

  Everyone laughed. One of the camera men moved in front of my face. His jock’s pouch, which was stretched beyond capacity was just inches from my face. I could smell his musk. I fought the urge to spit my Dad’s jock out and run my tongue all over it. He moved in closer as he held the camera over head. His pouch was now lightly rubbing against my nose. The temptation was killing me. His musk was stronger, it was more intoxicating than poppers. 

   The cock in my hole was pounding me at a steady rhythm. I could feel it rubbing against my hole, balls hitting my ass. The pouch in front of me moved more until it was pressing against my face hard. I slowly inhaled the musk. Between the cock in my hole and the musk in my lungs my own cock was fighting against its cage. The pain was nothing compared to the pleasure of the cock in my hole. 

   The camera man began to move his hips, causing his jock as well as his cock and balls hidden behind them to rub against my face. 

  “Tease the boy” my Dad said to the camera man, “take it out and rub it against his face, leave some cock slime”

  The camera man pulled his pouch away from my face as the cock in me pushed all the way in and stayed there. I think the top was watching the camera man, who had grabbed his jock and pulled it aside. His cock flopped out, bringing his balls with it. His cock hit me right between the eyes. The cock inside me began to pump me again, driving in and out. I could feel the pre-cum leaking on my face from the camera man’s hard cock. 

   “Look at that cum leaking out already from his hole” someone said from behind me. 

   “Dude below has the best view”

  The man fucking me was pumping his cock harder and harder. It wasn't long until he pushed all the way in and added his load to the ones already there. He groaned as his cock twitched. The camera man leaned in, pressing his balls against my lips and Dad’s jock. I sniffed deep, bringing his musk deep into my lungs. 

   The man in me pumped a couple of times, mixing the loads in my ass and pulled out. I wasn't empty long as another cock slid into my hole balls deep. I could feel his crotch hair pressing against my ass, tickling me. 

   I moved my head to my right causing the cameraman’s cock to run across my face leaving a cock slime trail. I could just see another camera man standing close by. His jock was gone and someone was down sucking his cock. I could not see his cock, only the head moving back and forth along the shaft. 

   The man fucking me was moaning loudly.  He was steadily pumping his cock in and out of my hole. It felt as if it was an uncut cock and I wondered if it was Garrett, but didn't know. I could feel the skin move as he pumped in and out.  My cock was pushing hard against its confinement, as my mind thought about all the poz loads in me, as well as the ones that were about to be. I wondered if there was more than just the three full blown AIDS loads that will be in my hole. 

   The man in me started to pump his cock in and out harder. He didn't last long and drove his cock deep into my hole, adding his load. He pulled out leaving my hole open and empty.

   “You ready for Daddy’s big hard cock, son”

    I muffed out a yes! 

   “Show me boy, open that boy pussy for Daddy”

   I made my hole open and close the best I could, without trying to lose any of the poz cum that was already in me.
   “That's it son, tease Daddy”

   He started to rub his cock up and down my crack, he picked up some cum that had been pushed out of my hole and coated his head. He aimed his cock at my hole and pushed in. I could feel his fur against my ass and his big hands grabbing my hips. 

   “Daddy’s all the way in son”

   I moaned through his jock, which was now soaked with my spit. I tried to push back against him but couldn't move. Dads cock twitched in me as he made it bounce. I sucked in his jock more. 

   As he began to move his cock in and out, Garrett come up to my head and squatted in front of me. Once we were eye to eye, he pulled out the jock, tossing it aside. 

   “How's that hole pussy boy” he asked

   “Feeling good with Daddy’s big cock in me”

   “Sore any”

   “Just a little but it adds to the pleasure.”


   “Not yet”
   I looked down at his cock, it was hard and leaking. He made it jump over and over. 

   “It will be in you soon”

   I hadn't noticed he had a jock in his hand. He moved it up to my mouth. I opened wide, giving him access to shove it in.

   “It's the camera man that is under your ass capturing the action. He shot a load in it.”

  I moved it around in my mouth until I found the fresh load. It was salty with a bitter after taste. I sucked it until I could no longer taste his load. 

  Dad was steadily fucking my hole. As the men cheered him on. I was moaning through the jock as I enjoyed Dad’s big cock. 

  “Drew you fucking pervert!” someone said.

  “Twisted mother fucker, popping his cherry and infecting him” someone else said.

  “Wouldn't have it any other way,” Dad said as he fucked my hole. 

   The pain in my cock was too great. I spit the jock out of my mouth, even though I didn't want to. 
    “I can't take the pain” I cried out.
    “You have had Daddy’s meat before, it doesn't hurt” Dad said.
   “No the cage on my cock.”

   “Drew your one mean fucker to cage him up during his gang bang” Doc said somewhere behind me.
   “Free his boy cock”

   “Okay, someone get the key and release his cock, it's on the shelf back there with the poppers”

  Dad kept fucking me, until I heard a slap. It wasn't my ass that was slapped it was Dad’s.

   “Push in and hold the fuck still”

  I felt someone messing with the cage and it was soon opened and removed. My cock expanded and was fully hard in a matter of seconds. Another slap on Dad’s ass got him pumping his cock in and out of my hole again. With each pump of his cock, my cock leaked out more and more pre-cum. 

   I was moaning and groaning like a bitch in heat from Dad fucking my hole. I squeezed my hole around Dad’s cock as it slid in and out. I wanted his cum the first time he fucked me and I wanted it now. 

   His grip on my hips tightened, his pounding became harder and harder.

  “Daddy is going to cum, son, cum deep in your hole”

  “Give it to me, Daddy, please” I begged.

  “Are you sure, son? You want my poison?”

  “You gave it to me a few times before, give it to me now”

  Dad slammed his cock deep into my hole, it twitched and pulsed as his load shot into me. He groaned loudly. Slowly he started to move in and out as his cumming subsided. He was churning the loads in my hole, mixing the sperm and the strains. 

  He pulled out of my hole and someone quickly replaced him. He moved around to my head. 

 “Clean Daddy’s cock son, taste the loads from your hole” 

 I opened my mouth wide inviting his used cock in deep. A cameraman moved closer to get a good view of me cleaning Dad’s cock. The cock in my hole continued to slide in and out, fucking me hard and good. 

“Mmmm you are making Daddy’s cock hard again”

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      Frazer then started to visit men's saunas. He soon discovered how amazing darkrooms were. He was very popular there because of his well endowed cock. Some older trolls would trap him in a corner and force themselves on his bare erection. He also discovered after having exploded into someone who was riding on top of him that not everyone was able to notice when someone had come inside them. But he still avoided being fucked bare.
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