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ChainedBoy    62

Normally, I suck cock with a singular purpose: To get it hard enough to fuck me. 

But yeah, sometimes I'll find a dude that just wants to be sucked. Now, I'll do everything I can to get him wanna fuck..but if he's stubborn; I'll suck him off...but I better damn well get a load down my throat! 

Now, unless he unloads deep down my throat - which ALWAYS works for me; I enjoy moving the dudes open hand onto my throat so he can feel me swallow. Nothing says, "Yeah, I'm a fuckin' cumpig", like looking a dude square in the eye while he feels me swallow his load.

The reaction from the cum donor has run the gamut from disinterest to confused looks to HELLA TURNED ON. And that's fine...but this is one of the few things I do for me. I do it to wallow in the explicit and shameless act of "cum-sumption".

Anyone else get off on either end of this scene?

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punaman    149

I prefer to have guys cum IN my mouth so I can play with and taste the cum as opposed to down my throat where you can't even taste it.  I'll do everything in my power to get him to pull out a bit and let me have it in my mouth. 

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As a dominant top i can tell you it makes no difference to me. What matters to me is that the cumpig is receptive and appreciates my load. A thank you comment after i unload shows respect, a sign the bottom knows his place and makes me want to come back

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paskin    57

I always say "Thank you, Sir" after I've been given a load, but I'm keen to try the hand on throat thing.

I also appreciate other suckers being slutty and grateful so if you put my hand on your throat as you swallowed my cum with eye contact, I'd definitely be up for a repeat, or reciprocation, and the chance to exchange sleazy hot tips and techniques.

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      For me, the favorite thing is just sucking the cock for a good period of time, and when the guy is about to blow I just let him fill my mouth with his hot seed until there is not a single drop left. In this case, I either swallow the load or I keep it my mouth and then kiss the guy with all his cum in me, letting it just drip on both of us from our kissing so we could lick each other like some cum hungry sluts.
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      I woke up this past Sunday with that craving, that urge to spread my ass and get rough fucked- that need to get bred. I have to say I love raw sex, it’s the only way I can get off and I love the feeling of becoming a receptacle for my tops' cum; just a hole to be filled and used and dumped into. Being a cumdump for me was as natural as riding a bike. Even when I was in a monogamous relationship I would have my boyfriend fuck his load into me in the morning so I could feel it slide out of my boy-ass on the subway reveling in the private piggishness of my thoughts, while morning commuters read their papers on the way to work. I would have that warm jizz absorbing into me for the better part of the morning the way some take caffeine.
      But this Sunday I got a call from one of my regular clients. I sometimes escort for extra cash. This guy is older but has a huge uncut cock. He never once asked me about my status but also never tried to use a condom. He’s the kind of guy that likes smaller boyish twinks and loves to hear me beg for his load. I’m 24 but I look really young. I still get carded for a pack of smokes every time and this is usually my biggest hook in the escorting business. A young boy that takes loads for money, and will beg you for your seed.
      He fucked me hard and good and deposited what would be my first load of the day. I lay there with his cum dripping from my ass, recovering from the poppers - while he got showered. Something snapped in me right then and I was so horny I knew I needed to collect some loads. This Sunday would be dedicated to me taking cum in my ass no matter who the guy was. I was so horned thinking about being used my ass twitched and I fingered out some of my client's cum to taste and wet my palate for more.
      When I left his place I immediately texted a guy who had been wanting to fuck me. We had chatted on a4a and he was a dirty talking poz guy into giving seed to young boys. He got off on mixing strains and having a willing recipient for his toxic load. He was in his mid forties, thin with some musculature but kind of wasted looking in the face. I’ve always loved poz men. Even when I was neg I would fantasize about them plowing their infected loads in my ass while I looked into their wasted faces knowing I was taking their DNA in me forever. I cabbed it over to his place on 30th street. He answered the door naked and wasted no time pushing me to my knees so I could suck his cock. I was barely in his doorway and the door wasn’t even shut completely but I was being face fucked and gagging on his monster tool. He was definitely not as hot as his pictures but his cock was even bigger than I imagined with really pronounced veins I could feel roughing themselves against my tongue and pulsing in my mouth. His entire body was pretty veiny. I was in poz-pig-boy-heaven sucking his cock as furiously as I could. He kept feeding me poppers and would wait until my sucking became more ravenous before dirty-talking me.
      “Yeah boy, that’s a good boy. That’s a good fucking mouth. Suck daddy’s cock, choke on it yeah! Tell me where you want this cock! Tell me!” He growled at me.
      I wanted it in my ass deep and hard. “Please daddy put that cock in my ass!” I said between sucks.
      “You want it boy? You want that poz cock in your ass? Beg me for it!”
      As he said this he put the bottle of poppers under my nose and I took a huge whiff. My head was reeling and all I wanted was his toxic cock in my ass. I got up and leaned against the wall with my ass jutting out and spread my cheeks so he could see my hole. “Please daddy fuck me with your big poz cock, I need it in me, fuck me now, plow my ass! Infect me daddy!”
      He came up from behind me and grabbed my arms pinning behind me. He put his mouth close to my ear: “Tell me again, boy. Tell me what you want.” His cock was right at on my hole ready for penetration.
      “I want your poz-tool, daddy. I want your fucking AIDS in my ass!”
      With that he shoved in as hard and fast as he could. I yelled out in pain but he took no mercy and ripped my ass open with his nine inch poz death tool. My ass was surely going to be sore after this. He rammed me each time slamming it all the way in to the hilt then pulling out to the tip and repeating. I couldn’t move all I could do was moan and try to hold on as this poz fucker mutilated my ass.
      He slowed down for a sec just to put the poppers back under my nose then picked up the pace again thrusting deeper and deeper into me. I fucked my ass back onto his cock and let him have his way with me like the whore I was. He loved it, he knew he had found an amazing cumdump bottom boy and was going to reward me with his poz cum right in my gut. He put his mouth close to my ear and said “I want you to know I’m full blown. I AIDS and I’m going to fuck it into your sweet boy ass.” I was going nuts at that point and he put the poppers under my nose again.
      Now dizzy from the poppers and so immensely turned-on he threw me to the floor on my back and lifted my legs up on his shoulders. We were still only right passed his apartment door and I’m sure the noise was travelling down the hall. He never left my gaze and I knew he was close. “Fuck me daddy fuck me! Fill me with you AIDS cum, fuck it into me, ram it up my guts, I want to feel it in me!” I yelled in lusty poppered daze. I saw it in his eyes and he smiled this evil devilish smile.
      “Fuck boy! Here it cums take my fucking poz load you fucking AIDS cum slut!” He shot his poz seed in me with fury fucking as hard as he could sloshing it into my ass, making sure he fucked as much of his cum into my ass as he could. I could feel the froth he was beginning to churn out of my hole. My hole felt amazing, I was over whelmed with popper-lust and begged him to keep fucking it into me. He obliged for as long as he could. When he pulled out I felt some of his cum dribble out. I immediately slid a couple of fingers in to my ass to scoop some up. He was one of those sticky thick cummers; the kind that was almost gelatinous and I took pleasure in licking my fingers clean. He then shoved his cock into my mouth and I sucked ever last drop of his cum from that veiny shaft. He kissed me probing my mouth with his tongue and then told me "Get the fuck out. I’m done with you, you fucking whore. Get the fuck out.”
      I left with my pants unbuttoned and my shirt off. I finished dressing in the hallway. When I was in the elevator I felt my hole again - it was deliciously sore and cummy. I was all lubed for some more.
      I headed to the Blue store on 8th Avenue next….

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