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Recently diagnosed poz, NEED to be used like a cheap whore!

One on one,  or in groups, your place, a sleazy motel room, an adult bookstore/theater, your car, an alley, wherever! 

No condoms allowed! 

Love ALL sizes, colors, shapes! 

Total cumdump looking for loads! 

Into most scenes, just ask!




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    • By JackWmspt
      Mature sub-bottom. 6', 135 lbs. skinny, 6.5" cut, shaved cock, balls and cunt,  who loves to please clean, (washed) top(s). I can host most nights from 9:PM until ?? AM. I love to worship a nice cock with my tongue, mouth, and throat, then when your ready fuck and breed my tight man-cunt balls deep. I prefer thin young dudes, (don't we all), but not a deal breaker. I always shower and clean well prior to your arrival so the you have an enjoyable experience. A FWB would be awesome, I love playing weekly or more often. HMU, and use me for your cum dump, bring a few buddies if you like..
    • By Worknout
      Good night at the ABS last night. It wasn't crowded, but quality beats quantity.
      An older Mexican dude followed me into a booth, asking, in broken English, if I would fuck him.  I said sure.  He stripped completely naked, sucked me hard, then turned around for me to fuck him, which I did.
      I went over to the theater side, to check what was happening there.  After a while, I took a seat to stroke and watch the movie.  The same guy came over and stood next to me so I could suck his cock.  I sucked him off for a while.
      Afterwards I walked back and forth for a while, returning to the theater side where a nice looking guy was sucking off an older white guy.  I stood back to watch and stroke.  I don't like to be one of those guys who goes in uninvited.  Eventually, the sucker invited me over, at which time the suckee began sucking off the other guy, apparently giving great head.  They traded roles several times.  I stroked the sucker's cock for a while then bent over and asked him to fuck me.  Instead, he bent over to suck the other guy and presented his ass to me.  Well, I couldn't turn that down, so I slid into his ass. 
      While I was fucking him, a young back guy played with my ass.  I've seen him before and he has a huge cock.  That time he'd asked to fuck me, but I wasn't prepared.  This time he didn't ask, and I was disappointed, but it was probably just as well  as the guy was I was fucking decided he was ready to fuck me.  Sliding off my cock, he stood, stepped behind me, bent me over, and gave me a good fucking.  I don't get fucked nearly as often as I like, so getting fucked by this guy was difficult enough, taking me me a while to adjust.  I can't imagine what would have happened if the guy with the huge cock and wanted to fuck me.

      After a bit more walking around, I had a couple more interactions with the guy who fucked me before I fed my fucker my load.
    • By Bottomhole
      Hey guys, I'm in Berlin and always thought it'd be fun to get bred by my fellow forum users. Maybe it becomes a topic. Let me know if youre interested.

    • By SissyKink
      By NSA lifestyle I don't mean cruising adult theaters, servicing truckers, and answering sex ads. I'm talking about the types of sexually beneficial relationships that this activity leads to if you follow the horny brick road of seeking an "owner" in the form of sex pig, sex slave, and dom/sub "partnerships." My first time having sex with another man was with a trucker at a truckstop. NSA encounters have been the only way I've gotten cock from men. As I became more and more comfortable with my role as a bottom I looked for sex clubs online and came across this site that is dedicated to the raw nature of m4m sex. As I scrolled through the site I came across a classified section for sex pigs. I immediately became intrigued and was excited at the idea of performing my kinks for a top.  My idea of a relationship with a top is not being boyfriend and "girlfriend" but being his bottom pig in a relationship based on ownership and mutual sex tastes. A typical date night would be me and him in a hotel where I'm kneeling in front of his cock....but also surrounded by a handful of other men. I also feminized myself psychologically to complement my physical feminine attributes. I also cross dress to complete the fem process for just in case a top likes for his pig to dress up for him. 
      Fast forward to now I completely changed a simple but degrading hobby into a total sexual and lifestyle change and did it with no hesitation. I didn't know that these types of "partnerships" started to fade away along with the tops that looked for sex pigs, slaves, or subs. Now I'm overly sexualized and have really strong fantasies with no equal or more explicit top to perform them to.
      I am not the only hyper sexed bottom, and there are others who are more sexually charged. The simple answer would be to go back to cruising at adult bookstores and get my fix there, but I've evolved (or willingly degraded myself) that I need something more. I don't regret going through the process of preparing myself for a new lifestyle, but I'm stuck with no way to move forward.
      So is going past the NSA cruise scene and seeking those kinds of partnerships worth it for new bottoms coming into the scene? Most will stay in the cruising scene which is okay, but others who are destined to push their sexual limits won't have a compatible top to adopt, own or be their master due to a shortage in (real) tops. I know there are aggressive tops here, but the entire group is out numbered by more sexual and more eager bottoms who are self-taught and create their own form of fantasy. Should these bottoms go through that process of enhancing their sexuality and scoop up the few remaining masculine tops, or should they wait until the rest of the tops convert to versatilism and see how they handle untrained and hyper sexed bottoms along with the different approaches to being a "top" that bottom and top versatile each bring?

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