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15 hours ago, Robw73 said:

Love this story.

it’s also worth noting that I’m a huge advocate of bottoms always being kept chemically controlled - and this is regardless of whether they want to or not. 

as a bottom pig myself, I’m a much more compliant and grateful fuck when I’m chemically controlled.

FINALLY - someone who gets it!

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4 hours ago, takingdeepanal said:

FINALLY - someone who gets it!

Seems we are on the same wavelength.

tops deserve to have a selection of spun out bottoms to use. None of that pleading and demanding, or saying “I don’t do that”, or flat out “no’s”. 

a (forcibly) chemmed up bottom, is a good bottom. it’s not like our needs/desires are worthy of consideration or Concern.


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    • By veryversguy4fun
      I go online too a hookup app that I use and went to check my messages I see there is only 1 so I open it and start reading it.

      He says he is new to the scene and new to the area and was looking for FWB but he was more vanilla than anything else. He is 48 years old 5'10 160lbs average size build likes to give and receive oral and possibly looking to get fucked. He did have an interest on having a guy being tied or strapped with his wrist and ankles to a bed or sling while he gave head.
      Me being versatile and horny I sent him a reply back saying I was interested,after exchanging a few messages it was clearly going to be me showing up at his place to get head and depending on the connection possibly me fucking him( but I wasn't going to hold my breath) I did agree that if he wanted to tie or strap my wrist and ankles to the bed he could.
       During our conversations I did ask him if he liked to PnP and he said no. He asked if I did and I said I did but I didn't have to. He asked me why I PnP and how did I do it. I said I PnP because 1 it gets me more hornier and I am more open-minded plus it helps me be more relaxed and I told him I prefer getting right to the point. He asked how much do I point I said normally between a .4-.5. (but I only add enough water to dissolve the crystal) that was the end of the conversation about PnP.
      We agreed on meeting up the following Friday night. I went home after work grabbed something to eat took a shower and showed up at 7 pm. He opened the door and invited me in he seemed very nervous and I said if you don't feel comfortable we can just go our separate ways and he said no he was fine after some small talk and something to drink he said let's go to the bedroom I went to stand up and got real light headed and dizzy that I had to grab the arm  of the chair before I fell, he grabbed a hold of me and said are you ok,still somewhat light headed I said yeah, I guess I stood up to quick but the longer I stayed standing the more I got light headed I made it to the bedroom and as i had my back to the bed trying to figure out why I was feeling like this he turns around and says you sure your ok as he pushes me backwards and I fall on the bed and he jumps on me before I even realize what he is doing and he takes one of my wrist and straps it to this Velcro strap that attached to the bed and grabs my other wrist and does the same thing once my wrist are strapped to the bed he gets off me and I say what the hell you doing he just laughs and says whatever I feel like doing as he starts to take my shoes off and my pants as quick as he was strapping my wrist to the bed he was just as quick with my ankles.
      Here I am butt ass naked strapped to a bed as he says to me that as soon as the other guys show up the fun will begin then puts a ball gag in my mouth and walks out the door and shuts it.
      I try to get my thoughts together and start looking around the room and on the bed for anything that I can use to get myself free but all I see is the nightstand so with my fingers I try to open the drawer but the keep slipping whenever I get it open a tiny bit so I try again and I am able to open it enough where I can push it open some more using a couple fingers before it stops opening I lift my head up to see way it stopped opening and my eyes open wide as I look and see the draw is has a bunch of new needles and a bag filled with T and a couple other things then in the corner I see this see this big glass tube and some clear liquid in it. I realize why I felt lightness and dizzy he had spiked my juice with the G he had.
      Now I know I have to try and figure out away to get myself out of the straps and out of the house when I hear the doorbell ring and a few voices. Then I hear someone say so everything going as planned. The only voice I recognize I hear him say oh yeah it went just as planned he drank the juice without tasting the G he is actually in the bedroom tied to the bed and naked and just to make sure he couldn't yell I put a ball gag in his mouth then I heard them laughing. Then I hear one guy say this is getting easier to trick a guy over thinking that your somewhat inexperienced and get them to come over. The voice I can recognize I hear him say well it was your idea to trick these guys. What this our 2nd or 3rd time doing this then he says I just hope that we don't get caught. The other voice says listen if he goes to the cops they will not find a trace of anything happened here. The house is on the market no one lives here and we always make sure we clean up so don't worry about it. Let's go see our new victim and get him ready so we can use him. Then he says the other guys will be showing up in a little bit and according to the replies I got from the ad I put out there this one is probably the most guys we have had yet. The 1st voices oh really and the 2nd voice says yeah I was actually shocked by all the replies they all that he was good looking and guess who is making a special appearances, he said Sal and Keith.
      The 1st voice says no way really and then it sounded like he was concerned as I hear him say to the other guy are you sure that's a good idea after what they did the 1st time and the 2nd voice said I couldn't say no to them they would have came no matter what. I just hope the guy in there can handle them. The 1st says well I don't want to be in the same room with them as they use this guy I am very experienced and I can't even handle half of their cocks they are way to big and thick for me. I hear the door open and in walks 3 guys plus the guy who had tricked. And when one of the guy starts to speak I recognize the voice who was doing all the talking before as he approaches the bed and walks over to the nightstand and pulls out the bag of T and a needle and looks at the guy who tricked me and says how much? He says he does a .4-.5 but only adds enough water to dissolve the crystal. The other guy says ok so a .65 will be perfect I lay there struggling and once the  point is set he grabs my arm and says don't move you don't want me to miss do you as he sticks me and pulls the needle out and I start coughing and feel that the warm rushing feeling kick in and all I hear is let's the fun begin.
       Part 2 coming soon
    • By CommunityCumdumpBL
      Live in Berlin,but so far haven't met faggots in my wavelength, and would like to have some toxic riddled mates to hook up and relish in the exchange and recharge.
    • By DutchBBfucker
      It was a warm sunny day and Damian was hanging around in the park. Damian is a hot looking lean muscular skaterboy that just turn 18 last month. At school he had enough girls hanging around him and he fooled around with several of them, but it never resulted in sex. Maybe because he didn’t know if he liked the idea of fucking a pussy.
      Damian had a good view on the basketball court where 2 hot muscular black guys shooting hoops. They are only wearing sneakers and shorts so Damian has a perfect view on the sweating glistening on their body. Both are hot but one of them get Damian attention; a young stallion (around 23), firm jaw line, and a lean but muscular body. The stallions shorts hang low around his waist so Damian can see the perfect V-lines and not a sixpack but an eightpack. Without realising Damian begins to massage his crotch and start to daydream.
      Damian was ‘dreaming’ so long that he didn’t register that the guys stopped balling and that the stallions friend left. Then he was awoken out of his trance by a loud “Ey”. He look right at the man of his dreams standing in front of him. “If you like what you see, and if you want to see more… follow me!” said the stallion and walked away. Damian was confused but the horny feeling and his curiosity was strong. He followed the hot black guy out of the park and to a warehouse. They arrive at door with a sign above it saying ‘The Lair’ and a small sign on the door saying ‘Private XXX club. Non-members on invite only’. He rang the bell and a guy opened the door. “Hey Liam, come in… you brought a new face i see?” said the guy. Liam nodded and went inside and without hesitating Damian followed. They entered a hall with a ‘coat-check’. “Two special Gatorade’s please!” says Liam to the guy behind the counter. The guy hands him two bottles and Liam passes one to Damian and say “It’s so hot outside”. Damian thanks Liam and start gulping down the ‘special’ drink. “Damn you’re thirsty!” says Liam smiling, “Ever been at a club like this?” asks Liam. “No! To be honest i don’t have much sexual experience except fooling around with a few girls” replies Damian. “But curious otherwise you wouldn’t follow me without hesitation” says Liam whilst giving Damian a wink. Damian starts blushing.
      “No worries dude! I will explain everything. To start… You need to drop off all your clothing here… in this club everyone is nude… this way you can see exactly want someone has to offer” says Liam. “I hope you’re not shy” continues Liam as he start to take off his shoes. Then he drops his shorts and Damian looks with amazement at the semi-hard huge cock dangling between his legs. Damian excitement start to grow again and he starts to take of his cloths. He didn’t realise that his cock already reacted to all the excitement so when he dropped his short his hard 7” cock sprang forward.
      “Second rule is that you need to take a shower so follow me” said Liam as he walked towards a dimly lighted room. Both of them jumped under a shower and the warm water starts flowing over their bodies. Damian begins to feel a bit lightheaded and drowsy. Liam sees this and grabs the boy and holds him in his strong muscular arms. “Feels good huh?” whispered Liam in Damians ears. Damian replies with a small moan. “As a unexperienced boy it’s good to be a bit relaxed.. makes cleaning easier” tells Liam. Liam then calls for some help and a young guy walks inside with a hose and a bucket. He attaches the hose to a tap and lubes up the other end before shoving it deep in Damian’s ass. Damian shrieks in pain. Then the young guy opens the tap and Damians ass begins to fill up with water. Damian starts moaning and tries to get loose but Liam tightens it’s grip and whispers “Relax and it will be over soon!”. After half a minute the young guy pulls out the hose. A torrent of water comes out Damian’s ass and in to the bucket. He repeats this several times until the water that comes out is clear. Then the young guy gets out a big syringe (without a needle) filled with a special mixture and shoots the contents deep in Damians ass. Damian moans that his ass starts to burn. “Stop your moaning!” said Liam strict. After both are dried off he leads Damian into a new room with a big bed in a middle and several slings and fuckbenches surrounding it. There are at least 8 twinks occupying several slings and benches whilst being used by a muscular guy. Damian sees that these guys are either black or latino, whilst all twinks are white. Liam puts Damian in the middle of the room on the bed. Damian begins to feel warm and he mind begin to rage. The sounds of fucking and moaning start to fuck with his brain. He begins to feel more hornier than he ever felt before and he lets himself fall back on the bed. His ass starts to twitch and itch uncontrollably. He pulls up one leg to try and reach it with his hand. He rams two fingers inside and begins to massage his ass to relief the feeling. This doesn’t have enough effect so he adds a third finger and starts to work his virgin ass open. Liam looks at Damian and says “Yeah boy… get in there!”.
      Damian twists and turnes in all manners to try to add another finger but without succes. “Shall i help you and fill your hungry hole” asks Liam. Damian nodded fierce. Liam puts the boys legs on his shoulders and moves into place behind the boy. He then moves his upper body forward and on top of Damian. His body weight is pinning the boy down. Then Damian feels something big and slippery poking his asshole. It’s the semi-hard cock of Liam. “My huge 13 inch cock is going to fill your virgin hole… RAW… And i will fuck you so hard that your ass will stay wide open” says Liam with a dirty. “And i will breed your ass with my cum… over and over and over… and you can’t do anything about it!” Liam concludes.
      The T that Damian got in his ass in the shower begins to take over his mind, but the words that this hung stallion said also strike fear inside this virgin. Damian begins to struggle and tries to wiggle out from under Liam. Without effect. Liam starts laughing because this is exactly what he wants because he gets turned on when boys try to resist. Slowly his cock starts filling up with blood and the growing cock begins to push against the boys virgin hole. Damian feels his ass getting stretched more and begins moaning and pleading Liam to stop! This turns on Liam more and he starts oozing pre-cum whilst his cock grows bigger and harder. The stress on the Damians ass gets bigger and bigger until it gives way. The boy cries out as the 13 inch cock begins to move deeper inside. After 5 minute and 10 inches Liam feels a new obstruction; the secondary internal sphincter. “NO TIME FOR THIS!” grunts Liam. He pulls out for 80% and rams his cock inside, but without effect. He repeats this again and at the third time it gives way and Liam is balls deep inside the ‘virgin’ ass. Damian screams out in pain and begins to spasme uncontrollably. The both sphincters contract sending Liam over the edge and with a loud grunt he starts to unload his first batch of cum deep inside the boy. When Damian starts to relax again Liam begins fucking the boys ass, picking up the pace with each stroke. Damian moans load while getting his ass fucked non-stop. After 45 minutes and 4 loads Liam pulls out leaving an wide open hole that starts oozing cum.
    • By joboy_xxx
      Dad gave me the perfect present for my 18th birthday a rucksack with my clothes in it and he shoved me out of the door calling me a dirty little fag. What was I to do cold, wet, hungry and lonely I decided to walk into town through the park, once in the park I got caught short so I went into the public loo’s when in there I could leave groaning I quickly choice the stool next to the noises and to my good fortune there was a hole and I starting looking through, I could make out this hairless black twink getting fucked raw by some big guy with a huge cock, it was too much I took my 7 inch cock out and within a couple of strokes I erupted a huge amount of cum. Still looking through the hole I could see the moment the big fella pulled his cock out of the black twinks pert little butt and orgasmed all over the twinks hole, quickly shoving it back in saying “take my dirty poz load, you cheap whore” when he was done he zipped up and said to the Black twink “here’s $40 enjoy my gift slut” and he left.
      I sat there real quite hoping that nobody heard me, damn I was still rock hard, quietly I exited and as I did the black twink was waiting outside, he looked at me smiled and said “did you enjoy the show” yes very much I said. Taken by surprise he said do you want to get a drink, I said yes but I have no money I’ve just been kicked out of home, he said no problem you can come back to mine telling me his name was Jay. We got back to his bedsit and Jay got me a coke and we chatted for a while, then he turned the subject to how was I going to make some money and out of the blue he said “look I know this is really forward but we could do a porn shoot together and make some really good money, no pressure, you are gay yes? Are you a top or bottom?” I was really confused and Jay could see it and suddenly said “damn you’re a Virgin” I went bright red “so are you up for it?” I paused and then said yes. Excellent we are sure going to earn if we do this right he said. Jay the said to me that we should take some photo’s so that we could send out to see what offers we both got. Okay I said.
      Jay then said look lets get your stat’s and post an ad.
      Oh yes my name Simon or Si
      Ok Si
      Status                   Virgin Neg
      Height                   5ft 4
      Weight                 125 lbs
      Butt                       Smooth (Bubble)
      Cock                      Hairless 7 inch (I stopped Jay and said I pubic hair, he said we will take care of it as I would earn more smooth)
      Body                      Skinny twink hairless (I guessed that meant my fine blonde hair from my lower legs and armpits would be going)
      Available for:     Breeding, topping, oral, bdsm, watersports
      That will do said Jay, okay next we need some photo’s we went to his bathroom and he started stripping his clothes off as did I with my back to him. When I turned round he was naked a little taller than me and so lean not an ounce of fat on his body an eight pack stud. Jay’s cock was fully hard and damn was he hung had to be nearly 9 inches with massive smooth lack balls. I was so hard and horny Jay grabbed my and started kissing me almost shot a load there and then. Come on Jay said grabbing the clippers he pushed my arms up and removed the armpit hair on both sides. He then grabbed my cock and started removing my blonde bush. All the time he had my cock in his hands I nearly erupted my second load of the day, Jay then covered me in shaving foam and wet shaved me everywhere, once I was washed off he stood back to admire his work and said damn they are going go crazy for you, lets go and get some photos done.
      Once back in his bedroom he got me on the bed and then said right kneel down front and he start taking photos for front and back. Then he told be to get on all four turn my head to look back and lick my lips. Okay I know lets put cock rings on it will look great, Jay got two large silver rings and pushed my cock and balls through and did the same to his, our cocks where so hard and redden. More photos then he up loaded the details. Jay kept saying how he desperately he wanted to fuck me, but we had to wait and wait we did. To cut a long story short we selected the best offer from a guy who wanted us for a weeks filming at his pad, and what a pad it was, better still pay of $10k each with a note that we would earn every cent and complete your offer/fetishes in full....
      Part 2 to cum
    • By freakyvegasguy
      40 yo sub bottom living in Vegas. Need to be used hard. Love bondage and all sorts of kinks. Unfortunately limited gear here, but open to almost anything.
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