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Visiting Hong Kong 1 Oct - 9 Oct 2017

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Visiting Hong Kong from 1 Oct to 9 Oct 2017! 28 chn 172 55 poz flex here!! Need recommendations for sauna and hoping to get some loads or fuck some asses!! Unable to host

PM me

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    • By Just-a-guy
      I was on Grindr for a while, honestly not looking for anything special when a young black guy hit me up.  His pics were definitely hot.  We had talked before but had never actually hooked-up.  This time, however, he wanted to fuck me, so I invited him over.
      His cock was a full 21 cm (8 1/4 inches), and his body and face were quite nice.  As he was young, I asked if he wanted to use condoms, to which he replied "I have them, but rarely use them."
      Which was fine by me.  So he came over, I sucked him, and in fact he almost came while I was sucking his cock, but then he fucked me.  First, doggy, then missionary.  After only three to four minutes he was ready to bust, and he didn't hold back, blowing a big load deep in my ass.
      Damn, I love the young boys from the 'hood. 
    • By Youngbottombb
      Hi all.  A few years ago, something happened, call it porn, boring sex with women, I don’t know...  I started getting turned on by men.  Started like most of you probably, gay porn. Going to parks, kissing guys in bathrooms, sucking and being sucked.  Bought toys and started playing with my hole, I knew right away I was a bottom.  I’ve slept with a hand full of guys, all older as younger guys are not a big turn on.  I don’t know if it’s porn these websites, but I find myself turned on more by aggressive, piggish behavior.  For a long time know, I’ve been thinking of taking raw dick.  The thought of skin on skin, the sound of a raw dick and lube, pounding my hole.  The thought of tasting my ass and my tops cum after being bred has just gotten me.  I don’t feel sexually satisfied anymore.  I connected with a top in bbrt last week.  We are planning to meet at my hotel tomorrow morning when I arrive in Atlanta.  No condoms, we plan to fuck and I’ll take his cum wherever he plans to shoot it.  Any comments or words of encouragement?
    • By toilettrader
      I decided to go to a nearby cruising area one night that I had heard about, situated just off a main road. Night time was always the busiest time apparently and there were always loads of guys looking to fuck a cute ass. I was new to doing this. I knew it went on, but had never actually been to a cruising spot at night, especially one where I knew there was loads of action. I was nervous, scared and excited at the same time. I knew if I got out of the car and wandered into that darkness, that my young and hungry hole would be ravaged by all sorts. My cock was very hard and pre-cum was leaking into my shorts. I took a deep breath and got out of the car and headed into the bushes.
      There were plenty of passages and assorted fuck areas, dens throughout the park and the floor scattered with used condoms. I didn't have to walk very far before a guy was following me into the woods. My heartbeat increased and I continued to go deeper into the bushes, knowing I was being stalked. Others wandered around looking aimlessly for some action, passing by and turning around. Our eyes met and the language of no words uttered, as we all knew why we were there. I stood in the first empty den I saw large enough to encompass a group, dropped my shorts and pushed out my pert and hungry hole. I hung onto the branches of the overhanging bushes, poppers in hand and waited for the inevitable. My heart pounding, my cock hard as wood and my hole exposed..
      Finally, I felt a hand touch my ass. Rough fingers touching my soft tanned cheeks, spreading them and touching my damp hole. Hmmmmmm, exciting. I reached around to feel a hard and rather large cock in his pants. I dropped immediately to my knees taking out his fat piece of meat and began sucking like a hungry dog. His shaft was covered in veins and hard, bulbous and uncut. He thrust it down my throat, gagging me and making me splutter. 'You like that boy?! Do you take it raw in your ass?' he said. I managed a mumbled 'Yes. Yes please.' Not long after, others started to appear, watching and masturbating at the horny scene. Very excited by the crowd I stood up, took the guys wet cock and pushed it up against my hole. He spat on my crack and without any hesitation started to slide it into my ass. No condom, straight in, bareback. Oh my god, what was I doing, this was insane, but so exciting. Letting dirty old men fuck me bareback in a truck stop, any cock, just dump your load in my hole and leave! I took a deep hit on the poppers and let him start pumping my cunt..
      The guy fucking me ushered others to come forward and soon I was being spit roasted by two complete strangers. Others sticking their cocks in my face, men I didn't know or could barely even see were forcing me to my knees and making me sniff poppers. All my inhibitions disappeared and I began sucking all of them, anyone that wanted to have me. I knew what was going to happen, I was going to let all these men cum in my holes bareback. I was scared and yet very excited. I huffed on more poppers and feeling the rush started pushing back hard on the cock pounding my ass. The pace picked up and the guy behind spurted his load deep into my ass, squeezing me tight as he emptied his balls. 'Good slut', he said as he removed his dripping and limp cock from my hole. Hmmmmmm, very horny.
      Before I could move another bare cock was taking it's place. I looked around to see three or four guys standing around, cocks in hand, waiting their turn. It seemed I was going to have little choice, my hole was going to be fucked again and again and all that spunk was going to get pushed inside of me. Dangerous, who were these men? But I didn't care, I just wanted anonymous sex and to be filled with the spunk of strangers. I hit the poppers again, this was far too exciting to stop.
      My head was spinning, my hole was wet. I held onto the branches and let the strangers fuck my gaping hole. One by one they came forward out of the darkness and took their turn. I have no idea how many, it was a bit of a blur. I got the impression someone was spreading news that there was a cute and hungry whore taking it bareback from anyone, as more people seemed to suddenly appear. I was fucked raw and passed around numerous times. My hole now a wet and sloppy cunt for anyone to fill. After each one had shot his toxic load into me I stuck a finger into my cunt and smelled and tasted the last load.
      They all left as fast as they appeared, leaving me to deal with my very aroused self. Dripping with sperm and still very horny, I waited until more men cruised the area. There is nothing that excites me more, than being fucked bareback again when I am already full of cum. Other guys love it too. When they stick their stiff cock in and feel it's all warm, hot and wet. That bucket of used spunk, to pump full of yet another load. Guys really pound your hole when it's all full of sperm, making it very sloppy. Nothing beats huffing poppers and have strangers spurt into your hole at the same time.
      More groups formed through out the night and my ass was freely passed around with a bottle of poppers. I let anyone fuck me. Numerous strangers, young, old, fat and thin all fucked my holes, pumping my mouth and ass full of hot semen. By the end of the night I counted a total of 15 men had cum in my ass. Most dribbled out around the tenth, between my thighs and all over the balls of the guy fucking me raw while bent over a branch huffing poppers. The slapping and sloppy sound of the spunk being pumped into my guts still gets me hard. Even at this point more men were appearing and looked like they were waiting for their turn. I got scared at that moment and wondered how many loads I was going to take! I was fucked until late into the night. I squeezed the cum out of my asshole all the way home, my jeans were absolutely soaked when I arrived back at the apartment.
      I sniffed and licked the crotch of my crusty jeans the next day, remembering and smelling the previous night. Then I went sunbathing on a naturist beach, spreading my legs in the sand dunes, letting all the voyeurs see my stretched and battered hole and thought about the multiple loads of anonymous juice that was pumped into me the night before..

    • By RBinWeHo
      Going to the doctor is a pain in the ass, but when your doc blocks the renewal of your Truvada script, he has you by the short hairs.  I booked the last appointment of the day to minimize the time off work. When I arrived, the waiting room was packed out.  I stood out like a sore thumb, dressed in my suit.  Most of the guys were casual, wearing jeans or shorts.  Given the time of day, I guessed most of the guys weren't working, particularly as my doc has a large infectious disease practice.  Some of them were clearly long-term poz, showing a little wasting and or a lot of vascularity.  So fucking sexy!

      Soon I was brought to a room, and shortly thereafter Doctor Woods came in and gave me a warm hug.  It's great having a doctor close to my own age, and so sexy too.  I've been going to Brad for several years, and we have a great doctor / patient relationship.  We're both early 30's and keep ourselves fit.  From time to time I see Brad and his boyfriend at the gym and out at the clubs.  They are both tall and lean, and surprisingly vascular from exercise.  Having seen both Doc Woods and his boyfriend in the showers at the gym, I knew he has a sweet uncut cock, just like mine, and his boyfriend is cut and has huge low-hangers.  Both of them are also quite gifted, swinging big packages.

      "Rik!  Dude!  It's been six months since your last appointment!  To stay on Truvada, I need to see you every six months."

      "Yeah, sorry, I've been busy with work and just didn't make the time...."

      He looked in my eyes and held the gaze for a while to make his point, and said "Go ahead and take everything off except for your underwear, and then up on the table."

      He asked the usual health history questions you might expect as he was feeling around my neck and then listening to my heart and lungs.  His hand grabbed on to my pec as he listened to my back.  He gave my tit a little squeeze and then gave a little tweak on my nip... which made my cock spring to attention.

      He made some notes and then asked, "I'm going to assume you've been sexually active, right?"  He gave me a big smile, because he knew that I was testing just how good Truvada really is.

      "Yep, I'm breeding and seeding.  Always looking for holes and poles."

      "I don't doubt it; your reputation is firmly intact.  Once a slut, always a slut!  (He's called me a slut in the locker room at the gym, so this isn't anything new!)

      “Go ahead and lay down and turn on your side.  I'll do a rectal swab and check your prostate."

      I slid my underwear off, then turned to my left side.  Dr Woods lightly touched me under my leg saying "Bring your knees up towards your chest."  Then he brought a rectal swab and a specimen container over to the table, commenting "The lube is cold, sorry."  With that, his gloved finger slid inside me.

      And... I was totally boned at the feeling of his finger probing my hole.  He had done it several times over the years, but each time I find it completely hot.  As his finger felt-up my prostate he shot a few more comments to me:
      "It feels like this hot hole is seeing a lot of action. There was almost no resistance to my finger."

      "I've had a fist or two up there, and I always enjoy having a hot top breed me to keep me in practice."

      "You do have hot ass... and interesting choice of word.  'Breed'.  Do you know whether or not you've taken any poz loads?"

      "Yeah, I imagine I have.  But most guys are undetectable these days.  I don't even ask anymore."

      "Yeah ... a cum dump.  You haven't had a guy tell you he just gave you a poz load?"

      "Not often enough!"

      "Yeah, a lot of my patients get off on that.  You get off on taking toxic loads?"

      His continued rubbing of my prostate and working my hole was making me crazy.  This wasn't the conversation I imagined I'd be having with my doctor.

      "Doc, you better take it easy there, you got me close!"

      "I don't think I heard an answer to my question."

      "Oh god ... yes ... yeah, I get off on toxic loads ... fuck I'm going to cum!"

      With that, he inserted a couple more fingers up my hole, and with the other he put the specimen cup over my uncut cock.

      "Cum in the cup, stud."

      I had one of the biggest orgasms I've had in a while.  I did my best to get my load inside the cup, but I made a mess everywhere.

      "Nicely done, stud.  Just relax for a minute and I'll do your rectal swab."

      I felt him swabbing my hole and then heard it go into its receptacle.  He placed the uncovered specimen jar on the counter.

      "Take a minute to pull yourself together.  Here's a couple paper towels, clean yourself off.  Don't worry about the mess.  Leave your shirt off.  Teddy is going to come in and draw some blood.  I'll be back before you leave, I need to consult with another doctor about something."

      I dressed and moved over to the chair.  The exam table had cum everywhere ... and some dripping down the wall.  I guessed Teddy would be tasked with dealing with the mess.

      I've known Teddy for years.  He's a hairy 5'8" Italian fireplug that I've fucked with over the years at the baths.  He's one of those guys who has a a 5:00 o’clock shadow at 10:00 AM.  Back in the day, he would be described as a Castro Clone, sporting brown hair and bushy mustache. Way before seeing him at Doctor Wood's office, when we met up at the sex club, he worshipped my muscular arms and pecs before we'd get down to breeding.  Now he gets to perv out over my veiny arms during a blood draw.  I'm got low body fat, so giving blood is no big deal.  I've got veins for days.  The standard routine is I lay my arm out for him to find a vein, and he lightly traces his fingers up and down my arm, while telling me hot sexy it is.

      When Teddy arrived, he stepped into the room, closed the door, and walked over to me giving me a quick kiss, saying, "Hey sexy!"
      Being about 6" taller than him, I'm at a perfect height for him to latch onto a nip and let him suck it to being fully hard.  If I hadn't just cum, I would have been aching to fuck him right there.

      Teddy broke the daydream and asked, "We're doing the usual HIV labs, right?"
      I replied "No, Teddy, I'm neg and on Truvada."
      He said, "Oh, sorry. Most guys that come here are poz.  My mistake."
      I said, "Don't sweat it, it's not a big deal."
      Teddy replied, "Good, by the way, I converted six months ago and would love a chance to breed you.  I'm nice and toxic," he said with salacious smile.
      I pulled him close to my chest and whispered, "I'd love your poz load."
      He whispered back, "Believe me, I'd like to give it to you."
      Once again my cock was as hard as a rock.

      After Teddy drew up some vials of blood, he gathered the swab and blood vials and said "The doctor will be with you in a minute," leaving the door open as he left the room.  I saw there shirtless, and noticed several patients who passed through the hallway gave me a good glance.  While I wanted to tweak my nips to give them something to look at, I held off.

      Dr. Woods then arrived and closed the door, "I think I felt something on your prostate ... kinda like a couple bumps.  I'd like to be safe and make sure it's nothing important. I've made an appointment for you with Dr. Grant.  I want you to see him for an ultrasound, no other urologist.  Also, I need you off Truvada for the time being."

      "You gotta be kidding me!  Is that really necessary?"

      "You're whining.  Just do it."

      At the checkout desk, I got my referral card for Dr. Grant.  The appointment was two weeks away!  Holy fuck, how the hell was I supposed to stay off Truvada for that long?

      It was the longest two weeks of my fucking life.  Sure, I got to breed some hot hole, and got my hole fisted by a couple guys, but it wasn't like getting fucked and taking a load.  I hit up some of my undetectable poz buds who I know are good about their meds so that I could get their loads.

      The day of my appointment with Dr. Grant, I had the day off, so I got a quick workout at the gym done before I drove to the appointment. He's in the same building as Dr. Woods, just one floor up.  After brief delay in the waiting room, I was called into the back area.

      A hot, young Hispanic nurse had me take off my clothes, put on a robe, then lock my stuff in the locker.  He looked like he just barely got out of high school.  I wanted to pull him into the dressing room and fuck him senseless. He was at least six-foot-tall and had exceptionally beautiful caramel skin.  He was absolutely gorgeous.  The hottie was waiting when I came out of the dressing room and took me to an exam room. "The doctor will see you shortly," he said with a smile and disappeared.

      The door to the exam room opened and in walked Dr. Grant ... who, it turned out, was Dr. Wood's boyfriend.  Standing in front of me was the stud with a brick shithouse body who, for years, I've seen naked.  And he looked good enough to eat.  He was wearing a lab coat over a form-fitting polo shirt and his pecs were straining against the fabric.  It was an amazing vision.

      I was glad I was sitting on the exam table because the robe hid my growing hard-on.  If he wasn't quick, there would be a big precum wet spot growing.

      I extended my hand and said, "Justin, I didn't know you were a doctor as well! 
      "Yeah, it's easier having a partner that understands the demands of the job.  It's great to see you, hot stuff!  Brad called me when you were in his office and he told me you have an issue that both of us can help you with."

      "Yeah, he said there were some bumps on my prostate and I should have them looked at."

      "And the Truvada?" he asked, "Have you complied with his direction?"

      "Yes, I have."

      "Great," he said as he removed his lab coat, which meant I got to appreciate his beautiful body.  Some tufts of hair poked above the neck of his shirt, which suggested both his arms and his beautiful pecs were covered with fur.
      "Okay, I need to check your prostate health to make sure everything is okay.  Go ahead and lay back on the table, turn your side and we'll get a look."

      With my cock rock hard, Justin went about with the ultrasound.  He showed me the ultrasound probe that would be going up my asshole, explaining the procedure won't take long.  In short order, he rubbed some lube on my hole, then inserted two, then three fingers inside my anus, rubbing them in and out, just like Brad had done two weeks earlier.  I remember feeling a slight sting, possibly from a fingernail, but the subtle pressure he was applying to my prostate had turned into pleasure, so my attention was re-directed.  I do remember being slightly surprised he wasn't wearing any gloves, but figured that was his business.

      "Feels awesome doc ... I've needed some action back there."

      "Good, I'm going to insert the ultrasound probe.  It's a little bit bigger, but I'm sure you'll take it like a champ."  Justin pulled out his fingers and inserted the ultrasound device.  He moved in slow movements in and around my hole.  His eyes were focused on the monitor, one hand was managing the probe, but the other hand was draped over my abs inching towards my fully engorged cock.

      After a couple minutes, Justin untied the gown and pushed it off me, fully exposing my body to him.  With the probe still inside me, all I could do was enjoy the experience of him working my hole.  He continued to to explore both my ass and also smeared the precum around the head of my cock and foreskin.  He was driving me crazy.

      He withdrew the probe and said, "I have something else that would make your hole feel nice.  Just lie still."  I heard him strip off his shirt and remove his pants.  He felt around my lubed up hole, which he spread onto his cock.

      "I think you'll like this probe better."
      Still on my side, he easily slid his big cock inside my hole from behind and started slowly fucking me.  After a few minutes, he pulled out and said, "Stand up, I want to feel your whole body."

      I turned to face this amazing stud, with buzzed pubes and huge cock... and a big biohazard tattoo right above his cock.  His cock was a little messy with lube a little blood, but everything else was perfect.  In a sex club, I would have sucked that cock clean.

      He asked, "What turns you on more, my fat cock or my biohazard tattoo?"

      "They both do."

      He smiled, "One before the other, so back up onto the table and let me back inside that sweet hole."

      I put my hand on his chest and asked, "You undetectable?  Because you know I'm off Truvada."

      “Yeah, that's just the thing.  We had you stop Truvada for a reason.  Brad and I both know that you get off on taking all kinds of loads, and we'd like the opportunity to share our DNA to poz you.  We converted about a year ago and don't take meds.  We're working on converting several more hot guys, and we hope you'll join our conversion club.”

      "You know this is kinda fucked up, right?  I’m probably not protected!"

      "Rik, look at your cock.  You haven't stopped precumming since you got a look at my biohazard tattoo.  Get a feel of my low-hangers and tell me you don't want me to fill your hole with a hot load."

      I reached out and grabbed his huge nuts, and he just moaned.  I gave them a squeeze and a tug, and his poz precum oozed on my hand.  Actually, he was precumming like crazy as well.  I thought my cock gushed precum, but his was drooling.  He probably already spread his poison all inside me.

      "You join our conversion club and you will go on the adventure of a lifetime.  Brad and I really want you in with us in breeding the hottest guys."

      I needed a minute to think about this, but his biohazard tattoo was calling to me.  I squatted down to run my fingers over it and to absorb what it meant to him … and what it might mean for me.  I was compelled to lick it and suck his tattoo, as if that alone would make a difference.  Having a tattoo like that would be sexy as hell.

      Justin brought me to my feet and backed me up to the table, then bent down to suck on my nips.  How could he know that's the fastest way to make me lose control?  In no time he was nursing on my tits while I was flat on my back on the table.

      I was in ecstasy having this infected stud wanting to breed my hole.  I lifted my legs to let Justin into my neg hole so he could poz me.  Getting his load was just too hot to deny.  I could figure out the rest with Dr. Woods later if I change my mind.

      He said, "Put my cock in your hole and show me what you want."

      I reached out and grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it up and down my gaping ass slit.  His eyes rolled back and he had a satisfied grin on his face.

      "Yeah, stud.  You will love our virus.  We'll change your life in ways you can't imagine."

      I let go of his cock and wrapped my legs around his sexy ass to pull him into me.

      "Oh yeah ... We've wanted to breed you for a very long time.  We've seen you at the gym and always thought you would be an excellent hole to breed and seed.  Ever since we converted, you have been on the top of our list to infect."

      This was so fucking erotic, having this amazing man wanting to fuck his poisonous load inside me.  I was happy to take Truvada and stay neg, but having the opportunity to get bred like this is amazing.  Justin started his fucking easy, but it wasn't long before he really pounded my hole, doing his best to attack from several angles.

      "Oh man, your cock feels great … just as good as I hoped it would.”

      He threw he head back and said, "Fuck dude, here comes my nasty load right inside your hole!"

      My hole was gaping and abused, and he looked like he just ran a marathon.  After keeping his infected cock in my ass for as long as possible, he slowly pulled out.  He grabbed a pillow to put under my ass. "Just let that toxic load marinate inside you.  Let the infection take hold."
      “…nfection take hold .…”  It took a minute to set in.  After having spent years trying to avoid HIV, I had willingly agreed to seroconvert.
      He cleaned up his cock, pulled on his jock, and picked-up the intercom saying "Mateo, please let Dr Woods know he's needed here.  And then please join us in the exam room."

    • By PopperMeUp79
      I was on a business trip in Pennsylvania and was surprised to find there was a video arcade within 20 miles that had glory holes and heavily a M4M clientele.  I like to tell myself I'm not a BB whore (although I am), so I slipped a couple of rubbers, a bottle of poppers, and lube into my pocket and made the trip to the arcade. 
      Although I found the place without difficulty, there was no actual signage, so the building looked to be abandoned.  I approached the door, range the bell, and was buzzed inside where I paid the $12 admission fee and passed through the turnstile.  Inside I found a few hallways, all of which were very dark, each hallway being lined with individual video booths.  There were also a couple video rooms with rows of seats, and a few rooms at the back with benches.  I could smell the stale cum and antiseptic cleaner everywhere.  This place was seriously seedy.  There were about ten guys hanging around, a mix of body types, though all looking eager.  I finally checked-out an booth which, I saw, contained two glory holes, one cut into each of two opposing walls.  Taking a seat, I pulled-out my dick and began slowly stroking myself to the porn on the screen.  Before long a player arrived at each of the two adjoining booths.  Dropping to my knees, I rested my fingers on the rim of each glory hole and was quickly rewarded on one side with a nice thick cock to suck.
      Getting into it, and sensing the guy in front of me was enjoying himself, I pulled off my shirt and pushed my jeans down to my calves, pulling a bottle of poppers out of my pocket.  I took a hit, inhaling the scent of sex and acetone, and felt the welcome warmth pass through my body.  My ass also wanted some attention.  As I worked the cock in my mouth, I became aware a hand was reaching through the other hole, so I slid back far enough the guy could play with the tight muscles of my ass.
      I was bent over so I could keep my eye on the cock I'd been working in my mouth. He withdrew from the glory hole to see what was happening, and heard me take a whiff of poppers.  That cock was beautiful.  The hand behind me started fingering my hole, poking a bit roughly with too little spit.  In front of me, I saw the guy applying lube to his cock.  Immediately I felt a rush thinking he would take me raw.   I turned around and presented my ass to the glory hole, kicking off my flip-flops and one pant leg so I could position more easily.  I inhaled poppers again, and almost immediately the head of that beautiful cock was rubbing against my arse, seeking the hole.  I pressed back against the wall and moved my ass a bit.  His cock slid in nice and smooth.
      "Fuuuuuuck yeaaaah," I moaned.  He held inside me a moment, and then the fuck started.  He was obviously playing for a long game, working me open with his cock, which got wider at the base, and setting a rhythm to his thrusts.  I moaned and grunted, stroking my own hardon, vocalizing my satisfaction.  I was standing naked in a dark video booth with my ass pressed against the wall and some anon cock boring into me.  After a few minutes, the cock slid out of my ass.  I waited anxiously, but heard the door to his room open. 
      I stepped away from the glory hole, getting ready to present my ass the other direction.  Then the door to my booth opened and in stepped a lean, handsome guy in his early 50's.  I recognized the shirt tails I'd seen through the glory hole.  He didn't say a word, but pulled his hard-on out and turned me around.  I inhaled deeply from the bottle of poppers as he pressed my upper body into a corner by the video screen, my bare skin rubbing against that filthy wall, and my feet sticking to the floor.  He slid his cock right back into my hole, and started fucking more vigorously than before.
      His hands held my shoulders for leverage as he propelled all seven inches inside my hole.  I could distinctly feel his balls slapping against my cheeks, which left me even more excited.  Pounding my hole for a good five minutes or more, we were both caught up in the pleasure.  At once his rhythm changed, becoming more deliberate with each thrust.  His grip on my shoulders tightened and he began grunting softly.  The guy had decided to seed me, and I had no say in the matter.  He stayed in my arse only a moment before withdrawing.  He stuffed his spent hard-on into his pants, the lining bulging, gave a quick "Thanks" as he opened the door and slipped out into the dark hallway. 
      I stood there panting in a poppers fog, my ass freshly bred, in a filthy little booth with my clothes strewn on the floor. 

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