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This is my first story.  Go easy on me guys ;)

The following is pure fiction. It never happened and any similarity to any real life happenings is an amazing coincidence.

Part 1: Intro 

“Fuck!” Mark yelled as he put his phone down.  His calls with his parents had grown less frequent the past few years, but they always seemed to find a way to piss him off.   The latest way was that they wanted him to go check up on his brother Joey at college since they had found out Joey had got thrown off the wrestling team and lost his sports scholarship and wouldn’t talk to them.  

“We would do it ourselves, but you know how we don’t like to travel to big cities” they said.  

“Big city?  Its a damn college town in the middle of farmland," Mark replied, thinking to himself 'It seems my brother is following in my footsteps', knowing that his brother was even more easily distracted by partying than he had been.   Mark began to think about the events that had brought him from a small, rural midwest town to where he was today.   It had been quite a wild ride.   

Mark had left his small hometown and went to college several hours away for many reasons.  First was to escape his parents who were very conservative and religious and tried to control everything Mark did.  Second was so he could meet other gay guys his age without trying to hide it from his family, friends and nosy townspeople.  And last was because there was nothing other than small community colleges nearby and Mark wanted be able to find a good career and move to one of the coasts and enjoy city life far away from his family.  After a shaky start in school from too much partying his first semester, he did well.  He got good grades, met lots of people and enjoyed a very active sex life.   He was a lot more reserved his senior year when his brother decided to go to the same university.  His parents were relieved that they were both going to the same school so that Mark could look after his little brother during his first year, but the reality was that they saw little of each other.  Mark was busy with finishing up his senior projects and some hard classes while Joey was working out and practicing with the team when he wasn’t studying.  They would occasionally run into each other at parties and go home for holidays together, but other than text messages they just lived in different worlds.

After graduating, Mark landed a good job at a Silicon Valley software company and moved to California, sharing an apartment with his friend Eric who had also found work out there.  The two of them had become friends with benefits their junior year but they never wanted to commit to a relationship since they enjoyed fucking everyone they could.  Both, however, were quite relieved to be out of the  Midwest, feeling liberated on the West Coast.  

They frequently went to San Francisco on weekends and hit any baths, bars and sex parties they could find.  They had an easy time picking up guys - Mark was tall, a six foot Midwestern white guy with dark blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, nicely toned even though he only sporadically went to the gym (and then usually just to check out the guys), a light fur covered his chest with a trail down to an impressive package - almost eight inches and thick sporting a PA that he recently upped to 0 gauge.  His legs and bubble butt also had a covering of light hair.  Over the last year he had been adding ink to the two tattoos that he had gotten in college.  Both arms now had complete sleeves - the left continuing the tribal motif he started in college, the right being considerably darker and gothic.  He was about to start on the tattoos for his back and was getting the art finalized with his tattoo artist.  Being truly versatile, he could usually find sex partners almost anywhere - top, bottom or other vers guys to flip with (his favorite).  

Eric was equally as handsome but very different than Mark and could easily attract his share of men too.  Eric came from a traditional Japanese-American family who was not pleased when he came out.  He rarely talked to them and it was one thing that Mark and Eric had in common and they had become each other's family.  Eric’s darker skin was devoid of any tattoos and he worked out to a strict schedule to keep his muscular five foot, nine body toned, taut and shaved, except for a neatly trimmed bush surrounding a thick 6 inch uncut cock.  The only adornments were a small goatee, pierced ears and nipples, and an ever present smile.  Eric considered himself to be versatile as well, but in reality he spent most of the time as a bottom.  Most would consider him a power bottom -  aggressive and usually in charge.  That attitude continued when he topped.  Whoever he fucked knew who was in control.

A few months ago, Mark came down with nasty flu and was home in bed for over a week.  A few friends told him to go get tested and he found out he was HIV+.   Eric got tested too, but was still negative.   The news didn’t really slow either of them down, they both continued to work hard and play harder but Eric was more cautious with whom he hooked up with.  Some of Mark’s fuck buddies wouldn’t fuck with him any more, others insisted on condoms which Mark still refused to use.  Mark did try condoms with Eric to keep their sex life going, but they both hated the feeling so sex between them stopped.  Eric didn’t want to get infected and started to think about going on prep.  They still did social events together, but their relationship started to drift apart.  Mark did find a new group of guys to fuck that were either already poz or didn’t care.  Mark kept putting off the doctor's instructions to begin meds.  Several of his poz friends started letting him know where to find neg guys that wanted poz loads and he really enjoyed his new found power.  The first week he bred five neg guys, all of whom announced he had come down with 'the flu', which gave Mark's confidence a boost.  He no longer feared he was either never going to have sex or only get to fuck a few other poz guys.  None of Mark’s family knew of his sexuality or infection and Mark was keen to keep it that way.  He had heard enough from his parents preaching about “how those queers were going to rot in hell.”

Mark tried to talk to his brother over the phone about his parents' concerns, but didn't get any solid answers out of his brother, so Mark concluded he would need to meet with his brother in person if he was to get a handle on what was going on.  He really cared about his brother Joey and wanted to make sure he was able to graduate and escape like he had.  Mark talked to his boss and was able to get a few days off a couple weeks later, so when he got home from work he sat down at the computer and hit all the travel websites and found what he needed - air tickets for going Thursday and coming back Monday and a rental car.  He originally thought it would be better to stay at his brother’s apartment, but the more the thought about it a hotel room would make it a lot easier to hookup if he had time.  After hunting around for a couple hours, he found a place that wasn’t a dive and didn’t cost a fortune. The hotel had outside door access and remembered going to a few sex parties there when he was in school.  Everything was set.  He would have to work hard the next two weeks since he might have a few days off, but the deadlines were still the same.  He closed the laptop and got up and got ready for bed.  Naked, he slipped into the bed with Eric and they kissed each other just like countless other nights before Eric pulled away and told Mark “We need to talk.”

Mark’s heart sank at the sound of Eric’s words.  Thoughts flashed through his mind, but the one that stuck was that he was about to get dumped.  Looking at Eric he knew something was wrong because Eric's smile was gone and he looked very serious.  “I know things have been pretty awkward between us since you found out you are poz” Eric said.  “I want you to know that I still love you.”  Mark’s heart sank even lower.  He started to speak but Eric cut him off before he got the first word out of his mouth.  “Let me finish” Eric continued.   “I’ve decided that I don’t want to go on PrEP, Mark.  It just isn’t me.  I want our relationship to be like it used to be.  Passionate. Sensual.  Wild.”  He waited a moment and took a deep breath.  “I want you to poz me Mark. Share with me your virus like we used to share everything else.  I want a part of you to be with me forever.”  

Tears ran down Mark’s face as he heard Eric talk.  He wasn’t sure he heard it all correctly, since he just relieved with the fact that Eric wasn’t dumping him.  “Are you sure?” Mark said after a long pause. “You really want me to infect you?”

Eric’s smile came back as he wiped the tears off Mark’s cheek.  “Yeah I do.   I’ve thought about it a lot and realized I was jealous of those guys you have pozzed.  I want to share our life together as a poz couple” Eric replied.  Kissing Mark passionately and aggressively, Eric stroked Mark’s cock.  Breaking the kiss he continued “And I want you to start now.  Breed my fuckhole full of your toxic seed.  Make me the poz pig you know I can be."

“Oh fuck yeah” was all that Mark could say as his mind raced.  Since the moment he found out he was poz he had wanted to bring Eric into the poz brotherhood but knew it had to be Eric's choice.  He had almost given up hope that Eric would change his mind, but now it was happening.

As months of pent up lust took over his body, Mark grabbed Eric’s head and forced it down on his hardening cock.   Eric greedily sucked down Marks shaft, feeling the new larger piercing push into his throat.  Eric always prided himself on having almost no gag reflex but this was the first time with Mark’s larger piercing and it was noticeably bigger.  His throat covered Mark’s cock with slime as his tongue flicked and probed around the cock.  Eric was eager to feel Mark’s cock back inside his ass after such a long time.  He really missed their almost daily fuck sessions that they had done since their college days.  Wrapping his hand around Mark’s balls, he tugged a bit, something he knew Mark loved.  He felt the big balls with his fingers knowing that their poisonous contents would soon be deep inside him.  The thought sent waves of excitement through his body.  With his other hand, Eric stroked his cock which was now harder than he ever remembered it being.  Leaking his neg precum onto the bed Eric bobbed on Mark’s cock, occasionally pulling off and grabbing the piercing with his teeth and shaking his head driving Mark crazy.

Finally Eric couldn’t wait any longer and climbed up on top of Mark and positioned Mark’s poz cock at his ass ring.  Feeling the steel on his hole for the first time in months, he grinned and remembered how good Mark’s cock always felt inside him.  Mark looked up at Eric as their eyes locked.  “Are you sure about this Eric?  You can stop if you want to” Mark said softly.  Eric just breathed deep, letting his hole relax a bit and shoved down as hard as he could onto Mark’s rigid cock.  

The pain was intense and he let out a scream, but it was what Eric wanted.  He wanted to make sure that his fuck hole would have lots of small tears so that the virus could quickly enter his body.  In some ways he wanted to make sure that it was the first fuck that infected him, but he wanted to take Mark’s charged load every day until he knew that he was no longer neg.  After pausing a few seconds with Mark’s cock balls deep inside, Eric begin to ride Marks cock like he had hundreds of times before.  He moved with hard, long strokes bouncing off Mark’s body.  The look of pure lust came over both of them as the sounds of grunts and their bodies slapping together filled the room. 

After twenty minutes of Eric riding Mark’s cock, Mark bucked Eric off, pushing him on to his back.  Grabbing his legs, Mark lined his cock up to Eric’s swollen hole.  Looking down he saw a few red streaks on his cock and he looked straight at Eric and said “You are so fucking ready to get knocked up.  My precum has been soaking into your wrecked hole and now its time for you to get bred."

Without any hesitation Eric replied “Fuckin’ do it. Poz me up.”

With that, Mark shoved his cock back into Eric’s hole, making sure to go at an angle and dig his cock into the walls of Eric’s chute.  As if possessed, Mark started to pound Eric rougher than he ever had.  He used all of the tricks he learned from the past few months of breeding several bug chasers he had fucked and converted.  The bed was rocking from the force of Mark’s thrusts.  Both of them were moaning and grunting in the sheer ecstasy of the moment.  Sweat was dripping off his body onto Eric’s own sweaty body.   At one point, Mark flipped Eric onto his stomach and then pulled him up onto all fours.  Standing up, he shoved in three fingers into Eric’s gaping hole and roughly twisted them, scratching with his fingernails as he turned his wrist back and forth. Eric whimpered at the pain from Mark’s preparation.  Mark quickly replaced his fingers with his throbbing cock.  He knew he was close to shooting his poz seed into his boyfriend.  Leaning forward Mark’s head was next to Eric’s ear.  Eric could feel the heavy breaths on his neck as Mark feverishly thrust his cock in and out of Eric’s ravaged hole.  Their bodies slammed together over and over until Mark drove his cock in deep and held it there whispering “I love you” into Eric’s ear as his cock erupted.  

Spurt after spurt of toxic cum pumped into Eric’s gut.  Mark just moaned as the cum kept shooting.  He couldn’t remember ever shooting that much cum before.  Marks body was pressed on Eric’s back while his cock unloaded the virus laden cum deep inside.  As the pulses of cum subsided, Mark slowly started to thrust back in and out, pushing the cum around and deeper into Eric.  A few minutes later his cock started to soften and Mark slowly pulled out telling Eric “Stay right there.”

Mark jumped off the bed and went to the toy drawer in the dresser and pulled out a steel butt plug.  Jumping back on the bed, he pressed the cold steel to Eric’s puffy hole and pushed it in until he felt the familiar pop as Eric’s hole sucked the plug the rest of the way in.   Moving around to the side of the bed, he fed his dripping cock to Eric who quickly licked and sucked it clean.  Once he had finished, Mark laid down in the bed, covered in sweat, cum and spit.  Eric curled up next to him and kissed him one more time whispering “Thank you” as they both quickly fell asleep.

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Great story, it intrigued me.   I want to more.  Very well written for your first story.  Thanks for taking the time to write it and share it with us.    Please keep going.   

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Thanks for the comments.  Hope you enjoy the rest of it too.


Part 2 - Travel time

The next one and a half weeks flew by.  The apartment suddenly had the same energy that it used to have.  The two of them were joking and groping each other like when they had first met.  The sex between Mark and Eric was non-stop.  There were long fuck sessions in the evening until they passed out along with the occasional morning breeding.  Eric was getting numerous doses of poz cum and his ass was constantly sore.  At one point Mark asked Eric if it was okay to bring a couple other poz guys over to help make sure he got knocked up, but Eric insisted that he wanted only one person to be the one that charged him up and that was Mark.

The night before Mark was to fly out to visit his brother, he started packing his suitcase.  He laid out a few things and before he could get too far, Eric was behind him, naked.  Eric started to undress Mark, playfully biting his neck and rubbing his body. Soon they were both on the bed naked and Eric really started to take over.  He needed to fuck for a change since he had been bottoming all the time since he told Mark he wanted to convert.  Eric quickly had Mark sucking his hard cock and before too long was fucking Mark’s face.  He knew his shorter dick wouldn’t gag Mark and decided that once he was poz he would get his cock pierced like Mark’s. 

Once his cock was covered in spit he climbed between Mark’s legs and teased his hole to get it ready.  A bit of tongue, some fingers, and finally cock played with Mark’s fuck hole until he started to push in slow and steady.  As the head finally made it past the ring, Eric moved to fuck Mark harder and harder.  He was so horned up from not fucking that it didn’t take long before he got to the point of no return.   As his balls and cock throbbed, he told Mark “I’m not sure whether this load is neg or poz but its going inside you.  NOW," burying his cock deep in Mark’s hole as the rush of cum shoot inside.  

The orgasm was one of the most intense that he had ever had.  Eric looked down at Mark and saw a big huge grin on his face.  Both of them had enjoyed this quick reversal of roles but now it was time for Eric’s dose of toxic seed.  Mark flipped Eric over and drove his cock in hard.  He had been dripping precum the entire time Eric had been fucking him and the precum lubed up Eric’s hole very fast.  Mark was sure that there was no real need to breed Eric again, he was probably already infected but with the spark back in their relationship he didn’t want to derail it again.   Mark decided that tonight’s fuck would be more sensuous than the previous week’s sex had been.  Firm and hard, but still more akin to making love.  He was going to be gone for several days and wanted tonight to be more than just a fuck to poz Eric up.  

They fucked for over two hours, during which Mark came in Eric three times, to the point his balls ached.  Eric fucked Mark again and gave Mark an additional two loads, so the score was even at three loads each.  They then collapsed, falling into a deep sleep. 

Mark got up early Thursday morning and finished packing.  He knew he overpacked for just a few days trip, but he made sure there was plenty if lube and poppers in his bag.  At the last minute he grabbed a dildo, a plug, some ropes and a blindfold and dumped them in the bag.  Any drugs he wanted while he was back in the Midwest he could score on campus.  Maybe even from the same guys he used to buy from, he laughed.  He grabbed a Uber to the airport and checked his suitcase, chuckling at what the TSA might see when x-raying his bag.  There were no direct flights so he had his tablet to watch some videos on the plane and during his three hour layover.  The first flight went smoothly and they even landed early.  No screaming kids, no obnoxious people in his row, just a bunch of business travelers.   He grabbed a good nap since he was still tired from the night before.

Getting off the plane he grabbed a large coffee, found his next gate and sat down for a long wait.  After catching up on email and news it was time to recycle all the coffee he had drunk.  Packing his backpack up, he wandered down the concourse and found the mens room. Walking in he checked out the guys at the urinals as he always did.  Not a lot of guys were there and most didn’t interest him but there was one guy that caught his attention.  Taller than Mark by a few inches and a body muscled up from working, not working out, his hair buzzed short and the scruff on his face about the same length.  The guy made Mark’s cock and ass twitch.  He walked up to the urinal to the left of the stud and pulled out his cock to start to piss.  With his backpack slung over one arm, Mark wasn’t standing up straight and as he pulled his cock out the PA clanked against the porcelain urinal and caused him to jolt to the left a bit.  He heard the guy next to him chuckle and mutter “nice,” possibly with a sarcastic tone. 

However, the guy's meaning was a bit clearer when, having finished his piss. the guy brushed against him and gave a nod towards the stalls.  Mark knew he had at least an hour to kill so he shook his cock dry and stuffed it back in his jeans and zipped up.  Looking around he didn’t see anyone else watching so he followed the stud back around the corner where there were a few stalls by themselves, all empty.  After a second check to see if anyone was watching, he followed the guy into the first stall.  

Mark quickly put his backpack down next to the toilet and as he looked up the guy grabbed his head and held it tight, roughly kissing him and groping his ass. The stud’s strong hand slipped down the back of his jeans and a finger ran between his ass cheeks and into his hole.  A moment later Mark found himself pushed down to the toilet seat.  Looking up he saw the guy motion with his finger to his mouth to be quiet.  Mark chuckled quietly to himself, having fucked many times in public toilets he knew the drill.  He reached up and unbuttoned the stud's jeans and fished out the guy’s cock.  Soft it was six inches and even thicker than Mark’s with a large PA like his own except for the pointy conical ends to the circular barbell ring instead of the balls Mark had on his.  Mark eagerly sucked the cock into his mouth, his tongue wrapping around the piercing and the head as he took more of the cock into his mouth tasting the piss and some precum. Knowing he had to work quickly, he bobbed on the cock covering it with as much spit as possible.  The stud’s cock kept growing and filled his mouth.  The stud then gave  a few quick jabs with his cock into his throat.  With the PA scraping his throat raw, Mark thought 'Damn, this thing is gonna destroy my ass if he fucks me'.  

No sooner than he finished his thought, the guy pulled his cock out of Mark’s mouth and grabbed his arms, pulling him up and spinning him around in one move.  Mark knew what was coming and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down with his underwear. He spread his legs and bent forward, bracing himself on the toilet.  Mark felt a few spit covered fingers circle his fuck hole before they plunged in stretching Mark open.   A few seconds later Mark felt the PA against his pucker and readied himself for the cock that was about to fuck him.   He felt the pressure and tried to relax as the monster cock invaded his hole.  Mark was used to big cocks and fists in his hole, but this was so sudden that he couldn’t prepare for the pain.  As much as he wanted to scream out, he knew he couldn’t make any noise.   The stud just kept pushing until all nine inches of cock was inside Mark, scraping, stretching and tearing its way inside.  The guy gave Mark a few moments to adjust before he started fucking him with long, slow, hard thrusts.  

Each thrust seemed to get more brutal than the last.  The fucking only lasted a few minutes but it seemed like an hour to Mark.  Finally the stud pulled Mark up to his chest and buried his cock deep inside Mark’s ass.  Mark could feel the pulses in his ass ring as the guy pumped his load inside Mark’s destroyed man cunt.   As the guy’s orgasm faded he whispered in Mark’s ear “That load is going to be with you forever.  Enjoy it.”  

Slowly the stud pulled his cock from Mark’s ass and spun him around forcing him back on the toilet.  Mark knew what he was expected to do and began cleaning the cock in front of him. He could taste the blood and some very nasty tasting cum.  Once the stud was satisfied he pulled his cock back and stuffed it back in his jeans.  The stud slapped Mark’s face lightly and quietly muttered “Thanks, fucker” and squeezed out of the stall.  

Mark locked the door and took a few minutes to come down from the post fuck rush.  He grabbed a wad of toilet paper and made up a makeshift tampon and stuffed it up his ass to keep the cum and blood soaking through his jeans on the next flight. When he stood up, his legs were still shaking and he realized he never had a chance to get off himself.  Looking at his phone he realized he had to get back to the gate so he wouldn’t miss his flight.   Once on the plane he was happy that he was the only person in his row on that side of the airplane since he knew anyone close could smell the cum.   During the flight he replayed the whole fuck session over and over with his cock rock hard most of the time.  'What exactly did he mean by the load would be with him forever', he thought.  Definitely at least HIV, but was it an untreatable strain?  What other STDs had no cure or treatment?  It was a rough flight and the plane bounced through the air the whole time.  Mark’s ass ached from the pounding he had taken and each time the plane bounced he got a stinging reminder, but it was a feeling he enjoyed.  Soon the plane was landing and Mark was hoping his emergency tampon had worked and there wouldn’t be a spot on his jeans.

Just in case, Mark waited until he was the last passenger on the plane and got off.  As he was getting off the plane the male flight attendant at the door smirked at him and said rather effeminately “Hope your evening is as good as the rest of the day.”

Fuck, was the smell that obvious?  Finding a bathroom, Mark went to a stall to swap out the tampon for a new one, finding it was easier to shit it out than to try and take it out with his fingers since the blood and cum had dissolved most of it.  Inserting the new one, he stood and checked the toilet.  The huge toxic load the guy gave him was there, all dark pink.  He took a piss and flushed the toilet, washed his hands and headed off to get his suitcase from baggage claim.   After getting his bag, he hopped on the car rental shuttle and took the ride to get his car.  It seemed like the driver was aiming at every pothole he could find and each jolt sent a shockwave through Mark’s body.  Once he got to the car rental office he went inside.  Thankfully there was no line and a young guy was the only worker at the counter.  



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Very nice writing for your first ventures. Keep it up. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. I'm thinking there may be an "encounter" with the guy at the rental counter, and then of course, there is his brother who is in trouble. This could work out to be a very nice, multiple chapter story!

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Part 3 - Getting to the hotel

As he is walked up to the car rental counter, he checked the guy out and laughed to himself, thinking 'Poor fitting, cheap white dress shirt?  Check.  Ugly $5 tie? check.  Can’t see his pants, but probably cheap polyester dress pants?  Maybe.  Over enthusiastic smile?  Check.  Cute, naive and probably straight 18-21 year old?  Check'.   The guy was thin and shorter than Mark, about 5 foot 8 inches, longish hair that was bleached with streaks of red, green and blue.  His ears had large plugs and his nose had a septum ring.   Definitely not the type Mark usually went after.   Mark got to the counter and took his wallet and got his license and credit card out.  Before he could say anything, the guy cheerfully greeted him with “Good evening sir.  Welcome to A1 Car Rental.  My name is Aaron and how can I help you tonight?”  

Mark smiled, leaned on the counter with both arms and told Aaron that he had a reservation, gave him his name and handed over his license and credit card.  While they were going over all the info Mark caught Aaron checking him out and then staring at his hand on the counter.  It was then Mark realized that he still had his pride bracelet on and it was showing below the cuff of his jacket.  'Better remember to remove it later since this place isn't as gay friendly as home,' he thought. 

It seemed like there were hundreds of questions and Mark just wanted to get to the hotel.  Once finished Aaron handed Mark the keys and said “We are all out of compact cars that you reserved, so I gave you a free upgrade to a premium car.”

“Oh, thanks Aaron.  I appreciate it. Uh, is there a restroom I can use before I get on the road?”  

“Yes, down the hall to the right is the men’s room,” Aaron replied.  

“Thanks, I’ll be right back” Mark said, leaving his suitcase next to the counter and went into the bathroom.  

Mark was standing at the urinal pissing when Aaron walked in and locked the door.  Mark looked over and could see Aaron, who nervously asked "Uh, is there.. uh.. anything I can… help you with?”  

Mark chuckled to himself, remembering the days when he first started hitting on guys.  Shaking the last of the piss off his cock Mark turned around and answered "Yeah, there is.  But first.. how old are you?”  

"Nineteen, sir," Aaron replied.  

“Cool.  You want to suck my cock Aaron?”  

With that, Aaron turned bright red and looked down at his feet.  “Come on, Aaron.  Nothing to be ashamed of.  If you’re gay or bi, then you’re going to have to get used to sucking cock.”  

Aaron moved closer to Mark and looked up at him.  Mark put his hand on Aaron’s shoulder and pushed him down.  Aaron got on his knees and looked up again at Mark.  “Take it in your mouth and suck it Aaron.  I doubt that this is your first time giving a blowjob," Mark softly commented.

With that Aaron lifted Mark’s flaccid cock and gasped when he saw the piercing.  Mark laughed  “Never seen a pierced cock before Aaron?”  

Aaron sheepishly replied “No sir."

“Well, lets get rid of the sir bullshit since I’m not that old and I’m not your Dom.  Now try it.  See how it feels.”

“Okay” Aaron replied before he wrapped his lips around Mark’s soft cock.  

The sight of the young guy starting to suck his cock got Mark excited pretty quickly.  Mark’s cock stiffened and Aaron eagerly started to suck his cock.  'Pretty damn good for a noob,' thought Mark as Aaron’s tongue licked, probed and explored Mark’s cock.  Aaron started to take the cock deeper into his mouth and Mark started to slowly fuck his face.  Occasionally Aaron’s teeth would scrape along Mark’s cock and Mark would bark "Watch your teeth.”  

He got in a  good rhythm and was softly moaning when Mark looked down at Aaron with an evil grin. 'Should I?' Mark mused.  Mark’s hands moved to the sides of Aaron’s head and he started to fuck Aaron’s mouth harder.  Slowing the pace down Mark asked Aaron  “You want to get fucked Aaron?”  

Aaron’s eyes got very wide and Mark could sense the boy was conflicted.  Soon Mark heard what he was hoping for, a muffled “Mmmhmm.”

Mark pulled his hard cock from Aaron’s mouth, helped him get to his feet as he instructed "Aaron, move over to the sink.”

Aaron complied, unbuttoned his pants, letting them fall to the floor.  'Mmmm, very eager,' thought Mark, 'he's done this before'.  Mark got on his knees and pulled the boy’s tightey whitey’s down and ran his tongue between Aaron’s ass cheeks.  Smelling as he went, Mark was surprised - damn clean with just a good man scent from the sweat of working all day.  Spreading Aaron’s cheeks his tongue dove in licking around the boy’s hole before probing in.  Aaron gasped as he felt the tongue around his hole.  Mark forced some spit into Aaron’s pussy and got up.  Mark fished a packet of lube out of his backpack and rubbed some on his rock hard cock and Aaron’s hole.  Pressing in, he told Aaron to relax and breathe.  Soon, he felt the PA and then the head of his cock pop inside Aaron’s tight hole.  

Giving Aaron a moment to get used to his thick cock, Mark then started to rock back and forth getting his cock deeper each time.  He could tell Aaron was hiding the pain he was in, Mark added a bit more lube and continued to fuck his cock in deeper.  When he was almost all the way in, Mark thrust in the last inch and held his throbbing cock deep inside Aaron.  A few moments later, Mark started to piston his cock into Aaron’s hole, his poz precum coating the walls of the young man’s chute.  As it got slicker Mark could sense that Aaron was enjoying the fuck, he  was moaning and softly saying “Oh fuck, yeah” over and over.  

All of a sudden Aaron jolted up and said “You’re using a condom, right?”  

Mark, continued his thrusts brushing his thumb over Aaron’s nipple.  “No Aaron, I don’t use condoms.  Don’t worry, every thing will be fine,” as he picked-up the pace using long, firm strokes and pinching both of Aaron’s nipples through his shirt.  Each pinch got exactly the response that Mark was hoping for - Aaron would clench his ass around Mark’s cock. 

“But we should” muttered Aaron between moans.  

Mark whispered in his ear “Doesn’t this feel better than with a condom?”  

After several minutes of Aaron’s  ass working his cock, Mark couldn’t take any more and gave several frenzied thrusts before he shoved in all the way and unleashed his poisonous seed inside Aaron’s tight young pussy.  Mark thrust in hard a few last times and pulled his cock out.  He noticed a few red streaks on his cock and a bit of shit on his PA.  He grabbed a paper towel and cleaned off his cock, not wanting Aaron to see the blood.  Fortunately Aaron was somewhat distracted, as he stood still, his chest heaving, his breathing heavy, and with sweat dripping off his face.

 Mark wiped the the sweat off with a  clean paper towel and kissed Aaron’s neck.  “Thanks, Aaron.  You really know how to make a customer happy, hehe.”  

“Thanks, Mark.   That was amazing.  I have never taken a bare cock before.  It does feel much better.  I can even feel your cum drip down my leg!”  

“Well, I hope you keep doing it. You will enjoy sex a lot more. But… I need to leave so I can get to my hotel.  This really got me in the perfect mood for the drive,” Mark replied.

Aaron and Mark pulled up their pants and quickly washed their faces before going back out into the main office.  “Let me show you your car, sir” Aaron stated, back in ‘overly helpful employee’ mode.  Mark and Aaron walked out to the parking lot and found the car freshly cleaned and much nicer than the cheap econobox that Mark had reserved.  With his backpack and suitcase in the trunk and his phone connected to the car’s audio system, Aaron wished Mark a safe ride and added “I’ll be working when you return the car.  Please ask for me.”  

Mark smiled and assured him he would before pulling out for the hour long ride to the university and hotel.
The drive to the hotel was boring.  Mark had driven it dozens of times when he went to school here, so he cranked up the tunes and cruised down the highway.  Thoughts ran through his head about the day’s unexpected events -  How was Eric doing? How toxic was the load he took?  How much he enjoyed breeding Aaron.  Will the load he left in Aaron poz him up?  Will the car rental place be as empty when I return the car so I can nail Aaron again?  Before he knew it, the exit came up and Mark turned off and drove down the city streets to the hotel.  He surprised himself at how he remembered how to navigate around town and he hadn’t been there in more than two years.  Pulling into the hotel parking lot he found a spot and went in to check in.

Walking up to the front desk, it was empty.  After tapping the bell, a young college aged guy came out of the back office and greeted him with the standard scripted corporate greeting “Hi I’m Dennis. Welcome to the Rest Inn Lodge.  How can I help you?”

"Hi, Dennis, I have a reservation.”

Mark looked Dennis over as he typed all the info into the computer.  Dennis was a tall ginger.  About the same height as Mark, but thinner.  He had a trimmed dense beard and judging by the hair on his arms that he could see below the shirt cuffs was probably a bit furry.  His left ear had several piercings on the bottom and an industrial bar through the top.  Several tattoos were showing through the thin white dress shirt he wore.  The more Mark looked the more he liked what he saw.  

After getting all of the info he needed, Dennis asked "Would you prefer a king size bed or would two queens be okay?”  

Mark looked at Dennis with a look that suggested 'Are you kidding?' and replied "Two queens don’t do anything for me.  Not my type.  I’ll take the king,” with a chuckle.  Dennis’s jaw dropped when he recognized the double entendre, and laughed with the reply "Sorry, it's been a long day.  Here’s the key for room 152.  It's around back so it's a bit more private and quiet.  Anyhow, since this is an 'away game' weed, the hotel is pretty empty, so no one should disturb you.  If there’s anything I can do to make your stay more enjoyable, let me know.”  Mark took the key and winked at Dennis and wandered back out to the car and drove around the building.  There were only a few cars back near his room so he found the one in front of his room and parked.  

Mark dragged his suitcase and backpack in and dropped both down on the bench in the room.  He looked around and saw this was much nicer than the standard room he had reserved.  The bathroom was large with a walk in shower big enough for three or four, the king size bed had plenty of room around it and the couch and table gave another place to fuck.  On the wall was a large flat screen TV.  This would be ideal for a little group fun if he can find the time.  Mark went into the bathroom and pulled out the wad of TP in his ass, noticing just a bit of blood on it.  He cleaned his ass up with soap, water and a washcloth.  He looked himself over in the mirror and smiled.  His ass still ached a bit but it was a good reminder of the fuck earlier.  He turned and went back into the main room naked and started to unpack.
Mark had most of his clothes put away in the dresser and picked up his phone and looked at the time.  11:35 PM.  Damn, he thought.  Too late to go over and see his brother Joey.  Mark sent him a text message telling he was at the hotel and would see him the next day after classes.  He got a reply back almost right away.  Joey said “c u 3:30.” Mark shook his head.  Joey never texted more than the bare minimum.

Mark fished out his hookup phone from his backpack and turned it on.  He always carried a second phone that he could use for hooking up. If there was anyone harassing him, he would just pick up a new SIM card and have a new number so any hookups wouldn’t be able to track him down if they got pissed about any unexpected gifts they got from him.  Only trusted people got his real number.  He plugged both phones and the tablet in to recharge and heard a knock on the door.  Surprised, he grabbed a pair of underwear and threw them on as he went to the door.  Looking through the peephole he saw Dennis standing there with something in his hands.  He opened the door about 6 inches and said “Yeah?”  Dennis stumbled for some words and finally blurted out “I… uh… brought you some………….uh extra towels and soap.  I thought you might need them.”

Mark opened the door the rest of the way and said “Uh, thanks” with a confused look on his face and motioned for Dennis to come in.  Dennis entered the room and set the stack of towels down on the couch.  He turned to Mark and looked a bit embarrassed.  “I saw your bracelet and we keep this room available for, uh, family. It's a great room to get a group of people together for… fun.”  Dennis said, followed by “I hope I didn’t offend you.”  

Mark could tell that Dennis was checking out his almost naked body - his eyes were looking him up and down and he even licked his lips.  Mark burst out laughing.  “Hell no, I was just thinking that this would make a great orgy room!”  Hearing Mark’s comment, Dennis let out a sigh of relief.  Mark said “Thanks for the setup, hopefully I can put it to good use sometime this weekend.  I don’t want to keep you from the front desk but if I do have a get together here, I’ll be sure to let you know.”

Dennis gave a big smile “Thanks, I bet it would be fun.  And…  I’m done with work, I just wanted to drop this stuff off before I went home." 

Mark was always a sucker for a good smile and pushed the door closed.  “If you want to hang around a bit before you go home, maybe we can dirty one of those towels.”  

“I can’t stay long, my boyfriend is waiting for me.”

“Oh?” Mark replied, the sound of disappointment in his voice was obvious.  

“Oh, its nothing like that.  We’re very open.  He’s probably laying in bed right now with a load or two in his ass,” Dennis replied. 

That was all that Mark needed to know.  He walked over to Dennis and untied his tie, pulling it from the collar of his shirt and tossed it on the bed.  As fast as he could, he unbuttoned Dennis’s shirt.  He had to see his body and see just how sexy Dennis was.  Dennis was feverishly kicking off his shoes, socks and pants and in a matter of seconds was standing there in only his jockstrap.  Mark backed up a few feet and took Dennis’s body in.  All of his guesses were right - ginger fur covered Dennis’s pecs and there was a trail down to his cock.  Dennis was not heavily muscled but wasn’t a twig either.  His body was well defined and had just enough muscle mass to balance his body. What really turned Mark on was the ink covering his body.  Most of Dennis’s torso and arms were covered in ink.  Not the random 'I get a tattoo every time I get really drunk' that many guys get, but a well planned canvas.   Lots of black ink with pops of color.   The two looked over each others ink admiring the similarities and differences.  As Mark’s cock throbbed he thought that this was going to be an even better fuck than he expected.   

Mark finally stopped looking and pushed Dennis to the bed.  Dennis lay back on the bed as Mark dug into his suitcase and pulled out the baggie of lube and poppers, then pushed the suitcase next to the bed.  Mark dropped his shorts and walked towards the bed.  Dennis looked at Mark’s cock with the big PA and let out a gasp exclaiming “Oh my fucking god, yeah.  I want that.”  Both of their cocks stiffened in anticipation.  

Mark climbed on to the bed and moved over on top of Dennis.  He grabbed the tie on the bed and wrapped it around Dennis’s wrists and then tied the other end to the bed’s headboard spindles.  “You’re fuckin’ mine now” Mark growled punching both of Dennis’s pecs.   Pushing Dennis’s ass into the air he slapped both cheeks and buried his face into the crack.  Chewing and licking, he ravaged Dennis’s hole.  Dennis kept groaning and encouraging Mark to keep going, get rougher and use his hole.  Mark’s cock was dripping precum all over the bedspread and he knew he had to fuck him soon or he would waste his load.  Lowering Dennis’s butt down, he slapped his cock against the furry hole.  

Grabbing the brown bottle he took a couple of hits and passed the poppers to Dennis who took two long hits.  Seeing the rush hit Dennis he leaned in and pushed his cock deep into Dennis’s hungry hole.  It was obvious that as inexperienced as Aaron was earlier, Dennis was a pro at taking cock.   He knew exactly how to work his hole, milking Mark’s cock.  His verbal encouragement as Mark pounded his hole just kept making their fuck even more intense.  There wasn’t any comment about condoms, in fact Dennis remarked several times he loved feeling Mark’s raw cock inside his ass, and how the precum was making his hole slick and sloppy.  

Which was absolutely true.  Mark was leaking like crazy as he drove his cock in and out of Dennis’s hole.  Soon Mark hit the point of no return as he felt his balls start to tighten and cock thicken.  Dennis was just as close to shooting from Mark’s cock repeatedly hitting his prostate.  Dennis didn’t skip a beat and kept egging Mark on to “Breed my fuckin’ hole” and “Fill my guts up with your hot load.”

Mark grunted and shoved and finally slammed in as his cock exploded pumping his charged up cum deep inside Dennis’s cunt.  As soon as Dennis felt Mark’s cock start to shoot, he began to orgasm and blasted his load all over his chest and face.   Sweat and cum covered both of their bodies and Mark collapsed on top of Dennis trying to catch his breath.  When the rush faded he rolled over next to Dennis and untied his wrists and laid back down.   Mark started thinking about Dennis’ comments when he was fucking him.  The last one really caught Mark by surprise.  Did he mean what I think he means?  Mark did flood Dennis’s guts with a very hot load. 

Dennis broke the silence and said “Damn man.  That was fuckin’ intense.  That was one of the best fucks I’ve ever had!”  

“Fuck yeah," Mark replied as they lay there kissing and stroking each other, one thing bothered Mark, and after a minute or so he asked “Dennis, ehat’s the deal with this un-inked spot?  Are you saving it for another tattoo?”  

A look of surprise crossed Dennis' face as he stammered a bit and finally answered "Yeah, I’m just waiting until I earn it.”

Curious, Mark started to push.  Earn?  Dennis was very evasive and a thought flashed in Mark’s mind.  “Ooohhhh, I think I know.”  Dennis looked a bit panicked but just said “What?” somewhat innocently.   “Maybe you think there's a biohazard or a scorpion tattoo in your future?  It would look perfect there.”  

All Dennis could say was a quiet “Busted.”

Mark gave a chuckle and said “We just met and you had no problem letting me fuck you bareback and begged for my load with no questions asked.  Are you chasing or just think its inevitable?”

Dennis looked straight at Mark unsure how to answer and finally said “Chasing” and dropped his head.  

Mark grinned and put his finger under Dennis’s chin and tilted it back up.  “You shouldn’t be embarrassed about what you want.”  Mark paused a moment trying to decide whether to tell him the truth.  “In fact, your chase might be over.  You’ve got a big toxic load in your ass right now and it might be the one that pozzes you up.”  

It took a minute for Mark’s words to really sink in but when it did a smile came over his face.  “Really?  You’re not lying to me like some guys have?”  

Mark looked back at Dennis telling him “Nope, not lying.  I was pozzed a few months ago and not on meds.  My seed has got a bit of a kick and has ended a few chases already.”  

Dennis sat up and hugged and kissed Mark.  “Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU” was all Dennis could say.  

Mark cautioned Dennis  “You won’t know if it took for a few weeks, so don’t get too excited. Be patient and maybe your wish will come true.”  Mark reached back into his suitcase and pulled out a buttplug and handed it to Dennis. “Put that puppy in there to keep the cum inside to do its work and let’s grab a shower.”

 They both got into the shower and soaped each other up and cleaned the sweat and cum off their bodies.  While rinsing off Dennis moved over and hugged Mark tight and kissed him passionately. “Thanks.  I really hope that this is the one that takes,” Dennis whispered in Mark’s ear.  

Mark tapped the plug in Dennis ass with his hand  “I hope so too.  If it does, just promise me you will share your gift with lots of others.”  

“Oh I will” said Dennis with an evil smirk.  Looking over at the clock, Dennis  let out a sigh.  “Damn, its late.  I need to get home and you probably need some sleep.”

Dennis quickly left and Mark pulled the stained bedspread back and lay in bed.  “Its been a great fucking day,” he thought before falling asleep.

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The story keeps getting better.   I hope Joey is as sexually active as his brother ...... it would be interesting if Joey unknowingly responds to his brother's online ad, or they end up at the same sex club.

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      This neg guy messaged me on BBRT. He was specifically looking to convert to Poz. During our exchange of messages I explained to him that I am now very unwell, and as a consequence my home is an utter filthy mess. That didn't deter him.
      Now for the real test of his authenticity ... If he wanted what I could give him, he would do some housework for me, and help me have a bath to wash my wasting skinny body. He agreed.
      We arranged for him to visit the following day. The next day came, and he messaged asking if we were still on. OK, he was serious! I gave him my address, and told him I would leave the door off of the latch so he could just come in.
      6pm arrived, he was bang on time. He entered my living room where I was watching TV. I hit the mute button. He was as his photos suggested, well built rugby build, clean shaven. A very handsome 27 year old.
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      'Make me bleed Sir'.
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      A couple of months back, I had recently turned 26 and I was looking to be a little more socially responsible. I wanted to be able to help those in need by sharing my talents and strengths. Being gay myself, I thought that volunteering at the local AIDS Hospice would be a good way for me to do that. I called and spoke with Brian, the director, and he suggested that I come in and tour the place to see if I thought that I would fit in.
      On the day of my interview I showed up full of anticipation. Brian had me fill out an application and then gave me a tour of the place. There were a dozen men currently living there, all in different stages of being affected by the virus. Some guys looked completely healthy and others were more visibly ill.
      When the tour concluded, Brian suggested that I spend some time with one of the residents. He walked me down the hall and knocked on the bedroom door at the end. When it opened, Brian said, “Hiya, Francis! I’ve given Alex here the grand tour. I think he likes the place. Could you, maybe, give him the lowdown on living here? You know…an insider’s viewpoint.”
      I should tell you about Francis. He was my height and very thin. He obviously had lost a lot of weight. His sweatpants hung from his bony hips. What appeared to be a pretty sizable cock bobbed enticingly against the grey fleece material. His tank top loosely covered his torso. His face was still quite handsome…gaunt but cheerful. Francis always had a smile…at least for me.
      Francis invited me into his room. There were no chairs so he had me sit on his bed and he sat down next to me. “So,” he said, “do you like the place? You thinking of working here?”
      I told him that I was impressed with the setup. “Brian said I could start out working the overnight awake shift. I’d be alone but, he told me not to be concerned because nothing much ever happens during those hours. I’m sure I could handle the work. You know…I’ve always wanted to be in a job where I could be of service!”
      Francis told me about his fellow house mates. He made a point of reminding me that these weren’t just patients. They were flesh and blood men with wants and needs of their own. I responded that, if I worked there, I’d do anything I could to improve their day to day lives.
      Of course, I ended up taking the job. I started the following week and, on my first night, after everyone else was settled in for the night, I rapped on Francis’ door and poked my head in.
      “Hey!” he called out. “Come on in!” He was just wearing an old frayed bathrobe that dangled from his skinny frame. He got up and joined me in sitting on the edge of his bed.
      I told him that I was just checking to make sure he was set for the night.
      “Thanks!” he said. “That’s real thoughtful of you, Alex! I like you! In fact…I like you A LOT!” With that, he leaned over and brushed his lips against mine. Without much thought, I kissed him back. His hand caressed my knee. “Remember?” he said. “Remember when you told me that you wanted to be of service to the residents here?”
      “Sure!” I said.
      He continued. “When we found out you were coming to work here, we all talked it over. Now…I could tell you what we need most…but here, let me show you.” That said, he put his hands on my shoulders and guided me back onto the bed. He followed me down so he that was laying on top of me. His sunken chest pressed against me. His lips locked on to mine. At the same time his hand slid over my crotch and began a gentle squeezing. “We may be sick…but we’re MEN, you know. Men with NEEDS. And right now, Alex, I need YOU!”
      I wasn’t sure how far Francis was going to go with this but I didn’t mind making out with him. Like I said…he was a good-looking guy and his urgency was contagious. How could I say no?
      He opened the drawer on his bedside table and took out a small bottle. “Here, Baby…take a hit of my poppers here!” They must have been fresh and, whatever they were, they were awfully strong. My mind spun off into the void. I was utterly relaxed and felt an indescribable bliss. I was remotely aware that my pants and briefs were getting tugged down off me. When I began to re-focus, I realized that his hand was tugging and stroking my dick which, naturally, began to swell and harden.
      “Take some more!” his voice said and off I went again. When my vision cleared, there stood Francis, between my legs, raising my legs up to his shoulders. His bathrobe had parted, revealing a stiff cock that was already dripping toxic goo.
      He leaned close. “And AGAIN!” the voice commanded. He held the bottle in place so that I had to take 4 or 5 breaths of the heady vapors. That really sent me to the moon. Fucking heavenly! As I returned to earth, I became aware of a rocking motion. The cause was soon apparent. Francis had entered me and was thrusting forcefully against my upturned ass. I could feel his cock sawing back and forth. His speed increased and his breathing grew ragged “FUCK! HERE I COME!” he shouted as he pushed into me one last time and held himself in place, his cock spasming repeatedly.
      Although he had emptied his balls deep inside me, he didn’t withdraw, opting to stay on top of me, his dick plugging my hole. “Come on, Baby! Let’s give my seed time to latch on…start to grow in you. I kinda wanna be the one that knocks you up!”
      As we lay there, he explained that all the men in the hospice had decided that what they needed most was for someone like me to be their willing partner whenever they wanted to breed. Most of them felt shunned by society and hadn’t been able to fuck a bottom like me in a long, long time. They wanted to be able to use me during the night hours as they would a lover. They wanted someone that wouldn’t say no to receiving their dirty seed!
      Francis asked, “Are you willing to do this for us?” Again, how could I say no?
      That was several months ago. Since then, some residents have died and new ones have replaced them, but night after night I’m there to service them…my 12 Poz Lovers.

    • By xtranicegayguy
      will be staying at Fairmont Banff Springs 7/8 thru 7/14 looking to get bred, get pozzed, only raw sex, willing  to be whored out
    • By Bbholr
      I'm looking for dirty loads tested on 4/12/18 got results today 4/13/18 and still neg after taking extensive anon loads. Just want hvl gifters to trun my hole inside out and turn my frown upside down lmao
    • By Bibabe
      I've decided, fuck all men. By that I mean both "I hate men" and "I will have sex with as many as I can."
      Why? Because a man screwed me, both literally and figuratively.
      It started on my after my high school graduation. I decided to do some 'voluntourism' over the summer, and I picked South Africa as a good place to go help out. My church funded it so a few of them accompanied me. We got along okay, but I was never that pious and I liked the pleasures in life. It made it a little weird between myself and my overly-religious companions. I think I hid my true nature pretty well while they were around, but I knew I had to get away and enjoy myself a little or I'd go mad over there. After a few days of bricklaying and other menial tasks, I finally got a chance. It was a Friday night and they were planning to go to some nearby church to speak. I told them I was too tired (and who preaches on a Friday night anyway?!?) and they left me in the hotel. As soon as it was clear, I left for a nearby club.
      Once inside, I headed to the bar and waited for guys to come hit on me. I'm obviously attractive, and clearly an American which means I have money too. Every guy there wanted to dance with me and if they didn't try, it was because they knew they had no chance. Within a couple minutes a tall black guy orders me the most expensive drink in the club. I'd already received several drinks, but this sucker was $200. I figured if anything I owed him a dance. I downed the drink and he brought me to the dance floor. I was already getting a bit toasted, since I'd already drank a couple from random guys, so our dancing quickly devolved into raw grinding. At first I was hunched over with him grinding his crotch against my ass. I figured I shouldn't get too into it, since this is South Africa after all, but when I stood up he started kissing my neck. I now realized how turned on I was. I was warned about the reputation of the country though. Something like 33% of people have HIV, and that's the country overall. The poorer parts have much higher rates. Since I was supposed to be volunteering, we had come to one of those poorer parts. I knew it would be suicidal to go home with anyone. I tried to push away from him a little, but he grabbed me by my stomach and pulled me back. I said "I can't, I've gotta go." But he said "Just a little longer baby, til the end of this song." I suddenly realized how tired I was, and decided I didn't have the energy to say no anyway.
      The next part is a little fuzzy as my memory isn't that great past this point. I remember the guy kept grinding his not-well-hidden boner into my butt, but this time moving his hands upwards to my breasts. I moved my hands to push his away, but my coordination was off. I assumed I had drunk more than I realized at that point. He pulled down my top just enough to let a breast out and started fondling it. It actually felt really good, but I still knew I couldn't let myself do anything rash. I tried to stop him, but couldn't figure out how to move my hands to get his own out of my shirt. I tried to walk forward to get away, but I almost fell down instead. The guy caught me and led me away. After that, I vaguely recall a car ride before he carried me into his house. Once inside he started kissing my neck again and reaching his hand into my panties. I tried to get onto my knees, but he spun me around and shoved me onto my back. He started humping me from the missionary position. The last thing I remember is him calling in several other guys to the room.
      I never thought that would be how I lost my virginity.
      The next day I woke up at his place. There were like 13 guys sleeping nearby, most of them naked. I looked towards the door and saw the dude who had originally drugged me. His eyes were open. I asked "Did you use a condom?"
      He just grinned. I tried to turn over and felt something stick between my legs. Looking down, I realized I was covered in semen... and some blood. I lethargically got on my feet, and got out of the house. My clothes were gone so I was butt naked, but I managed to steal some from a nearby house that had left them out to dry. When I got back to the hotel I cleaned up before my bible group woke. My excuse was that I went to an orphanage to help, and ended up sleeping there. I thought I could hide the truth and put it all behind me.
      I thought wrong.
      A few weeks later I came down with the worst flu I've ever had. I knew what it meant. I knew I could go to the doctors, but then my parents would find out and they would probably be more upset that I had sex at all. My bigger concern though; I was angry. If I went to the doctors and got an official diagnosis, I couldn't plead ignorance when I slept around with folks. And boy did I want to sleep around with folks. Why should other people get to be clean when I had dirtiness thrust upon me? Besides which, the more poz people there are, the more people just like me.
      When college started, I decided 'fuck it'. I lived in a co-ed dorm, so there were a ton of guys around and a ton of opportunities to slut myself out. I made sure to always wear my best make-up, but also to dress a little slutty so guys knew I was available. Within the first day, I had managed to fuck 8 guys raw. I made all of them promise not to tell anyone else though. I knew some of them wouldn't keep that promise, but I was hoping to keep this up as long as I could. In the first week, all the freshmen were out in the common areas, trying to make new friends and things. I would just find one, let him chat me up, laugh at his jokes, then ask where his room was. Once he brought me there it was game over.
      I knew it couldn't last forever though. As soon as a couple guys tested poz, the school would surely catch on. I didn't know how long that'd take though, since it took a few weeks to come down with the fuck-flu, and a lot of them wouldn't go to the nurses to get it checked, and when someone did go it would still be a bit before they diagnosed it correctly.
      My campus is fairly big, with about 20k undergrads and almost half of those living in dorms. With such a large sample size, I tried my best to visit other dorms as much as I could so they may not even know who I was and wouldn't have a way to contact me afterwards.
      The first guy I know I infected was named Tommy. He was a bit of an ass. When I came to his dorm he tried to impress me by calling some other kid names and shit. I pretended to be impressed and asked him to lead me back to his room. Once inside, before I even had a chance to make moves on him, the fucker had the audacity to say "Wow it's hot in here" and take off his shirt. As if that wouldn't seduced me. Luckily for him, I didn't need seducing. I started rubbing his chest, he reciprocated by massaging my own. I pushed my hips into his, and he started kissing me. While we were still standing up, he grabbed my arm and spun me around, pinning me against the wall. While kissing my neck, he lifted up my short dress and pulled down my panties. He whipped out his cock and shoved it in. He fucked the shit out of me for maybe 15 minutes before cumming in my pussy.
      A few weeks later he came back as poz and dropped out. Only he knew what I looked like, and he didn't know where I lived or what my name was, so I never got implicated from that.
      Immediately after I fucked Tommy, I went up a few floors in the same building. I saw some guy enter the showers in only a towel. He was muscled and well-toned, and when passing he had a clear 'fuck she's hot' expression on his face.. I knew I needed another fun ride. After he started the shower, I noted there was no one else in the bathroom and slipped in. I got in the shower next to his. They were individual showers, but with an open top so you can put stuff on the barrier you share with your neighbor. I took off my clothes and put my bra and panties where he could see them. I heard him audibly stop showering as he realized there were now girls panties next to his head. I left my shower and entered his. He had a very brief moment where he freaked out and asked me to leave, but then he realized there was an extremely attractive naked lady in the shower next to him. He paused his freaking out, and I took the opportunity to push him into the wall and start kissing him, then I guided him to the floor. I knew there was probably semen from the last couple guys in there, so I wanted to control things to ensure he didn't notice. When he was sitting down, with his back leaning against the wall, I lifted up his cock and let it slide in. I rode his cock for a good 15 minutes. He was moaning the whole time, but I started getting tired and was wondering if he'd ever cum. I told him he'd better cum soon or I'd quit, and he took that as the signal to take control. He pushed me back so I was on the floor on my belly. Then he got on top of me and started power-humping me into the ground. Within maybe 30 seconds he had the best orgasm of his life.
      Apparently people heard though, and before I could get dressed the RA on the floor came. He said I was in trouble and if I could wait there while he called someone. I said I'd prefer if I could wait in his room... and I think you know what happened from there.
      It's been a couple months now and I'm still going strong. I have a reputation with some people and they know I'm the slut, but that never stops guys from fucking me. No one the big secret though. It's even more surprising since we've actually gotten emails about an HIV outbreak on campus. As several guys have apparently got it recently. None of the guys knew who I was though, so I guess they assume it's being spread through needles or something.
      Another small factoid; I never used birth control. A few weeks ago I finally got pregnant. I don't really want a kid, but I'm holding off on an abortion to see if anyone implicates me later on. I figure they can't get that mad at a pregnant lady... right?

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