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The weather has improved, so i will return to Club Manifest and WED humpday parties.   Anyone in ATL, meet me

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    • By FunSub
      I'm visiting Midtown Manhattan tomorrow 1/19 for a week. Where are the best ways of meeting tops to breed me in my Times Sq Hotel. I'm not familiar with NYC.  Also, any recommendations for escorts who have slings? 
    • By MarlboroSpunk
      Hi guys!
      I'm a sub who wants to make the transition to being a BB slut. Wanna chat with others about the reality of this. I don't care if you are down the street or on the other side of the world, a sub, a top, neg or poz. What helped you to come to a decision? Are you neg and do you take poz loads? Are you on PrEP? Are you poz? I have many questions that could otherwise be posted across multiple forum topics but I thought this the best place to introduce myself.
      Not into fantasy chat or chat wanks. Serious discussion wanted. Private messages welcomed.
    • By horny4holes
      19 year old Arab dom here. After edging my cock for 2 weeks, it was full and ready to breed some holes. Had 3 sluts come over and was able to give each of them a heavy load.

    • By shanepig
      I was bored and online hookup sites were a bust.  There were no holes to be found for fucking and breeding, so I went to Club Philly for some afternoon fun.  After checking in I walked around, noticing there weren't too many men.  The lunch crowd was apparently thinning out.  Returning to my locker, I changed to my jock and took another walk around, finding a guy who gave an okay blow job, but I wasn't ready to cum, so I walked to the steam room for a bit and then left, again cruising the rooms.  This time I found a bottom who was ready to be fucked. 
      Entering his room, he gave me a nice blow job while I played with his hole.  It was nice and wet and already had a load so I lubed up my cock and fucked him doggy style.  After a bit we changed position so I was on my back and he rode my cock, milking me for everything.  I shot my load deep.  Afterwards we swapped blow jobs - he had a nice cock and shot his load down my throat. 
      Now showered, I was ready for more, and hoped to have a three way or group session.  Entering the slurp ramps, I inserted my cock through the hole and was getting  a sweet blow job.  As I was grunted my approval of the blow job I was receiving, a hot bear daddy with hard seven sweet curved-up inch cock came behind me and started playing with my hole.  I broke away from the blow job, bent down and gave him some sweet head, swallowing all the way, getting his cock nice and sloppy.  He pulled me off his cock, spinning me around so I was again facing the glory hole.  Inserting my cock back through the hole, I took a deep hit of poppers and as the guy below swallowed my cock and as my daddy bear pushed balls-deep in my hole.  I loved it.  Not only was I getting great head, I was also being fucked from behind, which is my favorite position. 
      Daddy bear only lasted a few minutes (all I could take away I normally top) blew his load deep up my azz while I was begging for his load.  Daddy walked away a the guy giving me head came and he blew me.  I dumped my load while he shot all over my legs. 
      Showered and went to get changed to leave.  On my way to lockers a hot otter was checking me out and stroking his cock under his towel.  I walked up stairs to see where it might lead.  Entering the dark glory hole room, the otter followed.  We kissed and stroked each other.  I was hard as a rock again but he was only semi hard, so I wondered if I would get another blow job, in which case I wasn't sure if I would be able to cum yet again, but instead the otter surprised me as he pushed me on me knees, clearing intending I suck his cock.
      As I did so I was pleasantly surprised - his uncut cock got good and hard, and was a decent size at six inches.  I might add his cock tasted so sweet.  I swallowed all of his cock in and savored the taste and had my nose in his pubs.  His aroma was intoxicating.  I had blown him for only a minute when he muttered he was about to cum, which he did in abundance, flooding my mouth with generous amount of cum.  In fact at one point my mouth was full and his cock was still oozing cum. 
      I swallowed his cock all the way and let it shoot directly down my throat.  I finished swallowing at which time he withdrew, apologizing for cumming so so quickly.  We both left the glory holes and again showered, dressing to leave.
      Saying my good byes to the guys at the door, I left with a huge smile and load up my azz.
    • By BigBessy6969
      A few years ago I decided to take time away from the world and find myself. I had just really started getting into dressing and acting feminine and wanted to spend an evening with somebody who would treat me like a woman. I ended up finding just that in a huge black guy named Kenny. Kenny had responded to a lengthy craigslist add that I had put up exaining that I was a CD looking to spend an evening being pampered and made love to. Not super hard fucking, just good sex. I informed him that I was a little on the bigger side but more curvy than anything with a nice round bubble butt. I also made it clear that I was DDF (with exception to weed and some hallucinogens) and wanted somebody who was the same. He replied with his size and stats, told me he was into weed as well and that he was very interested in me by my post. He said he wasn't trying to fuck a whole lot of people but wanted one steady thing. I told him I would consider it if things went well. He sent a picture of his cock with the message. Around 9 inches, a slight curve, massive head and plenty of girth. It looked amazing. 
      He asked if I wanted poppers but I assured him that I wouldn't need them as I play with toys every day and it wouldn't take much to fit that monster in his pants in my butt. He talked for the rest of the night and agreed to meet that following weekend. I spent over an hour dolling myself up with my best wig and everything. I had gone for a wax the day prior to so I was sure my skin was smooth as silk for him. I slid a big plug in my ass and threw on a little makeup and then put on my lingerie. Nothing special, just a body stocking with a choker necklace. I gave myself a once over and thought I looked pretty damn good so I threw a pair of heels in the passenger seat, removed the plug  and took off to meet him at his house. When I arrived, I slid on the heels and met him at the door. His eyes grew so wide when he saw me, looking me up and down. 
      "Daaaaaaaaamn, baby mama! You look sexy!" I blushed and thanked him as he invited me inside. He offered me a place to sit on the couch and brought me a Rum & coke and a big fat blunt. We smoked the blunt together, talking about what we were into. He told me he was into slow, soft sex but could also get down with some serious fucking. He said he had fucked a couple twines before but nobody like me which made me blush again. He started to caress my thigh and play with my nipples while telling me how much he would love to come home every day to me on his bed with my ass clapping and ready to take his warm loads.
      "Do you think you have what it takes to dick this down?" I asked with a devilish grin. He laughed and said there was only one way to find out. I tossed back my drink and we finished the blunt before he put on some music and then came back to me with a smile. 
      "Would you give me a lap dance?" he asked. I told him I had never done that before but I was willing to try for him. He smiled and pulled a chair from the kitchen and sat down in his living room. Rick Ross was on the stereo and I was a little nervous because in my head I could imagine me grinding on him, making my ass pop to Ross but I didn't think I could make it look as good as it did in my head  he told me not to be nervous and to give it my best shot. I waited for the beat to drop and started popping my hips and shaking my ass, I really enjoyed myself. I was slow at first, trying to tease him a little, then I went full force, rubbing my ass against his bulge, bouncing up and down on it.... 
      At one point, I felt his hands go down and undo his pants, releasing that leviathan of a cock and I slid right up the crack of my ass when it stood up.
      "Wow  that's really big" I said. 
      "Too big?" He asked. I told him no.
      "Daddy, i don't care how big it is, My ass is spreading for you and that whole thing is going inside me tonight one way or another." He smiled and grabbed my ass and kissed me. I kissed him back as his tongue parted my lips and started proving inside my mouth as my ass continued to grind against his cock. 
      All of a sudden, I felt the tip of his cock slide through my ass crack and poke just past my first ring which made me jump. Not in pain, not at all, but surprise. He got up inside me so easily.
      "Wow, you do like to play with toys" we both laughed.
      "That was naughty, daddy."
      "Ya. You've been a naughty girl. Daddy will have to spank you. Would you like that, baby mama?" I smiled and nodded. He hooked my legs into his arms and carried me off to the bedroom with one of his fingers sliding into my ass.....
      Part 2 Coming Soon!

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