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The weather has improved, so i will return to Club Manifest and WED humpday parties.   Anyone in ATL, meet me

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    • By ronnie20019
      I was perusing through the Craigslist offerings when I came across one that was interesting.  An Asian offering a free massage.  I emailed some dick and body pics and asked if I could slip it in his hole as well.  He responded that would be most welcome, if safe. 
      I brought along lube and a special condom, just in case. 
      The massage was nice and turned into me getting a blow job.  Not wanting to cum in his mouth, I started playing with his thick dick and smooth hole.  Eventually he got naked and as I ate his hole he bent over his massage table.  After getting him sufficiently wet, I started entering him raw.  When he got up to get poppers, I pulled out my lube and condom.  He asked what I had and I showed him. When he came back with his poppers, I was stroking.  We kissed, I got him turned around and on his haunches on the massage table.  Thinking he knew I was condomless, I fucked and bred his very tight ass.  He then noticed I didn't have on a condom and asked if I came in him.  I said I had.  He then wanted to know if I was clean.  As I had showered, I answered affirmatively. 
      Now I'm getting upset emails from him.  Oh well.  I got what I wanted: stealth breeding a safe sex bottom.  Another notch!
    • By Partyandtakeloads7
      Can host at my hotel in Baltimore on 19th July (Thursday) all night for wild times. No loads refused. 540-200-9363 for details.
    • By hardix
      July 21st I will be in London and want some advice on the best location to find a hotel for bb action, or can anyone poinT me in the righT direction for other accommodation. I'm looking to get HnH and bred / used as much as possible, will probably go to Hardon but would prefer to find some group action where we can have proper sleazy ffun.
    • By HungryDutchGuy
      I’m looking for places and people around Deventer for breeding.
      I’m a willing bottom hungry for rough fucks and hot loads. 
      My stats: 35/186/75/19
    • By littlebull
      I've read about the Cum Union parties for years but had never been to one. As it happened, I was in town and a Cum Union party was that night. Not knowing exactly what to expect and sense I was a few minutes early, I got in-line with about 20 other guys who were also early. For the most part, the guys appeared to be from their early 20's to late 60's with the majority in their 40's and some of them were damn hot to me, I love bearded bears. I was towards the end of the line so, when I got to the lockers, I could see how far down guys were going with their clothes coming off.  A few were keeping their clothes on while about half striped down to shorts and the rest were in jock straps, I was with the jocks group, what the hell! 
      Going into the club, men were already at the glory hole wall getting blow jobs which I've never been big on getting. So I walked to the front room which has kind of a nook in it with a sling and this hot 30's something goteed guy getting fucked by a bearded stud with a thick 10" cock, damn! I've been in this place less than 10 minutes! There are three other guys in here and a bearded guy who's giving another guy a blow job starts feeling my hard on. This guy stands up, bends over and starts giving me a great cock sucking while the guy he was blowing is fucking him. About this time, this big dicked black guy who was stroking his cock next to me starts fucking the guy in the sling while the guy sucking my cock turns around to take my cock. Fuck, his hole was good and juicy with cum from the guy that had been fucking him. I fucking love sloppy seconds! This guy liked being fucked hard and he got my first load a couple of minutes later. I stepped out of that little sling area and ran into a guy I'd talked with on BBRT and he was looking to fuck. I figured what the fuck, there was a table right here in this big common area with video's playing that a guy had just finished getting fucked on, so I bent over the table and my buddy pushed his big thick cock all the way in, I was in fucking pig heaven, getting fucked in front of about 10 guys by a HOT stud with a huge beard. When my buddy pulled out, I noticed the big dicked black dude from the sling area was standing next to me and stroking a big cock of his, whats a pig to do, I bent back over the table and felt his cock slide in, fucking good ride! When the black dude pulled out after a few minutes, the hot stud that I saw get fucked on that very table pushed his hard cock up my ass and he whispered in my ear "I'm gonna breed ya" it didn't take long and I had his load in my hole! When he pulled out, he bent over the table and my cock was deep in his hole. I get super horny after I get fucked and I pounded his hole and put my second load of the night into him... that wouldn't be the only load I'd put in him!
      I saw a bearded, tattooed black guy laying in a sling with his legs up. Too good of an opportunity to pass up! I started rubbing my cock against his hole and he just said "breed me!", I did, load #3.  I was ready to take a break from fucking when I cam across the guy with the 10" cock and I could see how thick he was and ready. I've never taken a 10" cock before but this guy knew how to fuck! We fucked for at least 20 minutes before I needed a break. Smoke break, which is where I ran into the first guy I'd fucked, nice guy. Later, we were in the hallway where I put another load in him, he said that made load 7 in his hole! I went into the dark room which was packed. I worked my way over to the wall, I didn't realize there was a guy behind me until I felt his fingers feeling my hole. I reached around and felt his rock hard thick 8" and since he was sitting, I lowered my ass and felt that thick monster cock slide in. Was a bit uncomfortable due to the angle but we played a good 15 minutes. I saw my bearded black dude in the hallway and he wanted another load, I was more than willing. 
      After taking a bit of a break, decided it was time to put my ass in one of the slings. The crowd was thinning out but it didn't take long before a mustache black dude came in and pushed his hard cock up my ass and gave me a good fucking. I didn't realize that my bearded black bud had been watching my ass getting fucked and came right in and pushed his 8 inches deep into my hole after the first guy finished. As he said, " I owe you at least two loads".  Damn he was good! 
      It was a fun time!

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