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Hung BBC Top looking thinking of traveling to Berlin in the Fall

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I'm thinking of maybe traveling to Berlin for the first time sometime in either the second half of 2018, or maybe in sometime 2019.

I was wondering when would be the best/busiest/piggiest time to go?

  • Folsom Europe?
  • Snax (date)?
  • Berlin Pride (summer)?
  • Another event/date?

I'm attending Folsom in San Francisco this year (end of Sep 2018), and I did both Folsom (Sep 2017) and Dore Alley (Jul 2017) in San Francisco last year, as well as various events in Canada/US in the past few years.

As of now, I'm browsing accommodation and flights (from Toronto) online until I potentially decide.

Your help is appreciated.


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I was just there for Thanksgiving week and had the time of my life. Going the same week this coming November. I tend to stay away from "event" weeks, since everyplace is so crowded and you don't see the "real" city. That being said, I had more sex than I knew what to do with. Don't miss: lab.oratory and Boiler Sauna. New Action was my leather bar of choice.

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On 28/01/2018 at 7:24 PM, bb10top said:


I'm thinking of maybe traveling to Berlin for the first time sometime in either the second half of 2018, or maybe in sometime 2019.

I was wondering when would be the best/busiest/piggiest time to go?

  • Folsom Europe? For my opinion, very social & crowded event not anymore piggy as it used to be at the beginning.
  • Snax (date)? always the Saturday of Easter (31 March 18 / 20 April 2019) During easter there is big bbk party on Friday (very crowded, too much people) and Sunday. Also nice Sport party at Lab on Monday. Very busy also, not so many local because of too much people.
  • Berlin Pride (summer)? (never been there for CSD, there is also Stadt Festival 21-22 July 2018.
  • Another event/date? By end of Year, I was there last year, it was very nice rather busy not too busy as Easter or Folsom. Great bbk party on Thursday and busy at Lab on Friday for 2-4-1 party (long queue at entrance ~30-45' waiting).


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Folsom by far.. check the main party on BBRT.. your balls will be working overtime producing cum......

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Hello bb10Top,

To confirm what the other guys said.......JUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been there for:   Folsom Europe;  the Easter Fetish weekend, which includes the Snax party at the lab.oratory ("the lab");  the weekend of the Fall/Winter Snax party, which usually occurs during late November or early December; and at regular weekends.  (www.lab.oratory.de)  I have to say that the amount of fun does not vary too much for me.  Yes, the "big" weekends have more people but in Berlin, fun can really be had any time of the year; and sometimes, the difference can be in the number of people overall, not in the overall amount of fun.  

I do try to go when biohazardmen.eu  (www.biohazardmen.eu)  is  having parties, for there are parties 8-9 times a year, both during regular weekends and during the big weekends. That party guarantees  an unbelievable low attitude free-for-all bareback fuckfest.  It has regular parties at one location and parties during the big weekends at another location that can accommodate more people......totally unreal.   I also find the 24-hour totally sleazy bar. The Bull, great for bb fucking on any night.  Keep in mind that this bar is popular very late; it is packed at 6-7 am.  Another bar, Scheune is also a lot of fun and has an infamous naked party every Sunday afternoons; staff actually hang a banner outside the bar on Sundays advertising the naked party!!!

Many bars in Berlin have darkrooms and fucking is the norm.  And in my experience, compared to here in North America, there is not as much standing and modelling, at least not at sex parties or in darkrooms of bars.  I too have been to Dore Alley and Folsom in San Francisco. To compare, the San Francisco events might have more displays at the festivals themselves, but the actual  fucking in Berlin is so much better.  If you went to the Cumunion parties in San Francisco during Dore Alley and or Folsom and had a good time...just wait until Berlin. 

Regarding the specific events/times you mentioned:

Folsom Europe:   The lab has its usual Thursday night naked party and opens up more of the club for the event.  (Expect hundreds of guys at the party)  Biohazardmen has a party on Friday night that is super crowded, too much so for some.   Saturday night is the Pig Party, which has been held at different venues over the years.  It is a combination dance/sex party.  Lots of bareback fun can be had there, but as an event that attracts a lot of tourists from more conservative lands, some guys want to wrap up    Sunday is a Coffe-and-Cream party (all bb)   as well as the Scheune naked party.

Snax:  It occurs during the fetish Easter weekend.  The lab has its normal Thursday night party; biohazardmen has a Friday night party    The Lab has the Snax party that can have an infamously long line to get in, unless one gets a ticket (onsale locally a month or so before the event)  or if one waits until 4-5am to enter.  (Don't worry, as the party goes on until noon or so).  Coffe-and-Cream normally has a party on that Sunday too.

I hope the information helps.   I would recommend sampling a big party weekend and a regular weekend, as both offer their brands of fun.   One great thing about Berlin is that it offers whatever one wants in the gay world and guys still go out to venues to fuck.  









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      PART 1
      URLastDaddy: You must be willing to submit to me in every way. Is that understood?
      MintBoy: Yes, sir.
      URLastDaddy: I’m not fucking around here. I’m going to push you and what I have in mind for your delicious ass is fucked up, boy.
      MintBoy: What do you have in mind, sir?
      URLastDaddy: That’s not for a little faggot boy like you to know or even ask. Are you in or not?
      Jason thought about it for a minute. He wanted a daddy, someone to take him in and to make him the sub that he knew he was, but his guy seemed intense. Deep down, though, Jason knew that he wanted intense. He wanted to be told what to do. He wanted to be degraded and to be called a little faggot boy so long as he was making his daddy happy. He had been alone for to long and living alone in the city was started to take a toll on him.
      MintBoy: I’m in, daddy.
      URLastDaddy: Good boy.
      URLastDaddy gave him his address and Jason cleaned out his ass before heading out. When Jason got to the guy’s apartment, he saw that it was actually a townhouse in one of the luxury complexes near downtown. He walked up to the door and knocked. A big man, probably 6’2”, with a silver speckled goatee, huge arms, and pecs, and only the slightest signs of a beer belly answered the door wearing leather pants, boots, and nothing else. Jason also noticed that his nipples were pierced, something he had always wanted to be done but had never made the time to do. Without saying a word, the man grabbed Jason’s shirt and pulled him inside. As soon as the door was shut, he pulled Jason down onto his knees.
      “It’s about fucking time that you got here! Open your fucking mouth, boy. I need to piss.” Jason had never messed with watersports but tried his best not to hesitate. He settled himself on his knees and opened his mouth as the man quickly undid the zipper to his leather pants and pulled out a thick 8” cock. The man moved too fast for Jason to notice too much, but he could have sworn that he saw some cum dripping out of the guy’s cock already. He thought it was odd, but at the same time kinda hot. He took the dick in his mouth and waited for the man to piss down his throat. What happened first, however, was the man letting out a deep growl that almost sounded painful, “fuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk.” The guy's stream began to flow and what little didn’t get deposited directly down his throat began to fill his mouth. Jason tried his best to not lose any but the man wasn’t going slow at all, and there was only so much that he could swallow at a time. A few tiny drops leaked from his mouth and landed on his shirt, when he looked up though, the man didn’t seem to notice. In fact, the man seemed to be wincing as he filled Jason’s throat and mouth with his hot piss. The stream suddenly began to let up and he swallowed what was left dripping from the man’s cock. Before he took the huge rod out of his mouth, he did notice that the last few drops that he swallowed didn’t necessarily taste like piss, not cum either. It tasted more milky than anything else.
      “That’s a good fucking boy. Stand up and follow me.” The man said as he zipped up the fly to his leather pants and walked towards his bedroom.
      As soon as the door was closed behind him, the man grabbed him and pulled him into a deep kiss. The man’s tongue explored every corner of his mouth. “Fuck, boy. I can still taste my nasty piss in your fucking mouth.” The man pulled Jason closer into him, and Jason could feel his thick cock pressed into his stomach through both of their clothing. “Spit in my mouth, faggot.” Without hesitating, Jason spit in the guy's mouth and the man writhed in pleasure and swished it around his own mouth before swallowing it. “Mmm. Boy spit turns me on. Now play with my nipples and pits, boy.” Jason immediately went down and started to play with the man’s nipple rings with his tongue and mouth. The man seemed to like when Jason sucked on his nipples but even more when he pulled on his rings a little with his teeth. The man would moan and encourage him to “keep sucking on daddy’s titty” when he pulled on them and messaged his other pec with his hand. He continued to suck his nipples for a while more before he moved to his pits and made long, sweeping movements with his tongue across the dense thicket of fur that was there. He normally wasn’t into pits himself, but something about how dominant this guy was was making Jason’s cock rock hard.
      Suddenly, the guy pulled Jason up, went over to his bed and sat down. “It’s probably already too late for you, but I’m going to give you one last chance to back out. Once these boots come off, there’s no turning back. Are you sure you want this? You want me to own you, boy?” Without answering him, Jason slowly got onto his knees, crawled over and with one long motion, licked one of his boots from the tip all the way to the top. After it was over he couldn’t recall what had come over himself, but, at the same time, he was proud that he did something to prove to this man, his daddy, that he was all in.
      “Yes, daddy. Please make me your boy.”
      “Perfect words for this night, boy. Now, pull these boots and pants off.” To his wonder, both the boots and the pants came off way more easily that he would have expected leather to. As he pulled the pants down, and the man’s thick cock bounced out and landed on the bed below. “See that big cock there, boy?”
      “Yes, daddy.”
      “No. Really look at it, you probably didn’t get the greatest chance to study it earlier, but take your time and tell me what you see.” Jason was confused but did as instructed. He picked up his daddy’s thick cock and looked at it. It was, in his opinion, the nicest looking cock he’d ever held; a long, veiny shaft, low hanging balls, and the tip bulged out prominently. Then, he noticed what he noticed earlier again; his dick was leaking, but it didn’t look like cum now, it had a strange yellowish hue. The man saw Jason’s eyes change as he landed on the liquid coming from his dick. “Now you see it, don’t you, boy?”
      “Are you talking about this cum type of stuff?”
      “That not cum or precum either, boy. That’s discharge. Your daddy seems to have picked up a bug from one of his fellow daddies. I’ve had this little fella before so I know which one he is too. What you’re holding there is a VERY gono infested cock, boy.” Jason’s instinct nearly made him drop the guy’s dick and run for the door, but to be honest, he was too in shock to move. “You probably got a good dose down your throat already when you took my piss in the doorway. Damn did that sting, too.” The man noticed that Jason seemed to be frozen, so he pulled him up and gave him a kiss, “and you’re going to take a lot more into you before the night’s over.”
      “B-B-But daddy… I don’t want gonorrhea.” A line he never thought he’d have to say in his life. “I’ve never had an STD before.”
      “Trust me, it’s going to hurt like a mother fucker, but daddy’s going to get this bug into you and then we’re both going to have some fun. When we’re ready, I’ll take care of you; I’ll take you to my doc, we’ll take some pills, and we’ll be all better.” Jason had heard about some superbug version of gono and was going to bring it up, but knew that it wouldn’t do any good; like he had said, he had already taken a big dose of the bug down his throat earlier and probably already had it. Might as well get some fun out of it. He hated that this guy had already lied to him, though.
      “What does it feel like, daddy?”
      “Honestly, it felt like I was pissing razor blades earlier.” The thought made Jason wince as much as he had remembered the man wincing earlier. “But after, knowing that we were both going to be sharing this bug, that I was going to be giving it to MY boy, boned me up so fucking hard.” The man hissed in pleasure at the memory and, somehow the thought that he was going to be sharing this bug with HIS daddy even boned Jason up.
      “Before we move on I have one more request and one question, daddy? If that’s alright.”
      “Normally I wouldn’t allow it, but I will this time. Go on.”
      “I don’t mind you calling me a fagot or even using me for your piss, but please,” Jason looked right into the man’s eyes, “don’t lie to me again. I need to be able to trust you, daddy.”
      “Fair enough. That was a shit thing for me to do. THIS time… I apologize.” The man said before planting another kiss on Jason’s lips. “And your question, boy?”
      “Will you take care of me, daddy? I’m sorry, it’s just that I’ve never had anyone in my entire life that’s given a shit about me and hearing you say it just-“ Jason’s words drifted off into unintelligible speech and he, for the first time of the night, couldn’t seem to look his daddy in the eyes. The man watched Jason and even though he was typically 100% a dom and wouldn’t give a shit about another guy like this he suddenly felt his own shame in what he had done earlier. Sure he was already sorry for tricking him, but now, he was ashamed of tricking his man that had come to him not just for a dom, but for a daddy. Most guys would just want him to fuck them for a while and leave, but this guy was different. This guy genuinely seemed to need him, not just his dick.
      “Hey, look at me.” Jason finally found himself able to look into his daddy’s eyes. “I’m always going to take care of my boy.” He leaned in and kissed Jason. “Now, let’s get this night back on track, huh?”
      “Take off your clothes, boy.” Oddly enough, Jason hadn’t noticed that he was still completely clothed. In record time, he tore through his clothes and throw them all across the floor. The man had moved up entirely on the bed and, once Jason was fully undressed, and motioned for him to get closer. “Come up here and press that dick against mine.” Jason wasn’t nearly as big, 6” on a good day, so when he sat in between the man’s legs and pressed his cock against his, there was no comparison. When he squeezed them together, he noticed a bit of discharge seep out of the tip of his daddy’s cock. The man winced as his cock oozed. “Take that drip and smear it into your slit, boy.” Before he could think, Jason scooped the man’s discharge up and smeared it over his urethra before using it as lube between their two throbbing cocks.
      “Fuck, daddy. That stuff feels just like lube.”
      “Yeah? You like daddy’s discharge up in your piss slit?”
      “Yes, daddy. It feels so good rubbing your bug into me.” And, strangely enough to him, it did feel REALLY good. Like he said, it felt just like lube or like cum, even though he noticed that it had a more yellowish coloring to it than the pearliness of cum.
      “Fuck, boy. That’s fucking hot. Shit! Here comes some more. Dock your cock, boy!” The man said as he gritted his teeth through the pain of the discharge. Jason perched himself up and docked the tip of his cock against the man’s. Unfortunately, they were both cut so they couldn’t truly dock with their foreskin, but Jason still pressed his urethra against the man’s as a large glob of yellowish discharge spewed out and coated the entrance of his slit with the man’s gono bugs. Jason moaned and looked up to see that his daddy was moaning, even though the pain. “Fuck! That was fucking hot. Now clean my dick up and get it nice and ready for that ass, boy.”
      “Fuck yes, daddy.” Jason eagerly said as he went down and sucked the creamy discharge off of his daddy’s cock. He deep throated him until his nose was buried in the man’s pubes, getting the man’s cock as slobbery as possible. The man moaned as Jason bobbed up and down on his cock and hissed with the pain of his leaking discharge. Jason took the man’s cock to the back of his throat one last time before the man pulled him off and turned him around on his bed. Jason stuck his ass high in the air so his daddy could see his nice shaved hole.
      “Mmm. That’s a nice boy-pussy you’ve got there. Open your cheeks so that daddy can take a closer look.” Jason did as commanded and pulled his ass cheeks apart, opening up his puckered hole. The man dove in with his tongue and began to lick around Jason’s opening before plunging his tongue into his tight hole. Jason moaned as he was entered by the man’s tongue and had to force himself to not squirm too much and keep his ass in the air. The man began to tongue fuck him, jabbing into his asshole with his tongue and pulling it out in quick, little thrust. Jason didn’t want it to end, yet before he knew it the man had pulled his tongue out and walked himself on his knees so that his dick was pressed up against Jason’s ass.
      The man took his cock in his hand and began to smear his discharge-mixed precum over Jason’s asshole. Jason began to feel the man begin to poke and prod his tight, little pucker with the head of his cock. “Tell daddy you want this infected dick, boy.”
      “Please! Please give me that gono dick, daddy!” Jason said without hesitation. In one quick move, the man plunged his rock hard cock into Jason’s ass, all the way to the hilt. Jason nearly screamed from the explosion of pain and buried his face into the bed below.
      “Fuck, daddy! That hurt so bad.” Jason whined once he was able to catch his breath.
      “I know, boy. Daddy’s sorry. But daddy wants to make sure that his little bugs get as deep into your cunt as they can once he gives you his load.” The thought of having his new daddy’s load deep in his ass turned him on, and he forced himself to grin and bear the pain that was radiating from his ass like fire.
      “Mmm. Fuck me, daddy. Give me that dirty load.” The man began by pulling his dick almost all the way out and shoving it all the way back in, making Jason yelp by its unexpectedness more than any pain that he caused. He repeated that two more times before he began to truly fuck Jason’s ass. He fucked him slow at first, feeling and relishing the velvety channel of his new boy’s ass. He couldn’t wait to paint the walls of his rectum with his bug and to spread their bug around even more after that like he had planned. He couldn’t wait to knock this boy up with his bug. He hadn’t been much of a chaser before his friend, Mike, had given his this gono, but once the first signs of it showed up, he wasn’t as off-put as he had been the first time around and he thought about how hot it would be to share this experience with a sub. That was the first time when the thought of chasing the BIGGER bugs first popped into the man’s head. But, for now, he’d relish the one he had been gifted with.
      The boy’s ass was super tight, and the man knew that he wouldn’t last long. “Squeeze your asshole, boy. Daddy’s getting close to dumping his load in you.” Jason started to squeeze his sphincter around the man’s cock. The man moaned as his cock was gripped like a vice, bringing him closer still as he pumped Jason’s asshole with his thick cock. Jason was surprised that he was taking his daddy’s cock so well. It wasn’t extremely long, but it was still pretty thick. “I’m cumming, boy! Filling your ass with my gono seed! Fuck that burns, boy!” The man bellowed as he flooded Jason’s rectum with his infected jizz. The man hissed and moaned as the warm cum spewed from his cock. Jason felt the warmness of the man’s jizz fill him and loved the feeling of being marked, as truly being owned by his new daddy. Before the man collapsed on to of him, he pulled Jason’s head back by his hair and got close to his ear, “Your ass is mine now, boy. No one fucks it but me unless I tell you they can. Got it?”
      “Yes, daddy,” Jason replied without hesitation. Secretly he hoped his daddy never let anyone else fuck his tight little boy hole, regardless of how hot it would be. His daddy had marked him as his own.
      “Good. Now milk daddy’s cock. Make sure as many of those little bugs get in your tight little asshole as you can.” The man said. Jason began to rock back and forth on his daddy’s still hard cock, impaling himself over and over. The man hissed again as, undoubtedly, more cum and discharge was seeping from his daddy’s dick and coating his chute. “Fuck, that stings so good, boy. I can’t wait for you to start dripping like your daddy.”
      “I can’t wait for your bugs to take hold in me too, daddy.” And, oddly enough, Jason was excited and curious to share this (painful) bond with his daddy. He wasn’t looking forward to the pain, not at all, but this connection with his daddy. Jason had also heard about bug chasers and never understood why the hell someone would purposefully want to get sick like this… until now that is.
      “Good boy. Because once they do take hold of your little boy body, that’s when the real fun begins.” The man said with a mischievous grin.

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