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  1. Toronto Club120 BB Orgy

    Hello to all, I finally made it to a fukd party at Club 120 on 18 February. Having had "so so" experiences with wild bb fucking in Toronto's sauna's over the past few years, I was looking forward to the party being in a sex club/bar, as parties at such venues attract guys who were there only for the bb sex. Anyway, the setup was nice and the staff were helpful and friendly. At first, there seemed to be a lot of standing around, with few guys "going at it." But after the first stage performance, a much higher percentage of guys was fucking and it became a wild bb fuck party. I do visit Toronto at least a couple of times a year and now will try to coordinate my trips with the fukd parties Thanks Read1 for suggesting the party awhile ago!!!!!!!
  2. Breeding Club Survey (sort of)

    I agree with theplayerking. Finding sleazy guests in the U.S. is more of the problem. Yes, the venues mentioned above are fairly reliable and Cumunion parties can be fun (I usually plan weekend trips to U.S. cities to coincide with them), but in general, the sex club/bath house scene in the U.S. has become hit-or-miss. GO TO BERLIN!!!!! chiilfuck
  3. Hello bb10Top, To confirm what the other guys said.......JUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been there for: Folsom Europe; the Easter Fetish weekend, which includes the Snax party at the lab.oratory ("the lab"); the weekend of the Fall/Winter Snax party, which usually occurs during late November or early December; and at regular weekends. (www.lab.oratory.de) I have to say that the amount of fun does not vary too much for me. Yes, the "big" weekends have more people but in Berlin, fun can really be had any time of the year; and sometimes, the difference can be in the number of people overall, not in the overall amount of fun. I do try to go when biohazardmen.eu (www.biohazardmen.eu) is having parties, for there are parties 8-9 times a year, both during regular weekends and during the big weekends. That party guarantees an unbelievable low attitude free-for-all bareback fuckfest. It has regular parties at one location and parties during the big weekends at another location that can accommodate more people......totally unreal. I also find the 24-hour totally sleazy bar. The Bull, great for bb fucking on any night. Keep in mind that this bar is popular very late; it is packed at 6-7 am. Another bar, Scheune is also a lot of fun and has an infamous naked party every Sunday afternoons; staff actually hang a banner outside the bar on Sundays advertising the naked party!!! Many bars in Berlin have darkrooms and fucking is the norm. And in my experience, compared to here in North America, there is not as much standing and modelling, at least not at sex parties or in darkrooms of bars. I too have been to Dore Alley and Folsom in San Francisco. To compare, the San Francisco events might have more displays at the festivals themselves, but the actual fucking in Berlin is so much better. If you went to the Cumunion parties in San Francisco during Dore Alley and or Folsom and had a good time...just wait until Berlin. Regarding the specific events/times you mentioned: Folsom Europe: The lab has its usual Thursday night naked party and opens up more of the club for the event. (Expect hundreds of guys at the party) Biohazardmen has a party on Friday night that is super crowded, too much so for some. Saturday night is the Pig Party, which has been held at different venues over the years. It is a combination dance/sex party. Lots of bareback fun can be had there, but as an event that attracts a lot of tourists from more conservative lands, some guys want to wrap up Sunday is a Coffe-and-Cream party (all bb) as well as the Scheune naked party. Snax: It occurs during the fetish Easter weekend. The lab has its normal Thursday night party; biohazardmen has a Friday night party The Lab has the Snax party that can have an infamously long line to get in, unless one gets a ticket (onsale locally a month or so before the event) or if one waits until 4-5am to enter. (Don't worry, as the party goes on until noon or so). Coffe-and-Cream normally has a party on that Sunday too. I hope the information helps. I would recommend sampling a big party weekend and a regular weekend, as both offer their brands of fun. One great thing about Berlin is that it offers whatever one wants in the gay world and guys still go out to venues to fuck. Enjoy chiilfuck
  4. Making Plans

    Hello, I have been going to Fort Lauderdale at least 4-5 times a year since early 2011 and do feel it is one of America's last gay meccas, where guys go to actually enjoy the sexual side of the gay world. Not one to do much online, I have loads (get it?, :-)) of fun at Slammer and Coubhouse II. Slammer, as described above, is about as sleazy as it gets in this country. It is a BYOB establishment with an expansive back area. And yes, the back room with the round fuck bench, affectionally called "the buffet," can be wild on good nights. The overall atmosphere is like a levi/leather bar of yesteryear; and no cell phones are allowed--yippie. Clubhouse II can have an older crowd, but I have found weekend nights, weekend afternoons and the Cumunion parties there to attract a variety of guys. Honestly speaking, having been to several of the Cumunion parties in various cities, I rank the one at Clubhouse II (evdry 3rd Saturday) as one of the best. There is little attitude and an active designated play room that has a big square fuck mattress, active for most of the party. When I go for Cumunion, the night usually starts there and ends up at 321 Slammer, as the Cumunion party starts at 8pm and usually thins out around by midnight. Because I tend to "go out" out for my fun , staying at one of the resorts is not a priority for me. That said, I will usually find a reasonable hotel in the area and drive to the destinations. Fort Lauderdale has public transit, but more of a suburban American type; don't expect frequent service to every corner of the metro area. Renting a car is highly recommended, as even UBER prices can add up with numerous trips. What makes Fort Lauderdale special is that locals like to have a lot of fun and most visitors come for the same. When I say fun. I mean fun in the old-school "let's hook up" way that was the norm prior to the US gay world becoming so conservative. So go.......and have a great time!!!!! chiilfuck
  5. Folsom Sep 2018

    Hello rawlondonfuck, I have been to Berlin during the Folsom Europe weekends a few times. I have not been to Fickstutenmarkt, but have attended the Biohazardmen and Coffe and Cream parties during that festive weekend; both are well attended and on that weekend, normally held at Connection Club on Fuggerstrasse (though the name has changed, I believe). The Biohazardmen party usually has a block-long line up around entry time. Coffe and Cream, being on Sunday afternoon, is not as crowded as the Biohazardmen party, but is very well attended; you will not be disappointed. In general, Coffe and Cream has more of a local vibe and is not as well publicized. As for other venues, try late nights at the bar called the Bull, as well as the bar Scheune. The lab.oratory and the Pig Party have well attended parties, but being a bit more touristy, do have some guys who prefer to use condoms. My overall impression of Folsom Europe is that one kind find any type of party/bar he wants. And because this is Berlin, the city can accommodate them all. Be sure to check out the site www.siegessaeule.de/ for comprehensive listings. I hope this helps chiilfuck
  6. Biohazard Berlin

    Hello, Check out the sites www.biohazardmen.eu and www.coffe-cream.de/en/dates/ for the parties I have mentioned. Also, the site www.siegessaeule.de has an English calendar that lists the happenings by date; there is a "sex" section. I was at the most recent "regular" biohazardmen party, which was held at a new venue in Kreuzberg--great venue with (of course) lots of bb fucking!!
  7. Biohazard Berlin

    Hello Scottyrim I have attended several Biohazardmen and Coffe & Cream parties and have never heard status mentioned , even at the point of entry. In other words, nobody is ensuring that attendees are pozz; go and have a great time. The parties are unbelievable !!!
  8. Best city in the world for bareback

    Hello Scottyrim, I agree. Berlin is THE place for bareback fun. The combination of numerous fun venues and fun (mostly barebacking) crowds makes it unbelievably wild. There is no place like it!!!! absolutely no place chiilfuck
  9. Folsom Europe 2017!

    RexTO, How was Folsom Europe for you ???
  10. Visiting Berlin

    Hello again IJ1987, To answer your questions about where to get loaded in Berlin......almost anyplace. Assuming that you are there for the Fickstutenmarkt party on September 30, the Friday 2-4-1 fuck is great at the Lab. And on October 1, there is likely a Coffe-n-Cream party at Mutchmann's (The party is usually every 1st Sunday, with entry between 17:00-19:00hrs). It is a guaranteed 100% bareback fuckfest. Also, the bars The Bull and Scheune are good for bb sex, with the Bull being sleazily open 24 hours per day, busy very late---04:00hr onwards to 8:00-9:00hrs or later. You could also look at the websites: www.lab.oratory.de or http://www.siegessaeule.de/ for a calendar listing of Berlin events; there is a "sex" section ENJOY Chiilf
  11. Visiting Berlin

    Hello Ij1987, I think nearly any of the hotels in the Schoneberg area will be fine. I have never stayed at Axel hotel, largely because it is usually more expensive than the others in the area; and I am not sure if it even offers more amenities than the others. I have stayed at: Arco Hotel, Scandic Hotel, Hotel Artim and the Mercure Zentrum, which is literally between the bars Scheune and the Bull. I would suggest looking at the various hotel booking sites to compare prices, knowing that any of the hotels in the Motzstrasse, Martin Luther Strasse, Fuggerstrasse area are nearby. Or if you want to use the U-bahn stations as a reference, near Wittenbergplatz and/or Nollendorfplatz. What is special about the lab..........just go!!!!!!!!!!!! chiilfuck
  12. Folsom Europe 2017!

    RexTO, You will have a fucking great time. Starting with the down-the-block line that forms before opening time . Just think, all those guys going in to bb fuck!!!!!!!
  13. Berlin for CSD 18.7 to 24.7

    Hello BBCockTaker, Check out the biohazardmen party that Friday night. Info at www.biohazardmen.eu You will not be disappointed!!!!!!!! chiilfuck
  14. first time at Dore Alley

    Check out the Cumunion parties; the site indicates there will be parties both on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon
  15. Experiences at CumUnion

    One more thing.....of course each of us has our own experiences at the Cumunion parties, so your experiences at the places listed in my previous post could be different from mine.

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