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  1. In a short answer.....YES, 321 Slammer is worth the time!!!!!
  2. Yes I do. I was 22-23 at the time and had been dating a guy for several weeks. I had recently expanded my sexual activities, as having just come out a year or so before, I had progressed from only receiving blow jobs, to also giving blow jobs and then to fucking a few guys. We had discussed him fucking me, but he wanted to make sure that it was something I really, really wanted. He was nearly twenty years older and had been out for some time; so he had had experience. One evening, I told him that I wanted him to fuck me, which he did. He lubed my ass and we proceeded. I can remember being on my stomach for part of the session and on my back for the rest. We were very careful, as this was the early 90's and a condom was used. And even with the utilization of a condom, he pulled out before he came, pulled the condom off, covered my mouth with one of his hands 🙂 and shot a huge load that actually went over me, landing on the headboard. (I now wonder how that load would have felt shooting inside of me.....oh well). Oh my gosh!! The sensation from getting fucked was incredible and I was hooked!!!!! Him fucking me became the primary sexual activity during the time we dated....and I craved more, and more......and more. Needless to say, I started getting fucked by other guys and it was not long before I started to enjoy the pleasures of barebacking with some of them. I was living in Ohio at the time, but had recently discovered Chicago and all of its carnal offerings the gay world offered during the early 90's, making it very easy to get fucked A LOT!!! chiilfuck
  3. Hello, how is chicago ? is USA safe to visit now , with the cuurent racist against China ?

  4. I do it because the physical act feels so good and the psychological aspect is great too.....especially after being bred, having a part of him (or them :-)) that stays inside of me for awhile,--oh what a head rush!! chiilfuck
  5. Hello, I concur with Leather69, as except for Hamburg, I have also enjoyed the locations and parties mentioned, especially the debauchery of Berlin!! Though barebacking seems to have become the norm in most places, those places mentioned above attract guys who are serious about bb fucking, without the game playing or coyness often experienced here in the USA. 321 Slammer in Fort Lauderdale offered some of the same vibe on a smaller scale, though its post-pandemic survival is questionable, as the property is reportedly for sale. And yes, as the years have gone by, the number of such places for such fun has steadily dwindled here in the USA, so much so that several guys I have told about other places, especially Berlin, think I am exaggerating; I am not! chiilfuck
  6. Hello, I have not been to Ajpnia, nor do I know when or which night(s) of the week you went out, but my numerous experiences in Berlin have been wild--and that is an understatement Look at the previous posts about Berlin; in my opinion, none of these is exaggerated. chiilfuck
  7. Hello, Yes, I have been confused by some recent profiles on BBRT that indicate 'safe" or "oral only." Hmmm.......on a bareback site! chiilfuck
  8. Hello, Yes, it has happened numerous times, mostly on international trips, but occasionally here in the USA too. If it happens in a sex club with others around, sometimes someone will translate or the guy I am having sex with will switch to English, presumably because English seems to be the default second language around the world. It is interesting in Montreal, where most guys will initially say something in French, then switch to English if my response or lack thereof indicates that I do not understand French. Even during the instances in which verbal communication is limited, body language and/or hand gestures suffice. However, as has been the case in previous posts, it has not been a problem and has not inhibited fun in any way. SEX is a universal language!! chiilfuck
  9. Hello to all, In my opinion, the Thursday night Lights Out party had lost its appeal several years ago. The lights were not noticeably dimmer than on regular nights, and the novelty of the party had worn off. I do think when it first started, it was a monthly, not a weekly party, which made it seem like more of an event. And, I believe the lights were dimmer during the early days of the party too. Oh well. Steamworks is closed for now and likely remain so for the near future. chiilfuck
  10. Berlin, Berlin, Berlin! Take a look at previous posts about the city and you will understand why it is so highly recommended.
  11. Hello. atmalways, your description accurately describes the Cumunion parties here in Chicago too, which has parties on the same Monday and Friday nights as there in Toronto. And as there, staff do not mention anything about the party; this was also the case at the bath house parties in Las Vegas, Portland and Denver when I attended.
  12. Hello ffbareff, Sorry to hear that the Toronto Cumunion was disappointing, but not surprising. I do think the shift in attitudes of gay guys about such events/venues has had a huge impact, at least in North America.
  13. Never had a long list, but the primary one was to get fucked on every inhabited continent. That goal was reached in 2014 while in South Africa😉 chiilfuck
  14. Hello bareback-flipflop, I have stayed at several hotels in the Schoneberg area, the neighborhood in which both Axel and Tom's are located, and do not think any would have problems with an additional guest going to the room with you; some might require the use of the key card to use the elevator. It seems that all of he hotels in the area are gay friendly. Regarding parties for Friday and Saturday nights, there is the biohazardmen.eu party on Friday night (www.biohazardmen.eu). Also, the bar Bull that is open 24 hours is always good for fucking. It is busy very very late, on weekends and many guys go there after leaving other bars. Enjoy chiilfuck
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