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  1. Hello, Do take a look at the site www.siegessaeule.de for a list of events; it has a link to “English calendar of events.” I have been to the Club Culture Houze Monday naked party twice. It is not overly crowded, but has a friendly and willing-to-play crowd. Of course, there is always the bar, Bull, which is open 24 hours. Enjoy, chiilfuck
  2. Hello, According to a good friend, the Bull was open as of Tuesday, 7 August 2018 chiilfuck
  3. Hello rawlondonfuck,, The Folsom Europe Biohazardmen.eu parties are normally held at Connection Club, at the corner of Fuggerstrasse and Weiserstrasse, in the middle of the gay area in Schoneberg. I have been to many of the Biohazardmen parties over the past several years, and nobody does anything to ensure that attendees are positive.. My thoughts are that the organizers want to ensure that attendees know and accept the risks of a 100% bareback party. GO AND HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!!!!!! It is literally wall-to-wall bareback fucking chiilfuck
  4. Hello, I have left the party at 11am or so; so you will have lots of time to play. Keep in mind that many who arrive at midnight or so are in for a possible 2-hr wait to get in, so you really will not be late at all. Unlike most parties at the lab, or sex parties in general in Berlin, this one does not have a limited time for entry. i hope that helps
  5. Slick & Raw, You articulated it well with describing the Berlin cruising scene as animalistic! It is definitely not shy and calculated. Brackento, just go for it! As for SNAX, I normally go at 4am or so to avoid the long line. HAPPY FUCKING
  6. Skinbastard makes a good statement. Easter and Folsom Europe weekends do have a lot of tourists. And with English being the default language, it is heard all around. That said, language has largely not been a problem, even during regular weekends, as many Berliners do speak English A difference during the "big" weekends is that some tourists are not as sexually open as the locals; but there are enough locals around as well as wild visitors (such as myself) who appreciate the Berlin way of doing things. The biggest difference I have noticed during the Easter and Folsom Europe weekends is that the percentage of guys that wants to use condoms is a bit higher, especially at the more touristy venues--such as the Lab or at the Pig Party. However, the more local spots and definitely the biohazardmen parties maintain the same character. Even at the touristy venues during those weekends, it is not hard to find guys who love barebacking. Happy fucking
  7. ......a few more thoughts. A huge difference between Berlin and North America is that sleaze/kink/raunch are accepted as normal part of the gay life there, not as transgressive as is the case in North America. That said, there is very little ogling, finger pointing and etc. at the various venues. So: fucking right at a bar while a bartender is serving drinks, finding guys squatting between restroom urinals with the intention of enjoying piss and seeing guys fisting at nearly any bar, are all a part of the scene. Furthermore, many of the bars in the neighborhood, Schoneberg, are on first levels and basements of multi-level apartment buildings, seemingly with no problems with neighbors. chiilfuck
  8. Hello Brackento, You are correct. Even with modern technology, Berliners do like the real world action; and it is evident at the sex parties and in the dark rooms. Berlin will be a great place to enjoy the raunchy side of yourself. I now go three or four times a year. Anything goes! You can expect an unbelievable amount of raunchiness at various venues. And if you look good in fetish wear, you are in luck; many bars and sex parties have themes during the Easter weekend. Of course, being Germans, the Berliners are strict about dress codes. The Snax party starts at 11pm or midnight and goes well into the late morning on Sunday. Fetish gear is required for entry and the door staff check to make sure that you are wearing or carrying appropriate clothing. In general, fetish would be leather, rubber, skin head, athletic wear and uniforms. Do know that athletic wear is extremely popular as fetish wear, not only at Snax, but for any general fetish party. Expect a long wait at the door if you get there any time before 3-4am. The lab.oratory also has its naked party on Thursday night, traditionally opening up more of the space due to the extra visiting crowds. There is a biohazardmen.eu party Friday night that is wall-to-wall bareback fucking and a Coffe and Cream party on Monday evening this year, another bareback party. Both parties encourage "sexy" wear, with lots of guys wearing jock straps. Additionally, the bar Scheune has a naked party on Sunday evening. Do check the listings, as many bars have specific dress code parties for the Easter weekend. New Action and Mutchmann's are traditional leather and fetish bars that will have specific themes at Easter too. Oh, one of my favorites is the bar called Bull. It is open 24 hours a day and is as sleazy as it gets, with all types of people there having fun. It is busy very late, usually packed at 6am and later. Go and enjoy the uninhibited nature of Berlin The downside, for me anyway, is when I return to the USA and have to cope with our conservative gay ways. Also, expect hundreds of people to be at various venues, and thousands at Snax!! Helpful sites are: www.siegessaeule.de, which has an "English Calendar of Events;" www.biohazardmen.eu, which describes the biohazardmen party; and the Official Easter Berlin site https://www.easterberlin.de/en/easter-berlin/veranstaltungen. Enjoy chiilfuck
  9. I have found that if I want a room and get to the party by 8-8:30, they are available; afterwards, there is an hour or so wait until 9:30-10 for one
  10. Hello FriendlyBottom, I am a frequent visitor to Fort Lauderdale and have been to several Cumunion parties at Clubhouse 2. I have found the parties there to be lots of fun, with plenty of bareback fucking and a non pretentious crowd. There is one room with a padded square-shaped fuck bench that can accommodate several fucking couples at one time; it is usually busy for most of the party. Of course, being a bathhouse, there are rooms and other play areas. One observation is that at the beginning of the party, there seem to be several guys who have been there since the afternoon. And at the early party times, say from 8pm until 9:30 or so, rooms (and sometimes lockers) are sold out. However, usually around 9:30 or so, rooms and lockers become available. The party usually begins to wane around midnight to 1am, at which time I go over to Slammer to continue my slutty night!!! Happy fucking chiilfuck
  11. Viciavor, I am literally just returning from Berlin and had (as always) a bb fucking good time. I went to the Lab.oratory twice on this trip, for the weekly Thursday naked party and for a newer theme sneakersox party on Saturday night I don't think age makes a difference at the lab, for I always see a variety of ages there. Be sure to check the website for specific themes, though. Thursdays are usually naked and Fridays are 2-4-1 drinks. chiilfuck
  12. Hello to all, I finally made it to a fukd party at Club 120 on 18 February. Having had "so so" experiences with wild bb fucking in Toronto's sauna's over the past few years, I was looking forward to the party being in a sex club/bar, as parties at such venues attract guys who were there only for the bb sex. Anyway, the setup was nice and the staff were helpful and friendly. At first, there seemed to be a lot of standing around, with few guys "going at it." But after the first stage performance, a much higher percentage of guys was fucking and it became a wild bb fuck party. I do visit Toronto at least a couple of times a year and now will try to coordinate my trips with the fukd parties Thanks Read1 for suggesting the party awhile ago!!!!!!!
  13. I agree with theplayerking. Finding sleazy guests in the U.S. is more of the problem. Yes, the venues mentioned above are fairly reliable and Cumunion parties can be fun (I usually plan weekend trips to U.S. cities to coincide with them), but in general, the sex club/bath house scene in the U.S. has become hit-or-miss. GO TO BERLIN!!!!! chiilfuck
  14. Hello bb10Top, To confirm what the other guys said.......JUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been there for: Folsom Europe; the Easter Fetish weekend, which includes the Snax party at the lab.oratory ("the lab"); the weekend of the Fall/Winter Snax party, which usually occurs during late November or early December; and at regular weekends. (www.lab.oratory.de) I have to say that the amount of fun does not vary too much for me. Yes, the "big" weekends have more people but in Berlin, fun can really be had any time of the year; and sometimes, the difference can be in the number of people overall, not in the overall amount of fun. I do try to go when biohazardmen.eu (www.biohazardmen.eu) is having parties, for there are parties 8-9 times a year, both during regular weekends and during the big weekends. That party guarantees an unbelievable low attitude free-for-all bareback fuckfest. It has regular parties at one location and parties during the big weekends at another location that can accommodate more people......totally unreal. I also find the 24-hour totally sleazy bar. The Bull, great for bb fucking on any night. Keep in mind that this bar is popular very late; it is packed at 6-7 am. Another bar, Scheune is also a lot of fun and has an infamous naked party every Sunday afternoons; staff actually hang a banner outside the bar on Sundays advertising the naked party!!! Many bars in Berlin have darkrooms and fucking is the norm. And in my experience, compared to here in North America, there is not as much standing and modelling, at least not at sex parties or in darkrooms of bars. I too have been to Dore Alley and Folsom in San Francisco. To compare, the San Francisco events might have more displays at the festivals themselves, but the actual fucking in Berlin is so much better. If you went to the Cumunion parties in San Francisco during Dore Alley and or Folsom and had a good time...just wait until Berlin. Regarding the specific events/times you mentioned: Folsom Europe: The lab has its usual Thursday night naked party and opens up more of the club for the event. (Expect hundreds of guys at the party) Biohazardmen has a party on Friday night that is super crowded, too much so for some. Saturday night is the Pig Party, which has been held at different venues over the years. It is a combination dance/sex party. Lots of bareback fun can be had there, but as an event that attracts a lot of tourists from more conservative lands, some guys want to wrap up Sunday is a Coffe-and-Cream party (all bb) as well as the Scheune naked party. Snax: It occurs during the fetish Easter weekend. The lab has its normal Thursday night party; biohazardmen has a Friday night party The Lab has the Snax party that can have an infamously long line to get in, unless one gets a ticket (onsale locally a month or so before the event) or if one waits until 4-5am to enter. (Don't worry, as the party goes on until noon or so). Coffe-and-Cream normally has a party on that Sunday too. I hope the information helps. I would recommend sampling a big party weekend and a regular weekend, as both offer their brands of fun. One great thing about Berlin is that it offers whatever one wants in the gay world and guys still go out to venues to fuck. Enjoy chiilfuck
  15. Hello, I have been going to Fort Lauderdale at least 4-5 times a year since early 2011 and do feel it is one of America's last gay meccas, where guys go to actually enjoy the sexual side of the gay world. Not one to do much online, I have loads (get it?, :-)) of fun at Slammer and Coubhouse II. Slammer, as described above, is about as sleazy as it gets in this country. It is a BYOB establishment with an expansive back area. And yes, the back room with the round fuck bench, affectionally called "the buffet," can be wild on good nights. The overall atmosphere is like a levi/leather bar of yesteryear; and no cell phones are allowed--yippie. Clubhouse II can have an older crowd, but I have found weekend nights, weekend afternoons and the Cumunion parties there to attract a variety of guys. Honestly speaking, having been to several of the Cumunion parties in various cities, I rank the one at Clubhouse II (evdry 3rd Saturday) as one of the best. There is little attitude and an active designated play room that has a big square fuck mattress, active for most of the party. When I go for Cumunion, the night usually starts there and ends up at 321 Slammer, as the Cumunion party starts at 8pm and usually thins out around by midnight. Because I tend to "go out" out for my fun , staying at one of the resorts is not a priority for me. That said, I will usually find a reasonable hotel in the area and drive to the destinations. Fort Lauderdale has public transit, but more of a suburban American type; don't expect frequent service to every corner of the metro area. Renting a car is highly recommended, as even UBER prices can add up with numerous trips. What makes Fort Lauderdale special is that locals like to have a lot of fun and most visitors come for the same. When I say fun. I mean fun in the old-school "let's hook up" way that was the norm prior to the US gay world becoming so conservative. So go.......and have a great time!!!!! chiilfuck

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