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How it started

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Part 7

We drove in silence and I looked out the window. The past hour had been a whirlwind. 

After my friend dropped the bomb that he was leaving me to my own devices, I had been surprised and unsure of what was next. He assured me that he felt terrible and wanted to have more of me, but couldn't lose another job because of this. He wen't back inside to say his goodbye's. I pulled out my phone to look for an Uber.

"Leaving so soon?" Timothy asked. 

"I'm not sure what to do." I said, genuine uncertainty creeping into my voice.

"Welll..." he started, almost timidly. "Would you like to get out of here... with me?"

I looked up to him from my phone and regarded him for a long moment, a big smile then broke out on my face which cause the same on his face. "Yes, yes I'd like that a lot"

My friend returned, said goodbye to Tim and then apologetically made his goodbyes to me. He kissed me deep and said "You are so hot and I loved introducing you to this, we WILL see each other again. Ill call you when I'm out of work and see where you are and If your still partying. You got an Uber?"

"I got a ride, yes." I said catching Timothy's eye.

"Okay then. Here's a little something to make up for my leaving you. Just a little T. enjoy it" Then he was gone we watched him go. I chuckled realizing I never did get his name.  We sat back down for ten minutes or so casually chatting and getting to know one another. He was a nice guy. A teacher, late 30's. A dry wit. Seemed to have great friends and family. He lived a town away from me in the suburbs. He said he didn't do this much. He seemed in control of his use. He was a lot like me.  A normal guy with a secret dirty side. I felt so connected to him. My friend had been way more intense and used frequently, it scared me a little. I couldn't become that... But Timothy. It seemed like a course I could follow. Have a secret life but keep my normal one as well.

"I want to feel your naked body against mine so bad. Are you ready to leave?" He asked me. We made our way through the house, nodding goodbye's along the way and made our way to his car. 

_ - _ - _

As we drove I realized, I had no clue where we were going ans asked him. 

"Is my place okay?"

"Yeah. Perfect. I'll be closer to home then. Less money for a car after."

"Don't be ridiculous. I'll drive you home" I smiled. I don't know what it was about this guy but he made me feel safe.

We walked into his place at 11p on the dot. It was warm and modern. a compact 1 bedroom in a condo building. The kitchen was open to the living room and the bathroom and bedroom were set back. We had a quick something to eat as we talked and both downed some water. We talked and laughed. If this were a "normal" date, I would have been interested. The fact that this was so much more, I was very interested. He suggested I hop in the shower and said he'd lay something out for me to wear, I could put it on while he showered. Before I went into the bathroom, he handed me two vitamins and a viagra. I chuckled and swallowed them down with water as he told me it was important to keep up my strength when partying.

I showered and let the whole day fill my thoughts. How was it only 11p? I was exhausted. After, I dried off and wrapped a towel around me and went to the bedroom. I put my clothes in  a neat pile with the little bag I'd brought from home. Timothy came and kissed me. "You look sexy, I left an outfit from my collection on the bed. It should fit, we're pretty comparable. I also took the liberty of prepping a drink for you. There's G in it." He then took his drink and went into the bathroom. I put on the jockstrap he'd left for me. It was cobalt blue. There was a huge full size mirror against the wall and I looked into it assessing how I looked while I started to sip my drink. It looked well on me. Timothy returned in just a yellow jockstrap. Wow, he was gorgeous. His body was tight without being overly muscular. His package seemed large and inviting. By this time we were both nearly done with our drinks. We raise our glasses, finishing it off. 

"You smoke?" He asked pulling out a pipe he had prepared from his dresser shelf. We passed the pipe sitting in two arm chairs in a window nook of his bedroom, enjoying it for several minutes. I could feel myself loosening even more with every exhale of white smoke, unsure weather it was the T, the G or both combining in a happy marriage. When the pipe was spent we made out. The passion grew with every second and we both were growing hard in our jockstraps.

"Would you be interested in these?" he asked after he pulled apart from me and opened a draw pulling out two points. 

"Yeah...absolutely" I said

We went back out to the kitchen to prepare them. I sat at the island and he stood by it's counter. "Do you know how to do this?" I shook my head and he nodded. He then walked me through how to build a point. I was grateful that he was being so instructional. He made ours of equal size, telling me it was .3 then we retreated to the foot of the bed and sat. he tied off both our arms. "I'm going to get you started, then do me. When I say go all you'll have to do is empty it into your arm, okay?" I nodded. and watched as he got to work. He got the needle in me effortlessly and pulled back as it registered. I then watched him do the same to himself. It was so hot. as he registered he looked me in the eye and said "Now. We both looked down and emptied the mix into our veins. We both extracted the needles, capped them and put them down. We next untied out tourniquets and then looked to each other waiting for the rush to hit.

End Part 7


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    • By 24bnejo
      This is not my story, but it’s my favourite chems story so I thought I’d paste it here. From the stories section on nastykinkpigs...
      My life changed 6 years ago, when I was in a bathhouse in
      FTL. I was high, been smoking and bumping T for a few hours when I decided to
      get online in my room. I came across a profile on for this Thug looking
      Black man not far from where I was located. I told him that I was at the bath
      and I was hungry for some Black meat. We chatted for a few and he just asked me
      if I was partying. I admitted that I was and I couldn’t get enough cock. He
      told me that he would be to the bath in 1 hour, and wanted to know what room I
      was in. I told him and he told me to continue to smoke and fill my ass up. The
      next hour came and went and I just thought he was playing and then suddenly he
      was knocking on my door. Well he was thugged out, wife beater, chains and cap
      on. He came in and told me that he liked his bitches really high and I needed
      to smoke up. I continued to hit the pipe as he undressed. I was freaked when he
      pulled his jeans off to reveal the biggest black cock I had ever seen. It was
      at least 11 and so fat I couldn’t get my hand to close at the base. The balls
      were low hangers and as big as golf balls. He had 3 inches of fore skin hanging
      off the end, just to make the scene perfect. He was perfect, bearded, tatted
      and he was Jamaican. Well he put me on my knees and told me to start sucking. I
      couldn’t get enough of that meat in me. I’m a good cocksucker, and was eager to
      show him my skills. I took as much as I could and he fucked my face, calling me
      a dick sucking bitch and kept telling me he was going to turn me into a bitch,
      with a big fucked out pussy. I was so hungry for him, he was laughing at me. After
      a few minutes he told me to get up, we were going to Miami to a bookstore he
      liked, that he would drive and I could play with his dick. I jumped up and got
      dressed and we checked out and headed to Miami. The bookstore was on Old Dixie
      Highway in a ghetto part of town that I’d never been to.

      When we parked he told me, he was going to take care of my
      pussy. If I wanted his cock I had to do everything he told me, if I didn’t he’d
      leave me here and never have anything to do with me again. I was so hungry for
      his cock that I said I’d do anything. He told me to give him 20 dollars and
      bring my poppers and T and leave my wallet in the car. When we got inside,
      there was a thug guy that he knew working the booth which was behind glass. He
      paid the 20 and we went in. It was obvious that he came here often. When we
      were buzzed into the back it was totally dark at first but he led me along a wall
      and as my eyes adjusted I could see that there were doors on both sides of the
      hall and it was the nastiest bookstore I’d ever been in. We went to the last
      door and he opened it up told me to go inside. We both went in and he told me
      to undress. I quickly took my jeans and shirt off, leaving my boots on, he then
      took my clothes from me and told me to stay in the room, he’d be back in a few
      minutes, but he left me with the poppers and took the meth. I thought for sure
      that he was going to ditch me in there, but I was high and hungry and wanted
      more of that cock.  When he left I sat
      naked on a small stool watching the monitor with the thug on white porn
      playing, I was again playing with myself and fingering my hole that was oozing
      cum from the bath. It was only a few minutes when he returned without my
      clothes. He told me that the guy at the booth was a friend and he had all my
      stuff behind the counter, and that it was all safe. Then he pulled an orange-capped
      syringe out of his shirt pocket and told me that he was going to slam me, if I
      was going to get any of his dick. I didn’t know what to do, I wanted the cock,
      but I’d never slammed and I was afraid. The meth in me took over and I told him
      ok, but I was afraid because I’d never done it. He told me that I’d love it as
      much as Black cock and I was going to become a pro at taking both tonight. So I
      stood up and he told me to put my arm on the ledge in the booth near the
      monitor, so he could see with the light. He then popped the orange cap off and
      stuck the needle in my vein. I watched scared as shit, but excited at the same
      time. He pulled back and you could see my blood fill the point, then he pushed
      it in steady but fast. The next thing I knew I was breathing hard and fast, hot
      all over starting at my feet and then a huge cough, and my eyes started to
      blur. I was fucking scared, but fuck it felt good. Instantly I wanted
      everything in me and he pushed open the door to the booth. There were 3 Black
      guys outside waiting, I know that they knew what I had done and it turned me
      on. My thug told me to take care of that meat, that I was a bitch and he wanted
      me to serve everyone in the bookstore tonight. I was on my knees at the end of
      the hall with the door open in the dark surrounded by big Black cock. I started
      to suck and it wasn’t long until I was stood up and bent forward and the first
      Black cock entered my hole. The three of them fucked me and dumped loads in me
      while my Jamaican Thug watched. When the last pumped me full I was told to
      follow. I walked behind my Thug naked with only my boots, fucked up. We slowly
      walked thru the bookstore. There was a room with a few old torn up couches and
      chairs in it and a big monitor playing more thug on white porn. My eyes
      adjusted and the room had a few black men in it with their pants open stroking
      big Black cocks. I was told to bend over the back of one of the couches and
      show my pussy off. I then heard my Thug say this is my bitch, and I’m training
      his pussy tonight, he a fucking meth whore and needs to be fucked full. It
      wasn’t but a second and I felt the head of another Black cock as it slid into
      my stretched pussy. The fucking continued for awhile, as I was filled with cum.
      I was then led down another hall to a dark room at the end of the hall. I felt
      around and it was so dark I couldn’t see, but I knew there were a few men in
      the room. We went into a corner where there were more walls and I saw a
      lighter, where some one was smoking a pipe. I was told to get on my knees and I
      heard my Thug talking to the guy smoking the pipe, and then it was put in front
      of me. He told me I was gonna hit it, it was crack and to inhale slowly but
      keep drawing, he was gonna light it. I put my lips on it and started smoking.
      It was another first for me, but I loved it. I was a crack smoking meth whore
      now, serving my Thugs. I was next presented with a fat black cock. I sucked and
      serviced that meat until he blew a huge load of jizz down my throat. It was
      only a second and I had more cock. I was later stood up and fucked  from both ends, swallowing and getting my
      pussy filled. I knew I would do anything he wanted at this point. I was now
      desperate to be a Black mans bitch. In a few minutes we were back in a booth
      where I was told to wait it was time for my pussy juice again. In minutes my
      Black Thug Daddy was back. I stood up waiting for him to pump me full of the
      meth again. The cough wasn’t as intense this time and in seconds I was grabbing
      my pussy and begging for more cock. My Thug told me he would only feed me after
      Id had cock all night taking care of all the Brothers in the bookstore. I went
      back to work. I was now bold, walking up and down the halls, going in every
      booth I was told to. I was officially a bitch. That continued until late the
      next day, one black cock after another. Then My Thug Wayne was ready to feed my
      hungry pussy. Wayne took me to a booth and told me to face the monitor, he slid
      his big monster cock in me and I was a sloppy mess, with cum running down my
      legs and all over my face. He fucked me loud and hard, calling me a bitch and
      telling me that I belonged to all Black men now. I know it was so everyone
      could hear. After he pumped his load in me he told me to wait, he was going to
      get my clothes. When he returned we went to my house to clean up and rest.
      Wayne told me he wanted me to slam, from now on, he would help me to learn and
      I was to continue to go to the bookstore. That he would meet me there when he
      could but the guys there would take care of me. I was to smoke crack when I
      could because it was good for my pussy. I promised that I would, and so it
      began…  It was only two days and I was
      back at Prime Time getting the deluxe treatment. To be continued…
    • By sfopenhole
      I have a fantasy; One day I'm horny as fuck in a new apartment in a sketchy neighborhood. I hadn't realized when I moved in it was SO sketchy and that I was next to a black drug dealer. I'd seen the Boss and his buddies coming and going. All of them were huge bull studs, 6'6", 250 -300 lbs of solid rippling muscle, not an ounce of fat on any of them. I try to be friendly wherever I go, always helps to have good neighbors. Now, I'm a really small guy, 5'3", 140 lbs, very compact, solid, defined. I'm very well hung for my size, a real 8"x6" that gets titanium hard when I'm turned on. I'm lightly furry, nice thick 5 I clock shadow and generally considered a nice catch when out cruising. Because I have a deep voice most guys think I'm an exclusive top. I'm quite versatile though but my secret is I'm a size king. I do enjoy partying and when I do I love to bottom for big dicks. I've never told anyone it was too big, so when I saw these massive bulls my hole started to pulse, and my tongue must have been dragging on the ground salivating. I didn't realize I'd been staring so hard when one of the biggest brutes came over to me "Sup, you new to da hood, bro. What a whi' boy lak yew doin heah?". His voice was a profound deep basso, my hole twitched even more.  I told him I just moved to the city and was looking for a great flat in a funky neighborhood, it was a great place and the price couldn't be beat, so I took it. Guy stuck out a hand the size of a dinner plate and rumbled "mAh name is Tee, I'm da boss round heah. You ain't 'fraid?" I told him I might be small but I could handle myself and I liked edgy neighborhoods and my flat seemed very secure. Tee rumbled "You parTEE, boy? " I knew exactly what he said and the inflection it conveyed, my hole went wild, clutching and spasming! I tried to be cool and said cautiously " I like 420, and sometimes some other things". Tee said,"It Fridee, we parTEE all weekend. You come by Tonite, we get down, heah? WelCUM yew to da hood". I gulped said as calmly as I could "sure, see you later.* When I shook his hand his huge paw completely engulfed mine. As I turned to go back inside my place I heard him say quietly to on of his cohorts "Lookit da pussy on dat boi, damn.." I pride myself on my physical condition and work out regularly, especially on my legs and butt. Around 6 I started a very long involved clean out. I really didn't know if this was a meet and greet or a total depraved fuck fest, so I decided to be prepared for whatever. By 8 I saw some of Tee's buddies arriving. Jesus, those guys were BIG! They were all thickly muscled, all had tank tops or skin tight T shirts that showed off incredible physiques. It was not.lost on me that they all wore loose sweats or basketball shorts. Despite the looseness it looked like there were baseball bats swinging fro their crotches. I noticed that every one arriving were all male, no girls. I couldn't clean out any more, all was clear. I put on the tightest jeans I had, which showed my front and rear to best advantage. Ioved how the seat was so right it rubbed on my hole, barely containing how horny I was! Knocked on the door, when it opened a totally opaque wedge of very strong pot came out into the cool night air. When the smoke cleared a massive hulking bull stepped out and rumbled " Tee said dere waz a new neighbor. Ahm Gee, hiz podner" Another dinner plate sized had engulfed mine. Then he said "Yew cute" and with that, he picked me up, brought my face even with his and gave me a long deep sensual kiss!" While he kissed me he passed a pill that was on his tongue to my mouth,I knew it was X. At the same time he reached around with his free hand and sensuously squeezed my butt; Oh, this was going to be some be evening. I was walked into the living room, where there were 2 other huge black muscle bulls on the couch. On the coffee table was a cornucopia of drugs piled high. I saw Tee in a thick haze of pot smoke, puffing on a huge joint the size of a cigar. "Yo, bro, you here, coo". Took a big toke on the joint, passed it to me. "Get in the groove, man" I took a pretty hefty toke, then started coughing uncontrollably. Man, that shit was strong; Just the one time made me dizzy. Still coughing, I sat down. Tee handed me a glass, said "Gatorade. Help that cough, drink it all down". I immediately tasted a VERY strong G dose, and the X was working already. Man, these guys were heavies! I drank the G down as fast as I could. One of the bulls said,"Man, it warm in heah" and stripped off his shirt.  Holy Shit! The guy was ripped! One by one the others took off their tops. All were like ripped muscle gods! "Yo, bro, I bet you warm too ain't"cha? I was warm, took off my skin tight T shirt. "Nice body for a small guy, but yew don' look so small in front there, bro." By now I could see much clearer outlines of the rapidly expanding organs in their pants. Fuck! It looked like base ball bats! By now I'm really hot and shucked off my jeans. I had no underwear so everything was on display. Tee boomed. "Dayum, bou, yew nice all ovah."T time!". I smiled because I knew exactly what he meant. A huge bong on the table had it's large bowl filled with completely clear shards, torch was lit, Tee took a massive hit, held it in, motioned me over, planted his lips on mine and exhaled. At the same time I felt one if his thick fingers at my hole smeared with lube and pushed what I knew was a large rock deep in me. I writhed as it burned but very quickly I was enveloped in another huge shotgun from Gee this time.Fumbling around, I wanted to feel what was in those shorts. Oh My GOD! This thing was HUGE and it wasn't even fully hard yet! I was moaning when one of the other bulls came by and shotgunned me again and shoved another rock in me! Oh fuck, what had I gotten myself in to?!?
       I was REALLY FLYING! The X, the G, the  booty rocks, all those shotguns, my hole was ravenous! Oh GOD I wanted them to brutally gang fuck me until I was ruined! I couldn't talk. All four of them were feeling me all over, they were stuffing 3 and 4 thick fingers stretching my hole, but I wanted the REAL THING. I started to speak but all that came out was a gutteral incoherent croak. Tee whispered in my ear. " Ah think yo bout ready for dick ain't you? You NEED big black thug dick up yo pussy doncha?" I made a gutteral sound and nodded my head. All the time this huge brute was massaging and teasing my hole with the tips of his fingers. I finally managed to croak out. "PLEASE FUCK ME! I CAN'T STAND IT! PLEEEASE!." Tee looked at me with a look of pure animal lust. "Jus one mo thing. He whipped the towel off a nearby tray and there were 5 points, all loaded to 0.5. I had never done more than a 0.35 before and I thought that was too much. I knew the dope these guys has wasn't cut at all; I tried to speak but couldn't form the words that I wanted/didn't want it, NEEDED it, but still didn't want it. Tee cooed in my ear. "Just relax, baby, we gon take good care o dat pussy," and he stroked my hole opening, sending electric shocks that made me twitch. While he was stroking my opening on of the other guys had tied off my arm and swabbed it. Gee came up with the syringe and since he was a phlebotomist, got immediate registration, pushed the plunger all the way in and unsnapped the tourniquet. WHAM! OH MY FUCKING GOD! FUCK ME!" I screamed. At the same time all the guys dropped their shorts. I couldn't speak, I was on a Mach 10 rocket to the stars and couldn't believe how freaking huge they all were. One by one each one pointed. When they did their cocks came to full mast. How were they going to fit without damaging me. That thought fled in a second, then the HUNGER took over. I couldn't form words. I saw Tee take a turkey baster filled with lube, gently inserted it in me and squeezed the bulb till the tube was empty, then I saw Tee liberally smear his mammoth organ with a thick coating of lube. An open bottle of real anyl was shoved under my nose and was commanded. "Breathe till I tell you to stop!". I took 5 huge huffs, then Tee placed the apple sized head of his cock and pushed. I was in awe as my hole swallowed it, and a third of his cock. Tee groaned "Oh baby...baby that so good...so hot, so tight". My hole clutched and spasmed around the Incredible girth. I took 5 more huge hits of poppers, felt my hole go completely slack and the rest of the 13 inch cock slid in to the base. I could only make gutteral fragments of words. "Uhh, ooh, uuhh, big, ohh, good" Then summoning all my concentration I screamed "FUCK ME! OH GOD! FUCK ME!". Tee pulled out almost to the head, then slowly slide back in. There was pain, but it was immediately replaced with THE HUNGER. Tee went in and out for a couple minutes, slowly picking up the pace, until he had a good rhythm going. Then, suddenly, he yanked it completely out with a loud wet squishing sound. I went nuts! "OOHH NOOO! PLEEEASE DON'T TAKE IT OUUT! OH, MORE! MORE!." Tee rammed it in deep. By now my hole had no resistance. Tee roared "OH FUCK, BABY, GONNA NUT!," rammed it in all the way. I could feel his cock pulsing and felt the hot jets of cum coat my insides. When he pulled  out with a loud wet POP. I could see thick strings of cum drooling from my distended cunt. Immediately one of the other bulls grease up by and plug his fencepost sized cock in to the hilt. And it started all over again. Through the night they all took turns and I was alternating whimpering and screaming for MORE! Finally, just at dawn, they finished. They had each cum me 4 or 5 huge loads. I don't know where they got it from. They all knew they were extraordinarily huge and although they were vigorous they were never violent. They knew that an accomodating bottom was difficult to find. They wanted me for more! They carried me back next door to my house and tucked me in. Before they left Tee whispered in my ear. "Baby, you got the Grade A pussy. We want you back if you want. My eyes got wide. "I want it again!". Tee kissed me deeply. "We be in touch, whi' boy".I slept the rest of the weekend. 2 weeks later there's a knock at my door Thursday evening. It was Gee, says "You ready fo sum parTEE tomorrow night. I just nodded my head. "Same time, place and grabbed my ass and squeezed "Same good pussy"
    • By DutchBBfucker
      Everything was set up for my monthly parTy, a few friends were helping me setting everything up. After setting the sling my friend Thomas walk towards me and said: “i have a feeling that it’s going to be a very hot party”. I only replied with an evil grin. Everybody took off the little clothes they were still wearing. I watched Thomas undress, a saw his hot tanned athletic body and when he stretched out you could see his defined abs; a rock hard eight-pack. He was only 21 but an expert at nearly everything that has to do with sexual pleasure. His fat cock was dangling between his legs; a d donkey dick. My other two friends already started and lay down on the mattresses, both were 29 and very cute. The bell rang and i opened the door 3 friends entered. As soon as the door closed they stripped and joined the rest. After a few hours i needed something to drink so i went to the kitchen when the bell rang, so i thought ‘maybe it’s that hot guy from Grindr, he had to work late so he didn’t know if he could make it.’. I saw that Thomas was standing closer by so i asked him: “Could you open the door… it’s a surprise!”. And a suprise it was, because when i came out of the kitchen i saw my 19 year old nephew standing in the living room. “Brian, what are you doing here?” i asked him. He started telling us that he and his girlfriend had a fight and that she dumped me in the club and left with the car. Then he asked if he could crash here tonight and i said “sure you can sleep upstairs… and as long as you don’t complain about our party!”. “I won’t!” he said smiling. “Why she dumped you bro?!” Thomas asked out of the blue. I told Brian he did have to tell us, but he started to tell Thomas that he started doubting if he was really straight. “When i was at the gym i started to notice that i was also looking at other guys and that always gave me a hard on.” he told us. “So in the club there was a very hot bartender and i couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. After a while i saw him coming towards me and without saying anything he grabbed my head and kissed me deep and intensive… i was shocked for a second but then the feeling took over. I kissed him back and it felt so damn good. My girlfriend saw the whole thing and he started yelling that i was a sick freak and left” he continued. The hot guy asked him if i wanted to go back to his place, but that was too fast for Brian so he left. “Everything’s going to be alright” said Thomas and i asked “If he wanted to go upstairs and if i should go with him”. “Can i also stay down here? i will sit on the couch and won’t get in the way!” he said. “That’s okay, but you have to take off your clothes, but you can leave your boxers on. Otherwise it’s awkward for the rest.” i told Brian. He look a bit surprised but nodded and said “Okay!”. Because i saw photo’s from his last holiday i know that my nephew has a very hot body; an athletic Twink. Thomas and me joint the rest and after half an hours an other friend nudged me, so i looked over towards Brian and saw that he took of his boxer and was stroking his hard cock; i guessed it was around about 8 inches. I went over to Brian and said “Guys turn you on, you can’t hide the facts… sooner or later you must act upon it… this is your chance… they can learn you a lot about sex with a man... i saw you checking out Thomas earlier, i’m sure he can teach you a lot”. “i know but my mind is conflicted… i want to but something is holding me back!” he replied. I tell him that i know something that can help him with that “…but i need you to trust me… no questions! Okay?”. I see the conflict in his eyes but he starts to smile and says “if it helps i’ll try anything!”. I leave the room and come back with a syringe and a strap. I tell him “Lay back and relax, close your eyes and don’t move”. He stutters “but… what…”. “You trusted me so no questions” i said. He lays back and tries to relax. I tie off his upper arm and tell him “If you don’t want this tell me now… You can still go to bed upstairs instead of having a life changing night with us”. He shakes his head. I then stick the needle slowly in his vein and starts injecting him with a substance that will take over his mind and turn him into the slut he really wants to be. After pulling out i say “No way back now! Enjoy!” while removing the strap. Brian sits upright and begins to cough, and i raise his arm above his head. After a 20 seconds the Tina starts to take control and he falls back in the couch. His cock is hard as a rock and standing straight up and is oozing pre-cum. Thomas see this and move towards Brian and begins to suck his hard cock whilst slowly massaging his asshole. Brian starts moaning when Thomas takes the whole length of the oozing dick in his throat. In the meantime he also begins to work a finger up the unexperienced Twink. Brians moaning becomes louder and louder. When a second finger is worked deep inside the virgin hole Thomas other hand moves up and starts slowly pinching Brians nipple. The boys slutty instincts take over as he begins twisting and turning his ass around the two fingers. Thomas feels the ass opening up so he pulls back before ramming in three fingers. This is too much for the boy and his body begins to shake. Thomas feels the dick growing in his throat and shoves it in balls deep and squeezes and twist Brians nipple. The former straight boy explodes and thick streams of cum begin to fill Thomas throat. Thomas tries to swallow everything but when de cum starts pouring out his nose he pull back. He also pulls back the fingers out of the boys ass. Brian begins moaning and pleading to put them back. I tell my slutty nephew that we have to clean out his ass first before we can fill it again. Thomas helps the poor boy on his feet and leads him to the bathroom. After 20 minutes they return. Thomas tells me that he tried to fuck Brians ass in the shower but that it’s too tight. Fortunately we have something that helps us with the stretching. So we lead Brian to a bench and tie him down. Thomas then takes out my fuck machine while i load up my nephews ass with lube mixed with a high dose Tina. After a few minutes Brian begins to moan that his ass is burning. We ignore him and see that several minutes later his ass begins to open up while the tina is taking over again. We love sloppy holes so we mounted a big dildo onto the machine and position right against his asshole. Thomas takes the controls and slowly begins to force the dildo forward. The asshole tries to resist the pressure of the dildo. Brian asks us to please stop. But slowly and surely the dildo advances further until the ass opens up. Brian cries out while the dildo goes deeper and deeper before slowly begin extracted. Our new slut gives a sigh of relieve, but that was short lived because the dildo begins to advance back in. With every stroke the machine picks up the speed a bit. After a few minutes the boys ass gives up and is standing wide open. In order to dampen the moans we take turns fucking his mouth with our dicks. When the machine reaches his top speed we shut it off and after shoving a few shards up the open ass we fuck it in turns and shooting load after load deep inside. Nothing beats fucking a cumfilled sloppy ass. After this weekend Thomas and i asked my nephew to moved in. And together with our friends we still like to parTy!!!
    • By Melbourneslut
      Looking for anybody who wants to abuse the fuck out of my hole. Will device your cock like a demo slit.  Pimp me out - I don’t give a fuck.
      I’m a dirty whore pig who can pay there own way  And am fucking good at admin
      vers btm - and have good viral load if u want it
      - I’m  cum hungry 
      [deleted]: melbpzslam
    • By Eagerindayton
      Anyone seen these videos? Made by Sketchy Sex - I think. Hot.

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