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    Abused as a teen, grew up cruising and chasing.. BB is my life
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  1. hmm older daddies are the best!
  2. I go to darkrooms an gloryholes since I am a teen and always do anon sex! I grew up like that and still it turns me on. I even have a anon fuck bttm that I fuck for 7 years now and only a month ago we found out who we are to eachother... I sneak into his parents house now every weekend and fuck him with the Light out.. I miss my weekly fuck at the darkrooms. I will misbehave when they open again wednesday..
  3. I was in a bad place before I got pozzed, didn't knew what I wanted and always scared. That changed when I got the bug. I got more self-assured , tried more in life and sex and started to love myself again. I live life the fulles now.
  4. I'm at 16 given (anal), 37 taken and 34 swallowed 😛 .... this far
  5. Is it true that most of the sluts are high?
  6. Rockhard here! Keep on going! I love depraved bugchasers hmmmm
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