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    Avrage guy likes to be dominated.
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    Looking for chemfueld sessions.
    Seeking tops for kinky play. Travel alot and can hook up diferent places arround Europe / US. Huge turn on to be used as your whore for you and your friends, privat or public. Also need help to get some new pics of me and when you ram my fuckhole raw....

    Seeking tops with interest for Bondage, SM, PNP, wet, sperm, spitt, TT, CBT, Groups, toys, etc. PNP

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  1. This is the hottest story ever, thank you. Please write more.
  2. So fucking hot, thank you for your storry. But we need more and hear about those cumhungy sluts.
  3. Nice story, thank you. But we definitely need more,.
  4. Hot story. Would have loved to have been there.
  5. To bad people cant take a story and enjoy it. If you dont like it, find something else and move on. I thought the storry was super hot, wish I could experience something like this. I find it hot to be chemed up and give up my control. Love when Master feeds me what he wants hus chemed pig slave to take and make his slut fly as high as he wants his chemed pig slave. Please weite more. Or send me a message.
  6. So fucking hot, please write more.
  7. Looking for some raw pig action when visiting NYC, 16-18th of September, any suggestions?

  8. Sweeden. visiting in September

  9. Looking to to get in tutch with tops in NYC for pervy hookups when visiting NYC.
  10. hey where u from

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