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Part 1 

Yeah, I knew I was gay.  I was only 18, and still in high school, but I had fooled around with a few guys.  This was early 1990’s.  My experiences had been quick and anonymous at the adult bookstore. The first couple times I just let a guy suck me in the video booths, but after several sessions I also found myself on my knees, blowing guys.  I had gotten fucked exactly twice and both times it had hurt and both sessions were totally safe as both guys used a condom. 

I was, at that time, the total surfer twink, at 5’ 10” and 170 pounds, dark blonde hair and surfer tan.  I was also totally not out.  And still coming to terms with the fact that I not only liked guys, but that I was definitely more interested in the pleasing side of things versus sitting back and being pleased. But the bookstore was really hit and miss, and I was somewhat picky.  My usual target was white guys in their late 30’s or 40’s.  And that was really all I liked.  Guys my age didn’t interest me really. 

So there I was, 18 and about to graduate high school and sneaking off to the adult bookstore when I just couldn’t take it anymore and either getting sucked or sucking guys.  And I could still count my gay sex experiences with both hands at that point.  My parents were divorced and I lived with my mom, who by then was either at work or at her boyfriends place.  I had a lot of time to myself. We lived in a big apartment complex and I had to walk  past a couple of buildings to get to our place from the parking lot.  It was during one of those walks from the parking lot that spring of my senior year that I met Tom.

I had kind of noticed him, even though he was pretty new to the complex.  One, I had to walk past his patio and front door and two, Tom was hot.  He was maybe 40 (turned out to be 44) and tall, 6’ 2”, but he was thin.  I doubt he weighed more than me at 170. His hair was graying and cut very short.  Our neighborhood was not gay Mecca, so I figured he was straight, probably some guy getting divorced. 

Anyways, I was waking up the path after getting off of my after school job and it was just getting dark.  I knew my mom wouldn’t be home, but that was fine and I was used to making myself dinner.  I saw him ahead of time on his patio so I wasn’t spooked, but I was surprised when he raised a hand and called out "Hey there, neighbor.  I was standing here hoping a young strong guy would walk by."

Slightly unsure how to respond I gave a light laugh, whereupon he continued "My name is Tom.  I just moved in here a few weeks ago and I bought a new TV and need to move the old one upstairs but it’s really a two man job.  Any chance I could talk you into giving me a hand?”

Like I said, I already thought the guy was hot and, well, he was wearing a rather revealing a v neck t-shirt and gym shorts.  Besides, it just seemed polite to help so I finally replied "Hi nice to meet you Tom.  I’m Chris.  I just live down the way, and yeah, I can help.”

Smiling, he replied "Great, thanks.  Come around the front door and I’ll let you in.”

I walked in and my naive gaydar went off a little, but then I asked myself 'What do you know?'

What was clear, however, is that the house was far from being slobbish.  His furniture was tasteful and several cool, well-mounted, framed black and white photos hung on the walls.  The TV of which Tom had spoken was prominently located in the living room, positioned on the floor.  The new TV was in the prime position on Tom's entertainment center.

“I really appreciate this. I just want to get it into my play... into the other bedroom, the first one at the top.”

Most of the units in our development were the say layout, so I knew the room of which he was speaking was, in my house, my bedroom, so I knew what to expect.  Tom led the way, hefting up his end of the TV, and I took-up my end, and we rather clumsily made our way up the staircase.  As we began the turn into the bedroom doorway Tom grunted "Let's put it on the long desk up against the wall, ok?”

It wasn’t til we set it down that I looked around and realized the purpose of the room, and why Tom had initially begun to use the word 'playroom' in identifying the room.  Now, my experiences might have been slight, and I had certainly never been in a room built just for sex, but I was in one now.  A bed on one wall, with the big desk which contained a TV, a DVD player, and a VCR on the opposing wall.  The third wall was all mirror closets. And in the corner was something that took a naive 18 year old a second to figure out:  a sling.  In the most remote corner I couldn't help but notice a camcorder on a tripod. 

I think he noticed my shock and offered a light joke "Well, doesn’t everyone have a sex room?” He paused and then added more quietly, “Well, every gay man anyway.”

He stared right at me when he said that.  And while I was 95 percent sure before he said that, I knew now I was standing in Tom’s gay sex room.  “Do you like it?” he asked. 

My heart was beating 1000 miles an hour when I replied "I like it a lot.”

He looked at me a long time. “Chris right? Chris, how um, how old are you?”

“I just turned 18 in January,” I replied.

This was totally different than a two minute blowjob in the dark.  This guy was my neighbor.

“Chris, I’m not the only gay man in the room right now am I?" he asked quietly.

I shook my head.

"I was just gonna make sure the TV works right.  Want to watch a video with me?”  I again just nodded.  “One thing though, one of the few rules of my room, clothes are definitely not allowed.”  With that he stripped down.  Holy shit.  He was naked in front of me, and half hard.  And his cock was amazing.  I nervously stripped down.  I was hard as a rock and tried to hide it.  He patted the bed and motioned me to sit.  “Don’t ever hide that from me here Chris.  This is a place where we celebrate man sex.”  He grabbed a remote and hit play and settled back onto the bed next to me.  I couldn’t help staring at him and he seemed to want me to.  I was so nervous still but  could feel myself starting to lose control.  The nerves were fading into want.  I had never been in a guy's place before like this and had never had sex outside the bookstores, where it was all about rushing through as quickly as one could. 

Tom seemed in no hurry.  As I watched him wrap his hand around his thick cock and slowly stroke himself, I thought 'Whatever happens will be fine and it’s nothing you haven’t done before at the bookstore'.  I had no idea.  I was 18.  No one had shown me yet.  Tom would.  I just didn’t know it yet.

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I had no idea what to do.  I was naked, seated on the edge of a stranger's bed, and we were watching a gay porn, a gay porn where a young guy was slobbering all over a guy's cock.  My six inch cock was rock hard, but next to me was an almost rock hard man dick.  I marveled at how such a thin guy had such a huge fat cock.  It had to be at least eight and a half inches.  As if sensing it, or maybe he was just staring at me staring at his cock, he commented "I like that you can’t stop looking at my cock.  You must be hungry.  Have you been with many guys?”

I just figured honesty was best and I wasn’t exactly fooling anyone into thinking I was 'Mr. Experience', so I told the truth.  "I've..., I've gone to a bookstore a few times and done stuff.” 

I was super embarrassed to admit it, but he looked at me and smiled, responding "Good for you.  Bookstore booths can be hot.  Did you just let guys suck you or has Chris learned to get his knees dirty?”

"At first, I got sucked but I kind of like, I kind of like to suck more than get sucked.” There, I had admitted it.

"And what about fucking?  Anyone get that butt yet?” he asked.

"I tried it twice.  It was good, but it kind of hurts, and well, it seems like... condoms aren’t very slippery it feels like.”

He looked at me thoughtfully and asked "So, each of the guys who fucked your ass used a condom?  But not when you were sucking, right?  I imagine you took each man's load in your mouth, didn’t you?”

“I only tried fucking twice and yes, each guy used a condom.  And yes, you're also right, when I suck I don’t ever use a condom.  Oh, and yeah, the guys always just cum in my mouth.  I don’t mind though.” There, I had admitted that too.  I liked sucking cock and tasting cum.

“Well Chris, I am proud of you for being so open with me and for going out and finding what you like.  Do you want to know what I like and what I have done?”  I nodded.

“I've done most everything, I think, so if you have a question, just ask.  But when it comes to fucking and sucking and having man sex, I like it all.  But most of the time, I am the one getting sucked more than the one sucking. And most of the time I am the one licking a guy's asshole instead of him licking mine.  And I am always the one, these days, that fills a hot manhole instead of having a cock deep up in me.  And I have a secret trick for fucking that makes it real slippery and the bottoms always love it. In my book it's the only way to fuck.  Can you guess what it is?”

I shrugged, having no idea.

"Well, let's put it this way:  the problem with the way you’ve been fucking is that you used condoms.  I never do.”

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I can only imagine where this is going.  Love how it is starting out already and waiting patiently for the next chapter.  Great start.

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This is going to get real good!! I can see a poz unmedicated cock going in that young guys tight hole and loading it good!!!

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Now if my heart wasn’t already beating 1000 miles an hour, what Tom just said made it go even faster. Everything I had heard and seen had said 'Always use a condom'.  I mean, I knew like in the 70s and stuff guys didn’t, but with AIDS, I didn’t think anyone didn’t use condoms.  But I guess some people didn’t, because guys still kept getting infected with HIV.  All this went thru my brain in a split second.  And the whole time I was staring at Tom and, in particular, his gorgeous cock.  It was so hard now.

Finally, I responded, “I... I guess I just never thought about that.  Everyone says it’s so important to practice safe sex and the guys always had condoms.  I didn’t plan on getting fucked even, it just kind of happened.”

He continued to slowly tug on his giant cock replying “I guess a lot of people say that.  A lot of guys just aren’t satisfied with sex using condoms.  It just doesn’t feel right for them.  Maybe for some guys condoms are great.  But even you said, for you it made it not so great.  Probably not horrible, but not as great as you thought if could be?  And let me guess, these guys were hot guys probably huh?  And you lost control a little and they wanted your hole and so you just gave it to them?  Something like that?”  His gentle smile suggested he knew what had happened and had been there in the bookstore when I was getting fucked.

“Yeah, both times I thought the guys were really hot and I sucked them but they wanted to do more and I wanted to get them off.  And so I let them,” I said.  I couldn’t believe this conversation and this situation I was in.  I would float in and out of losing myself in the moment and snapping back to being a very nervous 18 year old.  And then I added, “And yeah, you are right I guess.  It was okay, but somehow something was missing or not right.  But I don’t know, it was so rushed and stuffy in the booth.”

Tom quietly said “Chris, I have all night.  I have tons of hot porn to keep on the screen.  I think it is great that you felt so open to share with me.  I want you to know, look at me, anything you want to try or anything you want to do.  I would love to share my experience with you and expose you to everything I have.  Right now Chris.  What do you want to try first?”

I was already sliding to my knees when I blurted “I want to suck it.  I want to suck it so badly.”

His legs parted open to welcome my wet lips as I greedily took his cock head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, lashing upwards to taste the first of what would be a good steady stream of precum.  Intoxicating precum.

“Yeah Chris, that’s so good.  Feels so good.  You suck it just like you wanted to, like you needed to.  You look so sexy with your lips wrapped around my cock like that,” Tom whispered.

I struggled as I took more and more in mouth and gagged as it hit my throat.  I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, but I knew I wanted more.  And what was that about licking a guy's hole?  That sounded like two might feel really good, I thought to myself as I slurped and sucked and tried to please him with my young mouth.  Glancing up at him, I noticed a wide smile on his face.  I had a feeling Tom would teach me much that I didn't know.  In fact Tom seemed to know everything - at least about sex.  Not to mention he was so fucking hot.  And his cock, the precum.  I was totally losing myself in cock lust.

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         PART 4

”You have my cock so hard Chris.  Such an eager little cocksucker.  Yeah, lick that precum.  It’s all for you sexy boy,” Tom murmurred encouragingly.

Maybe a few times the thought 'Oh, fuck, this guy is my neighbor' crosed my mind, but I certainly didn't dwell on any issues:  it was all happening very, vast, fast, an besides, indisputably, I loved being on my knees, worshiping his beautiful man cock.  It had such a perfect mushroom head, full and pronounced.  It felt perfect inside my mouth, resting on my tongue.  And that long thick veiny shaft, with just the slightest barely there upward curve felt like hot steel.  His massive balls that I couldn’t quite fit into my mouth in a nice tight sack.  I just wanted it more and more.  I was losing control.  Trying to suck it all into my throat and gagging.

Finally, Tom pulled me off his cock.  I looked up worried I wasn’t pleasing him.  I think he sensed my concern and reassured me saying "That feels almost too good sexy boy, and we are just getting started.  I’m not ready to let you make me cum yet.  Right now I need to more of you.  Get up and go over to and stand facing the desk and spread your legs a little.  God, that ass is so beautiful.  Such a perfect boy butt.  Now, bend over and grab the desk.  I just want to see what it looks... oh what an amazing hole.  You have the most perfect asshole, Chris.”

This entire time I was following orders, and apparently I enjoyed my role as my cock was rock hard and throbbing.  Yeah, I loved hearing how much he liked me.  A super hot man with a huge cock thought I was sexy and had a great ass.  Breaking me out of my thoughts, he spoke again, “ Chris, what’s on your mind?  Is there something else you want to try now maybe?”

I was a little shy, but it felt safe to admit to Tom "That thing you said where you licked a guys butt.  Is that... did you want to maybe try that with me?”

I've gotta admit, even horny out of my mind, I was blushing. 

Fortunately Tom was very, very smooth:  “You have no idea how bad I want to kiss and lick your boy hole, Chris.  Here come over and lie on the bed and pull your knees up.  Yeah like that, so I can see that little hole.  It’s so pretty.  I swear it’s like it’s asking me to play with it and make it feel good.  Do you want that Chris, to have me make your boy hole feel good?”

Laying on the edge of the bed, my knees pulled up, practically able to feel his breath on my hole, I lost and begged a little for the first time.  “Please, Tom, do it.  I never wanted to have somebody play with  my butt like this before.  Please do it.  Anything.  Your tongue or your fingers even.”

His reply was short, “I won’t make you wait.  I can see you need it.”

And with that he moved in, inhaling the scent of my crack and then slowly teasing my hole. The electric shock of pleasure made me buck. “Oh fuck!” I exclaimed.  He was an artist with his mouth and had me squirming and writhing and barely able to breathe.  It felt so good. And then when he pushed his tongue and tried to fuck me with it, I just melted completely.  “Oh god oh god that feels so good. It feels so fucking good!” I blurted.

And then he stopped.  His attentions to my ass were a whole new realm of experience, such that I had no idea even existed.  I wanted more, most definitely, but was also aware the pleasure Tom was eliciting from my ass took precidence even over my cock.  I desperately wanted to experience more of the pleasure he had been giving my young asshole.  I needed to feel more.

“That hole - damn," Tom remarked, adding "I could eat that asshole every day.  Nothing is better than a hot eager boyhole.”

I was so happy.  He had loved doing it, and apparently wanted to do it every day.  I had pleased him.  Now he continued, “Look at my cock Chris.  Look it’s even harder now.  All because of your hole.  Your little hole makes me this hard.  I really want to try something with you.  I think you will really like it.  I love it and guys who love having their butts eaten seem to just really LOVE it.” 

Reaching under the bed, he pulled out a small brown bottle which he offered to me saying "These are called poppers.  Have you heard of them?”  I just shook my head.  He continued explaining "You just sniff it and it’s totally harmless but it just... well I promise you, you will really love it.  It will make you even hornier than you are now.”  He unscrewed the cap and out the bottle to his nose and held one nostril shut and took a deep breath of the  poppers and held it. “See, it’s super safe but.... oh man, fuck yeahhhh,” he moaned as he slowly stroked his giant dick. 

Handing the bottle to me, Tom provided instructions saying "One more time, one nostril at a time and hold it in. Hold on one sec Chris.  I want to watch you take your first sniffs.  And I want to just get some of this on me.”  He had pulled out some lube and was stroking it onto his cock.  He then took a blob and rubbed it onto my hole.  I said nothing but definitely noticed that a guy had just put lube on my butt.  I wondered if Tom wanted to fuck me.  Before I had a chance to think Tom instructed "Okay, Chris, here use that pillow for your neck.  Yeah, like that.  Now lift those legs up so I can see your hole.  Now take two breaths in each nostril just when I tell you to, okay?”

I nodded, so horned up and so out of control already with lust.  And then he spoke,”Take a nice deep breath and hold it.  Okay, again.  Now other side deep breath.  Hold it.  One more time.  Hold it.” 

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Everything went into overdrive and I felt a surge of lust go through me like I had never experienced. And my was throbbing yes, but my hole was spasming and just felt so, so... hungry. Tom looked down at me, “You like poppers Chris?”

“Fuck this is so... oh my god,” was all I could get out.

“You should see the way your hole is just going crazy. It looks so sexy convulsing like that," he remarked with a smile.

“Please lick it again. I want to feel it so bad. My butt, it’s just, holy shit, I never felt like this before,” I sputtered.  My entire focus seemed to be on my hole.  I knew my dick was hard, but I didn’t care.  I just needed his attention on my hole again.

“Chris, I can’t lick it now, I put that lube on and it doesn’t taste that good.” He edged closer to me and handed me the bottle again.  I automatically did two deep breaths in each nostril. I was just flying now. And he came in  and pointed his rock hard cock, with precum dripping from its head, and slowly began rubbing my exposed hole with his cockhead.  And oh fuck it felt good.  I ground my ass against his cock, bucking and teasing, but he just teased back.  He was so good at it, driving me further and further over the edge.  The thought that he didn’t have a condom on registered but he wasn’t fucking me, so I dismissed it immediately.  Besides, it felt so fucking good.  He seemed to sense when the poppers started to fade and urged me on again.

“Three hits, Chris.  Three hits in each nostril.  Or else, no more hole-rubbing,” he whispered.

I wasted no time hitting each nostril with three deep pulls from my new friend, this little brown bottle. He went back to work teasing my hole as I writhed and tried to stay still, when it felt so good that I just wanted more.  He was so subtle that I barely felt him increasing the pressure against my hole.  And his teasing got more pronounced,as he focused on the center of my hole.  Slowly and surely, he increased the pressure and it was now impossible to deny the gentle burrowing of his cock.  But it was okay.  He wasn’t fucking me.  My breath was coming out in sharp gasps by now and it all felt so good. 

When he said “Four times, Chris.  Four big hits on each side.  Do it.  Do it my sexy little boy,” I immediately complied.  And I was already so spun.  And those last hits broke my final will.  I didn’t even realize it had happened til after it had happened.  It was like my body made the decision for me.  About thirty seconds after those four hits on each side, with his firm pressure against my hole and his cock already burrowing into my opening, I literally heaved myself up and impaled myself onto his cock.  The head popped through my ring and two inches of hard raw shaft followed.  He held me firm.  I didn’t take anymore cock in me, but he wasnt gonna let me back off either.  I half screamed and half moaned.  The burn of pain in my ass subsiding already.

“There’s my little bottom boy.  I knew you’d show yourself.  Such a tight hole.  A hungry tight hole,” he whispered.  And he was now working more of his cock in, pushing me to take it but not trying to hurt me.  “Hit the bottle again sexy.  Hit those poppers and let that little hole relax,” he murmurred.  I know I did hit the poppers over and over,but lost count of how much each time.  And by now there was zero denying that he was fucking me.  His cock was sliding in and out and he worked it deeper and deeper.  Nothing had ever felt this good.  Then I remembered he wasn’t wearing a condom.

“Tom, what about, what about condoms?” I got out between gasps.

“I don’t have any sexy.  Besides it feels so good like this.  Skin to skin,” was his reply. 

And it did feel so good.  And he was going even deeper and fucking me more aggressively and the poppers... I lost it. “Don’t stop.  Don’t stop.  Feels so good.  So good.  Big fucking cock so good,” I babbled.

And then he was whispering in my ear, “Your hole is so hungry I can feel it, like you are pulling me inside you.  I’m almost balls deep.  You know what’s gonna happen when I am buried all the way inside you?  I’m gonna cum.  Deep up in you.  And you are gonna let me aren’t you?”  I was grunting and gave no sign of discouragement, but that wasn’t enough.  He continued, “ Say it. Say it’s okay for me to cum inside you.  I’m not gonna let you have it if you don’t ask for it.”

I didn’t even think about it.  I was facing a primal need that immediately rendered my decision.  “Cum in me, Tom, I want you.  Give my your load inside my ass," I managed to get out as he was so close to bottoming out in me.

“Oh yeah, fuck yeah, I'm so close so close to filling your hole up with cum.  Take it.  Take that big dick.  Earn that cum load,” he whispered. 

With a last hit if poppers, I finally blossomed and he sank that last bit into my boy hole.  It hurt in that good way that instantly made me want to feel again again.  He was delivering short hard strokes with the result he was balls-deep in my ass.

"Oh fuck yeah.  Gonna give it to you.  Gonna fucking cum.  Fucking fill you up.  Yeah yeah FUCK YEAH, take that fucking load.  Take that fucking hot cum. Oh, fuck,” he groaned in a deep voice.

“Oh god.  Oh god,” was all I could get out.  Over and over.  In the back of my brain I realized my torso was dripping with cum - a load I had blown, but which I somehow hadn't realized when I was actually cumming.  The feeling of my hole being fucked so deeply had overwhelmed my orgasm.  My cock hadn’t mattered compared to the ecstasy of my asshole.  “Please stay in me,” I whispered. 

He looked down at me and announced "You are the sexiest boy I have ever fucked.  I swear your hole NEEDED dick.  And cum.  It needed that too didn’t it sexy boy?” A s I started to come down, the alarms went off in my head.  Holy fuck, this guy came in me.  And it felt like he came a lot too.  I had no idea if he was safe or anything.

I slowly backed off his cock, which fell out of my hole with a plop.  I was losing that fuck high quickly.  How could I have lost control like this?  Because he was so fucking sexy, I answered myself.  And those poppers.  It made me feel like I had to have his dick in me.  My body needed it so bad it override my brain.  I started to back off him and got up on very very shaky legs to find my clothes.  I was a little embarrassed now that I had acted slutty and lost control and I had even asked him to cum in me.  I asked him too! 

Apparently Tom could sense my developing freak and reassured me, “ Hey sexy, I know that was a lot at once.  I am so happy I met you though.  You are so hot.  And I would love to do this again and again.  It can be our secret, if you want.  But I hope you want more.  And the look in your eyes says you do.” 

By now I had my shorts and shirt on.  I knew I had to ask.  And I was so scared as I quietly asked “Tom, are you... are you safe?”

He looked at me and patted the bed to sit down next to him, asking with a slight smile "Safe? What does that mean?  Was I gentle not to hurt you?  If that’s what you mean, yes.  Or do you mean something else?”

He was gonna make me say it.  "Meaning HIV," came my whispered reply. 

“Chris, I want you to think about what we just did.  Think about how much you liked it.  How badly YOU wanted it to happen.  How it just got better and better.  Like you always dreamed man sex could be.  And I have more to show you and more to share.  And you will be back.  Maybe in a day.  Or a week.  Or two.  But you are gonna come back here for more man sex with me.  And it’s going to be raw like now.  And you will ask me to cum in you again.  You will even beg.  And to answer your question, yes I am HIV positive.  And yes, you took a huge load of my cum.”

His gentle smile never faded.  I don’t remember my reply.  It was all about getting out at that moment.  I am sure I said goodbye as I left as quickly as I could.  I stumbled on still rubbery legs to my place, extremely aware of the wetness in my hole and asscrack.  His semen was slowly leaking out of me.  I shut the door behind me and locked it, made it to my room and fell on my bed.  My head was spinning.  HIV positive cum was inside my ass.  What was I gonna do?  And then his speech at the end.  As if I'd ever do that again!  But as my thoughts continued to unfold for every ten fearful 'Oh fucks!', there was a long thought of the knowledge I had just had sex that was so amazing I didn’t even think it was possible.  But there was no way I was ever doing it again.  No way.

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