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  1. PART 16 After we had caught our breath, we untangled ourselves and i got up on wobbly legs to try to find my clothes. The day had been hotter than anything i could have imagined but now i was starting to have that guilty voice in my head, not to mention my hole was wrecked and my legs felt like jello. I think being more experienced, they had seen young conflicted guys like me before. They were both extremely nice and almost gentle in the way they helped me ease out of the room. Ron insisted on giving me his phone number, which was approved by my original Top man. He seemed happy even that Ron and i had so obviously liked each other. I got back to my place and slipped into my bedroom and stripped off, planning to shower. But as i laid down and stretched out, part of me was enjoying my current state. The mix of man sweat and ass and cum and lube was making me relive the entire day. I was very aware that i had two different men’s semen inside me. HIV positive semen. And now not just from one guy, but two guys. And now here i was hard again just from thinking about it. And when i gently fingered my cummy hole, it just made me regret having left. What was i going to do? It was like i couldn’t control it, like i needed it. Getting fucked had unlocked something inside me. And taking it raw, there was something about it that made such a difference. Something about knowing it was skin on skin, that another man was in me with no barrier, and that i was giving him my hole to cum in. That magical moment was always the thing that replayed in my head, the moment when they would cum inside me. I loved all of it, but there was something about just knowing i was giving them the opportunity to cum in me, and that they wanted to, and that something made me want it so bad. So bad that even if they were HIV positive, i was gonna beg for it anyways. Admitting that to myself made me feel gulilty and it also made me rock hard. The turn on of it all won out though. It won out every time i got fucked and even now in my room as i jerked off. I jerked off thhinking about Ron giving me another fucking. And after i was a little uncomfortable that the hiv part had played big in my fantasy. I decided to sleep in my cummy mess and wait til tomorrow to wash their scent off of me. And i was already thinking to myself if tomorrow would be too early to call Ron, even as his fresh cum was still soaking into my guts.
  2. PART 14 Something about what Ted had said and just the room and the whole scene had had an effect on me. I liked that he had all the lights on. I wanted to see him clearly. And I wanted him to see me. As I worked his cock with my mouth, I wasn’t shy in making eye contact and making it clear that I loved sucking him. His cock was so hard and every so often a fresh drop of precum would leak out, and that taste would make me even hornier. I took my time and he let me. I ran my tongue up and down the shaft. I licked his cock head. I sucked and licked his big cum filled balls. And I practiced taking a man’s cock deeper and deeper into your mouth. I wanted to be a good cocksucker for my top. My eyes watered and spit dropped off my chin but i worked more and more down my throat for longer and longer. The next day, my throat would be a little sore from ramming his cock down it, but for now all that mattered was his reaction and feeling his hardness in my mouth. Feeling it flex and throb as I sucked and licked it. “Fuck yeah Chris, work that Dick. I can’t wait to fuck you. I can’t wait much longer. You gonna give me that hole? You gonna let me have that little cunt to fuck?”, He said thru clenched teeth. I enthusiastically nodded and it wasn’t a few more seconds before he was pulling my lips off his cock and I wa hearing him say “Show me that hole. Turn around and show it to me.” I spun around and bent over the bed and spread my legs. “Climb up and get on your knees ass up and head down, with your knees near the edge.”, he commanded. It took me maybe 2 seconds to assume the position and hear him tell me “Yeah that’s it. Nice and spread. Your hole looks so hot Chris. So tight. And you live showing it to me don’t you?” “Yeah please. Please fuck me”, I begged. I felt him smearing lube onto my hole as he slowly teased it open. I gasped and bucked back into his touch. “What’s that sexy boy? What do you need?” He asked me, as his fingers worked me open. “Fuck me. Please fuck me. Fuck me til you cum. I need it.” I practically cried. And then I felt it. The blunt head of a rock hard man cock pressuring my hole, pushing it open. I focused on trying to relax my hole as he slid into me. I am sure I cried out a little as he was not being so gentle. He wasn’t ripping into me, but he was determined. It hurt but I didn’t care. I was so overloaded that I just needed his dick inside me. Even as I cried out in pain I was pushing back trying to impale myself on his cock. “Yeah boy open up. Open up that hole for me,” he grunted out. He never paused and I didn’t want him to, he just kept working my hole and sliding that huge Dick deeper and deeper. Despite the pain I was urging him on and pushing back. I wanted it all the way in. I really wanted it. He wasn’t going slow and easy and it wasn’t long before I hear hi tell me “I’m so close Chris. Your hole... I just can’t last. It’s like it’s pulling the cum up from my balls. I need to shoot in you baby. You want thAt?” Frantically i was begging him “yes! Yes! Yes!” A yes for every thrust into me that was knocking my breath out. And then he stopped. “Flip over on your back. I want to see your face when I give it to you.” He said. As he slid into me again, he pulled down close to me and began whispering to me. “Yeah. So close. So close to cumming in your hole. And you want it. That poz cum. You love this raw cock. I’m Gonna keep fucking you til you read poz just like me. As many loads as it takes.” And maybe that’s when he broke me. Who knows how many times I repeated the following words: “Fucking poz cum” and “as many loads as it takes” he just stArted pounding me then and within maybe a minute he practically shouted as he drove hArd into me “Fucking huge load. Pozzing you now. Fucking take it. Take my fucking cum.” I wrapped my legs around to pull him in, my ass milking his shaft to get every drop. He throbbed and flexed as he tried to push every bit out. Finally, I felt his cock slip out of me and he pulled back to catch his breath. He looked down at me and smiled. “Are you gonna come back later when you need more?” I nodded. “Anytime you need my cum, just call. I want my cum inside you every day sexy boy. Every day.”
  3. PART 13 Ted smiled as he opened the door. In the light, he looked pretty much as I had remembered him from the booth, except maybe a few more years older than I had thought. But definitely as tall as I had thought and just as tbin, if not thinner. He had on a white tank top that cling to his thin frame and loose basketball shorts. As I looked closer, I could see the outline of his cock thru the thin satiny fabric. He caught me stAring and grinned even bigger as he guided me in by putting an arm around my shoulder. His apartment was clean and nice, not fancy, but definitely comfortable. But that was all I took in as Ted guided my down the hallway immediately, and into his “fuck room” as he called it. I took in what was normally a bedroom. It had a small desk and computer in one corner and one wall lined fully with mirrors, another wall had a tv screen already playing gay porn, and then a full size bed wa against another wall. Finally, hanging from the ceiling in another corner opposite of the mirrored wall was what I instinctively knew to be a sex swing, a sling. I don’t even know if the door was all the way shut before he was naked and urging me to take my clothes off. I was embarrassed that I was already hard, but quickly stripped. This was different than the booths. Ted had the lights bright in the room and he stopped and took a long look at my naked body. “Chris, are you SURE you are 18? Absolutely sure?”, he said with amlittle doubt. I was afraid he was going to stop and immediately spoke out “I swear to god I am 18. I can show you my license and everything. I am still in high school and live with my parents but I am 18. Please don’t make me leave.” I scrambled to my shorts and pulled out my wallet. He waved it away. “Chris I trust you. I am glad you trusted me enough to show me your ID. I don’t need to actually see it. You know what I really liked? I really liked how bad you want to be here. And that was really your first time at a bookstore like that wasn’t it?”, he said as he started handling his cock. I noddedand then added “I did get fucked one other time, but the other day at the bookstore was my second time with a guy. Or guys, I guess.”, as I laughed nervously. “Fuck that’s hot. And now you are here, all in a week. You must be so horny. All those years I bet, just thinking about cock and man sex, jerking off every day. And now finally, you discovered it. You tried it. And you just want it more and more. And the best part is you are already hooked on raw sex. I bet you wouldn’t let me use a condom if I wanted to.”, he said softly. At that last line, a visible look of fear shot across my face. “Don’t worry”, he continued, “there’s no way I would do that to you. No condoms right?” I shook my head. “Why don’t you say it. Say it out loud so I know you mean it. I know I don’t want to use a condom when I fuck you. I want to fuck that hole bareback and I want to shoot my load deep inside it. My poz load. Is that what you want too?” I gulped and in a quiet voice, I said those two words out loud, “no condoms.” “And how do you want me to fuck you?”, he whispered as he edged closer. “Bareback no condom.”, I said louder now as the excitement of the moment grew. “And my load? Do you want my poz load inside your hole? Do you want me to cum inside you Chris?”, he asked. “I want it! I want your cum in me. Please just fuck me til you cum. It’s ok.” I practically begged. His hard cock was now inches from my eager mouth but he paused and asked me another question, “You do know I have HIV Chris? And my cum is full of it. Are you sure this is what it want? Cuz I want to fuck you so bad and I want to flood that little hole, but I want to make sure you want it?” The way he said it was genuine not concern, but just really wanting to make sure this 18 year old kid knew what he was getting himself into. As serious a topic, somehow the gesture just made the whole scene sexier. I didn’t know what to say except the truth. “I don’t know. I love getting fucked but there’s something about knowing you are giving me your cum. I can’t help it. It’s like my favorite part of it and I just want it. I know it’s dangerous but I can’t help it. I don’t even know why but I just feel like I need it. Like I really need it. Even if, even if it’s so risky. Please, you’ll still cum inside me right?” In the moment, in that sex room, actually talking about all this stuff, it was almost too much and my need made me emotional. Ted looked down at me, my face a picture of desperation with tears almost swimming in my eyes, so hungry for him. “Don’t worry baby. I have so much cum for that hole. I’m gonna give you a huge load. Just what you need.” And the distance closed and my mouth opened and I was sucking his cock, worshipping it.
  4. PART 12 The next day I was just wrecked. Besides my hole being super sore from all the cock I had taken at the bookstore, even my legs were sore from holding myself up so long. That didn’t stop me from jacking off thinking about what had happened in that 90 minutes or so I was in those booth. All of the guys had been hot older guys with big cocks and every one wanted it raw. I had done my best to keep all the cum inside me. It seemed important to have it soak in. And then there was the last guy, Ted. He had been the hottest. And he seemed to really like fucking me too. He had even given me his number. By the second day, I was feeling a lot better and by late afternoon I had looked at that phone number Ted had given me enough to have it memorized. I was so nervous but I kept repeating how amazing his cock was and how his cum shot so hard I felt it. His cum. His hiv positive cum that had been shot into once already after three other guys had wrecked my hole. But he was so sexy. And confident, as if he knew I wouldn’t be able to resist him and his giant poz cock. Isn’t that the world he used? Poz. I knew it was dangerous. I knew I shouldn’t have anything to do with him. But by 430 I was calling him. He answered on the third ring. “Uh hi, this is Chris. I met you at the, um, at the bookstore like two days ago.” I said, as nervous and awkward as could be. His tone changed from the gruff hello he had answered with. Now in a smoother gentler sexier voice he spoke back, “ I knew I would here from you. My new little 18 year old bareback bottom. You want to come over now don’t you Chris?” I was rock hard, even though I was also embarrassed to be called out like that. Still, I answered, “yes, really badly.” I could almost sense his grin thru the phone line. “Why do you want to come over Chris? What do you want? What do you want me to do to you?”, he said in that low voice. He was gonna make me say it. “I... I want you to fuck me again. Like the other day.” I whispered. “You want me to cum in your hole again dont you Chris? That’s what you are really hungry for isn’t it?” He had me. He knew it and i knew it. I was only 18 and totally new to man sex. Ted had been around enough to spot young guys discovering that they are meant to be cum sluts. He knew before I did what it was I needed and how bad i wanted it. And he wanted to feed my addiction. “I think you need to get here quick Chris. I have a nice big poz load for that boy hole.” He gave me the addresss and I was cleaning up and in my car within 20 minutes. All I could think about was how hot Ted was. That thin body offset by that huge cock and those giant low hanging balls. The fact that he had HIV was totally in my mind, but the overwhelming feeling was it was worth any risk. I just had to have it. I had to offer up my asshole to get fucked raw. And he was so tall and so skinny. It made his dick look even hotter. And he really wanted to cum in me. Thst just made it hotter, pleasing him by totally giving him my hole. My Dick was hard the whole ride over. As I tried to adjust myself as I walked to his apartment door, I thought one more time. I was about to go in to a strAngers house to have unprotected anal sex with a an older man that I know has hiv. It’s in his cum. And his cum had literally shot so hard I had felt it, a huge hot load of man sperm. And my thoughts weren’t fear or worry. My only thought was I hope I feel it when he shoots his cum into me. A I knocked, I was aware how the nerves had changed from fear to just excitement. I couldn’t wait to see Ted and be his bottom. To take his cum. Beg for it even, if he asks me too. And when he answered, the shiver of anticipation that ran thru me felt so hot. I couldn’t wait. And now here he was opening the door for me, guiding me in. And i couldn’t wait to go.
  5. PART 11 There I stood, naked from the waist down in only a T-shirt. My legs were still a little rubbery from balancing myself while the last guy had fucked me. And my dick was still rock hard. The adrenaline and endorphins kicking thru my 18 year old body, combined with the raunch of where I was with all this porn and the smell of cum all around me, knowing guys are getting off in the booths around me, was almost too much to take. My senses had long since gone to overload. It was like being starving and then getting to eat at the best buffet you could imagine. And even though my legs felt like jelly and my hole was already a little sore, I couldn’t shut it off, that feeling of needing cock and cum. And now here I was, with multiple loads already in me, standing naked in front of a total stranger. Thru the glare off the screen I could get a decent look at him as we sized each other up. He was definitely in his 40’s and tall, really tall. And very thin. He was mostly balding and had his hair cropped very short, which combined with his mustache just made him extra hot to me. This time it was me thst closed the distance as I reached out and stroked his cock thru his pants. “Still hungry?” He whispered. Without a word he tugged my shirt off and then he slipped his shirt off and his pants. We were both totally nude in the booth. And now seeing him naked, I just wanted him more. He had to be st least 6 4” and something about how thin he was just made him sexier. And then there was his cock. It was gorgeous. He was more than half hard already and I could see a perfect cut cock, at least 8 inches with a nice prounounced head and just the slightest upward arch along the thick shaft. And his massive balls hung low as they sagged below. I began to slide to my knees but he stopped me. “Turn around boy. Bend over and show me that ass,” he whispered in my ear as he spun me around. I put my knees up against the bench and spread myself wide for him. I could sense as he slid down on his knees, putting his face level with my ass. “Fuck yeah” he whispered, “look at that hole. All that cum. Fucking hot boy.” I responded by trying to spread even wider and pushing my ass out. I felt him gripping my ass cheeks and then his beard as it brushed my ass cheek. And then he was rimming my hole, even more than that, he was devouring it. I bucked uncontrollably as he held me in place. I am sure I made noise as I gasped and sighed as my body shuddered while he made love to my hole with his mouth. The way he teased and licked and literally fucked my hole with his tongue was almost beyond what I could take. It felt so good, and with my hands holding me up, my hard cock just swayed in the air leaking precum as I ground my ass back. Then he was up and I could feel him as he bent over me. I felt his hot breath against my neck as he spoke to me. “How old are you boy?” I whispered my age back. “18 and in an adult book store getting fucked. And taking loads. You horny little fucker.” “It’s my first time here. I just... I really like getting fucked and the guys didn’t want to use condoms so I...” i drifted off, unsure what to say. The whole time I could feel his cock resting in my ass crack, driving me crazy. “I don’t like condoms either.” He whispered as he breathed hot and heavy in my ear. “That’s ok. I don’t... I don’t like them either. You can cum in me.” I whispered urgently, my need for cock overpowering me. “Yeah. You fucking like having a guy cum in you don’t you? I have a huge load for you. Do you want it? Do you want me to cum in you?” He asked as he grinded against my hole. “Yeah. I fucking want it please. You can cum in me please.” I practically begged. And now his hand was down there and I felt the pressure of that hard cock as it forced my hole open. “Yeah open up for me. Open up that hole.” He whispered as he drove his cock into me. I concentrated on relaxing my hole as he worked it open. With all the cum me cocks I had already taken, it wasn’t long before my hole blossomed for him and he began to fuck me harder. Leaning over me again he whispered “what’s your boy?” I managed to whimper out my name. “Chris, you have such a hot right hole. I want to fuck it again. I’m gonna leave you my number to call me when you need more cum. Do you want my cum? Want me to cum inside you Chris?” “Please. Please cum inside me. I want it. I want it so badly.” I did beg this time. “It’s such a big load Chris. My balls make so much cum. I want to flood you so bad. Is it ok that I have hiv?” He whispered in my ear. An electric jolt went thru me. I had a an hiv oositive cock inside me. A really big cock that was hitting me so deep and felt so good. And that breath against my neck and in my ear and the feel of his hands pulling my hips back to meet his body. My body made the decision for me. “It’s ok.” I whispered so quietly I wasn’t sure he heard me. Then he kissed my neck. “I’m gonna give you my load in a few seconds Chris. And I’ll be in you forever. You want that fucking cum Chris? Want me to shoot my load inside you?” He said thru clenched teeth. “Please! I want it I want it I want your cum.” And I did. I was pushing back bf when he gripped my hips extra tight I pushed back hard to make sure that cock was as deep in my guts as it could be when the first jets of cum pulsed out of the head. “Fuck yeah, take it chris. Take that fucking load.” He grunted as he bucked and jabbed his cock deeper with each throb of his cock. I clenched and pulled at his cock with my hole, trying to milk every drop out. As his orgasm subsided and he came down, he slowly slid out of me. We were both silent as we dressed. Then he handed me a piece of paper. “That’s my number Chris . My place is only a few minutes away. When that hole needs more cum, you call me, ok?” Taking the paper I nodded. Looking closely at me, es asked quietly, “are you ok with that poz cum inside you right now Chris? No regrets?” I was nervous as hell but I wasn’t regretting it. “No...I... i liked it.” He smiled and ruffled my hair. “Don’t make me wait for that hole. I want it again. Soon! And call anytime. No matter what time it is, when you want my special cum, you just call Rich” And then the door was open and he was out and the door closed again. I wasn’t sure my legs would work to get me to the parking lot. Finally, I took a deep breath and opened the door and walked out. As I wobbled out, the clerk looked at me and winked. I had been there over an hour and had taken four loads. And Ted.... he had told me he had hiv and I still couldn’t stop. And now I had his number. He was so hot. Safe in my car, the reality hit me and I got the shakes a little. I was 18 and had just had unprotected sex it’s four guys and one for sure has hiv. And Ted was so hot and his cock as perfect. And when he can his cock throbbed so hard it felt like it must be pumping jets of cum. And he told me to call anytime. Like he knows I can’t resist him. All of this rushed thru my head. And I knew even then, I was gonna call ted. It was just a matter of how long i could hold out. And the bookstore, oh I was going to be there a lot.
  6. PART 10 I backed up towards the bench, as the new stranger in my booth turned his back to me and fed a few tokens into the booth’s machine til a gay porn appeared on the screen. Now, he turned and faced me. He was taller than me and thin, with a mustache. It was hard to tell in the dark, but he was 35, maybe 40? After looking to the door to make sure it was locked, he slid off his shoes and then his pants and underwear, so he was naked for the waist down. He walked over to me and grabbed at my shirt and pulled it up and over my head, tossing it on the bench. Next my shorts were pulled down and thrown on the bench. I was naked in the booth. I looked down to see an already hard cock, long with a big mushroom head and low hanging balls that swung freely. “You like getting fucked don’t you” he whispered. I just nodded. “How many guys have fucked you so far?” He asked. “Two” i whispered back. “Turn around and show me your hole.” He whispered. I immediately spun around and spread my legs wide and bent over, using the bench to brace my knees and the wall to lean into. I felt his hands grip my cheeks and spread me wider. Then the roughness of his beard as it grazed the inside of my ass cheeks. Then his tongue as it licked and stabbed and swirled around my asshole. I gasped and moaned and bucked my hips as he teased my sensitive hole with his mouth. Finally coming up for air I felt hi leaning over me as he whispered “they came inside you.” It wasn’t a question. It was a statement of fact. I felt hi lining up his cock as he pushed and I felt that pressure and then the sharp pain as it gave and three inches of cock slid into me. I focused on relaxing as he worked into me. He was aggressive but not trying to hurt me. I clenched my jaw as my hole began to relax and take his cock. He wasn’t the thickest but he was long and soon he was fucking me deep and giving me long strokes. My hard cock would hit my belly once in a while as he fucked me harder and harder. I didn’t need to touch it. The feelings in my hole were completely satisfying. I could hear his breathing getting quicker and his pumping get erratic and focused on pushing back. With a deep thrust and a grunt, he pumped load number three into me, as he collapsed over me. I felt his cock throb as he worked to make sure he had pumped out all of his sperm into my guts. I ground back into him greedily, wanting to make sure he gave me every drop. “Hungry little slut” he whispered laughing. Without a word, he slid out and quckly dressed. I was so weak kneed, I just slid into the bench and managed to get my T-shirt on. As I caught my breath, he straightened up, slid open the lock and with a quick open and shut was out the door. The porn played on, as some guy got his giant cock sucked by another hot guy. I sat, still naked from the wAist down, in my T-shirt with my shorts draped over my lap. My cock was still hard, my hole was tender, but the sounds and that smell... that smell of cum and sex, just wouldn’t let go of me. I told myself to get up and lock he door, to give myself a moment to collect myself and then get going. I had gotten fucked three times in the last thirty minutes or so. I am definitely going to get up and lock the door. In one minute. I had two reasons for that. One to give my legs a chance to stop shaking from being bent over like that over and over. And two, and I didn’t want to admit it, but I thought maybe I will give it one minute and if nobody comes in, then I really can lock the door and leave. The gay porn was playing loud and clear, so anyone outside it knew what I was watching. I was still naked from the waist down. And I was about to get up and lock the door. I had almost begun to stand up when I heard it. It was definitely getting louder and closer, the sound of a person walking, shoes sliding on the hallway floor, then pausing outside my door. I could see the shadow of someone from the edge under the door. That almost nauseating bundle of nerves and fear and excitement hit me, as I watched the door knob slowly start to turn. He didn’t hesitate. He just slid in and closed the door, quickly locking it behind him, before turning to face me. And as I looked at him, I decided immediately not to be shy. Not for this guy. And I quickly pulled my shorts off my lap and stood up to offer myself for his inspection. And even though I’d already been there and my hole was well used, this guy had relit my fire. He was hot. And please I thought to myself, please want to fuck me.
  7. PART 4 Chris sat on the edge of Kevin’s bed as Kevin rifled thru his drawer selecting a jock for Chris to try. Oh my god, Chris thought to himself, holy shit this is real. I got act cool. Should I try to hide my hardon? What if he thinks I am lame because I am hard? But maybe he will like it? Chris’s thoughts rushed thru his head, his adrenaline surging as the the nerves and excitement hit him. Kevin turned around now and faced him, Chris looked up. Kevin held up a jock in his hand. “This should look amazing on you. It was a little small on me but I bet it fits your frame perfectly. Here, try it on. Let’s see!”, Kevin said as he tossed Chris the jock. Chris was a little shy and tried to cover himself a little as he shed his shorts and put on the jock. As he adjusted it, he was thankful that the pouch stretched enough so even though it wAs obvious he wAs hard, it stayed trapped inside. Chris was almost shaking he was so nervous and turned on at the same time. “Oh fuck!” Kevin blurted, taking in the young man in front of him. “Turn around Chris”, Kevin spoke quietly. Chris slowly turned so his back was facing Kevin. Without being asked, he spread his legs slightly. “What a perfect little boy butt! God it’s so fucking hot Chris.”, Kevin said in a low voice. Chris was instantly more confident and less nervous. Kevin loves his ass. He thought it was perfect. He thinks I am hot, Chris thought to himself. The nerves fading, Chris was just feeling more and more turned on. Without thinking, Chris blurted, “I think you are so hot. Even when I saw you at the store, you are so hot.” Then Chris gestures at Kevin’s cock and added, “ And THAT looks huge!” Kevin grinned. The boy was his. Faster than he had thought, but this boy was so ready. He had just needed someone to light the fuse. Now it was a matter of slowly turning up the heat and making Chris need to take yet another step forward. Time to tease the boy along a little bit, get him talking, Kevin thought to himself. Time to get to him to start telling Kevin what he really wants. That was a big part of it, Kevin thought, getting a guy like Chris to want it so bad he admits it, or even better, begs for it. Most times, once they opened up and admitted it, the young guys can’t wait to tell all their fantasies and desires. Kevin had a feeling Chris was ready to tell him everything. Kevin walked over and sat down On the bed and motioned for Chris to come sit next to him. “Do you like being over here Chris? Being free to express yourself?, Kevin asked. Chris nodded. “Good. I’m happy you are here. Very happy. Nothing is better for me than helping a young man like you find himself. And you are the sexiest young man I have ever had the privilege of helping. And I will tell you a little secret, since you have shared with me, I like it when you stare at my cock. I like it a lot. So don’t be shy ok sexy? You can look at it as much as you want. Remember we can try anything. It’s just us. Two hot gay men together.” The words had a further effect on Chris, as Chris replied “i love being here. I cAnt beleive you think I am sexy. You are like the hottest guy I have ever seen. Fuck that cock looks so big.” Kevin could see the signs of the boy losing control. He could see Chris’s lust was in overdrive. “Want to see my cock Chris?”, Kevin asked quietly. “Please!” Chris blurted immediately. Kevin stood up and slid out of his speedo, exposing his now half hard cock, that would eventually be 8 inches rock hard. Chris had his eyes glued to it, examining every detail. Chris always thought he had a nice dick but Kevin wAs not only longe but much thicker. And what a big cockhead. The way his pubes were shaved short looked sexy as hell, Chris thought. And those smooth shaved balls were fucking massive! What a perfect cock, Chris thought. “Chris.... chris. You here?”, Kevin joked trying to get Chris’s attention. Chris had been so mesmerized by Kevin’s huge cock he had lost all other focus. Embarrassed, Chris looked Kevin in the eyes. “Chris when you would think about guys and having hot man sex, what did you think about? What did you want to do? Actually... let me put it another way, if you had a choice of me sucking you or you sucking me which one would you want?”, Kevin asked. Chris was quiet for a moment. He had kept this answer a secret for so long and now he was about to share it. Before he could lose his nerve, Chris spoke quickly “Its always me getting to suck making the other guy cum. That’s what I like. I.. I’d want to suck you. You wouldn’t have to suck me.” This was going better than Kevin ever hoped for. Chris might really be something truly special. This kid wAs so horny and obviously so fucking gay. The kind of guy that is a natural for becoming a cum dump, Kevin thought. “Chris is there anything else? A lot of guys that love wearing jocks, that feel natural wearing them... it’s because they like showing their asses off. They want guys to notice their sexy young ass, so that they can find a nice a top man to give that ass attention. Chris... does your ass need attention?” Chris’s barriers were just about broken and he immediately nodded and then added “I think about getting fucked. I think about it so much.” Chris couldn’t believe he had just said that but he barely felt like he had any control over himself anyways. This was all happening so fast but he couldn’t stop himself. This was everything he had wanted for as long as he could remember. He was finally in a new town in his own place and had found a mentor that he could be truly himself with. Now here he was finally living his life as a gay man, in a jockstrap with the hottest guy ever naked. Chris was so turned on he knew he had no intention of slowing this down. And as he stared at Kevin’s now hard cock he knew that he was going to do anything Kevin wanted. “All those things you have wanted to do Chris... you have no idea how badly I want to do those things with you. My sexy little bottom. I am going to show you so many things.”, said Kevin in a whisper as he stepped closer to Chris, so close that his cock was inches from Chris’s face. Kevin didn’t have to ask. Chris could t hold back. That massive cock in his face broke his last shred of nerves and he was just hungry now. And as his mouth engulfed the head of Kevin’s cock, Chris thought to himself that he had never felt more complete. With this hot man standing in front of him feeding him his cock, Chris knew this was where he was supposed to be. He had been right all along. As his eyes closed and he settled in trying to take as much cock as he could, he was in heaven finally living his true self serving a hot top man with his mouth.
  8. PART 3 Kevin sat close to to Chris, but far enough away so he could fave him and open up giant legs to give his young neighbor a good view. Kevin quickly got the scoop... theee guys, two were friends and Chris was the new guy. The other two were back home getting a load of supplies and Chris was by himself for a day or two. It didn’t take long for Chris’s eyes to be glued to Kevin’s package. Kevin decided to up things a notch and quickly turned the talk to girls. So Chris didn’t have a girlfriend. Not even back home. And Chris didn’t seem to enthusiastic when Kevin mentioned all the cute girls at the college. Kevin couldn’t help it when he let it slip, “of course, if the girls don’t interest you, there are a lot of men in this neighborhood that would love to get to know you better.” Chris turned red. “Really?”, was all Chris could get out. Now in a quieter voice and leaning closer towards Chris, Kevin said “Chris you know you have a gay neighbor right?” Chris just nodded. Kevin continued in that quiet sexy intimate voice, “Chris, do I have a new gay neigjbor?” Chris didn’t have the nerve to look Kevin in the face, but he nodded. He couldn’t believe he was telling this stranger the truth, his biggest secret. But something about Kevin just effected Chris in a way he didn’t really understand. That bathing suit. His cock must be huge! Is he coming on to me? Fuck I think he is! All of those thoughts flashed thru Chris’s head in about 5 seconds. “Chris, I know this might be kind of overwhelming for you, so just relax. Anything you tell me here, anything we do here, it’s no ones business and your secrets are all safe with me. I also have to tell you I think you are such a beautiful boy and I would love to be a teacher, a mentor, to you. Any questions, anything you are curious about or want to try, we can do. I want my apartment to be your sanctuary to be a proud gay young man. A place you can embrace the fact that you love cock. A place to celebrate it.” By the one Kevin ended his speech, Chris was looking at him with Big puppy dog eyes, a look of appreciator and admiration in his eyes. Chris didn’t know what to say and was embarrassed because he was rock hard now. Sensing that Chris was indeed overwhelmed but definitely enthusiastic about the idea, Kevin spoke again “ from now on, when you are here you be exactly who you really want to be. And first things, those trunks may get you hot he is a surfer boy looks, but around here we go for the no mistaking I am a fag, you need a speedo or better yet a jock. Yeah, I think a jock. Wanna try one on sexy boy?” Chris’s Head was spinning, a jock? Like a jock strap? They don’t have an ass to them, he thought to himself. Kevin would be able to see Chris’s ass and that thought made Chris’s cock throb. Kevin had that tiny speedo on and Chris loved it. Maybe Kevin would like looking at him. Again, all these thoughts rushed by in just about as long as it took for Chris to start nodding his head. Gently guiding Chris up by the shoulder, Kevin put his arm around his shoulders and guided him back. “Let’s go back to my room and find you a hot jock. I can’t wait to see that butt framed in a sexy jock strap. I bet you have the best little ass Chris.” Chris was nervous and scared and excited and horny all at once. But more than anything, the thought that was going over and over was something like this, Kevin thinks I am hot and likes my ass. I hope he loves it in the jock. I hope it makes him hard. I hope he wants to fuck me. There was no more suppressing the thoughts and desires. Kevin had told him he was safe here, that his apartment was a place to express every gay feeling Chris had. Not only that, Kevin was encouraging Chrisnto embrace it, to give in to whAt he really wanted. And Chris was sliding down that path quickly. Every new turn was like another latch opening. All of the hunger and fantasies, all the times he looked away when he ached to stare at hot guys bulge, all the times he had pretended he didn’t like guys ended here walking down Kevin’s hallway. Chris had already told Kevin that he was gay and Kevin couldn’t wait to help him express it. Chris had already decided to not hide anything from Kevin. For some reason, he felt he could learn from this man. Kevin seemed nice and honest and cAring, but just as equally Kevin seemed like he was so.... just so sexual. It was just something about him that made Chris think Kevin didn’t just sample sex, Kevin ate everything on the menu and came back for seconds. He just had this aura that screAmed that he loved man sex. Chris was very aware of how it was effecting him. Kevin’s aura was making Chris want to be like Kevin. It was making him start to lose control. And it was making him eager to wear the jock. And he knew why. He wanted to show off for Kevin. He wanted Kevin to want him too, especially his ass. He really hoped it made Kevin notice his butt. Chris took a breath as Kevin guided hi into his room. This wAs real, Chris thought, this isn’t a dream. It’s the middle of the afternoon and I am at college and the gay guy I met is my neighbor and i am about to try on jockstraps for him. And he knows I like guys. And he is the hottest sexiest guy ever. And has a giant bulge. And holy shit, this is real. I can’t beleive it’s real. God, i hope Kevin loves my ass in the jock. I hope he wants me to show off and it makes him hard. I want to make Kevin hard so badly. Oh my god this is really real. The nerves were really hitting him, but a long stare at Kevin and that bulge helped. Is that, wait, I can see the outline of the head, Chris thought, and the distraction both calmed him and turned him on. Kevin turned towards him and smiled a reassuring smile and whispered in low sexy voice, “I can’t wait to see that ass in a tight little jock. Are you ready Chris?” Chris didn’t hesitate a moment and nodded vigorously. It was really happening.
  9. PART 2 Chris and his new roommates spent the rest of the day cleaning and organizing. They had pizza that night sitting on the floor. Fortunately, his two new friends were going to make a run back to their home town for a sofa and some other missing necessities. Still, it was pretty awesome. 18 and in a new apartment with two good guys and right next to campus. This was better than the dorm maybe. And he would have more freedom. And less questions. He kept thinking about that guy from the store, Kevin. He was so hot and obviously gay. Chris knew that this area around here adjacent to the college was known as a gay friendly neighborhood. Chris fell asleep thinking about all the hot guys that must live around his new place. Maybe a walk around to just explore a little while his roomies are away, Chris thought as he faded off. The roomies hit the road early and Chris took his time making breakfast and then throwing on his clothes for a run. Intent on a workout and not getting lost, he stuck near the school and circled around campus before heading back a hot sweaty teen mess. By now it was a little after lunchtime and after a quick rinse off, Chris decided to check out the patio and maybe get a little sun. They would have to get some patio furniture for back here, he thought as he slid open the sliding door and eyed a spot to set his towel down. The sun felt great on his body, perfect in just his swim trunks. As he stepped out and flapped his towel down onto the cement, he could hear a radio and someone, a guy obviously, humming along. As the fences were not that high between units, Chris could see his neighbor was definitely there and had the screen door open. Not wanting to seem nosey, Chris prepared to let his new neighbor enjoy his patio in solitude, and sat back with his hands resting supporting him as he leaned back. The guy might think he was rude if he just leaned over and stared or something, Chris laughed to himself. Hearing a creak, it was obvious the neighbor was in the backyard and moving or adjusting. Just then he heard a voice thru the fence, “is that my new neighbor over there? If it is, you better stand up and and say hi!”, said a friendly and definitely gay sounding voice. Chris stood up, a little nervous, just as the neighbor peeked over the fence, which only was maybe chest high. The look on Chris’s face was one of pure shock. The neighbor just smiled. “Well, I was hoping to see you again. Didn’t I just get lucky?”, said the neighbor. “Kevin!”, was all Chris could blurt out. “You remembered my name. I like that. I remember yours too, Chris. Now here, come on over, meet your neighbor, be neighborly And all that.” As he said that, Kevin unlatched a gate at the end of his patio and pointed at the identical gate Chris had. By opening them both, one could just basically go from unit to unit. As Chris entered Kevin’s side, he first took in that a finished patio with plants and some chairs and lounges made a huge difference and Chris made a note to cooy this patio as much as he could. Then he looked and took in Kevin, who was wearing the tiniest speedo style bathing suit Chris has seen. And how it was holding him in was a miracle of fabric. Kevin’s bulge was giant. Chris knew he had stared too long and turned red in embarrassment. Kevin being a twice Chris’s age and experienced, took it all in. The hunger was obvious in Chris’s eyes. Kevin loved living near the college. Chris wasn’t the first 18 year old he had had as a visitor, but he was special, Kevin thought. What a sexy young stud. His body was perfect, lean and strong, his ass cheeks must be fabulous, Kevin imagined. And he knew he would find out. Chris’s eyes had betrayed him. He was a little faggot just waiting to discover himself. Kevin couldn’t wait to show him, but he wanted him eager, desperate even. I know he wants me, Kevin told himself, but let’s make him need it. Something was telling Kevin this boy could be special. The lust and the time that boys eyes had spent on his bulge told him Chris might be all bottom, Kevin’s favorite type. Boys that hungry and horny gave in quickly. Usually so hungry he didn’t have to spend much, if any time, convincing them to let him fuck them his way. The only way Kevin liked to fuck. Raw. Bareback. All of this flashed thru Kevin’s mind in just a few seconds, as he reached out and put a hand on Chris’s shoulder. “Why don’t we go inside and get out of the sun for a moment and that way we can get to know each other a little without everyone around us listening to us gossip on the patio”, Kevin laughed, adding “I bet you are going to be such a good neighbor.” Chris was nervous as hell, but unable to summon any resistance. As he was led in, Kevin pointed to the couch and turned around and shut the sliding door. Walking towards the sofa, his cock stirred a little. He wasn’t sure yet, and he was prepared to be patient drawing this boy in, but something was telling him he might not need to wait. This kid seemed starving for man sex. And it was driving Kevin wild. More and more, he was sure Chris was going to be special, a little cumslut. His new fuck toy.
  10. Part 1 Chris felt lucky to have found his new apartment. After a last minute decision to switch schools, he had missed out of guaranteed housing and had scrambled with some other kids to find a place together near campus. Chris was happy he had switched schools. It felt like a better fit here and he was also closer to home, not that he was gonna miss high school. It had been ok and he had friends and stuff, but Chris had a secret his friends and family didn’t know about: Chris was gay. Sure, he kept up appearances and his friends all thought he was straight, but Chris knew what he loved, and hoped now that he was on his own and in a new city, he could maybe explore a little. At 5 10” and 165, with an athlete’s build and still with his summer tan, he looked good. His two new roomies that he was still getting to know told him he was “gonna get tons of pussy” this year and Chris had gone along with it. No way did Chris want them to know he liked guys. He was gonna have to make sure he was careful. Not that he had much experience to begin with, just a few hurried mutual blowjobs. And really, hadn’t it been him really being the one giving more than getting? Not that he minded that, it was more the person he had sucked, a boy from his school. Chris didn’t want a boy. Chris wanted a man, a hot older guy. The apartment building was small and each unit had a courtyard that attached to it in the back. They were fenced but it wasn’t hard to see through,. Chris and his roommates had met the neighbors on the left., a group of girls in their second and third years. They had just giggled when Chris and the guys asked about their other neighbor, answering it was a guy who apparently lived alone. The girls also added the strange comment that the guy would also almost certainly like having college guys as neighbors, with whom he could hang-out. Chris was amazed at how many things a new apartment required. He made it to the store and quickly went through the list of item he had compiled as being essential. Walking through the store, his eyes focused on his list, and and not paying attention to his situation, Chris bumped right in to somebody. Flustered, Chris immediately looked up and began to apologize profusely. He immediately became tongue tied as he looked at just who he has bumped into. Kevin was 44 and proudly gay. And proudly hot. His 6 3” frame was that of a perfect swimmers build. His dark greying hair was close cropped and he had the sexiest mustache. His tank top clung to his body and his jeans cut offs were cut to show off the hottest legs and biggest looking bulge Chris had ever seen.. “I’m.... i’m so sorry. I totally wasn’t looking at all...” Chris blurted out. Kevin took the young man in, looking up and down, noticing that Chris was staring at his crotch, and smiled. “Well, you look so busy! And don’t you worry about it.” Kevin said, adding in a whisper, “a cute boy like you can bump into me anytime.” Chris went bright red. This guy was like perfect, Chris thought to himself, and he just basically said I am cute. Chris laughed nervously and again nervously blurted, “ I AM really sorry. I just moved here and getting ready to start school and my first apartment and it’s just a lot of stuff." The guy gave a chuckle remarking “Well, welcome to the neighborhood. I’m Kevin. It’s very nice to meet you. We needed a cute guy to move in to the neighborhood, so thanks!” Kevin joked. “Thanks, i’m Chris. It’s great here so far. I really like it,” Chris replied, his eyes again falling to those jean cutoffs. “Well Chris, I really hope I see you around., “ said Kevin as his eyes again swept up and down. Kevin was tempted to just ask the boy to come home with him, but his senses told him this boy wasn’t ready for an aggressive push. But Kevin also knew when a boy wanted cock and he knew that Chris was one of those boys. He made a note to do his shopping at this store more often and continued down the aisle. Chris couldn’t wait to get out of the store. He thought everybody knew and had been watching him lust after Kevin. Not to mention, he wa rock hard. He had never had a reaction like that and didn’t trust himself... it was like he was about to lose control being around Kevin. He wanted him that bad. Driving back to the apartment, all he could think about was Kevin and being Kevin’s boy, as Kevin had referred to him.
  11. PART 15 I didn’t get to hear the conversation Tom had, but it was short. He had a non stop stream of porn on and teased my hole and cock enough to keep me from totally freaking out over the fact that he has just called a guy that I had never met or seen or knew anything about to cum over and fuck me. Bareback. And I already had Tom’s hiv positive cum soaking into me as I lay there. Fortunately, it was pretty quick when the door knocked and opened and I heard a “Tom, it’s Ron”, called from the entry. And I was naked with Tom’s cum in me and hole a wet mess of cum and lube, with my own cum still drying on my chest and tummy. I was super super nervous as I heard Ron come up the stairs. Tom was standing next to the bed, his hand idly playing with my cock and then rubbing my thighs. And then Ron walked in. He was tall, like 6 5” ay least and thin, like a runner. His lean body was defined well and I loved how I could see his veins bulge out. His mostly gray hair was cut short and he had a muatache, but his body was fairly smooth. And as he took off his t shirt, it revealed a smooth chest as well. As he stood before me, me naked laying on the bed totally exposed and hard, Tom spoke up, “Ron meet my new very very special friend Chris. Chris this is Ron and I think you two are going to love each other.” Then looking at Ron directly, he added “ this boy has the best hottest little hole I might have ever had. And we’ve only pumped a few loads in him so far, but I think it’s safe to say young Chris is addicted to having his hole bred.” Then looking at me, he said “ isn’t that right sexy boys?” I just nodded, embarrassed to admit it in front of this stranger. “Chris I am very happy to meet you. You are beautiful. I can’t wait to flip you over and see that ass. What a hot boy body. You ARE 18 right?” He half joked. “I swear I am 18!”, I replied laughing nervously. “Ron, you can’t keep teasing the boy, get those shorts off. No clothes allowed in this room!”, Tom spoke up. And Ron loosened the drawstring on his gym shorts and they fell to the floor revealing what was now a partially gorgeous cut cock. And it was already bigger than mine and he wasn’t even half hard.his hand went to it and began to stroke it to hardness. “Chris, what do you want?”, whispered Tom in that way he had of making sexy even sexier. “I want it, I want to suck it. Please...”, I blurted my true feelings. Ron quickly closed the distance and I sat up and gripped his now hard cock and opened up as I licked my lips and took his man cock into my eager mouth. Tom stepped back to watch as it became Ron and I. I worked on getting Ron’s cock wet and slick and alternated between trying to stuff it down my throat to pulling off and running my tongue up and down the shaft. I circled the head and went down and licked his balls. I wanted to please him badly, this 45 year old man I had just met with a sexy body and perfect 8.5 inch cock. “Oh my god, this is one eager boy. Suck that cock like you need to baby. Worship my cock. Yeah, just like that. I know what you need Chris. I’m going to take good care of you. “ I responded by doubling my efforts to be a good cocksucker. Eyes closed, mouth full of hard cock, I was in heaven and lost myself in cock worship. Finally, I heard Tom speak up, “Chris why don’t you show Ron your boy hole? Flip over and get on your hands and knees. Yeah, now backup to the edge of the bed and put your head down, so that ass is up. Perfect baby, just like that.” I was totally face down ass up, with my legs spread and my as crack gaping open and totally revealing my hole. “What a beautiful hole.”, I heard Ron say and I was so happy. I wanted him to like it, to want me as bad as I wanted him. “I was gonna lick it and play with it but I just can’t... I need to fuck it.”, he continued, “Tom, where’s the lube.” This whole time I was still in position but then a thought hit me, “ where’s the brown bottle at? Can I sniff some please Tom?”, I said softly. Tom looked at me and smiled and then at Ron and said, “did I tell you? This boy is the best bottom I have ever found.” And then to me, he added “Here you go baby, you hit that bottle hard for Ron. Show him what a good little bottom you are.”, as he handed me the bottle. As the poppers hit me, I felt Ron’s massive cockhead sliding against my sensitive hole, teasing it. “Chris, you want to get fucked badly don’t you?”, he whispered. By now that I had sucked him and he was teasing me hole and and the poppers, I had no inhibitions and begged, “Yes! Please! Please I need it, I need it inside me.”, as I bucked against him and writhed. “Baby I am gonna fuck you so good. Just the way Tom says you like it. And just like Tom, I don’t use condoms and I never pull out. Are you ready for that? For a big cock to fuck you and flood you with man cum?, he said in a low voice. “I’m ready! PleAse do it, you can cum in me. You can cum in me! “ I blurted quickly, my control edging away as the need overpowered me. “Even if my load is hiv positive, like tom’s? You still want it anyways don’t you baby?”, he said, as he pushed and slowly slid into my stretching hole. And control broke as I pushed back against his cock, trying to impale myself against it. “Fucking fill me with cum. I don’t care if I get it, just please cum inside me. I want you too. I want you too.”, I moaned. I felt Ron grip my hips, as my hole opened up to him. Because of the fucking I had already taken , it was easier to accept his giant cock and he was able to drive deep into me. I was a poppered up cum hungry bottom and he was a hungry Top man. This was not a gentle take your time fuck. I was so spun on poppers and so horny and opened up, I was able to ram back against him and he was pulling me onto his cock by my hips as he pistoned in and out. “Fucking hot hole”, he said through gritted teeth. I was now grunting hard with each stroke as he bottomed out in me and knocked my breath out over and over. “Fucking fuck me. Fuck me oh god oh fuck so good so good so good.”, i babbled. “Fucking close. Gonna cum. Gonna breed you. Yeah, yeah fuck yeah! Fucking take it”, he almost yelled as he rammed deep and ejaculated into me. “Yes yes give it to me! Fucking cum inside me, all of it all of it in me.”, I begged. I felt his huge cock pulse and spasm as his orgasm subsided and he tried to pump every last drop into me. As his sweat body collapsed over me, he made no move to pull out and I made no move either. I didn’t want it out. His cock had felt so good and, was it my imagination, or did it seem like he had shot a huge load into me. As he softened and slid out of me, I immediately tried to clamp shut, but my hole was so well fucked that a little cum began to drip out, as I fell forward. The sex glow was still strong enough that the fact that I had let two guys fuck me and shoot hiv positive cum into me wasn’t scaring me, just turning me on still. And I already knew that like Tom, there was no way I could resist Ron.
  12. Will you be writing more chapters of “I know you’ll be back”?

  13. PART 9 I don’t think even one minute passed before the door began to open. I barely had my shorts up and started to panic to make sure I was covered at the same time I looked at the door. What i saw a guy maybe 40ish around 6 feet. He was a little bolder and didnt wait for me to nod back. He just slid through the crack and shut the door and locked it. In the glow of the gay porn on the screen, I was able to see him better. Yeah a little taller than me, so at least six feet and thin. He had on sweat pants and sandals and a T-shirt. There was already a sizable bulge in those sweats. He approached me and his hand went into my still unbuttoned shorts, but he bypassed my cock. Instead, his hand dipped down and I felt a finger slide into my ass crack and run across my hole. His hand slid out of my pants just as quickly and he motioned me up. As soon as I stood, he slipped my shorts down and began to turn me around away from him. And I just let it happen, half out of surprise and half because i was still horny and this guy was pretty hot. I slipped a leg out of my shorts and spread wider, as I braved myself with my hands. I could hear him tugging his sweats down and heard him spit, managing to look back in time to see him using it as lube to stroke with. Again he spat into his hand and rubbed it on his cock. And his cock was... it was huge. Like at least 8.5 inches and thick with a nice big cut head. It was magnificent. It was obvious that like the first guy, he wasn’t going to use a condom. His cock slick with spit I felt him use one hand to grab an ass cheek to spread me open a little, as he used his other to guide his cock to my already fucked and cummed in hole. I felt him push against my barely puckered hole and it gave easily. It hadn’t even had time to close up from the last cock and with the cum coating my hole, he was able to work his giant cock into me. I don’t know if it would have worked otherwise. Later as time went on, I would take bigger cocks but this guy was hung and as an 18 year old almost virgin still, this thing was just massive. And I was taking it. I was almost naked bent over in a bookstore booth, gay porn blaring away, while a guy I hadn’t exchanged a single word with was almost 8 inches into me and continuing to fuck deeper and deeper. And with the first guys cum and my hole already relaxed from getting fucked a few minutes before, I was taking it and loving every second. There was no pain or discomfort. He was working my hole harder and harder and we were not being quiet. Besides him basically knocking my breath out every time he rammed home, I couldn’t keep myself balanced and my hands kept knocking against the thin plywood wall I was supporting myself against. And he was grunting and breathing fast. And then finally to make It competely obvious, he was finally balls deep and now every time he drove into me there was that slap as his pelvis met my ass cheeks. And I was so lost in the fuck and his cock sliding into my prostate that I didn’t care. I didn’t care that It was sleazy and dirty. The smell of sex and cum made me feel drunk. And I didn’t need to know who was fucking me. All that mattered was that he was hot and had a fucking amazing cock and he was in me raw. And I had already kind of figured it out, all these guys here are looking for cock. I gave in and enjoyed every second and didn’t care that everyone there would know I was getting fucked right there in the booth. Eyes closed and head down I took it until I felt his hands grip tighter and felt his pounding increase even more til finally he rammed deep and erupted. Spurt after spurt of cum coated my guts as I pushed back to make sure I was getting it all. He grinded into me as he stayed deep while his cock pulsed and throbbed inside me, as he obviously was trying to put every drop into me. Spent and satisfied that he had put all his cum inside me, he slowly pulled out. Without a word he pulled up his sweat pants and straightened his shirt up. Looking down, he adjusted his still softening rod and covered it with his shirt. I meanwhile was wobbly legged and was trying get my one leg through my shorts so I could pull them back up. Mr Sweatpants paused by the door to give me a second to get the shorts up and then just as quietly as he had slid in, he popped back out after cracking open the door and then shut it behind him. I noticed it wAs darker and realized I had let the video machine run out of credits. I don’t think even twenty minutes had elapsed and I had gotten fucked twice. And had no idea who they were or if i could even recognize them if I saw them. And I hadn’t asked either one if they were clean. I mean who knows, Tim looks healthy and he has it. But then the thought that hit almost right away was did it matter? Would I have stopped those guys if they were did have HIV? If I saw Mr Sweatpants giant cock and knew he was HIV positive, could I or would I want to say no to it? I knew why I didn’t ask. It didn’t matter. I was taking them raw no matter what the risk. It just felt too good. As all this wet through my head in about 30 seconds, I stood to walk out, figuring enough was enough for tonight and I had not been very discreet and didn’t want trouble. As my hand touched the doorknob, it twisted in my hand and the door opened up a crack as another stranger met my stare. Maybe I wasn’t leaving quite as soon as I thought as we gave each other a quick look over. A mutual nod and I was backing toward the bench of the booth as a new stranger entered the small cubicle with me and shut and locked the door.
  14. PART 8 There was nothing else open around the bookstore, which was surrounded by a neighborhood of car repAir places, storage places, and industrial type businesses. I pulled into the store’s lot, totally nervous I would be spotted by someone. I had no idea what to expect still, but I wasn’t the only one there. There was at least a dozen cars in the lot besides mine. Before I could chicken out, I got out of my car and tried to discreetly sneak in. That plan was blown when the clerk immediately asked me for my id. I showed it to him and he looked it over and handed it back, telling me to enjoy myself. I took a quick look and saw the layout. Rows of DVD’s and then an aisle of lingerie and an aisle of sex toys. I was beginning to be disappointed when I saw the small lit up sign advertising private video booths. Without hesitation, I made my way into the back of the store. This area was separated and customers in the front wouldn’t even really be able to see back here. It seemed like a few rows of dark corridors that led to small booths, maybe twenty booths total. Along the wall of the main corridor wAs the list of all the pornos that you could watch in the booths. At least half were gay, which was reassuring. I also noticed guys lurking in the shadows, in vacant booths with the doors open. Not a ton, but these were guys obviously not just watching videos. They were hanging around back there. I pretended to look at the video selection wall, but really watched the guys mill around. Two were old, like real old and I had zero interest. Another one was at least 39 but overweight. A Latino guy just looked a little too gang menmbery. Then I saw him, a guy just my type. He was 40ish and taller than me, probably a little over six feet and thin. His hair was cut very short. He had on a T-shirt and shorts and flip flops. I didn’t know what to do, so I just stared at him. After he looked back and met I stare, he gestured with anod toward a booth near the back of the row. Slowly, he walked in and gently shut the door. I keenly didn’t hear a click of a lock. With a shaking hand that took all my courage, I reached and felt the knob, after makin sure no one was watching me. The door opened and he gestured again with a nod to come in. As soon as I did, he reached over and clicked the lock. The inside booth had a machine to take the money and control the screen mounted to the wAll. He loaded a few dollars and the video sprang to life, as he clicked over to a gay sex scene where one guy was worshipping another guys cock with his mouth. We both stared at the screen, our eyes going back and forth from it to each other. He was rubbing his bulge and i was mesmerized. Seeing this, he opened his shorts and dropped them down stepping out of them and setting them on the bench seat. It was a beautiful cut 7 inch cock with nice full balls. I followed suit, assuming this was protocol. As I set my shorts down and turned away, I felt his hand graze my butt. Instinctively, i spread my legs and allowed the touch. His finger slid between my cheeks and I arched my back to meet it. Suddenly, he was down on his knees and he was spreading my legs further and gripping my ass cheeks. Then I felt it, his beard scratching the insides of my ass crack as his tongue darted out and licked my hole. I bucked but he held on and dove in, licking and sucking my asshole. The porno played, along with the sounds of other booths. The smell of sweet smell ofcum and sex permeated the air. I gripped the wall for balance as I stood bent over having a total stranger I hadn’t ever seen until two minutes ago lick my hole. I was gasping and bucking and trying to keep quiet. He was so good at rimming me. I gave in completely, my cock so hard I knew better than to touch it or else I would cum. Then just as suddenly, he stopped and rose up behind me. Almost immediately, I felt it and knew. One hand on my ass cheek, pulling it open and exposing my hole. The other hand guiding his rock hard cock to my eager rosebud. He rubbed his cockhead against my asshole, driving me crazy. “Ready to eat fucked?” He whispered. “Please!” was my only reply. The pressure increased. I tried to relax, a little worried that he was only using spit as lube. It definitely burned when his steel like rod drove into me and my hole surrendered. Hands against the wall i focused just on letting my hole open, feeling the change as the pain and stabbing turned to ecstasy. He was working it in, as both of us tried not to make too much noise. His cock began to pick up speed and I noticed the spit made things a little less slippery in a really good way. My hole has blossomed and was accepting his big man cock hungrily. It felt so good to have a hard dick fucking me again. And he was picking up speed, really fucking me now. “I’m getting close,” he whispered as he hunched over me. I didn’t plan it or anything but I heard myself replying, “Please cum in me.” As soon as those words left mouth, my mystery man’s thrusts grew faster and more erratic. With both hands on my hips he drove deep one final time and collapsed against me, as his cock throbbed inside me and spasmed, as it ejaculated into me. After a few seconds, he slowly backed out and i clamped my hole shut to try to keep the cum in me. He silently dressed and i hurried to get my shorts back on. As soon as his clothes were on, he straightened himself up and opened the door, slid out, and gently shut it, leaving me still dressing in the booth with the gay porn still playing on the screen and a huge load of a strangers sperm soaking into me. Less than ten minutes had elapsed since I had walked into the bookstore.
  15. PART 7 The next day, I relived the experience at Tim’s. I had almost no regrets. The hiv thing scared me, but not enough to keep me from already looking forward to more. I thought about what had happened after we had fucked. Tim really seemed to like fucking me. He asked me again about the hiv thing and reminded me that In the moment, I had not only been ok with it, I had asked him for it. For his poz cum. Those words were going thru my head a lot. I knew I had said it. And the words had a weird effect on me now the next day. They scared me and made me hArd. It was totally messing with me. And I was still totally getting the “stop doing this, this is crazy” messages In my brain, but I had jerked off three times in the last 18 hours since his cock had ejaculated into me. And I was still horny. I wanted him, even still a little sore, I wanted to get fucked. By 8 that night, I was online and messaging Tim, but he wasn’t on. I waited and waited til almost ten. He must have been busy and I couldn’t just show up. I was so horny at this point, so eager to service him, to worship cock. I figured I would give it a few more minutes. My Dick was rock hard and sex was leading all thoughts. I didn’t see any hot guys on the site . I signed off and as I did, a thought occurred to me. I had driven by it many times and it was only twenty minutes Away, in the business district. I wasn’t even sure if the stories were true about the adult book store, that it was mostly a place for gay guys to hook up. Something about a maze of private video booths with 100 different pornos to pick from and that guys would go into the booths and fuck and suck. The owner of the place was gay and actually encouraged it. It sounded like an urban legend that was fake but what if it wasn’t? What if there were some hot guys, older guys like Tim, just there horny and looking to meet someone to fuck right there in the store? At 10:30 that night with a rock hard teenage cock and a hole that had just become addicted to raw man sex, it didn’t even seem like I had a choice. Even though I was literally so nervous I was nauseous, I was on my way. I was barely past my 18th birthday and on my way to my first adult book store, where I hoped that everything I heard was true and that I was on my way to meet a stranger I hoped would want to fuck me. I didn’t pretend or lie to myself. I wanted to get fucked by an older guy, no condom and no pulling out. And I wanted it so bad.

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