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  1. I Know You’ll Be Back

    PART 11 i was huffing away on that brown bottle when Tom’s tongue started teasing my hole. Just the tip of his tongue, lightly licking and tapping my hole. Even when I pushed back, he pulled back. I was totally poppered up and my hole felt like it just needed attention. “Tom, please stop teasing me,” I cried out. But he just kept it up, taeasing my hole, bringing me to ecstasy, but in a deliciously torturous way. “Keep hitting that bottle baby boy,” was the only thing he stopped to say. Minutes passed, me bucking wanting so badly to feel more. He just kept it, tickling and tapping on my hole, but never diving in and devouring it. And I kept it up with the poppers. And my cock was like steel. And I couldn’t take it. It was too much. All of the buildup and being up most of the night thinking about it, the sheer lust that just thinking of Tom brought out of me, the room, the poppers, and most of all, the teasing rimming of my so sensitive little boy hole just made something come out in me. My true self. My uninhibited totally man drunk gay self, the primal part of me that needed man sex, absolutely needed it. “Fuck me. Please fuck me. Please fucking fuck me right now. I need you. I need you to fuck me, “ I said in something between a cry and a moan. I practically was crying. I had never wanted anything like i wanted to get fucked right then. It was the only thing in the world that mattered. So much that I went on to add, “I don’t care if you don’t use a condom. You can cum in me. Just please please don’t... I can’t wait. I need it. I need it.” Tom was up in an instant and flipped me over on my back, while simultaneously pulling my ass right to the edge of the bed. I grabbed the pillows for my head like he had taught me, so I could sniff the poppers while he fucked me. I watched hi squirt some lube on his palm and start to work his rock hard cock over. It was so beautiful, I thought to myself, so manly looking and sexy all slick like that. I remember thinking how I would hate to see an ugly condom replace that gorgeous greased up flesh. Then I could feel his fingers working my hole, gently lubing me up. One of the amazing things about Tom, especially to an 18 year old high school kid, was that he never got too rough. By being forceful and pushing me and pushing me, but not hurting me, it always made me want to try more. I knew it might hurt a little but would always end up feeling great. Anyways, my hole suitably lubed up and his giant cock glistening, it was his turn to speak. “Is my baby boy ready? Ready to feel my cock inside him? Ready to have his little hole fucked nice and deep?” Tom said in a low voice. “I’m so ready. Please Tom!” I cried out. “If Chris really wants it all he needs to do is take three deep hits in each nostril. Then I can put this huge dick up Chris’s asshole, just like Chris needs me too,” Tom whispered in that sexy tome that made me melt. I hit that bottle and was in orbit when I felt his cock pushing against my hole. The poppers and, well, my eagerness made It a little easier this time, as he popped thru my ring. Neither of us spoke as he slowly worked his cock into me. Not even waiting to come down, I was hitting the poppers again. Pretty soon, I was getting fucked properly and Tom’s cock was driving deeper and deeper. My eyes had remained locked on Tom’s. As he would push deeper, i would keep hitting the poppers, trying to accept all of his massive cock into my young hole. Finally breaking up the sound of my grunts and moans, he whispered “Chris, I want to ask you something. You said a few minutes ago that I could cum in you. Is it just because you think I like it or does my sexy boy like it too?” It wasn’t like I weighed my answer or the consequences or anything. I just told the truth. “I like it. I don’t know why but I think about it a lot. I just.... I just....” I couldn’t finish. “It scares you. Shhh....don’t be scared baby. You like it right? You like it that I don’t use a condom. That you can feel the heat of my skin. And most of all, that I can cum inside you. I think you love it, “ he whispered, his face a foot from mine. I was totally going off on poppers and had Tom’s giant cock slowly working in and out of me, with porn going off in the background, so my brain was losing the battle. “I do, I do love it. But I’m... I don’t know what... what about hiv?” I asked meekly. I already knew the answer. This was round three of raw sex with Tom. I had crossed that bridge. But leave it to Tom to fan the flames. “My sexy boy, my amazing boy. Feel me inside you, both of us making each feel so good, bonded skin to skin. I want you so badly Chris. I want to share myself with you. All of me. I want to cum in you so badly, to fill you up with my sperm. So I’m in you forever. A part of you forever,” he said. And now he backed away from my face a little and started fucking me harder. “Four hits Chris. Four hits each side,” he grunted and I knew what he meant. A minute later and again he grunted, “Four hits each side sexy. Go on.” At this point he was pounding me. I was grunting and getting my breath knocked out as he drove balls deep over and over. “So close. So fucking close. Huge load baby. Huge load for you. It’s all yours if you ask for it. You know it’s worth it. You know you fucking need it. Just ask me. Just ask me for my cum,” he muttered as he pummeled my boy pussy. As if the the poppers and his cock wasn’t enough, his words broke me. “Fill me up. Fucking fill me up. Cum in me. Cum in me. I don’t care. I don’t care. It’s worth it. Just please do it. Give me your cum. I do. I need it. I need it,” I begged. And it was true. I begged. I begged an hiv positive man to ejaculate all the cum he could shoot into my hole. “Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah my sexy boy, my perfect little sexy bottom.... fuck yeah. Fucking close. Fucking close. Gonna shoot. Here it comes. Fuck yeah!!! Take that hot fucking sperm,” he cried out. I will admit to a flash of guilt at that moment but most of all, I was in bliss. I had Tom collapsed over me, his breath coming in heaves, my arms around him. His hard cock was still pulsing inside me. And he had just flooded me with his cum. I never wanted the moment to end. Neither did Tom, as he was in no hurry to pull out. And I didn’t want him too. And I didn’t want a drop of his semen leaking out. I wanted to keep it in me. It seemed important to do that for some reason. And as i laid there, another thought kept coming up, that I hoped Tom wanted me to stay. And then another thought, as i wondered how many times Tom could fuck me in a day?
  2. I Know You’ll Be Back

    PART 10 Tom only let me taste him for a minute before pulling me off his cock and helping to lift me off the floor and onto the bed. With a somewhat serious expression on his face he commented “Chris, I swear finding you... a handsome eager young cock worshipper. I can tell how horny you are, it’s so sexy. I want you just as bad. But the first two times, we kind of just rushed and I know you were a little nervous and so I just want to talk for a sec. I want you to really understand something here. When we are in this room, anything you want to say or ask me or want to try, it’s safe for you. Don’t be embarrassed. Explore. I want you too investigate anything that interests you, for example, any of the comments you make while I'm fucking you. Think of this as the room where Chris can let himself be free to explore man sex, in a positive way,with someone that wants to share it with him.” I am not sure I can describe the effect his words had on me. Maybe like a drug? Hypnosis. Tom was a master at this, as I would think about a lot throughout our time together. He was so good at pushing me, making me want to experience more, to want more. Now, he pulled a little closer to me and made eye contact. The way he whispered the following words, last of my will just gone. “I think Chris wants to be a slutty little bottom. Is that what my boy wants?” he spoke. I nodded, but it wasn't enough for Tom. "Chris, I want you to be able to say what you want in here. If you want to suck my cock, say it. If you want your little boy hole licked and sucked on, ask me,” and then he added, “if i’m Inside you and I’m close and you don’t want me to pull out, then tell me. Just let it out. Say it.” I don’t think it’s possible to be harder than I was at that moment. “I want to be your bottom so badly. All the time. I love it when you fuck me. I love it so much,” I replied in a rush, decidedly overwhelmed by the moment. “There’s my sexy boy. My sexy little bottom boy that has the sexiest little hole in the world. Does my sexy boy want his asshole licked?” Tom asked in a firm but gentle voice. A week ago, I would have been totally freaking out if another guy asked me that question. Now, however, for reasons I couldn't articulate, I wasn't disturbed at all, and in fact the question simply drove me to whimper in reply “I need it licked so badly Tom. Please!” Knowing I was coming here, seeing him naked and hard, the room and porn playing, but most of all his words had me just over the edge. He had basically said that we can do anything and I can be as slutty as I want and it was okay. Just express how I felt. What I felt was a hunger so bad it was overwhelming. “Get up on the bed, all fours, with your knees on the edge. Yeah, and press your legs. Show me that hole,” Tom ordered. I could hear him fumble and then I felt him leaning over saying “Here sexy, your own bottle,” as he handed me a little brown bottle, "I want you hitting that bottle hard sexy. Remember what it does to your little hole? How good it felt? How it made it even hungrier?” I immediately uncapped the bottle and took two hits in each nostril. He waited though and watched as the poppers hit and I bucked a little and pushed back hoping for some attention. When none came, I didn’t hesitate. It was almost like I didn’t have a filter. “Tom, lick it. Please lick it. Please lick my asshole,” I moaned. And as I felt his hands on my ass cheeks and his breath in my ass crack, the thought and reality totally hit me, even in my poppered state. I had no control when I was in this room. The need for gay sex controlled me in here. And as his tongue hit my hole, teasing it, I was thinking of two points: first, I would insist Tom cum in my ass, and second, Tom is HIV poz.
  3. I Know You’ll Be Back

    PART 9 I did get some sleep, but definitely not a ton. When I started this, I said I’d tell the truth, and the truth was that I was really conflicted and felt a lot of guilt. Guilty that I did it. That I wanted to do it again. That it felt so good. And Tom, it was like he had this power over me. I mean even last night after I had practically just cum at his place, I was home jerking off reliving what had just happened. But there I was at 11:00, totally showered and clean and feeling, well, a need. Tom smiled and let me in the door, pinning me against the wall as soon as the door closed. “Damn, I had plans to try to be slow, but you just drive me crazy my sexy little boy. Let’s get upstairs and get you naked and let’s give that little boy pussy the attention it needs,” he whispered sexily. It took me perhaps only five seconds to climb the staircase, shedding my clothing immediately upon entering the playroom door. Tom likewise allowed his robe slip off, showing me that tall thin body that I thought was so sexy. His cock was already more than half hard. Not surprisingly the passion and the moment was hitting me intensely, particularly as Tom was stroking himself, using a hypnotic rhythm. That gorgeous giant cock. He didn’t have to ask or direct me. There was no hesitation at all. I slid onto my knees, opened my mouth wide to receive his cock head. Did I think of HIV when I saw the bead of precum coming out of of his slit? Yeah I did. and I also recognized that, even knowing Tom was poz, I couldn't stop myself from liking up his pre-cum. And I savored it. And I just wanted more. I just knew that whatever else, I wanted more of Tom. And I lost myself in a cocksucking lust.
  4. I Know You’ll Be Back

    PART 8 I caught my breath and leaned up to a sitting position, as he climbed off me. The panic was setting in, but it wasn’t quite as bad. I had known. And I had done it anyways. I think it was guilt more than panic maybe. This guy had hiv! And now twice somehow I had given in and risked my life for his cock.that thought hit me like a freight train. I slowly got up, again on very shaky legs, and quietly got dressed. As I did, I couldn’t help stare at Tom. I had to admit, he was like my perfect idea of a man, just looking at him got me flustered. And that huge cock. That magnificent cut cock that got so hard and leaked so much precum. With all that precum, I knew he must shoot a lot of cum. That thought had both frightened me and made me cum many times in the last week. God, he was just so hot. Looking at him, no wonder I felt so powerless to stop doing what we had done now twice. And he liked me. He had even said I had the best hole ever. I wanted to be his best hole, this sexy older guy that could be my dad pretty much. He hadn’t spoken and stood there with a bemused smile, as i stared at him. Finally, he spoke, “ I like that you can’t stop staring Chris. I like it a lot. I like you a lot.” I didn’t even know where it came from, but I replied, “I really like you too.” I was going deeper into my guilt and shame mode and trying to leave, but his naked body kept pulling me back into lust territory. The back and forth if it was hard to take, to be honest. Feeling guilty for wanting something you like so much, because I wanted him. I wanted him so bad. “Tomorrow is Saturday.... so I was thinking that my sexy boy should go get a good nights sleep and come back tomorrow morning. Tonight I just had to have you right away, but tomorrow we could take our time. I have things to show you still, Chris. Things that will make you feel so good. Come over at around 11. Ok?” I don’t know if he saw it right away or my silence was his tip or the look on my face, but I was so torn. The idea of saying yes seemed crazy. The idea of saying no left me wondering if I even could. He came closer and began to whisper, “I can see my sexy boy is worried. I hate to see you worry about doing what you were meant to do. Just doing what feels right for YOU. When I am inside you and it’s just my skin against yours, it feels so special. And when I cum....” He didn’t finish, he didn’t have to. We both knew what his cum meant, what me taking it represented. The bond of taking him like that, it was powerful. I was so wrapped up in a million swirling thoughts that when my lips moved, it took me a second to catch up. “I’ll... i’ll be here in the morning,” I said quietly. He smiled and walked me out of our playroom as he called it, and down the stairs to the door. Just before I grabbed the knob of the front door, he spun me around and kissed me deeply. “My sexy little boy. My super sexy little bottom boy. I’m going to show you so many things. I want to be your teacher so badly.” Oh my god. I was hard again. The kiss, his words, the passion he felt towards having sex with me.... I wanted to be his student. I knew it was wrong. I should be running. But what we had done already was the best feeling I had ever had and the sexiest I had ever felt and the hungriest I had ever felt for cock. He inspired such a need. He was so good at making me just want him. “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow,” I blurted. His smile grew. “Get some sleep. I want you ready to go tomorrow. I can’t wait to taste that’s boy hole again,” he whispered as I walked out the door. “Thanks,” I said. He looked at me and cocked his head, “For what, sexy?” he asked. “For... for fucking me like that again. It feels so good without a condom. I just never knew it could feel so good.” “Oh Chris, we haven’t even begun. And I love that you love it so much. And you are definitely getting more in just a few hours aren’t you?” he said in a low voice. Again, the most enthusiastic nodding of my life. What the hell was i doing, I thought as i walked back to my apartment.i knew i could sneak in without having to talk to my mom. Good thing since I had a rock hard boner from my little door talk with Tom and a million thoughts swirling. Most of them were of the guilt aNd what are you doing variety? The word HIV floated around and around. I was scared and guilty and confused. And horny. As I stripped off and got in my bed, I had no desire to wash away the sex. My finger went to my hole and rubbed and fingered my cummy used hole. The only thing that mattered as i stroked was the thought about Tom having his cock pulsing and throbbing as it shot rope after rope of sperm into my guts, as I shot a load all over myself. I drifted off to sleep a cummy confused mess, but knowing also that I wasn’t chickening out. I was going back on the morning.
  5. I Know You’ll Be Back

    PART 7 My lips wasted no time latching onto his cock head, trying to pull more and more of his rod into my mouth. As I worshiped his shaft with my mouth and tongue, he spoke to me, saying “Yeah baby, it’s all yours. Just like that. Give in, sexy. We both know you need my cock.” His advice was driving me crazy, especially as he segued to saying “Feel how hard you have me? We both know why you want me so hard, don’t we? 'Cause your little hole needs my cock, doesn't it?” I found my gaze fixed on his eyes, even as my mouth was stuffed with dick and, if truth be told, my eyes were watering as a consequence of being choked by his cock. However, he wasn't disconcerted, but rather smiled and nodded in approval, stroking the side of my face as I continued to suck his dick like life itself depended on it. And on he whispered, “God that feels so good. My sexy little cocksucker, such an eager boy. So hungry for a man’s cock. But I know what Chris is really hungry for. And I don’t think he can hold much longer. Is my sexy boy ready to get fucked?” I finally released his cock from my mouth, only to gasp, “ Yes , yes.” With that admission he pulled me up, positioned me on my back, my ass aligned with the edge of the bed. Without being asked, I pulled my knees up, exposing my young inexperienced hole. Was I thinking about HIV? Yeah I was. But I was doing it anyway. For Tom, it was worth the risk. At least, my cock drunk mind was able to say that at the moment, as I was writhing and grunting as he was lubing my hole and sliding his finger into me. And now out came his mysterious brown bottle. “Four deep hits in each side, sex. Do it,” he ordered. I complied, remembering what this stuff had done to me when I last used it. And, a few seconds later I found myself pushing my hole out and thrusting my hips backwards, trying desperately to snare Tom's huge cock - so close and yet not close enough. I needed it. “Please!,” I was able to get out in a gasp. “Four more, each side,” he ordered again, even though I was flying still. Still I complied with Tom's order with the result I lost all control and now begged “Please, please put it in me. Please Tom fuck me!” “What about my cum sexy? You want me to fuck you 'til I cum in you?" Tom whispered in the sexiest voice I had ever heard. And I was flying. And I did. I adamantly wanted, no, needed his cum. And I wanted to make him happy. “Fucking cum in me, fill me up,” I moaned. With that Tom slowly slid into me, the poppers helping me in taking his huge cock, my ring popping open as I accommodated Tom’s raw cock. “This is the best hole, baby. Fuck, your hole is gripping my cock and pulling me into you. Feels so good,” he moaned. As he worked in and out, I could feel him working deeper to open-up my hole up. He leaned down to kiss me and I eagerly returned the kiss, my arms wrapped around him, pulling him even closer. “Feels so good, feels so good. Big fucking cock, so good,” I was babbling, completely lost now in the fuck. “Getting close. Gonna cum. You know I ain’t wearing a rubber. Ready for this load? Want that cum up in you?” he whispered. At that moment, nothing else mattered by his cock and my hole. It felt so good. Tom was fucking me deep and hard. “Cum in me, cum in me, cum in me,” was all I could say over and over. Tom’s strokes became erratic and then he almost shouted, “Take that fucking load boy. Feel that cum fill you up.” I held him in my embrace ever tighter, my mind solely focused on the thought my hole had pleasured Tom so much he was made to cum. This time, it took a few more seconds for the guilt to rush back. And he was still in me. And it felt so good. But it was so wrong. But why wasn’t I pushing him off? And then I realized I had cum. Again, it had happened. My focus was so on the pleasure of my hole, my cock hadn’t mattered. As the seconds passed and his cock softened and flopped out of my hole, I was back and forth, loving the moment and feeling so bad for loving it. Tom had HIV and now he had fucked me twice. This guy was so hot that I no longer cared if I contracted HIV. What was I gonna do?
  6. I Know You’ll Be Back

    PART 6 The next few days went something like spend 23 hours absolutely beating myself up and being sure my life was over, and the other hour reliving the sex that had taken place and jerking off 3 times a day. And it was the only thing I thought about jerking off. But there was no way I was ever going to do that again. I tried to avoid even going by Tom’s place, mostly because I was just so freaked by the hiv thing and that he had cum in me and also just because I had never acted like that, like so slutty and desperate for a guy. It was safe to say I thought about Tom a lot. I would spend hours mad that he could have done that to me, followed by thoughts of how great it was that he had done that to me. It was almost worse. I finally had had the sex I had fantasized about and it had felt SO GOOD, but I couldn’t ever do it again. It was school and work and obsessing over fact that I had had raw sex. And taken cum. And i’d feel guilty over jerking off to it, but I just couldn’t help it. At least I had that, I would tell myself. Five days. Not even a week. I had been at school and then work and it was Friday and I decided to go to the Jacuzzi at the apartment complex. And who shows up about 3 minutes after I get in the water. He opened his robe and showed off a Speedo that barely held his cock and balls in it. “Chris, I have been hoping I would see you again. I know you were kind of flustered when you left. I really enjoyed our time we spent together. God, you were amazing.” He said as he settled in the water, directly across from me. “In fact, I was really really hoping to see you again.” I was practically shaking from the adrenaline going thru me. Part of me was so scared of what had happened, but part of me was seriously stuck on the fact Tom had really liked it and he liked me. He had been thinking about me. “I, I have been busy all week with school and work and stuff.” I said quietly. “I bet you need to relax,” he replied, adding “I bet you need to let go, let some of that stress go, let your true self come out for a while.” He had kind of slowly moved around the jacuzzi and he was now close to me. I just nodded at what he said. A recording of our previous meeting was playing over and over in my head. “I think we have had enough jacuzzi. Let’s dry off and go back to my playroom.” And he eased himself out of the jacuzzi his half hard cock pressing his suit out. I stared. And then followed. I knew what it meant going back there. And I was going anyway, after all I had said to myself. It was that easy for him to get me. We walked silently back to his place. As soon as we were in the door. “Let’s just leave our suits down here,” he said, stripping off. I followed suit. Ten seconds in his house and I was naked. I followed him up the stairs into the room and he shut the door behind us. I sat on the bed and he put on a video. As it flickered on, he came to me and kissed me, his tongue invading my mouth. “I jerked off every day thinking about you and your sexy body and little boyhole,” he whispered. “I jerked off so many times thinking about you. I know I shouldn’t do this but I want to so badly,” I whispered thru our kiss. “Shhhhh. Don’t worry baby boy. This is your playroom. Your place to be your true self and to do what you want to do. What you need to do. And my baby boy needs his hole fucked again doesn’t he?” He whispers to me, his face inches from mine. My hand had alrady stArted stroking his cock, which felt like steel. “I want you to fuck me so bad,” i blurted out, surprising myself. But it was true. What had been a want these last few days was now a need. Tom was so hot. His cock was so fucking big and perfect. And he wanted me just as much I could tell. Looking me in the eyes, he asked me the question I was afraid of, “and what about my cum. Are you gonna take my cum again?” His cock leaking precum in my hand, the heat of his body, his smell. It all pushed me to the edge, where I was just his. And i was my true self. And my true self knew that every thought I had had about Tom always ended with him cumming in me. “I want your cum. I want you to fuck me like last time until you cum in me. In me, “ I replied. Just like that, I had somehow ended up in his room. And this time, he knew right away that my ass was his to use. And the cum. I was trembling still, a ball of horninss and nerves. This super hot guy with a huge corck was hiv positive. And I had basically just asked him to fuck me and fill me up with sperm. And this time, cock hunger won out quicker than fear as I slid down to my knees and opened my mouth wide, ready to serve.
  7. I Know You’ll Be Back

    PART 5 Everything went into overdrive and I felt a surge of lust go through me like I had never experienced. And my was throbbing yes, but my hole was spasming and just felt so, so... hungry. Tom looked down at me, “You like poppers Chris?” “Fuck this is so... oh my god,” was all I could get out. “You should see the way your hole is just going crazy. It looks so sexy convulsing like that, he said smiling. “Please lick it again. I want to feel it so bad. My butt, it’s just, holy shit, I never felt like this before,” i sputtered out. My whole focus seemed to be on my hole. I knew my dick was hard, but I didn’t care. I just needed his attention on my hole again. “Chris, I can’t lick it now, I put that lube on and it doesn’t taste that good.” He edged closer to me and handed me the bottle again. I automatically did two deep breaths in each nostril. I was just flying now. And he came in and pointed his rock hard cock, with precum dripping from its head, and slowly began rubbing my exposed hole with his cockhead. And oh fuck it felt good. I grinded against it and bucked and he just kept teasing me. He was so good at it, driving me further and further over the edge. The thought that he didn’t have a condom on registered but he wasn’t fucking me, so I dismissed it immediately. Besides, it felt so fucking good. He seemed to sense when the poppers started to fade and urged me on again. “Three Times Chris. Three in each. Or else, no more hole rubbing.,” he whispered. I wasted no time hitting each nostril with three deep pulls from my new friend, this little brown bottle. He went back to work teasing my hole as I writhed and tried to stay still, when it felt so good that I just wanted more. He was so subtle that I barely felt him increasing the pressure against my hole. And his teasing got more pronounced,as he focused on the center of my hole. Slowly and surely, he increased the pressure and it was now impossible to deny the gentle burrowing of his cock. But it was ok. He wasn’t fucking me. My breath was coming out in sharp gasps by now and it all felt so good. When he said “Four Times Chris. Four big hits on each side. Do it. Do it my sexy little boy,” I immediately complied. And I was already so spun. And those last hits broke my final will. I didn’t even realize it had happened til after it had happened. It was like my body made the decision for me. About thirty seconds after those four hits on each side, with his firm pressure against my hole and his cock already burrowing into my opening, I literally heaved myself up and imoaled myself onto his cock. The head popped thru my ring and two inches of hard raw shaft followed. He held me firm. I didn’t take anymore cock in me, but he wAsnt gonna let me back off either. I half screamed and half moaned. The burn of pain in my ass subsiding already. “There’s my little bottom boy. I knew you’d show yourself. Such a tight hole. A hungry tight hole,” he whispered. And he was now working more of his cock in, pushing me to take it but not trying to hurt me. “Hit the bottle again sexy. Hit those poppers and let that little hole relax,” he muttered. I know I did hit the poppers over and over,but lost count of how much each time. And by now there was zero denying that he was fucking me. His cock was sliding in and out and he worked it deeper and deeper. Nothing had ever felt this good. Then I remembered he wasn’t wearing a condom. “Tom, what about, what about condoms?” I got out between gasps. “I don’t have any sexy. Besides it feels so good like this. Skin to skin,” was his reply. And it did feel so good. And he was going even deeper and fucking me more aggressively and the poppers... I lost it. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Feels so good. So good. Big fucking cock so good,” I babbled. And then he was whispering in my ear, “Your hole is so hungry I can feel it, like you are pulling me inside you. I’m almost balls deep. You know what’s gonna happen when I am buried all the way inside you? I’m gonna cum. Deep up in you. And you are gonna let me aren’t you?” I was grunting and gave no sign of discouragement, but that wasn’t enough. He continued, “ Say it. Say it’s ok for me to cum inside you. I’m not gonna let you have it if you don’t ask for it?” I didn’t even think about it. It was a primal need that made the decision instant. “ Cum in me. Want you, want you to cum inside me.” I managed to get out as he was so close to bottoming out in me. “Oh yeah, fuck yeah, so close so close to filling your hole up with cum. Take it. Take that big dick. Earn that cum load,” he whispered. With a last hit if poppers, I finally blossomed and he sank that last bit into my boy hole. It hurt in that good way that instantly made me want to feel again again. He was delivering shirt hard strokes that ended with him literally all the way in me. “Oh fuck yeah. Gonna give it to you. Gonna fucking cum. Fucking fill you up. Yeah yeah FUCK YEAH, take that fucking load. Take that fucking hot cum.ih fuck,” he groaned. “Oh god. Oh god.” was all I could get out. Over and over. I realized I had cum all over myself and didn’t realize it. The feeling of my hole being fucked so deeply had overwhelmed my orgasm. My cock hadn’t mattered compared to the ecstasy of my asshole. “Please stay in me,” I whispered. He looked down at me and told me, “you are the sexiest boy I have ever fucked. I swear your hole NEEDED dick. And cum. It needed that too didn’t it sexy boy?” As I started to come down, the alarms went off in my head. Holy fuck, this guy came in me. And it felt like he came a lot too.i had no idea if he was safe or anything. I slowly backed off his cock, which fell out of my hole with a plop. I was losing that fuck high quickly. How could I have lost control like this? Because he was so fucking sexy, I answered myself. And those poppers. It made me feel like I had to have his dick in me. My body needed it so bad it override my brain. I started to back off him and got up on very very shaky legs to find my clothes. I was a little embarrassed now that I had acted slutty and lost control and I had even asked him to cum in me. I asked him too! He could obviously sense my freak out developing and reassured me, “ Hey sexy, I know that was a lot at once. I am so happy I met you though. You are so hot. And I would love to do this again and again. It can be our secret, if you want. But I hope you want more. And the look in your eyes says you do.” By now I had my shorts and shirt on. I knew I had to ask and I was so scared. “Tom, are you... are you safe?” I asked quietly. He looked at me and patted the bed to sit down next to him. “Safe? What does that mean? Was I gentle not to hurt you? If that’s what you mean, yes. Or do you mean something else?” He asked with a little smile. He was gonna make me say it. “ Like hiv, I mean,” in a whisper. “Chris, I want you to think about what we just did. Think about how much you liked it. How badly YOU wanted it to happen. How it just got better and better. Like you always dreamed man sex could be. And I have more to show you and more to share. And you will be back. Maybe in a day. Or a week. Or two. But you are gonna come back here for more man sex with me. And it’s going to be raw like now. And you will ask me to cum in you again. You will beg even. And to answer your question, yes I am hiv positive. And you took a huge load of my cum.” His smirk never faded. I don’t remember my reply. It was all about getting out at that moment. I am sure I said goodbye as I left as quickly as I could. I stumbled on still rubbery legs to my place, extremely aware of the wetness in my hole and asscrack. His semen was slowly leaking out of me. I shut the door behind me and locked it, made it to my room and fell on my bed. My head was spinning. I had hiv cum inside me. What was I gonna do? And then his speech at the end, like i’d ever do that again! But as my thoughts continued to unfold for every ten fearful Oh fucks!, there was a long thought of the knowledge I had just had sex that was so amazing I didn’t even think it was possible. But there was no way I was ever doing it again. No way.
  8. I Know You’ll Be Back

    PART 4 ”You have my cock so hard Chris. Such an eager little cocksucker. Yeah, lick that precum. It’s all for you sexy boy,” Tom told me. Maybe a few times I had a second if oh fuck and this guy is my neighbor and this is all happening so fast, but I was just loving being on my knees worshipping this beautiful man cock. It had such a perfect mushroom head, full and pronounced, it felt perfect inside my mouth and resting on my tongue. And that long thick veiny shaft, with just the slightest barely there upward curve felt like hot steel. His massive balls that I couldn’t quite fit into my mouth in a nice tight sack. I just wanted it more and more. I was losing control. Trying to suck it all into my throat and gagging. Finally, Tom pulled me off his cock. I looked up worried I wasn’t pleasing him. I think he sensed my fear and reassured me, “ That feels almost too good sexy boy, and we are just getting started. I’m not ready to let you make me cum yet. Right now I need to more of you. Get up and go over and fave that desk and spread your legs a little. God, that ass is so beautiful. Such a perfect boy butt. Now, bend over and grab the desk. I just want to see what it looks... oh what an amazing hole. You have the most perfect asshole Chris.” This whole time I was following orders and my cock was rock hard and throbbing and I loved hearing how much he liked me. This super hot man with a huge cock thought I was sexy and had a great ass. Breaking me out of my thoughts, he spoke again, “ Chris, what’s on your mind? Is there something else you want to try now maybe?” I was a little shy, but it felt safe to admit it to Tom, “ That thing you said where you licked a guys butt. Is that... did you want to maybe try that with me?” Ok, even horny out of my mind, I was blushing. “You have no idea how bad I want to kiss and lick your boy hole Chris. Here come over and lie on the bed and pull your knees up. Yeah like that, so I can see that little hole. It’s so pretty. I swear it’s like it’s asking me to play with it and make it feel good. Do you want that Chris, to have me make your boy hole feel good?” Laying on the edge of the bed, my knees pulled up, practically able to feel his breath on my hole, I lost and begged a little for the first time. “Please make it feel good. I never wanted to have somebody play with my butt like this before. Please do it. Anything. Your tongue or your fingers even.” His reply was short, “I won’t make you wait. I can see you need it.” And with that he moved in, inhaling the scent of my crack and then slowly teasing my hole. The electric shock of pleasure made me buck. “Oh fuck!” I exclaimed. He was an artist with his mouth and had me squirming and writhing and barely able to breathe. It felt so good. And then when he pushed his tongue and tried to fuck me with it, I just melted completely. “Oh god oh god that feels so good. It feels so fucking good!” I blurted. And then he stopped. I had never felt like this but I realized I hadn’t even cared about my cock. The feelings of pleasure he gave my hole with his mouth felt better than anything I had experienced I til then. I felt desperate to feel more pleasure on my young asshole. I needed to feel more. “That hole. I could eat that asshole every day. Nothing is better than a hot eager boyhole.” I was so happy. He had loved doing it. He wanted to do it every day. I had pleased him. Now he continued, “Look at my cock Chris. Look it’s evem harder now. Because of your hole. Your little hole makes me this hard. I really want to try something with you. I think you will really like it. I love it and guys that love having their butts played with seem to just really LOVE it.” Reaching under the bed, he pulled out a small brown bottle. “These are called poppers. Have you heard of them?” I just shook my head. He continued, “you just sniff it and it’s totally harmless but it just... well I promise you, you will really love it. It will make you even hornier than you are now.” He unscrewed the cap and out the bottle to his nose and held one nostril shut and took a deep breath of the poppers and held it. “See, it’s super safe but.... oh man, fuck yeahhhh,” he moaned as he slowly stroked his giant dick. Reaching out to hand me the bottle, he gave me the instructions one more time, one nostril at a time and hold it in. “Hold on one sec Chris. I want to watch you take your first sniffs. And I want to just get some of this on me.” He had pulled out some lube and was stroking it onto his cock. He then took a blob and rubbed it onto my hole. I said nothing but definitely noticed that a guy had just put lube on my butt. I wondered if Tom wanted to fuck me. Before I had a chance to think, I heard his voice “ok Chris, here use that pillow for your neck. Yeah, like that. Now lift those legs up so I can see your hole. Now take two breaths in each nostril just when I tell you too, ok?” I nodded, so horned up and so out of control already with lust. And then he spoke,”Take a nice deep breath and hold it. Ok, again. Now other side deep breath. Hold it. One more time. Hold it.”
  9. I Know You’ll Be Back

    PART 3 Now if my heart wasn’t already beating 1000 Miles an hour, what Tom just said made it go even faster. Everything I had heard and seen had said always use a condom. I mean, I knew like in the 70s and stuff guys didn’t, but with AIDS, I didn’t think anyone didn’t use condoms. But I guess some people didn’t, because guys still kept getting infected with HIV. All this went thru my brain in like a second. And the whole time kept staring at Tom and his gorgeous cock. It was so hard now. Finally, I responded, “I... I guess I just never thought about that. Everyone says it’s so important to practice safe sex and the guys always had condoms. I didn’t plan on getting fucked even, it just kind of happened.” He continued to slowly tug on his giant cock and said, “I guess a lot of people say that. A lot of guys just aren’t satisfied with sex using condoms. It just doesn’t feel right for them. Maybe for some guys condoms are great. But even you said, for you it made it not so great. Probably not horrible, but not as great as you thought if could be? And let me guess, these guys were hot guys probably huh? And you lost control a little and they wanted your hole and so you just gave it to them? Something like that?” He smiled. It was like he knew what had happened and had been there. “Yeah, both times I thought the guys were really hot and I sucked them but they wanted to do more and I wanted to get them off. And so I let them,” I said. I couldn’t believe this conversation and this situation I was in. I would float in and out of losing myself in the moment and snapping back to being a very nervous 18 year old. And then I added, “and yeah, you are right I guess. It was ok but It felt like something was missing or not right. But I don’t know, it was so rushed and stuff in the booth.” Tom spoke softly, “Chris, I have all night. I have tons of hot porn to keep on the screen. I think it is great that you felt so open to share with me. I want you to know, look at me, anything you want to try or anything you want to do, I would love to share my experience with you and expose you to everything I have. Right now Chris, what do you want to try first?” I was already sliding to my knees when I blurted out, “ I want to suck it. I want to suck it so badly.” And his legs parted open to welcome me and my wet lips opened as I greedily took the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it, lashing upwards to taste the first of what would be a good steady stream of precum. Intoxicating precum. “Yeah Chris, that’s so good. Feels so good. You suck it just like you wanted to, like you needed to. You look so sexy with your lips wrapped around my cock like that,” Tom whispered. I struggled as I took more and more in mouth and gagged as it hit my throat. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, I just knew i wanted more. And what was that about licking a guys hole? That sounded like two might feel really good, I thought to myself as i slurped and sucked and tried to please him with my young mouth. As I looked up, he had this smile on his face. He probably knew what I didn’t. Tom knew everything it seemed. And he was so fucking hot. And his cock, the precum... I was totally losing myself in cock lust.
  10. I Know You’ll Be Back

    PART 2 I had no idea what to do. I was on a bed, sitting on the edge naked, with a guy I just met. And we were watching a gay porn, a gay porn where a young guy was slobbering all over a guys cock. My 6 inches was rock hard, but next to me was an almost rock hard man dick. I marveled at how such a thin guy had such a huge fat cock. It had to be at least 8.5 inches. As if sensing it, or maybe he was just staring at me staring at his cock, he said “ I like that you can’t stop looking at my cock. You must be hungry. Have you been with many guys?” I just figured honesty was best and I wasn’t exactly fooling anyone into thinking I was mr experience, so I told the truth, “ I.... I have gone to a bookstore a few times and done stuff.” I was super embarrassed to admit it, but he looked at me and smiled, adding “ good for you. Bookstore booths can be hot. Did you just let guys suck you or has Chris learned to get his knees dirty?” “ At first, I got sucked but I kind of like, I kind of like to suck more than get sucked.” There, I had admitted it. “ What about fucking? Anyone get that butt yet?” He asked. “I tried it twice. It was good, but it kind of hurts too and it seems like... condoms aren’t very slippery it feels like.” He looked at me thoughtfully. “ So you they used a condom each time you got fucked? But not with sucking. You took their cum in your mouth then didn’t you?” He smiled. “I only tried fucking twice and yes they used condoms. But when I suck, I don’t ever use a condom. And yeah, the guys always just cum in my mouth. I don’t mind though.” There, I had admitted that too. I liked sucking cock and tasting cum. “Well Chris, I am proud of you for being so open with me and for going out and finding what you like. Do you want to know what I like and what I have done?” I nodded and he continued, “I have done most everything. So if you have a question, just ask. But when it comes to fucking and sucking and having man sex, I like it all. But most of the time, I am the one getting sucked more than the one sucking. And most of the time I am the one licking a guys asshole instead of him licking mine. And I am always the one, these days, that fills a hot manhole instead of having a cock deep up in me. And I have a secret trick for fucking that makes it real slippery and the bottoms always love it and I know, for me, it’s the only way I fuck. Can you guess what it is?” I shrugged, having no idea. “ The problem with the way you’ve been fucking is that you used condoms. I never do.”
  11. Part 1 Yeah, I knew I was gay. I was only 18, and still in high school, but I had fooled around with a few guys. This was early 1990’s. My experiences had been quick and anonymous at the adult bookstore. The first couple times, I had just let a guy suck me in the video booths, but I had also gotten on my knees too after that. I had gotten fucked exactly twice and both times it had hurt and it was totally safe condom only. I was, at that time, the total surfer twink. 5’ 10” and 170, dArk blonde hair and surfer tan. I was also totally not out. And still coming to terms with the fact that I not only liked guys, but that I was definitely more interested in the pleasing side of things versus sitting back and being pleased. But the bookstore was really hit and miss, and I was somewhat picky. My target was white guys in their late 30’s or 40’s. And that was really all I liked. Guys my age didn’t interest me really. So there I was, 18 and about to graduate high school and sneaking off to the adult bookstore when I just couldn’t take it anymore and either getting sucked or sucking guys. And I could still count my gay sex experiences with both hands at that point. My parents were divorced and I lived with my mom, who by then was either at work or at her boyfriends place. I had a lot of time to myself. We lived in a big apartment complex and I had to walk past a couple of buildings to get to our place from the parking lot. It was during one of those walks from the parking lot that spring of my senior year that I met Tom. I had kind of noticed him, even though he was pretty new to the complex. One, I had to walk past his patio and front door and two, Tom was hot. He was maybe 40 (turned out to be 44) and tall, 6’ 2”, but he was thin. I doubt he weighed more than me at 170. His hair was graying and cut very short. Our neighborhood was not gay Mecca, so I figured he was straight, probably some guy getting divorced. Anyways, I was waking up the path after getting off of my after school job and it was just getting dark. I knew my mom wouldn’t be home, but that was fine and I was used to making myself dinner. I saw him ahead of time on his patio so I wasn’t spooked, but I was surprised when he raised a hand and said “hey there neighbor. I was standing here hoping a young strong guy would walk by here.” I laughed, unsure of what to say. “My name is Tom. I just moved in here a few weeks ago and I bought a new tv and wanted to move the old one upstairs but it’s really a two man job. Any chance i could talk you into helping for a few minutes?” Like I said, I already thought the guy was hot and, well, it just seemed polite to help anyways, so I finally spoke up. “Hi nice to meet you Tom. I’m Chris. I just live down the way, but yeah, I can help.” He smiles and said “Here come around the front door and I’ll let you in.” I walked in and my naive gaydar went off a little. But then again, I told myself, wha did I know. But this was no slobs place. His furniture was tasteful and he had cool black and white photos on the walls. The tv loomed in the living room, on the ground. The nice new one sat in its place on his entertainment center. Tom had on a v neck t shirt and gym shorts. “I really appreciate this. I just want to get it into my play... into the other bedroom, the first one at the top.” We had the same style unit and that was my room, I thought to myself. He led and started to heft the tv up the stairs as I held my end and we worked our way up. He made the turn in thru the door and grunted “lets put it on the long desk up against the wall, ok?” It wasn’t til we set it down that I looked around and realized what the room was and why he had started to say playroom. I had never been in a room built just for sex, but I was in one now. A bed on one wall, with the big desk and tv opposite. The third wall was all mirror closets. And in the corner was something that took a naive 18 year old a second to figure out, a sling. A DVD player and VCR were on the desk and I noticed also in another corner, a camcorder on a tripod. I think he noticed my shock and he tried to joke, “ doesn’t everyone have a sex room?” He paused and then added more quietly, “well, every gay man anyways.” He stared right at me when he said that. And while I was 95 percent sure before he said that, I knew now I was standing in Tom’s gay sex room. “Do you like it?” he asked. I know my heart was beating 1000 Miles an hour by this point. “I like it a lot.” He looked at me a long time. “Chris right? Chris, how um, how old are you?” “I just turned 18 in January.” I replied. This was totally different than a two minute blowjob in the dark. This guy was my neighbor. “Chris, I’m not the only gay man in the room right now am I? He asked quietly. I shook my head. “I was just gonna make sure the tv works right. Want to watch a video with me?” I again just nodded. “One thing though, one of the few rules of my room, clothes are definitely not allowed.” With that he stripped down. Holy shit. He was naked in front of me, and half hard. And his cock was amazing. I nervously stripped down. I was hard as a rock and tried to hide it. He patted the bed and motioned me to sit. “Don’t ever hide that from me here Chris. This is a place where we celebrate man sex.” He grabbed a remote and hit play and settled back onto the bed next to me. I couldn’t help staring at him and he seemed to want me to. I was so nervous still but could feel myself starting to lose control. The nerves were fading into want. I had never been in a guys place before like this and had never had sex outside the bookstores, where it was all about rushing thru as quick as you could. Tom seemed in no hurry. As I watched him wrap a hand around his thick cock and start to slowly stroke it, I thought whatever happens will be fine and it’s nothing you haven’t done before at the bookstore. I had no ideA. I was 18. No one had shown me yet. Tom would. I just didn’t know it yet.
  12. My first time at the baths

    PART 7 Rom and his friend walked in the room and shut the door. I was laying on my back on the bed with my elbows propping me up. It wasn’t exactly bright lights in the tiny room, but it was light enough. I took the new guy in, really really aware he had already been told there wAs a bottom that took it bareback waiting for him. I didn’t get his age, but he was somewhere around 45, give or take a year or two. He had long legs and I guessed he was maybe 6’ 1”, But he was pretty lean. He had a light patch of greying hair on his chest and his face was clean shaven. His mostly grey hair was cut very short. He wore his towel low on his hips. I thought he was hot as hell. Ron spoke up, “Chris this is my friend Steven. Steven meet my sexy young friend Chris. Chris, is Steven your type?” I nodded vigorously. “Steven, did I deliver on my promise of a beautiful young sexy bottom boy?” “ Hell yes you did,” said Steven, adding to me, “it is so nice to meet you sexy boy. Ron here told me this is your first time here? And your first time barebacking?” I nodded. “Well, I understand. Man sex is hot enough, but in a place like this where everyone is so fucking horny ano practically naked and its just us men, so we can have the freedom to explore. Like you explored tonight. I gotta tell you Chris, seeing you there like that, it makes me really want you. It makes me want to fuck you.” Ron had stepped back, making it obvious he was just there to watch. I didn’t care at that point. “I... I think you are really hot too Steven. Do you like to bareback too?” It was at this point that he finally let his towel drop and I got to see his hardening cock for the first time. My eyes were just glued to it, as he slowly gripped it and began to stroke. He was getting hard really fast. And fuck, he was hung. It was perfect. 8. 5 inches with beautiful cut head that topped a thick shaft that had just the slightest most perfect curve. He had trimmed most of the hair away and his balls were shaved. His balls...big round balls, the kind that probably make a lot of cum. His package was magnificent. “It’s so fucking perfect,” I marveled out loud. “I am so glad you like it so much, baby. I’m gonna give you a chance to touch it, and lick it, and suck it... and then it’s going all the inside you. Every. Single. Bit. Is that ok, baby? Is it ok if I fuck you deep?” I am sure I was nodding when I blurted out “I wanna do that all for you just please fuck me bareback.” He looked down at me smiling. “Of course I am gonna fuck you raw Chris.” And then as he leaned into me and i prepared for a kiss, he added, “and I promise you I am not pulling out til all my cum is in that little hole. Is that ok baby?” Looking in his eyes, I nodded. As he leaned in and kissed me hard, I realized very acutely, I had already agreed to lick and suck this strangers cock before letting him fuck my already beaten up hole bareback until he cums inside of me. And I had no idea if he was hiv positive. And I knew it didn’t matter because I would have let him fuck me no matter if he was positive or not. And that totally scared me and totally turned me on. And I knew when this night was over, I was gonna spend a lot of time thinking why I had all of a sudden started hoping the guys I was with had hiv. But right now as my mouth opened and his tongue invaded, I just melted. My cock was like steel and I just wanted him. And I wanted him to be poz. I had to know. As I broke the kiss, I whispered “Steven it’s ok with me if you are, but I just wanted to know.... are you hiv.” He cut me off before I finished. “Yeah sexy. I’m poz. And I know that’s ok with you. I can tell. It’s so sexy. You’re so sexy, that hungry hole. I can’t wait to be inside you.” And i couldn’t wait either.
  13. My first time at the baths

    PART 6 Ron slowly pulled his cock out of me. I was still getting my breath back. My cock was still hard, as I lay on my back, leg muscles tired from being hoisted up. “Why don’t you lay back and rest up a moment and let me go find you a new friend.” And before I could even reply, he was out the door and I was left in his room. Alone, I finally had a moment to consider what had just happened. I had no idea what time it was, but it couldn’t have been more than a few hours since I got here. And everything has changed. All the time of being safe and careful had been washed away in a night. Now maybe the first time, it had been a surprise and I could tell myself it just happened. But with Ron, I knew. He told me had HIV and I didn’t stop him. I actually asked him to fuck me. Two men I didn’t know a few hours ago had both seduced me and gotten me to let them bareback me. They had gotten me so worked up that I actually asked them to cum inside me. What had happened? And how could getting fucked without a condom feel so much better? Cuz it felt like 1000 times better. But Chris, why didn’t you ask them to pull out? I was afraid to answer that. I didn’t even really understand it yet. But it had seemed important. Vital. Like I needed it. Why? I was clean. And two older guys had both made me feel like I had to have their cum in me. Their HIV pozitive cum. And they had shot deep. In my mind I could picture the jets of cum splattering inside me. Coating my guts. Hot white potent man cum. Poz cum. Soaking into me. Thinking about this I tried to make sure I clamped my hole shut. What they had said about them being inside me forever, it sounded so right. I was still afraid and knew later I’d probably freak out more, but now as I lay back on a dingy cum stained mattress with the thin white sheet covering it, the mirrored wall opposite me and porn playing on the small tv, I just wanted more. I admitted to myself right then. I lay there waiting. I knew Ron would be back with a guy that knew he was going to fuck a bareback bottom. And I just kept wishing for another hot older guy in his 40’s with a huge cut cock. And please let him shoot a massive load. And fuck I hope he is poz. I couldn’t pretend I didn’t think it. Because i kept thinking it over and over. I wasn’t going to fight it, this feeling of needing not just cum in my hole, but poz cum. And as all this was rushing thru my head and the thought of poz cum kept repeating over in my mind, the door opened and in walked Ron, and behind him was his friend that he had found.
  14. My first time at the baths

    PART 5 He continued working on my hole and added a 2nd finger and looked me in the eyes as he told me, “Yeah, I am poz. And I wasn’t joking, I do shoot a really big load when I cum. And I never pull out. And Chris, I want to fuck you full of cum so badly, but if you aren’t sure or it scares you, it’s ok to leave still.” My pulse was racing and it felt like he must be able to hear my heart beat. I was scared. And nervous. And excited. “I am scared. I should be more scared though. But I can’t help it. I want you to fuck me so bad. I do. I want you to.” I whimperedas his fingers worked my hole. Upon hearing me give him permission, he jumped up and grabbed two things, lube and something else in a little brown bottle. I felt his fingers rubbing and working the lube on and in my hole. “I know you have that cum in you, but my cock is pretty thick and is a tight little hole. I want to make sure you can take lots of fucking tonight... we don’t want to wear your hole out too quickly.” I just nodded. I didn’t want it to end early. I didn’t know how much lots of fucking was. I had never gotten fucked twice in a day ever. And now i was about to take my second raw cock in an hour. “Chris, sit up just a little. I have something for you to try. I like them but bottoms love them, and I mean love them. They are called poppers. Totally safe and I promise you will really like it. And they will help you take my big cock inside you.” I kind of knew what they were but wasn’t sure about the whole thing. He took care of that by pushing one nostril closed and holding the bottle under my other nostril while saying, “Take a nice long slow breath. Now two more. Good boy.” A few seconds later and bam, my body was experiencing new ecstasy and I was feeling a hard cock head poking at my hole. “Are you ready to get fucked baby? I have such a nice big poz load to share with you. Do you want it? Do you want me to put my poz cock in your hole?” He was pushing a rubbing against my hole and with the poppers and everything I lost any last control. “Fuck me. PLEASE! Just please fucking fuck me with your poz cock. I do want it. I want it all just like you said.” As I heard myself, I couldn’t believe it. I had just blurted that out. But it was true. And it was ok because Ron understood. He knew what I wanted. And he wanted to give it to me. I knew that. He wanted to make sure I got his poz cum inside me. And at that moment ,any last thinking was gone as his cock punctured my ring and slowly worked into my eager and now starving hole. I tried to relax but it felt so good my hole kept clamping down on his cock. “ Chris, your hole is so amazing. So tight and so hungry. It is just pulling my cock in. Feels so good.” He moaned and continued, “fuck yeah, all the way in. God this is such a nice little hole. Does your hole love my cock?” He was now starting to work in and out, slowly picking up speed and doing longer strokes. I was already totally lost in the fuck. His thick long cock was working my boy pussy perfectly. “I fucking love it. Love your big cock. Don’t stop. Just please don’t stop.” I gasped. He was now really fucking me. I was grunting occasionally and as he started to really pound into me, I found myself again gasping as he fucked the breath out of me with every deep stroke. “Fuck baby, your little pussy feels so good. I can’t hold it much longer. Tell me how bad you want my poz load. Earn it. Tell me how bad you want me in you forever,” He grunted. “I need it. I fucking need it. Please please I want your cum. I want your cum in me so bad. I won’t let any out. Please Ron, please let me have your poz load.” He was going all out now, just pounding my hole. It was almost too much and if I hadn’t been so high on fuck endorphins the pain would have been too much. Instead I took it all and found myself blabbering over and over, “poz load. Poz load. Poz load.” “Oh fuck yeah boy, here it comes. You’re gonna get it. Fucking big poz load. Gonna poz you up. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Take that fucking load! Feel that poz cum filling you up,” he cried out collapsing onto me. His cock continued to throb and pulse as the last few drops of his precious poz sperm emptied in my Now well used and fucked hole. My cock was rock hard and leaking like crazy but I didn’t care. All my focus was on my hole and how full it felt and how deep Ron’s huge cock was in me. And I thought how deep his sperm must be. And how even immediately after him cumming and with his cock still hard and in me, I wanted more cum. And wait why was it going on head all of a sudden the word poz in front of cum. I had gotten fucked twice now bare and knew I could never give it up. But wanting the guys to be poz? Where was that coming from? I wasn’t sure and wasn’t sure I wanted to think too much, I just knew these guys had changed me. They had shown me something and now I needed it. Being fucked by a hot older poz guy and having him cum in me was the hottest thing I had ever done. And then I shocked myself when I looked at Ron and said quietly “thank you.” He looked down at me. “You love having my poz babies swimming in you dont you? God I knew when I saw you, you were going to be special. I bet you are still hungry. Aren’t you? You want another hot guy to fuck you full of cum don’t you?” I nodded intently. “ Even if he is poz?” Ron added. Again I nodded intently. “Good boy,” he said as he leaned in and kissed me.
  15. My first time at the baths

    PART 4 Since I didn’t even have my towel anymore, we were both now totally naked. I eyed his cock with a hunger that was new to me, it wAs so intense. And really, I think his eyes were the same for me. “Is this really your first time at a bath house, Chris?” he asked me. His eyes roamed my body as I stood in front of him. I had already decided to stick to honesty tonight and told him the truth. “ I only turned 18 recently and, well, it’s kind of a big step. I was really nervous that it would be too much or something bad would happen, but you guys have been so nice. And are like so perfect,” I added a little shyly. “You like older guys?”, he said smiling. “I don’t really like guys my age. Guys your age are so much hotter and experienced and stuff.” His hand wAs now on his cock, gently and slowly stroking. It was hypnotic watching him tug on his hardening cock. I am almost positive I just dropped to my knees without being pulled down. I am absolutely positive my mouth greedily opened and started to worship his cock. I worked my lips around his head and then bobbed down trying to take him into my throat. His thrust helped that happen. I pulled back and worked my tongue up and down the shaft. I kissed and kicked at his balls. “Yeah suck that man cock Chris. That’s why you came here isn’t it? You look so sexy with my hard dick filling your mouth,” he growled, looking down at me, as he continued, “but I know where you really want it.” I paused and looked up at him. “Was thAt really your first time getting fucked bareback?” He asked me. “Yeah, I was afraid to try it but it just happened and it felt so good. I didn’t know it could feel that good. It never did with condoms.” I said nervously. I was afraid he would think I was too inexperienced. “You... are hiv negative aren’t you Chris?” He asked me quietly. “Yeah. Well, I mean I think, well, I don’t know now. He told me. I asked him to cum in me anyways. I couldn’t help myself.” I felt so dumb the moment I said that, but his response surprised me. “Chris, I don’t want to get too deep here but I have learned there are certain gay men that discover that connection that barenacking gives us men. By taking his cock raw and taking his load in you, you guys are connected now forever. He bred you. His semen is soaking into you now. Some gay men, once they discover that connection they just want more and more of it. And for tops, it’s the same. We want to share our seed with our bottoms. I know I really want to have that connection with you, to share my cum with you. To give you part of me that you will always have.” As he finished saying that, his hands were gently pulling me up and helping me onto the bed. “I want to have that connection with you too. This is stupid, but when you said you wanted to take me to your room, I kept hoping you shoot lots of cum. Your balls are so big...,” I stammered. “Chris I am going to make you feel so good. And give you just what you need. And yes, you are going to get a huge load in you when I cum. You want that baby?” Falling back and pulling my legs up, I exposed my hole to him. “What a pretty hole. It’s all shiny with cum too. Cum makes great lube too”, he said, pushing a finger in my hole. I arched my back and gave in to the pleasure of my hole. There was one thing on my mind. I didn’t know if I should ask. Or if I wanted to know. When I thought about what had already happened it was too much to process and I just knew that at the time I hadn’t been able to resist it. If I asked, then i’d be asking for it before he even started. If i waited til after, then i could just say I didn’t know. And he already said he shoots a ton of cum. I had to know. “Ron, are you hiv positive?”

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