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  1. chrisnsd4u

    Teacher Gives Me 1st Poz Load

    PART 9 I don’t think even one minute passed before the door began to open. I barely had my shorts up and started to panic to make sure I was covered at the same time I looked at the door. What i saw a guy maybe 40ish around 6 feet. He was a little bolder and didnt wait for me to nod back. He just slid through the crack and shut the door and locked it. In the glow of the gay porn on the screen, I was able to see him better. Yeah a little taller than me, so at least six feet and thin. He had on sweat pants and sandals and a T-shirt. There was already a sizable bulge in those sweats. He approached me and his hand went into my still unbuttoned shorts, but he bypassed my cock. Instead, his hand dipped down and I felt a finger slide into my ass crack and run across my hole. His hand slid out of my pants just as quickly and he motioned me up. As soon as I stood, he slipped my shorts down and began to turn me around away from him. And I just let it happen, half out of surprise and half because i was still horny and this guy was pretty hot. I slipped a leg out of my shorts and spread wider, as I braved myself with my hands. I could hear him tugging his sweats down and heard him spit, managing to look back in time to see him using it as lube to stroke with. Again he spat into his hand and rubbed it on his cock. And his cock was... it was huge. Like at least 8.5 inches and thick with a nice big cut head. It was magnificent. It was obvious that like the first guy, he wasn’t going to use a condom. His cock slick with spit I felt him use one hand to grab an ass cheek to spread me open a little, as he used his other to guide his cock to my already fucked and cummed in hole. I felt him push against my barely puckered hole and it gave easily. It hadn’t even had time to close up from the last cock and with the cum coating my hole, he was able to work his giant cock into me. I don’t know if it would have worked otherwise. Later as time went on, I would take bigger cocks but this guy was hung and as an 18 year old almost virgin still, this thing was just massive. And I was taking it. I was almost naked bent over in a bookstore booth, gay porn blaring away, while a guy I hadn’t exchanged a single word with was almost 8 inches into me and continuing to fuck deeper and deeper. And with the first guys cum and my hole already relaxed from getting fucked a few minutes before, I was taking it and loving every second. There was no pain or discomfort. He was working my hole harder and harder and we were not being quiet. Besides him basically knocking my breath out every time he rammed home, I couldn’t keep myself balanced and my hands kept knocking against the thin plywood wall I was supporting myself against. And he was grunting and breathing fast. And then finally to make It competely obvious, he was finally balls deep and now every time he drove into me there was that slap as his pelvis met my ass cheeks. And I was so lost in the fuck and his cock sliding into my prostate that I didn’t care. I didn’t care that It was sleazy and dirty. The smell of sex and cum made me feel drunk. And I didn’t need to know who was fucking me. All that mattered was that he was hot and had a fucking amazing cock and he was in me raw. And I had already kind of figured it out, all these guys here are looking for cock. I gave in and enjoyed every second and didn’t care that everyone there would know I was getting fucked right there in the booth. Eyes closed and head down I took it until I felt his hands grip tighter and felt his pounding increase even more til finally he rammed deep and erupted. Spurt after spurt of cum coated my guts as I pushed back to make sure I was getting it all. He grinded into me as he stayed deep while his cock pulsed and throbbed inside me, as he obviously was trying to put every drop into me. Spent and satisfied that he had put all his cum inside me, he slowly pulled out. Without a word he pulled up his sweat pants and straightened his shirt up. Looking down, he adjusted his still softening rod and covered it with his shirt. I meanwhile was wobbly legged and was trying get my one leg through my shorts so I could pull them back up. Mr Sweatpants paused by the door to give me a second to get the shorts up and then just as quietly as he had slid in, he popped back out after cracking open the door and then shut it behind him. I noticed it wAs darker and realized I had let the video machine run out of credits. I don’t think even twenty minutes had elapsed and I had gotten fucked twice. And had no idea who they were or if i could even recognize them if I saw them. And I hadn’t asked either one if they were clean. I mean who knows, Tim looks healthy and he has it. But then the thought that hit almost right away was did it matter? Would I have stopped those guys if they were did have HIV? If I saw Mr Sweatpants giant cock and knew he was HIV positive, could I or would I want to say no to it? I knew why I didn’t ask. It didn’t matter. I was taking them raw no matter what the risk. It just felt too good. As all this wet through my head in about 30 seconds, I stood to walk out, figuring enough was enough for tonight and I had not been very discreet and didn’t want trouble. As my hand touched the doorknob, it twisted in my hand and the door opened up a crack as another stranger met my stare. Maybe I wasn’t leaving quite as soon as I thought as we gave each other a quick look over. A mutual nod and I was backing toward the bench of the booth as a new stranger entered the small cubicle with me and shut and locked the door.
  2. chrisnsd4u

    Teacher Gives Me 1st Poz Load

    PART 8 There was nothing else open around the bookstore, which was surrounded by a neighborhood of car repAir places, storage places, and industrial type businesses. I pulled into the store’s lot, totally nervous I would be spotted by someone. I had no idea what to expect still, but I wasn’t the only one there. There was at least a dozen cars in the lot besides mine. Before I could chicken out, I got out of my car and tried to discreetly sneak in. That plan was blown when the clerk immediately asked me for my id. I showed it to him and he looked it over and handed it back, telling me to enjoy myself. I took a quick look and saw the layout. Rows of DVD’s and then an aisle of lingerie and an aisle of sex toys. I was beginning to be disappointed when I saw the small lit up sign advertising private video booths. Without hesitation, I made my way into the back of the store. This area was separated and customers in the front wouldn’t even really be able to see back here. It seemed like a few rows of dark corridors that led to small booths, maybe twenty booths total. Along the wall of the main corridor wAs the list of all the pornos that you could watch in the booths. At least half were gay, which was reassuring. I also noticed guys lurking in the shadows, in vacant booths with the doors open. Not a ton, but these were guys obviously not just watching videos. They were hanging around back there. I pretended to look at the video selection wall, but really watched the guys mill around. Two were old, like real old and I had zero interest. Another one was at least 39 but overweight. A Latino guy just looked a little too gang menmbery. Then I saw him, a guy just my type. He was 40ish and taller than me, probably a little over six feet and thin. His hair was cut very short. He had on a T-shirt and shorts and flip flops. I didn’t know what to do, so I just stared at him. After he looked back and met I stare, he gestured with anod toward a booth near the back of the row. Slowly, he walked in and gently shut the door. I keenly didn’t hear a click of a lock. With a shaking hand that took all my courage, I reached and felt the knob, after makin sure no one was watching me. The door opened and he gestured again with a nod to come in. As soon as I did, he reached over and clicked the lock. The inside booth had a machine to take the money and control the screen mounted to the wAll. He loaded a few dollars and the video sprang to life, as he clicked over to a gay sex scene where one guy was worshipping another guys cock with his mouth. We both stared at the screen, our eyes going back and forth from it to each other. He was rubbing his bulge and i was mesmerized. Seeing this, he opened his shorts and dropped them down stepping out of them and setting them on the bench seat. It was a beautiful cut 7 inch cock with nice full balls. I followed suit, assuming this was protocol. As I set my shorts down and turned away, I felt his hand graze my butt. Instinctively, i spread my legs and allowed the touch. His finger slid between my cheeks and I arched my back to meet it. Suddenly, he was down on his knees and he was spreading my legs further and gripping my ass cheeks. Then I felt it, his beard scratching the insides of my ass crack as his tongue darted out and licked my hole. I bucked but he held on and dove in, licking and sucking my asshole. The porno played, along with the sounds of other booths. The smell of sweet smell ofcum and sex permeated the air. I gripped the wall for balance as I stood bent over having a total stranger I hadn’t ever seen until two minutes ago lick my hole. I was gasping and bucking and trying to keep quiet. He was so good at rimming me. I gave in completely, my cock so hard I knew better than to touch it or else I would cum. Then just as suddenly, he stopped and rose up behind me. Almost immediately, I felt it and knew. One hand on my ass cheek, pulling it open and exposing my hole. The other hand guiding his rock hard cock to my eager rosebud. He rubbed his cockhead against my asshole, driving me crazy. “Ready to eat fucked?” He whispered. “Please!” was my only reply. The pressure increased. I tried to relax, a little worried that he was only using spit as lube. It definitely burned when his steel like rod drove into me and my hole surrendered. Hands against the wall i focused just on letting my hole open, feeling the change as the pain and stabbing turned to ecstasy. He was working it in, as both of us tried not to make too much noise. His cock began to pick up speed and I noticed the spit made things a little less slippery in a really good way. My hole has blossomed and was accepting his big man cock hungrily. It felt so good to have a hard dick fucking me again. And he was picking up speed, really fucking me now. “I’m getting close,” he whispered as he hunched over me. I didn’t plan it or anything but I heard myself replying, “Please cum in me.” As soon as those words left mouth, my mystery man’s thrusts grew faster and more erratic. With both hands on my hips he drove deep one final time and collapsed against me, as his cock throbbed inside me and spasmed, as it ejaculated into me. After a few seconds, he slowly backed out and i clamped my hole shut to try to keep the cum in me. He silently dressed and i hurried to get my shorts back on. As soon as his clothes were on, he straightened himself up and opened the door, slid out, and gently shut it, leaving me still dressing in the booth with the gay porn still playing on the screen and a huge load of a strangers sperm soaking into me. Less than ten minutes had elapsed since I had walked into the bookstore.
  3. chrisnsd4u

    Teacher Gives Me 1st Poz Load

    PART 7 The next day, I relived the experience at Tim’s. I had almost no regrets. The hiv thing scared me, but not enough to keep me from already looking forward to more. I thought about what had happened after we had fucked. Tim really seemed to like fucking me. He asked me again about the hiv thing and reminded me that In the moment, I had not only been ok with it, I had asked him for it. For his poz cum. Those words were going thru my head a lot. I knew I had said it. And the words had a weird effect on me now the next day. They scared me and made me hArd. It was totally messing with me. And I was still totally getting the “stop doing this, this is crazy” messages In my brain, but I had jerked off three times in the last 18 hours since his cock had ejaculated into me. And I was still horny. I wanted him, even still a little sore, I wanted to get fucked. By 8 that night, I was online and messaging Tim, but he wasn’t on. I waited and waited til almost ten. He must have been busy and I couldn’t just show up. I was so horny at this point, so eager to service him, to worship cock. I figured I would give it a few more minutes. My Dick was rock hard and sex was leading all thoughts. I didn’t see any hot guys on the site . I signed off and as I did, a thought occurred to me. I had driven by it many times and it was only twenty minutes Away, in the business district. I wasn’t even sure if the stories were true about the adult book store, that it was mostly a place for gay guys to hook up. Something about a maze of private video booths with 100 different pornos to pick from and that guys would go into the booths and fuck and suck. The owner of the place was gay and actually encouraged it. It sounded like an urban legend that was fake but what if it wasn’t? What if there were some hot guys, older guys like Tim, just there horny and looking to meet someone to fuck right there in the store? At 10:30 that night with a rock hard teenage cock and a hole that had just become addicted to raw man sex, it didn’t even seem like I had a choice. Even though I was literally so nervous I was nauseous, I was on my way. I was barely past my 18th birthday and on my way to my first adult book store, where I hoped that everything I heard was true and that I was on my way to meet a stranger I hoped would want to fuck me. I didn’t pretend or lie to myself. I wanted to get fucked by an older guy, no condom and no pulling out. And I wanted it so bad.
  4. chrisnsd4u

    Teacher Gives Me 1st Poz Load

    PART 6 I spent the whole drive over shaking I was so nervous. Over and over i told myself to just turn around and what what was I thinking risking so much? The first time I didn’t know til it was too late , but this was different. And I couldn’t pretend to myself it wasn’t. My hard cock and hungry ass were leading me, overpowering every thought I had to just get away! There was no hiding it, Tim had told me flat out. He was hiv positive, poz as he called it. And he didn’t use condoms. And he had no intention of pulling out. And I had seen that huge cock and knew how deep it could be when he came. And I had seen those giant cum producing balls. He had to shoot a massive load. He will fill me up with it, his sperm. His HIV positive sperm. Spurt after spurt, his cock all the way inside me erupting. And fear took more of a backseat. I was a horny as hell 18 year old that had just discovered bottoming and had done it with a hot experienced hung top. And he had fucked me bareback and cum in me my first time. I couldn’t help wanting more. And I knew how amazing Tim was, how he had made it feel so good, had made me so hungry for cock and so wanting to be a proud gay bottom. A bareback bottom now, on my way to see him again. Still shaking, I rang his bell and he answered obviously nude and obviously knowing it would be me knocking. “I’m so glad you are here. I have thought about that hot ass so many time these last few days. And the way that mouth felt on my cock. And the taste of your asshole. Wanna go straight up?” He welcomed me shutting the door. Nodding eagerlly at home he responded by leading me up to the room I had been in before. This time, I was tearing at my clothes, my cock like steel already and eyes focused on Tim’s already hard meat. Naked, I fell to my knees and licked the shaft from the base to the head, before swirling my tongue around the big mushroom head. Tasting precum, I lost my self and opened wide and took as much as I could. Concentrating on relaxing my throat, I tried to take more and more burn woukd gag occasionally and have to back off. I was trying my best to please him, to be a good cocksucker. “Fuck yeah”, he growled, “that’s so good. Suck that fucking dick. Get it ready. I’m gonna fuck you with it in about 30 seconds.” I grew every more eAger in my sucking, wanting to show my enthusiasm for what he said. “Get up, get on the bed on your back and pull your legs up,” he ordered as he reached for his lube and applied some to my hole and to his cock. Standing over me, his cock head an inch from my starving hole, he looked down and asked me, “what’s my boy want? Does my boy want me to put my cock inside him right now?” “Yes! Fuck yes”, I cried out. “There’s no condom on this cock”, he whispered as he began to tease my hole by rubbing the tip against it. “No condom. No condom.”, I repeated in an almost begging tone. He was driving me to the edge, making me want him so badly. “Should I pump all of my cum Into your hole when I shoot? Should I give you my sperm when we both know I am hiv positive? What do you want?”, he whispered as the pressure on my hole gradually increased. “I want you to cum in me, fill me up with it! All of it! PleAse just please fuck me til you cum!” I whimpered. With that, he pushed in and i I felt that piercing pain followed by a dull ache as my almost virgin hole tried to relax. He gently worked his big meat into me, slowly rocking his hips pushing deeper and deeper. Then starting to take longer strokes as my breath became gasps and I started losing myself to the sensations of pleasure in my hole. It wasn’t long til I was lost. The only thing on earth that mattered was Tim and his huge cock and me and my tight little hole. We were connected. Eyes locked, him grunting and huffing as I began to feel my breAth knocked out with every deep stroke. His ball were now slapping against me when he drove home and I reveled in knowing he was in me ball deep. I was taking all of him. Raw. He was pumping hArd and his thrusts began to pick up speed, his ups bucking erratically. I recognized this from last time and concentrated on trying to take every single bit of that cock inside me while squeezing and miliking it. “Fuck yes, squeeze that fucking cock Chris. Earn that load. Tell me you want it. Tell me you want my sperm in you.” He grunted. “Fucking please cum in me. Please cum in me. I want it in me. I want your cum all inside me. I won’t let it leak at all. Please!” I begged him. “Big poz load. Gonna give it to you. Fucking dump that cum deep inside you.!” He muttered between clenched teeth as he was slamming into me. “Yeah. Big load. Big poz load. Inside me. All of it. Poz load inside me. Poz load inside Me.” I just kept saying it. Then I felt it his pace grew ever faster and then he drove deep and collapsed onto me and i felt that huge rod pulse and throb as his sperm entered me and splattered into my guts. I squeezed and milked it and wrapped my arms around him to hold him insode me. The throbs slowly ebbed and he pulled back up and looked down at me. My stomach was covered in my own cum? I had shot without touching myself. He made no move to pull out and I made no attempt to back off it. Instead I looked up with a guilty grin and knew inside there was no way I could stop doing this. Getting fucked without condoms and taking Tim’s cum. It was like a drug. I was already hooked. What was I gonna do now? This is crazy! But fuck his cum is in me and that thought still scared me but it was turning me on more. A lot more.
  5. chrisnsd4u

    Teacher Gives Me 1st Poz Load

    PART 5 I spent the next day feeling guilty and certain that I had HIV, when I wasn’t busy jerking of relving the whole scene. Then I would feel guilty again. How could I break all the rules my first time out? I had let a guy with HIV fuck me raw and I had even let him cum inside me. It was only when I jerked off that I let myself admit I hadn’t let him cum in me, I had made him cum in me. Why had I done that? The next day after that my horniness got the better of me and I logged on, just to look at his profile I told myself. Before I could get there though, I noticed I had a message. I clicked and it was from him and he had sent it late last night. “Chris, First of all, I had an amazing time with you and really felt a special connection. And i am really happy that I got to be your first Top. You left pretty quickly and I think I know why... the fact I am hiv positive. I normally wouldn’t have even met a guy quite As young as you, but you were just so sexy in your pictures and so eager to be with an older guy like me, i gave in. And then you had such a pretty hole and it smelled so good. And then it tasted so good. And you got my cock so hard with your mouth. I couldn’t help needing to be inside you and I gave in. And you needed it. You needed my cock inside of you. And you knew I wouldn’t use a condom. Or maybe you just didn’t think. You just gave in. And when I was fucking you and you couldn’t have it stop. It just couldn’t stop. You had to have my cock pistoning in and out of you. Even when you knew it would make me cum and I told you I was close. You gave in. You pulled me in and squeezed my cock with your hole and accepted my load. A poz guy was shooting spurt after spurt of his cum into your guts and you gave in. You wanted it. At first when you left, I felt a little guilty and thought maybe I shouldn’t have let it go so far. Here you are, 18 and now you have my hiv cum inside you. And you’ve taken it bareback. You are going to want to get fucked bare again. It’s too addicting. You will give in. You will need it. Cock and cum. Deep in your hole. You will just have to... give in. And I will be waiting to take care of your needs again. When you are hungry and can’t hold off anymore, come over. But there’s no condoms allowed here. And no pulling out. And you will leave full of my cum. Signed, Tim.” I wasn’t just hard when i finished reading that, I was sure i would cum if I even touched my cock. And then I noticed he was actually online. And without hesitation, I gave in. I messaged him, knowing that I was agreeing thAt I did want what he wanted too, to fill my ass with his cum. “Tim, I can’t stop thinking about it. Can I come over again?,” I wrote and hit send. It was maybe a minute later that I got my reply. It was one word,Now. My reply was just as quick, “On my way.” And after a few minutes cleaning myself up, I was out the door. And for the second time in 3 days, was on my way to be a hot older Top man’s bottom toy. The hiv thing definitely went thru my mind, but not nearly as much as the thought of how it felt like he had cum a quart of jizz inside me when he had shot last time. It was the cum I kept thinking about, taking cum.
  6. chrisnsd4u

    Teacher Gives Me 1st Poz Load

    PART 4 Those three letters threw me straight into holy fuck mode. Here I was 18 and still totally inexperienced and had just lost my virginity to a guy with HIV. And I hadn’t used a condom. And he came in me. And judging by the way he felt, it had been a lot of cum. All I wanted was to just get out. I don’t think I said a word as I quietly put my clothes on. I thought maybe he would say something, but he just let me quickly dress and leave. To say I was freaking out inside was putting it mildly. I don’t even remember driving home, but I do know I made a point to just sneak in and get to my room. I know I spent a decent amount of time totally in panic and sure I had aids. Then, almost against my will, as I lay in bed, I started to relive the whole thing in my head. And was instantly hard. My body was betraying me, even though I was still totally scared. I couldn’t forget how good it felt to suck a real man’s dick. And to get fucked. It had felt so good to finally get fucked. And then the cum, actually feeling him cum into me. And wait, he had tried to pull out. I was the one that stopped him. I had stopped him! In my panic, I had forgotten that fact. My hand that wasn’t stroking my cock reached down and fingered my hole, which was Still slick and wet. Wet with his cum, I thought, and that thought put me over the edge. I shot all over myself, one hand stroking my cock while my other hand was jammed two fingers deep into my cummy hole. It took a long time to actually sleep though, all I kept thinking about was how good it felt and how I couldn’t ever do it again. It had felt so fucking good. But it could kill me. And this last part especially. Holy shit, his cum is in me I am so scared. And then, holy shit his cum is in me, it’s so fucking hot I let a guy fuck me and cum in me. Another man’s cum is soaking into me. I finally fell asleep, still totally fixated on cocks and holes and especially, cum and hiv.
  7. chrisnsd4u

    Teacher Gives Me 1st Poz Load

    PART 4 Tim’s cock wasn’t even halfway in me and I was sure I was being torn up. My first cock was huge and I was trying so hard to relax. But as he slowly worked his hips and worked that massive rod into me, my hole finally seemed to open up. And it felt so good. Instant bottom. And he just kept slowly pumping that man cock into me. “Fuck your hole is so tight. Such a hot little hole,” he grunted. Inspired by the fact that I was pleasing him, for the first time I pushed back against him. I wanted more of him inside me. I wanted to make him feel good. I wanted to make him cum. “Yeah, you like it. You like that big cock inside you don’t you?” He asked. “So good, feels so good,” was all I could get out, as he picked up speed. He wasn’t pounding me, but he was getting more aggressive and taking longer strokes. I had never even imagined it could feel so good. And knowing my hole was making his cock feel good got me so hot I knew i couldn’t even touch my cock. It was like steel and precum was pouring out. I would cum the second I started stroking. And now I was getting pounded. Each slam home knocking my breath out. “Oh god oh god oh god,” who knows how many times I said that. “So close. Fucking tight little boy ass,” he grunted through clenched teeth. “Wanna.... wanna make you cum. Cum in me. Cum in me, “ I begged. He was frantic now, his thrusts getting erratic. It seemed like he was close. “Can’t cum in you. Gotta... gotta pull out. Fuck gonna cum. Oh fuck gonna cum.” I don’t even know where it came from or why it seemed so important to me, an 18 year old virgin, but I wanted to make him cum with my ass. I didn’t want him to finish jerking off. “No! I practically shouted reaching out my hands and pulling him into me, just as he was trying to pull out. Gripping him, I felt him buck and spasm as his giant cock erupted inside of me. I ground into him as I felt his cock pulse and instinctively knew what thAt meant, each spasm meant a shot of cum spraying into me. And it spasmed a lot. I loosened my grip as he finished and I felt his orgasm subside. He slowly slid out of me and looked down. “I’m Sorry. I shouldn’t have let you, I shouldn’t have finished inside you,“ he said quietly. I looked up at him, naive as I was. “Why? It felt so good. I swear, it felt SO GOOD. And I wanted to make you cum with... with my butt. And I FELT it! Your cum. I could feel it like in me,” I said like a kid that just discovered candy. He just looked at me in the same way and said, “Chris, it’s not... it isn’t safe for... I have HIV.”
  8. chrisnsd4u

    Teacher Gives Me 1st Poz Load

    PART 3 Finally, Tim backed off and that slick wet tongue that had been giving my ass so much pleasure was gone. I arched my back and moaned, I just wanted more so bad. “Don’t worry Chris, I haven’t even started pleasuring your little boyhole. I just wanted you to see what your ass does to me,” Tim said rising up. His cock was rock hard. A bead of precum was dripping off the tip. I practically dove up to get to it, that massive man cock. My teachers man cock. And my mouth opened greedily to savor it. I wanted that big dick in my mouth so badly. But first I had to lap that precum up, as my tongue flicked out and licked and swirled on his big mushroom head. Lips already wet with spit, I slid my mouth down on his shaft. I lost myself in sucking him. I worshiped it with my mouth. I pulled off and licked and sucked on his balls and then returned to sucking the head. I tried my best to please him. I wanted to be a good cocksucker for him. With him standing just next to the edge of the bed, I was on my hands and knees to reach him and so when he leaned over me, it wasn’t hard for his hands to reach my ass. His very wet fingers felt cold for just a moment when they touched my hole, but quickly grew warm. It was my first time having my ass lubed, but I knew it wasn’t spit. His hand pulled away and then returned, and my hole and as crack grew slick, so slick his finger just eased into me. The pressure and fullness felt incredible and i arched my back. I sucked with even more desire, as his finger slowly opened me up. It wasn’t spoken when he pulled away and then guided me around. He spread my legs and pulled me to the edge of the bed. My slick and shiny hole was presented to him, my cheeks spread wide. He slowly stroked his rock hard cock. He knew he was about to fuck me and I knew he was about to fuck me. I was still nervous but I wanted it so bad. He had driven me to the point where I just needed hot gay man sex. Nothing else mattered except this hot older guy and his giant beautiful penis. Finally, I felt it. The head of his cock. Only instead of pushing in, he was slowly rubbing the head against my hole. The slight slight pressure and the gentle tiny circles drove me crazy. It felt SO good. He had one hand on his cock and one hand keeping me in place. I knew he didn’t have a condom on. I was really aware of that and it kept running through my head, but it felt so good. And I was 18 and with a guy more than twice my age. And I knew I wasn’t gonna say anything if he didn’t. The rubbing and pressure kept making me just want him more and more. So much that when he finally leaned in and whispered “I’m going to fuck you now,” I just whimpered “Please!”. And the circles stopped and the pressure got stronger. I tried to relax. He pushed and then I felt a sharp stab in my hole and I gasped and threw inches of bare cock was inside me and I was no longer a virgin. He paused and stroked my back gently. “Relax, just relax and open up. Let that hole open up for me,” he whispered, adding “let me show you how good my cock can make you feel.”
  9. chrisnsd4u

    I Know You’ll Be Back

    PART 14 As my heartbeat returned to normal, the combination or Tom’s cock softening and my still spasming hole forced him to slip out of me with a soft plop. As it did, the anxiety kicked back in. Only now it was more confusing. And I wasn’t sure what I felt. I know I felt some guilt over what I was doing. And some guilt for feeling guilty. Four loads of hiv laden sperm shot into me by a guy who I couldn’t seem to resist. Even now, the thought turned me on, just something so strongly attracted me to raw sex. And I was very aware that I was clamping shut in an effort to keep all of his semen in me. I didn’t want any leaking out. But a huge part of me was still screaming wha are you doing? This is so risky. HIV. AIDS. But you keep coming back, I told myself. Hell, I had TWO loads in me now and it was barely afternoon. And I had begged for it. And I didn’t notice this before, but it seemed like Tom almost liked cumming in me more than just fucking me. Like giving me his seed was what mattered most. Maybe that was just my imagination. “Earth to Chris. Are you there sexy boy” Tom joked. I guess I had been really lost in my thoughts. “Sorry, I was just thinking. It’s just, and it feels really really good, I just get nervous... your cum and everything.” I said quietly. He looked at me. “You mean, because I have HIV and you keep letting me cum in you? Is that what you mean?” He asked. I just nodded. “Well, you have had four loads now and you might already have it. Or you don’t. And Chris, this is really it, you can’t stop. Maybe. To be honest, I think you are already too hooked on barebacking. But you could stop and go back to your old life. I don’t think that’s what you want though. I think what you want and really at this point ,what you need is to keep giving in. To live with the consequences of being a cum dump bottom boy. And yeah, end up with hiv. I have friends that would love to give you what you need. I could keep you full every day. I have friends that would come over right now. I already told them about you and they are aching to fuck you. Aching to be inside you when their cocks starts pumping man cum. They all have hiv they wanna share too. I can call them now. You don’t even have to ask. Just nod if you want me too. Nod if you want strange men over here now to cum inside your boy hole.” He said hypnotically. I’d like to say i thought and weighed the options but I didn’t. His words had got me. And slowly, I nodded. And then again. And he grinned. And reached for his phone as i lay back on the bed with his sperm soaking into me.
  10. chrisnsd4u

    Teacher Gives Me 1st Poz Load

    PART 2 i was so nervous but sex was leading down the hall, his hand gently guiding me. His room was sparse but it wa nice. He led me in and closed the door. He looked me over as I stared at him. Finally, he spoke. “Obviously, we know each other outside of this room. That’s a totally diffferent place and it’s no ones busniness what we do here. And call me Tim. That’s my first name”, he said before smiling and adding “now get out of those clothes and get comfortable.” With that, he reached and pulled off his underwear, freeing that gorgeous man cock. I was shy, but I got naked. “Let me see you. Damn, you are hot Chris. Turn around and show me that ass. What a hot ass. Spread now so I can see your little hole. Show me, show me your boyhole,” the last part coming out almost in a whisper. I had no idea what was gonna happen or what to do, but I showed him. “Hot fucking hole. What a sexy butt. Have you gotten fucked yet Chris?” He asked. I wasn’t gonna lie, so I told him the truth. “I... I’ve sucked two guys from school a few times that’s it,” I said nervously. He grinned. “We are gonna have so much fun. Just so you know what I like, I like most everything, but most of all I like to play with a young guys butt. Touch it, lick it, fuck it. Stuff I think you want badly,” he said in a low sexy voice. I just nodded. I was so excited and nervous. “Chris, there’s something I have to do. Lay down on the bed on your tummy. Yeah, that’s it now spread your legs open a little more. Perfect,” he instructed. And then i felt him climb on the bed and crawl between my legs. I had no idea what was next. I felt him lower himself and then I felt his breath, hot as it hit my asscheeks. I felt his hands grab those cheeks and slowly pull them apart. He seemed to get even closer and I heard him inhale deeply. “God your little butt smells so fucking good Chris. So tangy and musky just like it should be,” he whispered.he was so close his face was now basically in my ass crack. And then I felt it. ThAt first flick of a wet tongue, his wet tongue, sliding across my virgin hole. I gasped and bucked, but he had a firm grip as he now lashed out at it, attacking it with his tongue. His mouth was sucking and licking and it had me gasping for breath as I bucked and writhed and learned the ectasy of having a man lick my boy hole. His tongue swirled and teased. It drove strong and deep. His mouth suckled my hole, devouring it. It felt so good I was losing control and making noises I had never made before. It just felt so good. I didn’t even care about my cock. Mr Johnson, Tim, knew how to make my ass feel better than my cock had ever felt. I continued to melt with his attention. It just felt so good. All I cared about was Tim playing with my ass. Whatever I had to do to keep this ecstasy going, to make him want to give my butt attention. He was just so good. It seemed like he loved it as much as me, and I wondered if it made him hard to play with my ass like this. I wondered if he loved my hole as much as I loved him playing with it. I wanted him too. I wanted my hole to please him.
  11. PART 1 It was approximately two months before high school graduation that this happened, which is to say it was about two weeks after I turned 18. Not that I looked 18. I was lucky if people thought I was 16. Although I was 5' 10”, I only weighed 155 pounds, and given my baby face and short brown hair, I didn’t look like a man - yet. But it was men I wanted, that’s for sure. I was 18 and I had a car. It was time. Sure there were gay guys at my school, but I wasn’t into guys my age. I liked guys older than me, guys around 40. Men with big man cocks and big manly cum-filled balls. That’s what turned me on. Now I just needed to find such a man who happened to like me. With that in mind, within days of my birthday, I had my first profile up on a gay hook-up site. Initially I received messages from young guys who were quite like me, or at most a few years older. One or two were tempting but I held out. Besides a few blowjobs back and forth ealrier in the year, I had no experience with men. But in my mind, I was always the one sucking cock and always the one offering up his hole. I was a bottom before I even knew what a bottom was. Then one day he messaged me. He was older, 43, and definitely a top. His pictures didn’t have his face but what it showed was amazing to me. He was 6 1” but thin at 165. His graying hair was cut very short. And then I saw his dick. Magnificent isnt even a strong enough word. The pictures showed a solid eight and a half inch cock, with a nice mushroom head and a thick slightly bending upward shaft. His big balls hung down. They looked massive. Now, my balls are a nice size and I cum tons when I shoot, but I figured a guy with giant balls such as this guy sported must cum buckets. I couldn't see his face, but honestly didn't care. This guy's body was my fantasy come to life. I read thru his profile. And then I saw it: HIV status - positive. Still, I wanted to read his message and at least say thanks for messaging me. Just looking at his pictures had me so hard. It was too bad he had hiv. I couldn’t risk that. So I clicked on the message. “I love your pics. You seem like a really hot young guy. That sexy body. And hot little butt! I saw you like older guys. Hot older Top men, guys that can show you things, take you to places you haven’t been yet and that your body doesn’t know it needs yet. I’ve helped young men like you before. I’d love to meet you. And I can tell by your profile you are gonna want to meet me. I have a huge cock that loves attention and I love showing a young guys hole the attention a boy hole needs. I have exactly what you need. Don’t waste time and message me back. I want you in my bedroom.” wow, he had me rock hard. I mean rock hard. And shaking a little. This was real. This hot as hell man wanted me. And badly, it seemed. I was so scared of the hiv thing but I stared at those pics and read his message again and I didn’t know what I would do but I would find a way to keep safe. I had to meet him. With very very nervous hands, i typed back. “You are really really hot. I’m a little scared about what we can do because i am not hiv positive, but I can’t help it, like I just want to meet you and see you face to face. Your cock is so amazing. I have a car, so I can meet almost anywhere but I love with my parents, so can’t have anyone here.” And I hit send. Within minutes, his reply came thru. “Come over now. We are both horny. My address is 710 elm lane, by the new high school. Can you be here soon? So ready to meet you and have uou here.” I replied within seconds. “Be there in 20 minutes.” I tried to make sure I looked ok and ran a brush thru my hair and went out the door before I could change my mind. What was I doing? But I told myself nothing has to happen unless I want it to. And he was so sexy. And that huge cock. I was hard the short drive over there. I parked on the street and made my way towards his house. It was dark, so that made it a little easier. It was my first time just going to a guys house to hook up. I was nervous as hell but my cock was leading me. I was so horny I almost couldn’t take it. I walked up to the porch and knocked softly. The door slowly opened and I was face to face with my internet friend. His body was more amazing in person. Clad in just underwear that bulged like crazy, he was all his profile said and more. Then I looked at his face and he looked at mine and both of us had a shock. It was Mr Johnson, my 11th grade history teacher. I was shocked and embarrassed he would now reject me and still so horny, maybe even more so now. Mr Johnson a gay Top! All of this shock and me standing in the doorway lasted maybe 3 seconds. And then he gestured for me to come in and I did. My cock was like steel and I was determined to go further, though I didn’t know where. I just knew two things: mr Johnson was my perfect gay man standing in front of me and I had to be carful and not forget he had hiv. I felt his hand on my lower back as he guided me inti the house. The sound of the door jarred me from my thoughts. This was happening. This was really happening.
  12. chrisnsd4u

    I Know You’ll Be Back

    PART 13 Tom broke off the kiss and looked down at me. “You sexy little stud. I am so lucky you walked by my door. I am gonna keep that little boyhole so happy. And so full,” he whispered. I just nodded up at him. He grabbed me a little rougher than normal and flipped me over. “I want to see my cock going in and out of my boys hole,” he grunted. He was stroking his already hard cock. Instinctively, I arched my back and went ass up and head down, completely offering my already fucked and cum slick cunt up to him. My legs were spread and my hole was totally exposed, as he started sliding his cock up and down my crack, teasing me. Then he gripped the base of his massive cock and began running tiny circles over my rosebud with his cockhead. It was driving me crazy and i was bucking back to try to get it inside me. Finally, so hungry and teased I couldn’t take it, emotion took over and I practically cried out for it, “Please fuck me!”. And with that, I felt the pressure increase and my hole began to open up and accept Tom’s beautiful penis. He went slow but steady, and it was a little hard to take but the cum he had already shot into me slickened it up. The fullness increased and I fell into ecstasy again. He was going slow but fucking me with deeper and longer strokes. It felt incredible and I pushed out my hole to try to get even More of him inside me. “My cock looks so fucking hot going in and out if you Chris. Your tight little boy butt. It’s like magic just pulling the cum out of me. I can’t help it. You are gonna make me shoot again. Is that what you want?”, he said in that whisper-moan of his that drove me crazy. “I want it! I want it please!”, I practically yelled. The strokes were longer even, all the way til just the Head was wrapped around my ring and then all the way in balls deep, slowly and steadily. “You want to take another poz load sexy boy? Is that it? You need that special cum inside you don’t you. Dont you? Deep in your little boy hole.”, he grunted. And I lost it. The lust overpowered me and I found myself answering him, “Fuck yes I need it. I fucking need it in me. Cum in me. Cum in me. Cum in me.” Who knows how many times I repeated the last part. He sped up and he was driving deep. It hurt but I didn’t care. The sharp pain of his cock stabbing my guts almost made it feel even better. And then he drove extra deep and his hiv positive sperm erupted into my eager and begging hole. And I had begged. He had asked me and I had begged him to do it. And I wanted it. At that moment all that mattered was that I was his bottom and he had just shared his sperm with me. Given me his seed. He collapsed on top of me. “Please stay in me”, I whimpered. “My baby boy already addicted to man cum in his hungry little boy hole. My sexy baby boy,” as I felt him throb inside me as he tried to milk every drop of cum into me that he could. And my mind flashed quickly HIV load number four now. But instead of fear, I was thinking of load number five, which I knew I would need. And need soon. The hunger was just growing. The need to get fucked. And bred.
  13. chrisnsd4u

    My first time at the baths

    PART 8 As if the adrenaline from the sex wasn’t enough, hearing him tell me he was poz just pushed it further. “Get on your back”, Steven ordered. I immediately complied and instinctively pulled my legs up, so that my now twice fucked hole was exposed. “Oh.... oh fuck yeah.look at that crummy boyhole. Your first time here and already leaking cum out of your little hole. There is nothing sexier on earth than a fresh young stud discovering he is a cumdump. And fuck yeah, you are the sexiest one ever. You hole is so hungry, isn’t it?”, he whispered. “I need it so bad!” I almost cried out. And I did need it. Being in that sleazy place and in that tiny room, the stink of cum and men and sex, this amazingly sexy older guy about to fuck me. I was in a place where it was all horny sexy gay men, fucking and sucking, showing off their sexy bodies and beautiful cocks... everyone there for one purpose, to relish every moment of being free to have any kind of hot man sex they want, a focus on cock and cum and holes. Men worshipping men. And here i was, 18 and in a little over an hour, i’d Been completely seduced by it all. And so when Steven asked if I needed it, I can’t tell you how much that in that moment, the only thing on earth that mattered was having him inside me. Shooting sperm deep into my guts. He spit on his hand and stroked his cock, before lining it up with my hole. Our eyes were locked as he slowly worked his Cock head past my ring, til he pushed thru and half his cock slid in me and my eyes rolled back. After a brief pause to make sure I was ok, he continued working his cock, slowly beginning to slide in and out. As my hole opened up for him, he began to fuck me harder, he was still not all the way in. He was much more aggressive than the first two and didn’t say much of anything, just groans and grunts. Since he went from 0-60, I was just trying to catch breath, as he was fucking it out of me. He was really pounding me now, sliding almost all the way out and then deep into me. It jabbed and hurt in that good way bottoms will understand. Finally, as I was practically hyperventilating, he started to mutter thru cleanched teeth., “ oh fuck, here it comes. Fucking here it comes. Fucking big load. Big load. Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah. Gonna shoot. Gonna shoot. Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah!!!!!!””, the last part much louder as he drove deep and began to spurt blast after blast of hot poz cum into me. I clenched down on his cock, wanting to milk it all out of him, wanting every single drop of his precious seed. My legs were wrapped around him pulling him in. I could feel his cock pulse as he tried to make sure I had all of his semen inside me. Slowly he withdrew and I tried to clamp my hole shut. I didn’t want it leaking out. I had three loads of cum in me now, all hiv positive. I was in Stevens room, having just had his cock flop out of my hole a minute prior and already I was thinking that I still had my key, but my towel was gone. And walking nude thru the halls back to my room might attract another hot Top. Another. Because even though my hole was now pretty raw, I still wanted another. I kissed Steven and then rolled off the bed and stood up on very wobbly legs. “Thank you so much Steven. And... and if you see me here again, please take me back to your room again and do all of this over,” I said with an embarrassed grin. “Oh Chris I can’t wait to fuck you again. And I get the feeling you aren’t done yet tonight either. You have the hottest ass ever. And now it has my cum in it,” he replied. I slipped open the door and completely nude, started my walk down the hall.
  14. chrisnsd4u

    I Know You’ll Be Back

    PART 12 As my breathing came back to normal and I slowly came down a little from my fuck high, the guilt started to come back. Three times now. Three loads of hiv cum I have in me now, in less than a week. What was I doing? Why? And even the answer to those questions left me troubled. I did it cuz it felt so good. I did it because after the times when sex had felt wrong or incomplete, it had all of a sudden been all consuming, the hottest experience of my life. Tom was like some sex god that brought out this need, I couldn’t stop thinking the word, a need to get fucked. And the only part I didn’t get is why I had also discovered how much I didn’t just want bareback sex, I wanted Tom to cum in me. He had offered to pull out even. I had asked him not to, even when I knew he was hiv positive. As Tom lay next to me, I think he sensed some kind of battle going on in my head. “What’s my sexy boy thinking about? He has a serious look all of a sudden,” he said gently. What did I say? I tried to think of some way to gloss over it all. Or joke. But then I just thought maybe he was the one guy I could actually talk to about it. “Tom, I don’t know... it’s just, well, until a week ago i as really careful. And then I met you and it just happened so fast. I just ... it’s feels so good when you fuck me, but I am scared about hiv. Like every time, it just feels so good and I get so carried away and want you to cum in me. And...” I fumbled off. He was silent for a moment and then he looked at me and again in a gentle voice said, “So Yeah, it has been a big week for you. Lots of firsts. This is a little complicated because I don’t want to tell you what to do here. But I do have some observations. I have been actively gay for many many years and have been with many bottoms. There are “types” of bottoms. You are the type I call a total bottom, the kind of bottom that cums just from getting fucked. The bottoms that don’t just want to get fucked, they need it. I don’t normally meet guys your age anymore, so I forgot you were not more experienced. But you weren’t inexperienced either. Last night and today, you knew that I am hiv positive and you came here. I didn’t chase you down. You came here. Because it felt so good you needed more. For some people, the risk of hiv or living with it is worth it, because the need is so important.” I just nodded. He continued, “Another observation sexy boy, I gave you the choice. I offered to pull out. But you didn’t want me to. Why? Same thing, the need. I can see you fighting it and some guys fight it harder than others. But from my observation, most guys that start taking it bareback don’t stop. It’s just too addicting for them. And let me just ask you two questions, can you imagine going back to using condoms and never feeling what we feel when we are having raw sex like we just did? And can you imagine never having the sensation and knowledge that another mans cum is coating your guts?” The last part he said so low and sexy, I was already getting hard again. He was so good at just pushing my boundaries. I knew it would continue to cause me guilt and that it would take a while to come to terms with, if I ever could. But what he had said, so much made sense even right then. I hadn’t been able to stay away for even a week. And I did it knowingly and even asked for his cum. And the part that made me braver and feel gulltier at the same time was this, I already wanted him to fuck me again. And I was totally already thinking of his cum shooting into me again. HIV loadnumber four, it would be. I looked down and the talk had had an effect on him too. I didn’t know fully what I wanted to say and knew at some point I would want to talk some more about it, but in the meantime I had something on my mind. And the need totally was overpowering the risk. “Tom, can you... will you cum in me again? Please.” I whispered. Tom just grinned and then leaned into mine and kissed me. I felt his hard cock poking into my tummy and knew I wouldn’t have to wait long to get what I needed.
  15. chrisnsd4u

    I Know You’ll Be Back

    PART 11 i was huffing away on that brown bottle when Tom’s tongue started teasing my hole. Just the tip of his tongue, lightly licking and tapping my hole. Even when I pushed back, he pulled back. I was totally poppered up and my hole felt like it just needed attention. “Tom, please stop teasing me,” I cried out. But he just kept it up, taeasing my hole, bringing me to ecstasy, but in a deliciously torturous way. “Keep hitting that bottle baby boy,” was the only thing he stopped to say. Minutes passed, me bucking wanting so badly to feel more. He just kept it, tickling and tapping on my hole, but never diving in and devouring it. And I kept it up with the poppers. And my cock was like steel. And I couldn’t take it. It was too much. All of the buildup and being up most of the night thinking about it, the sheer lust that just thinking of Tom brought out of me, the room, the poppers, and most of all, the teasing rimming of my so sensitive little boy hole just made something come out in me. My true self. My uninhibited totally man drunk gay self, the primal part of me that needed man sex, absolutely needed it. “Fuck me. Please fuck me. Please fucking fuck me right now. I need you. I need you to fuck me, “ I said in something between a cry and a moan. I practically was crying. I had never wanted anything like i wanted to get fucked right then. It was the only thing in the world that mattered. So much that I went on to add, “I don’t care if you don’t use a condom. You can cum in me. Just please please don’t... I can’t wait. I need it. I need it.” Tom was up in an instant and flipped me over on my back, while simultaneously pulling my ass right to the edge of the bed. I grabbed the pillows for my head like he had taught me, so I could sniff the poppers while he fucked me. I watched hi squirt some lube on his palm and start to work his rock hard cock over. It was so beautiful, I thought to myself, so manly looking and sexy all slick like that. I remember thinking how I would hate to see an ugly condom replace that gorgeous greased up flesh. Then I could feel his fingers working my hole, gently lubing me up. One of the amazing things about Tom, especially to an 18 year old high school kid, was that he never got too rough. By being forceful and pushing me and pushing me, but not hurting me, it always made me want to try more. I knew it might hurt a little but would always end up feeling great. Anyways, my hole suitably lubed up and his giant cock glistening, it was his turn to speak. “Is my baby boy ready? Ready to feel my cock inside him? Ready to have his little hole fucked nice and deep?” Tom said in a low voice. “I’m so ready. Please Tom!” I cried out. “If Chris really wants it all he needs to do is take three deep hits in each nostril. Then I can put this huge dick up Chris’s asshole, just like Chris needs me too,” Tom whispered in that sexy tome that made me melt. I hit that bottle and was in orbit when I felt his cock pushing against my hole. The poppers and, well, my eagerness made It a little easier this time, as he popped thru my ring. Neither of us spoke as he slowly worked his cock into me. Not even waiting to come down, I was hitting the poppers again. Pretty soon, I was getting fucked properly and Tom’s cock was driving deeper and deeper. My eyes had remained locked on Tom’s. As he would push deeper, i would keep hitting the poppers, trying to accept all of his massive cock into my young hole. Finally breaking up the sound of my grunts and moans, he whispered “Chris, I want to ask you something. You said a few minutes ago that I could cum in you. Is it just because you think I like it or does my sexy boy like it too?” It wasn’t like I weighed my answer or the consequences or anything. I just told the truth. “I like it. I don’t know why but I think about it a lot. I just.... I just....” I couldn’t finish. “It scares you. Shhh....don’t be scared baby. You like it right? You like it that I don’t use a condom. That you can feel the heat of my skin. And most of all, that I can cum inside you. I think you love it, “ he whispered, his face a foot from mine. I was totally going off on poppers and had Tom’s giant cock slowly working in and out of me, with porn going off in the background, so my brain was losing the battle. “I do, I do love it. But I’m... I don’t know what... what about hiv?” I asked meekly. I already knew the answer. This was round three of raw sex with Tom. I had crossed that bridge. But leave it to Tom to fan the flames. “My sexy boy, my amazing boy. Feel me inside you, both of us making each feel so good, bonded skin to skin. I want you so badly Chris. I want to share myself with you. All of me. I want to cum in you so badly, to fill you up with my sperm. So I’m in you forever. A part of you forever,” he said. And now he backed away from my face a little and started fucking me harder. “Four hits Chris. Four hits each side,” he grunted and I knew what he meant. A minute later and again he grunted, “Four hits each side sexy. Go on.” At this point he was pounding me. I was grunting and getting my breath knocked out as he drove balls deep over and over. “So close. So fucking close. Huge load baby. Huge load for you. It’s all yours if you ask for it. You know it’s worth it. You know you fucking need it. Just ask me. Just ask me for my cum,” he muttered as he pummeled my boy pussy. As if the the poppers and his cock wasn’t enough, his words broke me. “Fill me up. Fucking fill me up. Cum in me. Cum in me. I don’t care. I don’t care. It’s worth it. Just please do it. Give me your cum. I do. I need it. I need it,” I begged. And it was true. I begged. I begged an hiv positive man to ejaculate all the cum he could shoot into my hole. “Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah my sexy boy, my perfect little sexy bottom.... fuck yeah. Fucking close. Fucking close. Gonna shoot. Here it comes. Fuck yeah!!! Take that hot fucking sperm,” he cried out. I will admit to a flash of guilt at that moment but most of all, I was in bliss. I had Tom collapsed over me, his breath coming in heaves, my arms around him. His hard cock was still pulsing inside me. And he had just flooded me with his cum. I never wanted the moment to end. Neither did Tom, as he was in no hurry to pull out. And I didn’t want him too. And I didn’t want a drop of his semen leaking out. I wanted to keep it in me. It seemed important to do that for some reason. And as i laid there, another thought kept coming up, that I hoped Tom wanted me to stay. And then another thought, as i wondered how many times Tom could fuck me in a day?

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