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I'm planning to come over to Florida, airport Fort Lauderdale, in the second half of November.

Few questions;
- Is it still hurricane season?
- How's the weather then?
- Someone here with an spare bedroom, that I can rent?
- Cheap accomodation...
- Parties, etc like cumion ....




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Hurricane season goes to November 30 and usually not a problem during the last month. Average high is low to mid 80s. 2 Cumunion parties a month at Club Ft. Lauderdale and Clubhouse 2. 

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Ive heard 321 Slammer can be quite fun.  Its not a bathhouse, so no rooms with beds, towels, saunas, hot tubs etc.  You can bring your own liquor in a sealed bottle.  If you don't finish it, and have a 1 time membership, they dump it at end of night.  If you have a 3 month membership, they will keep the bottle for length of membership.  You can check out their website, or perhaps someone else who has been there can comment on it.

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    • By bentover4u1972
      Done this lots of times in my hometown, first time in NYC.  Looking to set a new personal load record!!!
      Saturday, Aug. 4th from 12 noon until 6 pm.  Bottom chub with top notch hygiene.  I'll get a room, leave the door unlocked and wait blindfolded and ass up on the bed.  Looking for tops (only) to take advantage of my deep throat and hot fat ass.  Big cocks more than welcome!
      Completely anonymous, no faces and no talking needed.  All loads go inside.
      I'll set up a local party for Manhattan on BBRT once I can.  In the meantime feel free to contact me here.
    • By Cumdumpboy
      This past week I had the opportunity to get away from my roommates as I drove from Kansas City to Texas to visit family. Before the trip began I was hoping to use craigslist to set up an anonymous gang bang but I was a little slow to finding out that the personals section had been taken down. Really bummed me out until I did a little research and found out about BBRTS. I immediately made an account and advertised that I would be staying in Oklahoma City for a night and that I would be free to use. 
      The entire week before I left I was horny thinking about my profile and the fun I would have. Eventually the day came and I hopped in my car with a bottle of poppers, my set of butt plugs, a bottle of lube, and the bandana that I planned to use to cover my eyes. The drive was uneventful and to be honest, I spent a little too much time refreshing BBRTS and Grindr as I got closer. Eventually I got into town and checked into my room. I rode the elevator up, got off and there was my room. "Perfect access", I thought. I settled in and laid on the bed, imaging that I would be face down on it later on.
      I kept checking my profiles, making sure I caught all the guys who were interested in breeding my ass. As I did this I thought about the plugs and other things I had packed in my bag. I pulled them out and headed to the bathroom. I started with my smallest, 4 inches long and about an inch thick. It had been about 3 months since anything was in my ass so I lathered it with lube and slowly pushed it up my tight hole. I felt the widest part slip and I made my way back to the bed. I reached for my poppers and sniffed them as I used my other hand to push and pull on the plug. I was in heaven and I hadn't even gotten a load yet. I continued this until I realized that I was losing time and I still needed to run to the store. I remembered that I needed tape to tape down the lock so I wouldn't have to get up to let guys in.
      I wanted to make sure that I wasn't so tight that I would have to ask anyone to take a break so I slipped out the plug and reached for my next biggest. I went through the same routine and slowly pushed it into my tight ass. My tight hole immediately latched to it and wasn't letting go. I slipped on my underwear and my shorts on top of those. I walked slowly around my room imagining how it was going to feel to drive to the store and walk around with a plug fully up my ass. Eventually I left my room and walked to the elevator the most normal that I could. I walked through the lobby and parking lot wondering if anyone could tell what was under my clothes. I got in my car and took a seat, "Damn", I thought. The plug was pushing right up.
      I made it to the store and got out of my car and did my best to adjust myself and I couldn't help but feel like all the lube I had used was dripping down my ass. I nonchalantly used my hand to scratch my ass in the parking lot and sure enough I felt a wet spot on my shorts. "Shit", I thought, "I can't go in with a huge wet spot right on my ass". I thought about my choices for a few seconds and then immediately began walking towards the entrance. I felt like a whore knowing some shoppers would know why my shorts were wet. I grabbed the tape I needed, checked out, jumped back in my car and headed back to my hotel. 
      Back in my room I tore open the tape and cut a piece big enough to hold down the lock. I opened the door and peeked out, making sure no one would see, and I taped down the lock. I closed it and opened it up just to make sure it wouldn't lock, and it worked like a charm.
      I stripped down to my socks and laid stomach down on the bed, prepping for the role I would play. I slipped out the plug, jumped on my phone and started eyeing guys who already showed interest. Unfortunately, all of the guys who showed interest on BBRT flaked so I relied on good old Grindr to invite guys over.
      The first guy that showed up was a guy who had been messaging me all evening, his Grindr profile was totally empty except for his age (33) and his height and weight (bigger bear guy). I gave him my room number and he said he was on his way. I put my blindfold on and about 15 minutes later I hear a knock on the door, I wait and nothing, about a minute later I hear it again. "Shit", I think. I get up, quickly slip my underwear on and go open the door. Instead of finding someone there it was totally empty except for a small slip of paper on the floor. I quickly picked it up and read it.
      "Can  I walk in and breed you? Whistle if yes."
      I nervously whistled, rush back to the bed and put on the blindfold. I heard the door open and the shuffling of feet. The guy was quiet and didn't say a word. I heard him lube up and then felt his dick press against my ass. His first words in a burly voice were, "I'm a big man, I need your ass higher". I did as I was told and he held me by the hips as he pushed his dick into my tight ass while I buried my nose in my bottle of poppers. He began fucking me with rhythm, each time I let out a slight moan. I pushed on me harder and I felt his belly rest on my back and his balls slapping mine. His grunts got deeper and without warning he let out a load man and I was bred with my first load of the night. He quickly got off of me, and got dressed said "Thanks, man", before leaving.
      I slipped of my blindfold and felt my ass, thinking about the first anonymous load I got for the night. I jumped back on my phone and the next guy was already on his way. An older guy in  his 50s with a beard. I laid on my bed blindfolded and waited until I heard the door open slowly. Again, another man who I will never see or know let himself in and fucked me without a word. This guy didn't even say thanks, he just bred me and left without a single word.
      The next guy who made his way over was an older ex-military guy. Big build and he just got done with a long bike ride. Again, he let himself in and instead of a dick on my ass he immediately began to eat my cum filled hole. I moaned as I felt his tongue lap up the mix of cum that I had stored. He did this for about 10 minutes and then I felt his entire body on top of me. I'm a small guy so this beefy man laying on me pressing his dick into my ass felt like heaven. He fucked me deep and I could feel the sweat building up on his t-shirt. He began to kiss and nibble at my neck and ears and that sent me over the edge. I moaned the entire time and even more when he shot his load inside of me. He climbed off, took his time getting dressed and let himself out.
      At this point it was getting late but a younger guy came buy to get head and he gagged me with his huge dick and shot his load down my throat.
      I laid in bed and checked my messages and saw that the ex-military guy had messaged me again asking for a second round. I eagerly agreed and waited for him to make his way back. He let himself in again and went straight to my ass. I moaned as his tongue licked at his cum. After he finished he asked, "Can I take off your blindfold?" I agreed and let my eyes adjust. On top of me was one of the hottest daddies I have seen in my life. His face got near mine and we started making out like there was no tomorrow. His huge body pressed down on mine and I felt his dick get hard. We did until he lifted my legs, putting them over his shoulders while he gently slid his dick into me. I moaned as he slid in an out, looking at this big man on top of me. He asked me to ride him and I willingly sat on sick dick like a slutty cowboy. He then flipped me on my stomach and climbed on top of me. I love being pinned down. At this point we had been fucking for about 20 minutes and he was dripping sweat. I moaned like a little bitch. He finally bred me one last time and I got my last load of the night.
    • By rodehard
      Will be in Denver June 15th for the wild Midtowne Spa mask party  June 15 all night .  Getting a private room and would love to get fucked, face fucked, man the glory holes, ganged , DPd, sling, dark room, anonymous   and more.  Deep throat expert, few limits btm slut to breed and seed any way you like it.

    • By sub4alphamale
      For fast replies - 5192123654tx only plz I live in Cambridge - you MUST host and drive. I dont do quickies and prefer long playtimes(more than 6hrs at a time) - overnighters(or longer even) are even better. Group play, creampies, gangbangs, glory holes, 1on1, bukakke, forced cum feeding, anal training, anal stretching training ect.
      I am Sane, NEG, Cute and Friendly. You host and drive. Safe Play is Fine So is BAREBACK (Lets Talk About It - HONESTY Is The Key) ....
    • By mikebran
      Bottom hosting NSA tops for anon pump dump n go at a detroit airport motel on Jun 20 between 3 pm and 10 pm. Find me in a lightly lit room, face down ass up, waiting for you to dump your load in my hole. No talking necessary. No drama or drugs please. (Poppers are fine).  Will send details on day of checkin. Text: 248-648-1366 

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