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I'm planning to come over to Florida, airport Fort Lauderdale, in the second half of November.

Few questions;
- Is it still hurricane season?
- How's the weather then?
- Someone here with an spare bedroom, that I can rent?
- Cheap accomodation...
- Parties, etc like cumion ....




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Hurricane season goes to November 30 and usually not a problem during the last month. Average high is low to mid 80s. 2 Cumunion parties a month at Club Ft. Lauderdale and Clubhouse 2. 

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Ive heard 321 Slammer can be quite fun.  Its not a bathhouse, so no rooms with beds, towels, saunas, hot tubs etc.  You can bring your own liquor in a sealed bottle.  If you don't finish it, and have a 1 time membership, they dump it at end of night.  If you have a 3 month membership, they will keep the bottle for length of membership.  You can check out their website, or perhaps someone else who has been there can comment on it.

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