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The following stories are not mine. I've made them mine by correcting grammar, as best I can, and adding some flair.

#1 - A Wive's Poolside Fuck

Two years ago I took my three kids to the country swimming hole for the day. My mom came to hang out with us and after we were done swimming she was going to take the kids home with her. Well, while we were there this guy was that was with his one friend was really eyeing me.


Every time I would bend over to talk to or pick up my youngest, I had this guy's attention. Eventually he decided to come over and make small talk. He asked me if.i was going to get in the water, and before I could answer he grabbed my arm and dragged me. We got out to about waist deep and he bear hugged me and dunked me under from a belly to back kind of position.


I could feel his dick pressed up against my ass check, which made me a little aroused. After some standing around and talking my mom decided it was time to go and she loaded up the kids and left. I put a towel down and decided to lay down and catch some sun. I made sure to point my ass at him while I was getting down on all fours to lay down. After about a half hour I hear his friend say he was leaving. (Only the two of us were there at this point, i did not know)


This guy came over and sat down beside me and we just talked for about 20 minutes. I sat up and started rubbing some oil on my arms. He offered to put some on my back for me (I know, cliche) so I laid back down and as he rubbed it on my shoulders I started getting really turned on. As he got down to the top of my butt I was soaking wet. He then took it upon himself to do my legs. He started at my ankle and massaged the oil into my skin all the way up to my bikini bottom.


As he did my thighs I could feel him squeezing and trying to separate my ass cheeks a little better and without even thinking, I parted my legs a little. Without skipping a beat he was rubbing my slit through my suit ever so slightly. I let out a moan and he pressed harder. I rolled over onto my back and pulled my knees up and he slid my bottom off revealing my soaking bald pussy.


I spread my legs and he started licking my clit. It felt so good I just couldn't stop myself, so when he pulled his cock out of his swim trunks I couldn't say no. He took the tip of his dick and placed it at my hole and rubbed up towards my clit. I was sooo hot and ready every time he came back to the hole I moaned. He pushed the tip of his dick inside me just an inch, and I snapped back to reality, I realized I was making a mistake, and I asked him to stop.


But I didn't want to stop.


I wanted to feel his cock deep inside me soooo bad. So I told him to push it all the way in just one time. It was incredible! He stayed there for a moment not moving and then slowly pulled all the way out. Then slammed it back into me harder and harder. I begged him for more. I held my legs wide for as he rubbed my clit and came all inside my fertile pussy.


My husband doesn't know any of this. He is about to find out.  His only son is not his. I hope he doesn't get too mad!

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    • By ronnie20019
      I was perusing through the Craigslist offerings when I came across one that was interesting.  An Asian offering a free massage.  I emailed some dick and body pics and asked if I could slip it in his hole as well.  He responded that would be most welcome, if safe. 
      I brought along lube and a special condom, just in case. 
      The massage was nice and turned into me getting a blow job.  Not wanting to cum in his mouth, I started playing with his thick dick and smooth hole.  Eventually he got naked and as I ate his hole he bent over his massage table.  After getting him sufficiently wet, I started entering him raw.  When he got up to get poppers, I pulled out my lube and condom.  He asked what I had and I showed him. When he came back with his poppers, I was stroking.  We kissed, I got him turned around and on his haunches on the massage table.  Thinking he knew I was condomless, I fucked and bred his very tight ass.  He then noticed I didn't have on a condom and asked if I came in him.  I said I had.  He then wanted to know if I was clean.  As I had showered, I answered affirmatively. 
      Now I'm getting upset emails from him.  Oh well.  I got what I wanted: stealth breeding a safe sex bottom.  Another notch!
    • By desiguy4u
      Hi all I am following this site from sometime now and love this site. Finally I signed up and wanted to share a real incident that happened this 4th July 15, 2018 vacation. Little background I am in a relationship with my boyfriend for now 10+ years now. We are Indians and in India its not that easy to be gay. We met through a hooking site and from first date after months of chatting we were in love. We used to meet every weekend from Friday night till Sunday night. Sex was awesome atleast once everyday during the weekend. All were going great but then I had to relocate to US (which I was declining because of him as I didn’t want not to see him) but finally we talked and he said go ahead with the opportunity and be back in 2 years. I left for US but I made sure to come back and see him atleast 3 times a year for a week. In the meantime he also tried to come to US as we were planning to settle in US and get married. Finally he came to US after 3.5 years I have been to US. Though we are in different cities in US but we meet often
      Lately our sex life has declined a lot we don’t have much sex  he says he is going through midlife crises and so libido decreased (he is 38yrs and I m 32) but I am very sexual and horny guy. He is total top and I am vers love to fuck and to get fucked. He is very safe kind of person and even we have condom sex most of the time. I was monogamous once I met him. Once he shared his gmail password and after many months I thought of reading his gmail chats and found out while I was in US he was meeting other guys that just devasted me and I was mad and I confronted him he said just couple of times and nothing much just coffee and kiss that’s all I thought of breaking up but I love him so much I could not leave him but after couple of months when I thought of him fucking others kind of aroused me. We patched up after couple of months of not talking but now I decided to have sex with others as well after all why I should be the only one. I started hooking up but safe always. In US also when I went to his place I found a half used lube bottle and 9 condom pack that means he is having sex even in US with others behind my back but I didn’t confront him time as I know I cant live without him. But I started fucking around too and we two know that we are fucking others but we never talk about it and we pretend to be monogamous.
      This 4th July we went for a long trip to monument valley, zion, antelope and vegas. Now a days we don’t have much sex. We were in vegas staying a casino on stripe, we roamed around and then had drinks we went to our room and he ate and slept but I was still drinking. I was horny I went downstairs to casino and went to bar to have some more drinks and logged in to grindr. One gy from Ohio hit me we chatted a bit. i was drunk and horny as hell. He said he is with his friends and cannot host neither can I as my bf is sleeping in our room. He was a bottom and very particular about safe sex even his profile in grindr says in bold “ONLY SAFE SEX”. He asked where I am (he was also staying in the same casino) I told him the bar and in 5mins he showed up next to me. We chatted in bar and it got heated up he said at this time (it was around 2AM) we can go to pool area and he can suck me off. At that moment I just wanted to get sucked and either fuck or get fucked. I was scared as its public place and a stranger but after some chatting I said lets do it, lets go. Went to pool side and it was not dark at all and there was a guy sleeping there may be drunk. I was scred but he said its 2AM and nobody there and no one going to come. He then just went down unzipped me and started sucking me and man was he a good sucker!!! He sucked me deep and asked him to suck/lick my all and he was awesome. Then we kissed deep and then I again forced him to suck me deep and I lowered his shorts and started to fingering him. I started with 1 finger then 2 and then 3 while he is working on my dick. Then I turned him around and started eating his ass. After some time I started to rub my cock on his hole and whispered in his ear “condom?” he noded that he doesn’t have one and even I didn’t have one (I was with my boyfriend cant even think of hooking up with others). I was so disappointed and just kept on rubbing and I was so drunk and horny I started teasing his hole and started inserting tip of my cock to his hole and to my surprise he started moaning. I got courage (remember his profile says in bold safe sex and also in bar he said safe only) and inserted little more (I don’t know what I was thinking my bf is sleeping upstairs, he is always so safe event with me and here I am doing bareback). And finally I inserted my full dick bareback deep inside of him and he instead of resisting he moaned loudly (not that loudly, we are in public place near pool and its full lighted up). I continued to fuck him deep and deep and fast then I pulled out I didn’t want to cum inside him and made him to suck and boi he started to suck so nicely and started to lick my balls (balls and inner thighs are supper sensitive and turns me super horny). After sometime I just cant resist and tuned him and started fucking him again bareback he was moaning and started saying fuck me hard, give it to me and all. I was so turned on (I really take time to cum and can fuck for hour) and finally I came inside him. I was so feeling guilty and told him sorry and was pulling out but he said no be inside him it was awesome. Then he cleaned me up and I told him we are leaving afternoon may be around noon my bf will meet his colleague how works in IT in MGM and if possible I can fuck him gain. I went up to my room ate and slept hugging my boyfriend and he had no idea what I did. That feeling of cheating my boyfriend was so turn on I dont know why. Next day I got up at noon and my bf met and came back after meeting his colleague and I cudnt meet the guy again though he kept messaging.
      I had hooked up but when my bf was in other cities but first time he was with me and sleeping in our hotel room and i was breeding someone else and then I went back and cuddled and slept so arousing. 
      We are back to SF and he will be going back to Chicago. I already scheduled an appointment with clinic to get Prep next week. Now I want to get fucked in bathhouse and 442. Am I normal? Becoming a slut? I need to open up my relation but don’t know how, how to talk to him about it? Should I tell him that I am going for prep or he will think I am being a slut? I know he is also fucking others but he is very safe always. I love him cant live without him but at the sametime we are not having sex at all and I am very sexual. What u guys say? How to open up? By the way its real story not a fiction.
    • By fillmyholeftl
      Decided to check out the Cumunion @ Club Ft Lauderdale yesterday. I'd never been since they instituted a few months back.  I kept my expectations low, as one never really knows what to expect at a bathhouse at anytime.  Well I was surprised.  My friend at the desk gave me a Primo located room. As I got undressed (door ajar) I was already getting cruised by a hot bear/cub.  I nodded approval and it wasn't more than 10 minutes before he'd given me the first load. I wandered around a bit... smiled at a nice young black guy who followed me to my room and gave me second load with little concern for how I felt! (I do love that) A talk lanky hot man who I know from BBRT and who fucked and Bred me a few years back cruised me and led me back to MY ROOM !  He was very dominant and threw me on the bed... licked and ate out some of the cum from my slightly swollen hole.  He's hung 9+ and thick and slowly (thank god) entered me and fucked me nice and passionately for 30 mins or so... midway depositing his load. Fucked with an older latin guy who lost his hardon with too much poppers... Then cruised a youngish Cub who I've chatted with on and off for over a year... took him back and were making out, he kissed so passionately then he knew I'd been wanting him so he took me doggy and left his seed very deep !   Another young latin boy came in while I was resting and took me from behind.... fucked for 5 or so minutes but didn't cum. 
      I am definitely going back next month,  a great crowd with many there to get off... much different than a typical day.
    • By Cutedelicategay
      Given my status being newly poz and not on meds my sex drive has gone up at least 3 fold. I am continuing to live my piggy life. Surprisingly I have experienced that negative men who I know and did me in the past have no problem doing me raw even after knowing my status. Even guys I meet anonymously who say they are negative also would fuck me raw despite me telling them my status.
      Do you guys think that most men fantasize bareback sex? Most men like the idea of sexual risk? Are they just dumb enough to think tops never get pozzed by fucking a HVL bottom not on meds? I know tops have lower risk but it's not zero. I am also aware that risk is almost zero if I was undetectable. Any similar experiences or opinions please?

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