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Finding Tops in my area? North Bay San Francisco

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How do you search for top guys to suck and pound your holes? I can't find anything on here except a couple guys from 2012

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Firstly, guys who strictly top aren't all that common. You might be better off trying to find someone versatile who may prefer being dominant or is fine with either role. In these cases, you're going to have to be the top every so often. I remember seeing a post here or in a yahoo group from some guy in L.A. who said he'd be fine with being a bottom only if he could get away with it. If you cannot even imagine fucking a hole, try personal ads or going to a bathhouse. I was born too late to come out during the era when guys wore handkerchiefs in their back pockets that indicated what they were into and which position they enjoyed. Too bad that trend never returned. 

How old are you? I didn't meet too many confirmed tops in my youth but they're out there. Keep trying and good luck.

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That's cool - thanks for your comment man. I'm 42 and I service several tops in my area weekly. I've been lucky and most of these guys like it a certain way so they push me to my limits and beyond. They all tell me I'm their best cock sucker the way I push it down my throat and take time with it. Some of them fuck me, some will walk in and Fuck me with my face down into the bed until the cum in my hole, then they leave. Others, we have good conversation until I'm on there dick and they're calling me bitch, pussy, or whatever turns them on. I'm into it. I like all of it. Love the feeling of a cock in my ass for as long as they want and I'll take a load in my mouth or in my hole. I think I get more sex than most people despite being a big masc dude with a belly. Fact is - I'm almost always up for it. I think give me a chance - even if I'm not on your preferred menu of slim, or small, I'm creative, intelligent, and am infatuated with pleasuring a guy no matter how twisted he might seem to be. Gets me hard. 

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I used to live close to Santa Rosa (in Rohnert Park).  This was almost 20 years ago.  There is not much of a gay community there but I did have a regular fuck buddy that I met while going to the junior college there.  I miss those days.  Now I'm in San Jose and I can't find any guys who are serious about meeting.  

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Where are you looking and what's your approach? There are tons of guys everywhere looking. Now especially with all of the apps avail. I went over to suck a bbc guy off on Sunday, showed up, he had a buddy there and they took turns fucking me / spit roasting me for 3 hours. It was Fucking Amazing- I loved every second of it and can't wait to do it again. 

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    • By dumpyourload
      I've developed a fuck buddy friendship with a guy I met at an orgy weeks ago. As soon as I saw him I fancied the arse off him and wanted him, I knew full well he was a fellow vers bttm and we fucked each other at the party. I'm 51. slim to med stocky nice cock he's 47 same height bear chunky chub. 

      Tonight we had our third `get together` - usually we seed each other however we enticed two tops over - a bear top and athletic bi guy (all man and a 9 inch cock both 50yo). After worshipping their cocks snogging and titplay we both bent over the bed sniffing poppers while they both took turns on our holes. This went on and off for about half an hour. 

      The bear top came over my fuck bud's arse while the athletic guy made us kneel down so that his spunk sprayed over our faces where we greedily licked it off of our faces and snogged it inside our mouths.

      When they left we then made out screwing each other until I shot my load up my mates arse. My fuckbud came over my face.

      All in all a highly balanced and fantastic evening.
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      Hosting in Ottawa South, near Hunt Club & Conroy Road. Horny bottom, lubed up and aching to get fucked. Message me if you want to come dump a load in me

    • By fillmyholeftl
      Decided to check out the Cumunion @ Club Ft Lauderdale yesterday. I'd never been since they instituted a few months back.  I kept my expectations low, as one never really knows what to expect at a bathhouse at anytime.  Well I was surprised.  My friend at the desk gave me a Primo located room. As I got undressed (door ajar) I was already getting cruised by a hot bear/cub.  I nodded approval and it wasn't more than 10 minutes before he'd given me the first load. I wandered around a bit... smiled at a nice young black guy who followed me to my room and gave me second load with little concern for how I felt! (I do love that) A talk lanky hot man who I know from BBRT and who fucked and Bred me a few years back cruised me and led me back to MY ROOM !  He was very dominant and threw me on the bed... licked and ate out some of the cum from my slightly swollen hole.  He's hung 9+ and thick and slowly (thank god) entered me and fucked me nice and passionately for 30 mins or so... midway depositing his load. Fucked with an older latin guy who lost his hardon with too much poppers... Then cruised a youngish Cub who I've chatted with on and off for over a year... took him back and were making out, he kissed so passionately then he knew I'd been wanting him so he took me doggy and left his seed very deep !   Another young latin boy came in while I was resting and took me from behind.... fucked for 5 or so minutes but didn't cum. 
      I am definitely going back next month,  a great crowd with many there to get off... much different than a typical day.
    • Guest Cutedelicategay
      By Guest Cutedelicategay
      Given my status being newly poz and not on meds my sex drive has gone up at least 3 fold. I am continuing to live my piggy life. Surprisingly I have experienced that negative men who I know and did me in the past have no problem doing me raw even after knowing my status. Even guys I meet anonymously who say they are negative also would fuck me raw despite me telling them my status.
      Do you guys think that most men fantasize bareback sex? Most men like the idea of sexual risk? Are they just dumb enough to think tops never get pozzed by fucking a HVL bottom not on meds? I know tops have lower risk but it's not zero. I am also aware that risk is almost zero if I was undetectable. Any similar experiences or opinions please?
    • By bihairy
      He and I met once before and fucked our brains out. I loaded him up with 3 loads and we exchanged numbers.  We promised to connect again and that happened today.  I was doing some errands and was passing his way. I went online and was happy to see he was looking for fun.  I sent a message on the hook up site.  Did he want to connect? I was doing errands and was going to pass by his area on the way home in about an hour.  He answered quickly.  YES!  He sent me his address and I finished my errands.  He has an insatiable ass and was horny and so was I.  He met me at the door when I arrived and said he couldn't wait for me to breed his hole.
      We went upstairs and started kissing..both of us taking our clothes off in the process.  He bent down and sucked my cock hard.  His mouth was a suction.  It felt so good.  I led him to the bed because I wanted his hole.  I positioned myself at a 69 and he was sucking my dick and I was licking and rimming his hole.. I stuffed my tongue into his fuck hole and tongue fucked it for awhile. He was moaning and groaning and sucking me like a hungry pup.  I told him to lay down on his stomach and I mounted him.  My cock sliding back and forth against his warm moist cum hole. He was writhing back and forth horny with anticipation.  I aimed my cock head to his hole and slid home.  He felt so warm and good. I started pumping my dick in and out of his slit.  He was moaning like a bitch in heat.  He started using his muscles to squeeze my cock..IT WAS AMAZING.  I would thrust inside and he would hold on tight.. I loved this hole.  Grunting and groaning as my orgasm neared  I pushed in deep as I could and loaded him up..He fucked back and took every drop using his ass muscles to message my cock squeezing every drop.  I kept fucking and my dick stayed hard inside him as he squeezed me.  I could feel his wet hole and it was great.  I kept fucking and fucking until I dropped another load.
      I rolled off and took a breather.  He sucked me hard again and begged me to fuck him more.  And more I did..All total we fucked for a couple hours and I loaded him up 4x.  It felt so good rutting like pigs in heat and just loading his hole up.  We plan to fuck again soon.  Next time we'll do a three way!

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