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    Oakland, Ca
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    Sucking Cock & Balls, Use my Asshole - Get Fingered, Eaten. Spit on, Pissed on, and then fucked hard left with a creamy center. Party, Smoke.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    wine biz, from back east - now in sonoma, I'm chubby with muscles, collegiate athlete many years ago, got fat with a bf, now getting in shape - swim 5x week.
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    "Big Bubble Ass" Lol
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    Tops, Top Verse, Guys that like Round Firm Ass, Long Time Cocksucker

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  1. hey man I'll be in Oakland if you would like to stop by my hotel 2nd week of Nov to fuck a load into my hole. 

    1. looking4chubs


      hell yeah, send me a message with the details and i will be there

  2. Today I picked a regular friend up - smoked weed - then fucked me on the ground mid day behind my car, then I dropped him at work - this happens 4 days a week and he's huge. Then another young friend (19) stopped by and fucked me for 2 hours pumped 2 loads into me and I cleaned his cock off after each one with my mouth. 1st) 8.5 Fat BBC 2nd) 9 Fucking hard inches uncut BBC. I've got to compress my pics to post them.
  3. HMU if you're in Sonoma looking for mouth or big firm butt1810179876_photo5.JPG.e9deb57d8c1e461bcb7d1245dc120956.JPG

  4. Where else are you looking? Have you been to watergarden? Do you have a specific criteria that everyone must follow / because most guys just want to get off - everyday. 

  5. Where are you looking and what's your approach? There are tons of guys everywhere looking. Now especially with all of the apps avail. I went over to suck a bbc guy off on Sunday, showed up, he had a buddy there and they took turns fucking me / spit roasting me for 3 hours. It was Fucking Amazing- I loved every second of it and can't wait to do it again.
  6. Do you come out to Northern Calif? I would love to serve you with some fat ass

    big smooth ass.JPG

    1. constructionguy


      fuck!  ... that ass makes me crazy... i would love to tongue fuck it then ass fuck it

    2. Cub_Top


      That’s one perfect backside. 

  7. Thanks for your comment - it's good to be open. I am open to as much as possible. 

    1. coolsf


      How do you get on the Cum Dumps map? 

    2. Toon


      Not sure. Do mean the one here? I don't think I found out how or even where it is.

  8. That's cool - thanks for your comment man. I'm 42 and I service several tops in my area weekly. I've been lucky and most of these guys like it a certain way so they push me to my limits and beyond. They all tell me I'm their best cock sucker the way I push it down my throat and take time with it. Some of them fuck me, some will walk in and Fuck me with my face down into the bed until the cum in my hole, then they leave. Others, we have good conversation until I'm on there dick and they're calling me bitch, pussy, or whatever turns them on. I'm into it. I like all of it. Love the feeling of a cock in my ass for as long as they want and I'll take a load in my mouth or in my hole. I think I get more sex than most people despite being a big masc dude with a belly. Fact is - I'm almost always up for it. I think give me a chance - even if I'm not on your preferred menu of slim, or small, I'm creative, intelligent, and am infatuated with pleasuring a guy no matter how twisted he might seem to be. Gets me hard.
  9. How do you search for top guys to suck and pound your holes? I can't find anything on here except a couple guys from 2012
  10. Would love to find more guys that like chubby guys? I'm a masculine guy, 6ft, former college athlete, got fat, now I swim 6 days a week, losing weight, so muscular with a belly. The weight loss is great but doesn't do much for the look of the belly. I love to suck cock, balls, taint, a clean butthole. And I really love a guy playing / enjoying my big round ass - large bubble butt. Fingering it, Grabbing it, Eating it(not nec) and get fucked and seeded - open to other stuff. No scat or blood, some pain is good. I'm in Santa Rosa and will travel around Sonoma County. Occ in the City. Always Horny / Always ready - mostly daytime. Partnered.
  11. Do you ever come up to Santa Rosa/Sonoma or Guerneville? 

    1. looking4chubs


      Not really, but if you are ever in Oakland, I'd love to have some fun

  12. You sound like a dream cum true - I love to have my big bubble ass played with, smacked, bitten, fingered, licked, then fucked hard and long and get that load in me. I like to feel it an hour later still in my asshole while i'm out in public. Doesn't have to be huge - 6" on up

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