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Louis calmed down and we talked for a few minutes trying to decide who and in what order.  "You know, if we really want to fuck with a few people, we can just grab them and then when they admit their fate, we just tell em that they're really not worth fucking and walk away" I told Louis.

"That's evil" Louis replied with a sneer.

We walked back to the tent and got a few things, stuffing them in the pockets of our cargo shorts before heading for our first victims.  We snuck up on their campsite and just as we planned, jumped in from both sides.  I grabbed Larry and Louis had Trey in a choke hold.  Trey yelled out "FUCK!!!  NOOOOOO!!!"

"Shhhh, Trey.   You're just going to attract an audience... unless you want a bunch of horny guys to watch you get fucked" I said.

"I ain't no fuckin' bottom" Trey said defiantly.

"Bottom, top, it don't matter to me.  You know the rules.  We got the cuffs and today we get to do what we want" I replied.

Louis chuckled and said "We might have a virgin here. Score!"

"Let my boy go.  You can do what you want to me, just leave him be" Larry said.

"It isn't that easy, Larry.  You know the rules and you guys are a package deal. I always wanted to do a father and his son" I said as I watched a few other campers come closer to see what was going on.

"Fuck..." Trey said.

"Mmhmm.  That's the idea.  So, you ever see your dad suck dick?" Louis asked.

"Fuck no!  He doesn't do that shit" Trey replied.

"He is today... just like you are" Louis said, chuckling.

I pushed Larry's sweat pants down, letting them fall to the ground.  It didn't take much for Larry to realize what he was supposed to do and kneeled down on the sweats.   I reached down and unbuttoned my shorts and let them drop to my feet.  He just stared at the bulge in my cum and piss stained jock.  I looked over at Louis and saw that Trey was trying to break free from him.  "Don't be an ass, Trey" I said as I pulled my semi-hard cock out of my jock.

Larry sighed and opened his mouth as I moved closer, rubbing the head of my cock over his lips.  I pushed in and then waited to see how good a cocksucker Larry was.  It took a few moments, but Larry started giving me a decent blowjob.  He began taking me deeper and really using his tongue and lips.  I let him go at his own pace for a few minutes before I put my hand on the back of his head and rocked my hips, fucking his mouth. 

"Hmmm, your dad seems to be used to sucking dick" Louis taunted.

"Fucker!" Trey yelled out.

I plowed another minute or two and I heard a few grunts as my cock dipped into Larry's throat, but he didn't struggle to get away.  Unlike his son.  I heard Louis fight with Trey, trying to keep hold of him yelling out "You're gonna regret this, asshole."   I stuffed my cock deep in Larry's throat and looked over just in time to see Trey break free.  He only made it three or four steps before the now larger crowd that had circled the campsite grabbed him.  

Two guys held Trey and another gave a quick knee to his groin.  Trey buckled over and they dragged him back over to the picnic table and pushed him face down on it.   Louis pulled some rope out of one of his shorts pockets which was quickly grabbed by one of the guys.  The guy yelled over at me "Put him on the table." I pulled my cock out of Larry's mouth, hearing him gasp for air as I pulled him up and pushed him over the top of the table, facing his son.  The guy quickly wrapped the rope around both of their left arms.   Louis tied another short rope around Trey's right wrist and then secured it to the picnic table.  

Larry looked over at his son and said "You stupid fuck.  You know the rules.  Now they're really gonna work us over."

I dragged my spit covered cock along Larry's crack and then spread his cheeks, pressing my cock to his hole.  I added a couple gobs of spit to his hole and started to sink in.   I looked at Louis who spat on Trey's hole and was trying to stuff his cock inside him.   Trey was obviously trying to be difficult.

"Open up fucker!" Louis said as he gave a couple hard whacks on each butt cheek.   It must have worked because a few moments later I could see Louis pushing in and heard Trey scream out in pain.

"Shut the fuck up, son.  Relax and take it like a man" Larry said, sounding irritated at Trey.

Louis pulled out, adding more spit before shoving back in.  We kept fucking Larry and Trey and after several minutes Trey's groans, grunts and whimpers seemed to change over to moans.   I smiled and began fucking harder.  Larry seemed to actually enjoy the fuck and was moaning louder and even encouraging me to go harder.  Whether his son knew it or not, Larry was no stranger to getting fucked.

I looked over and Louis now seemed to be having a good time fucking Trey, the smile on his face and moans were much better than the growls and cursing from earlier.  Soon Louis was giving all the signs he was about to cum.  I was close too and once I heard him start to orgasm, I shot seconds later.  I don't know about him, but the ropes of cum that shot out were huge and had a lot of force to them.   I stayed inside Larry for a minute after the last throb of my cock and smiled over at Louis.

"Fuck... thank god that's over" Trey muttered.

"Not quite. Remember, I said I wanted to experience a father AND son" I said as I pulled out of Larry's abused hole.  I moved over and dragged my cum covered cock and piercing over Trey's face, letting him see what was about to go into his ass. Louis was chuckling as he pulled his dick out of Trey and walked around, getting between Larry's legs.  He rubbed his finger over Larry's hole, pushing some of my cum back in.  I took my place behind Trey, looking over and Louis.  I nodded and we both plunged in.   I heard a groan from Trey and felt his hole quiver around my cock.  Larry let out a moan and I heard a bunch of the guys behind me say "Oh yeah."  

I started plowing his hole and it felt good.  He was tighter than his dad's hole and he was not trying to prevent me from fucking him.  The stallion was broken.  I varied the pace, enjoying the cum filled hole and realizing that Louis had dumped a big load in him.   The more I fucked him the more I wanted to make sure that he knew his attempt to run away was not going to be forgotten.  I looked around at the crowd of about 20 guys behind us and thought that a few might want to take advantage of Trey's ass.  Top of the list were the guys that caught him, but I also looked for guys that would appreciate his twenty one year old near virgin cunt.

My thrusts got harder and I heard the moans shift to grunts from Trey.  I shoved in and let my cock start to pulse, shooting ropes of cum into his gut.  Looking over, Louis was still drilling Larry and I knew from experience that sometimes it took him a while to shoot his second load.   With my cock still deep inside Trey, I turned and pointed to the two capturers and said "One of you, come here."  I watched as they decided whom and seconds later the thinner of the two walked up next to me.

"Thanks for your help earlier.  I think you deserve a reward" I said to the guy.   He smiled and pulled his cock out and stroked it the rest of the way hard.   I pulled out and he quickly took my place, shoving his dry cock into Trey's hole.   There was enough cum that it probably didn't hurt Trey and the guy was pounding him in no time.  

"NO!   It was just supposed to be you two" Trey yelled out.

"Yeah, that's before you tried to escape.   Now you get a few bonus dicks" I replied, chuckling.

My dick was partially soft and still covered with cum.  I wasn't going to chance putting my dick in Trey's mouth since, frankly, I didn't trust him.  I thought about Larry, but his current position on the picnic table didn't lend itself to a good BJ. The growls coming from the guy fucking Trey told me he was close.  This was followed by a few loud grunts from Louis as he loaded up Larry.  

I pointed at the two polar bears we saw earlier and as they came up to me I said "One of you gets him next, the other can suck me clean if he wants to."  They looked at each other, grinned and took their positions.  Now, age doesn't equal experience and experience doesn't equal ability.   But in this case it did.  The guy that went to his knees and started to suck my cum covered cock knew what he was doing.  Decades of sucking dick had made this guy an expert cocksucker.  His tongue, lips and suction were amazing and he had me back at full mast in no time.  

Meanwhile, his partner was now enjoying Trey's cummy ass.   For someone that seemed really gentle and polite when we talked at the campsite he now had a very different demeanor.  He wasn't rough and animalistic like Louis or the last guy, but fully in control of Trey and he firmly drilled into his hole.

It was hard to concentrate while my dick was getting sucked so well, but I thought that I needed to find one more guy to use Trey. I looked around and spotted the light skinned black guys who were still naked and seemed to enjoy watching the dad and son get fucked.  I repeated my call, telling them to pick one.  The guy with the full goatee got pushed forward and he came up to me.   I positioned him next to me and the older guy got the hint and started to suck the new guy fully hard.

A few minutes later and I heard groaning from the table and the other older guy was breeding Trey.  When he moved back I could see a big grin on Larry's face.   The new guy started to head toward Larry and I said "No, he's good.  Take care of his son."   I saw the sun glisten off the spit on his nice eight plus inch shaft as he walked over behind Trey.   Apparently Trey saw it too and cried out "Oh god NO!"

Trey shouldn't have worried, his ass was stretched out already and he had plenty of the best lube around.  The guy slid in most of the way with one long push and then gave a little shove to get the last bit in.

"FUCK!" Trey yelled out.

"Yeah, you're fucked n bred like a good little bitch.  Now shut up n take it" the new guy told Trey.

He really looked good standing there fucking Trey.  His body was lean and toned and he had a nice strong, fluid motion as he fucked.  Every time he went deep, though, Trey would groan loudly.  The crowd continued their comments, clearly liking how he was fucking Trey - "Pound that cumdump", "Make him pay", "Teach him a lesson he won't forget" and "Breed him good!"

I heard Trey start to cry out as the guy started to pound him harder.  Louis was standing next to me watching Trey get boned and stroking his cock.  The thrusts slowed down but the sound of their bodies slapping together got louder.  He shoved in once more and grunted as his load pumped deep into Trey's wrecked hole.  He stood there a while and I wondered if he was still shooting or just enjoying the warm, wet hole.  It probably was a bit of both.

Louis moved in as the guy pulled out and walked back to his partner with a huge grin on his face.  Louis plowed in and slapped Trey's ass hard.   "Fuck, that pussy is loose!  Tighten up, fucker" Louis yelled out.  All I heard from Trey was a whimper.   Louis jackhammered his hole and then grunted as he dropped another load inside.   

I decided that we had put Trey in his place and besides, my balls were empty for the moment and I needed some time to refill.  I went over and slapped Larry's ass as I reached down and stepped into my shorts, pulling them back up.  I patted Trey's face and said "Thanks guys, I needed that" before untying the ropes on their arm and Trey's that bound him to the table.  Louis gave a few more slaps to Trey's ass saying  "Yeah, thanks" as he pulled his shorts up.

Larry got up but Trey just laid there on the table.  The crowd started to head back to whatever they were doing before and Louis and I went back to our tent. We crashed for a little bit, smelling nice and ripe from the sweat and cum.  

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We woke about an hour later and crawled out of the tent. "Feelin' better?" I asked Louis.  He smiled back at me and said "Yeah, much better.  "How about we go for a short ride?" I asked.   Louis looked back at me curiously.  "Just a ride" I said to him.

We grabbed our stuff and headed toward the bikes.  There were a lot of eyes watching where we headed and I'm sure more than a few sighed in relief when we got to our bikes.  There was a guy kneeling next to one of the big Harley tourers, polishing it.  "Hey, how's it going?" I asked.  

"Doin' good. How 'bout yourself?" the guy replied.  He turned around and I looked him over.  The biker was a tall skinny guy that was probably about 50.  He was wearing some well worn jeans, no shirt, a leather vest with a bunch of patches on it and some engineer boots like Louis's, but with a lot more wear.  He had a long braided ponytail with streaks of gray that reached past the middle of his back and a small patch of chest hair between his pecs with a little trail into his jeans.

"Can't complain.  Looks like another good day for a ride" I said back.  The guy nodded back and stood, tucking his cleaning rag into the saddle bag.

"Yeah it is.  Was just about to head out for a little ride, want to join me?" the guy asked.

Normally, I wouldn't say 'yes' since I like to be the one leading and in control.  Something told me that this might be a good time to make an exception.  I was only planning on being out a couple hours, so we could just break off whenever we wanted.   "Uh, sure.  You know some good winding roads around here?" I answered.

The guy chuckled and said "More than a few.  Been around here my whole life.  By the way, my name is John, but my friends call me Hawk."

"Good to meet you Hawk.  I'm Ryan and this is my friend Louis.  Lead the way" I replied.   We all fired our bikes up and pulled back on to the highway.  Hawk started out a little slow and I was worried I had made a mistake.   Just as I was tying to think of an excuse to go our own way, he picked up the pace.

I realized as he kicked it up another notch he was a seasoned ride leader.  He knew to slowly build up pace to see what the guys behind him were comfortable with.  He was also a damn good rider.  Hawk had that big hog dancing down the road, sparks flying off on some of the turns as he leaned it over and dragged the floorboards along the tarmac.

I was enjoying the spirited ride and had no idea where we were or where we were headed. I looked back and saw Louis right on my tail, his opened jacket flapping in the wind.  We pulled up to a stop sign and I noted the intersection - County Road C and County Road Y.  Hawk motioned to the right and we took off down CR-Y.  

The road was narrow and must have been carved out of the forest by a really drunk bulldozer driver.  There were lots of dips, hills, twists and turns that made it feel like we were on a rollercoaster.  Hawk slowed down as we got to one of the few straight sections of road and pulled down a gravel road.  The sign said "Towering Pines County Park" and we followed the road back about a quarter mile to a clearing with a few picnic tables and fire pits.  A deer stood at the edge of the clearing and watched us ride in and when we got too close, took off into the forest.

"Smoke break" Hawk said after we turned the bikes off.   He pulled a pack of Reds out of his bike's trunk and lit one up.  I pulled my jacket off and laid it on the bike and Louis did the same. The light breeze felt good against my sweaty skin as I pulled out a blunt from a baggie in my jacket pocket.  "Nice ink... on both of you" Hawk said as he took a long drag on his cig and smiled back at us.

"Thanks.  That's actually where we met, at the tattoo shop" Louis said. He took the blunt from me and took a long hit, almost killing it.  I was kind of surprised he did it, since he had told me before that he didn't drink when he rode.  How much different was getting a little stoned?  I looked around and I could see Hawk wanted to say something but was hesitating.

"You guys really did a number on the guy and his son this morning.  Thanks for putting that cocky sonofabitch in his place" Hawk said after a long pause.

"Just taking advantage of the cuffs, Hawk.  Besides, I always wanted to fuck a real dad and son" I replied with a chuckle.

"He was a pain in the ass last night.  He wanted to fuck anything that moved.  Heard from a couple guys that he wasn't that good, either.  At least I could escape and go home n fuck my ol' lady" Hawk said.

"So you weren't part of the group that fucked us?" Louis asked.

"Nah, that's not my thing.  If I'm with a guy I want to be gettin drilled" Hawk said with a grin as he stubbed his cig out.

I looked around and then rubbed my crotch  "I think we can help you out with that" I said.  Louis's eyes opened wide as I moved closer.  Hawk kneeled down on the grass and reached up as I stood in front of him.  He unbuckled my belt, unzipped my jeans and pulled them down a little.  He buried his face in the pouch of my dirty jock, breathing in deep.

"Oh fuck yeah" he said as he licked and bit on the fabric covering my cock.  I wasn't sure what was soaking my jock's pouch more - his spit or my precum.  He spent a few minutes like this before he pulled my stiff cock out of the pouch and began to suck.  Louis stood back several feet and watched, first rubbing his cock through his jeans and then pulling it out and stroking.

Hawk was no stranger to sucking dick and kept going down, deepthroating my cock with his nose buried in my rank jock.  My cock was rock hard and it felt good in his throat but I wanted to fuck him too. I pulled my cock out of his mouth slowly and Hawk took my cock in his hand and slapped it on his face.  I'm sure the PA hurt as it slapped his cheek, but he still looked up at me with a grin.   

I nodded my head toward Louis and he moved over on his knees to get closer to him.  I bent over and reached under, unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his jeans.   When he took Louis' cock in his mouth, I tugged up on his hips and got him bent over.  I pulled his jeans and underwear down and then off so all he was wearing was his leather vest.  Kneeling down, I dragged my tongue up his cock, over his balls, along the taint to his puckered hole.  I pulled his hairy butt cheeks apart, pushing my face in and breathing in his scent.

I lapped around his hole and dug my tongue in, getting his ass, hole and my beard soaked in spit.  You can tell when a guy loves having his ass eaten and Hawk seemed to be in heaven.  Louis and I were taking turns pushing in deeper and while I heard lots of moaning, I also heard a few gags from Hawk.  I gave Hawk's ass a few squeezes and then a slap on each one before I stood up behind him.  I dragged my cock along his slick crack and pressed in. 

Hawk pulled off of Louis's cock and looked back at me.  "Fuck all ya want, but don't cum on or in me.  My ol' lady gets pissed when she smells cum on me" he said before swallowing Louis' cock again.

I appreciated him telling me at the start, so I could pace myself.  I would have liked to fuck to completion but I had to respect Hawk's needs to keep his other half happy.  I pressed in and felt his hole swallow my cock.  He even gave his ass a wiggle as I sunk in all the way.   I slowly stroked my cock into his hole building up speed and length.  Hawk was a good fuck, he knew how to work his ass but not overdo it.

My pace slowed down as I felt I was getting close. After a few minutes of slow fucking, I gave a few hard shoves and then sped back up.  I looked over and Louis had just opened his eyes.  The grin on his face told me he was enjoying Hawk's mouth.  I nodded with my head and he gently grabbed Hawk's head and stopped him before tilting his head up and said "Now it's my turn."

I slowed down and then pulled out just as Louis walked up next to me.  Hawk's hole was empty for only a few seconds and then Louis pushed in.  I turned Hawk and Louis a little to the left and let Hawk brace himself on the picnic table.  Louis plowed in and soon had a good pace going.  The thrusts in were faster than his withdrawals but both he and Hawk were moaning, so they must have liked it.  While I didn't cum in Hawk, I did leave a large amount of spit and precum inside him and you could hear the sounds of Louis' cock in his sloppy hole even over their moans.

Louis kept getting more aggressive in his fuck and I hoped that he wouldn't go too far and shoot his load.  Even worse, I hoped he didn't get to the point where he pulled out and left himself blue-balled.   Louis slowed down as I saw a look in his face I had seen many times before.  He leaned over, laying on Hawk's back and giving his hips a few more thrusts.  I heard him whisper "Thanks, that's one hot ass you have."

Louis pulled Hawk up with him as he stood, holding him tight for a few moments before he let him go.  We stood there looking at each other with huge grins until I broke the silence with "That was one damn good smoke break."

We pulled up our jeans and headed back to our bikes. I took a few gulps from a water bottle before tossing it to Louis to finish off.  With the bikes fired up we followed Hawk down a few more twisty roads until we ended up back at the campground.  Our three bikes rolled inside to our old parking spots and we turned them off.  I got off my bike and made sure it was stable on the dirt before walking over to Hawk.

I slapped him on the back and squeezed his shoulder.  "Thank's man.  That was an awesome ride" I told him and Louis nodded, giving him a fist bump.  Louis and I walked back to our tent to drop off our gear.   As we got there I asked "How's your balls?"

Louis laughed and said "A bit sore."

"I guess you should do something about that.  Got any ideas who?" I asked.  Louis just grinned at me and headed down the path.

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Great story, each new chapter takes it to the next level. Hope Louis gets an extra tattoo... Same as where the story started with two interlocked male symbols as the final proof of his conversion to a total gay.

On 5/7/2019 at 8:31 PM, chi4loads said:


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I watched Louis walk down the path toward the bar, but he turned and headed over to the next row of campsites.  My curiosity got to me and I started to follow him, making sure I stayed far enough behind him so he didn't see me.  I wanted him to do what he wanted and left him to it.  I saw him stop at Larry and Trey's site for a few minutes and then kept walking.  Once I got to Larry's site I was surprised to see Trey bent over the end of the picnic table getting fucked.  A hat at the other end of the table had several $5 bills in it.

"Five bucks gives ya five minutes" Larry told a few guys next to me.  "You get it for free, of course" he said pointing to me.  I smiled seeing the cum dripping from Trey's ass and then continued following Louis.  As I turned on to the next row of sites, I saw Louis leading the 50's bear down the path towards the bar.  The guy's partner, the naked 40's otter was following a short distance behind.

They walked past the bar and down toward our campsite.  I kept myself hidden, but tailed them and watched as Louis led the pair to the playground.  I was too far away to hear anything, but I could figure it all out just by watching.   Louis pointed at the sling and the bear took his jeans and boxers off, handing them to the otter who folded them and set them down on a bench.  The bear laid back on the sling and adjusted himself so his ass was hanging off the edge.  Next, Louis' finger was pointing and the otter was on his knees next to the sling.  

Louis raised the bear's legs up and put his feet in the straps.  Next, he took his own jeans off and was standing there, naked, between the bear's legs.  He kneeled down and buried his face in the bear's ass.  I could see the otter squirm and I could tell that he was uncomfortable watching his Dom in this position. Louis spent several minutes eating out the bears hole and I faintly heard grunts and groans that seemed to be coming from both of them.

I moved around to try and get a better view and stopped just as Louis stood up.   He dragged his cock along the bear's crack and then pushed it to his hole.  He paused and I saw him saying something to the bear right before he pushed in.  The otter gasped as he watched his top get penetrated.   Louis slowly sank into the guy and then pulled back.  The second time he plunged in a little faster and kept building speed slowly.

Once he got a good rhythm going, he let the sling start to do most of the work and had the bear fucking himself on Louis's shaft.  Occasionally, Louis would give a firm thrust into the bear and push him all the way off until he tugged on the chains and impaled the guy again.  It was obvious that this was not going to be a quick five minute fuck and Louis was speeding up and slowing down, thrusting hard then gentle.

It was nice to stand there and watch Louis fuck.  Whenever I had done it before, either he was fucking me or we were part of a group.  Other than rubbing my crotch, I now had my undivided attention on watching him.  He was sexy, confident and fluid in his motions.  He was even sexier to me now than when we first met and realized I was proud of how far he'd come.  Less than a year ago he was a straight guy in an unhappy relationship and now he was a bi guy with a lot more variety in how and who he fucked.  I kept watching and was captivated as I had my own private porno going on in front of me.

Louis pulled on the chains and buried his cock to the hilt and held the guy there a moment.  He slammed in a few times before he began pounding the bear's ass. I could see the sweat glisten on his hairy body and fly off on to the bear.  Both of them seemed to be growling with Louis being the more vocal one.  After a few minutes, he shoved in hard and I could see his body shake as he flooded the bear's guts with a pent up load.  They stood there for a little while and Louis slowly pulled out.

I could tell he was talking to the bear's sub and soon the otter was reluctantly licking the bear's ass clean of Louis' cum.  Louis pulled his shorts on and looked around.   There were only four or five of us watching but Louis had a large smile on his face.  He walked up to me and said "That should teach that fucker for encouraging everyone to fuck our brains out."

I chuckled and started to walk back to our campsite.  "Who's your next one?" Louis asked.   "Not sure yet, I'm a little thirsty" I replied and kept walking.  Louis followed me into the bar.  Once inside, I stopped and slowly looked around at the scattered crowd of guys.  Everyone's eyes turned to us and all of them stopped talking.  I grinned and walked over to the bar and sat down on a stool and Louis took the one next to me.  

"A couple pints, Joey" I said.  Joey poured the pints and set them down in front of us.  I could feel the eyes staring at Louis and I and there were only a few hushed words.  A little breeze came through the door and I could smell the sweat and cum from Louis' body.  If I wasn't plotting my next move, I would have dragged him back to the tent and licked and sniffed every inch of his body.

"Sounds like you two have been taking advantage of the cuffs.  Larry and his son earlier and then George just now" Joey said with a little nervousness in his voice.

I waited a few seconds before I answered, wanting to keep the tension in the air.   "Seems silly to waste an opportunity like this.  Besides, there's a nice selection of guys to choose from" I replied.   Louis snickered and we both wondered what response we would get.  With nothing but silence, I added "We weren't totally selfish.  We shared Trey with a few guys" and then chuckled.

No one seemed to laugh at my joke and Louis and I slowly nursed our beers.  A little while later Joey called out "Sam, cover the bar for a bit, I need a smoke break."  A younger, skinny guy came around the bar and gave Joey a pack of reds.  Joey walked out the back door and I waited a minute before standing up and said to Louis, a little louder than necessary, "I left my phone in the tent.  Be right back, grab me another pint, please."

I walked out of the bar and looked around. Joey was over near a BBQ grill, staring off into the sky as he dragged on a cig. I reached into my pocket and pulled my phone out, heading over his way.  "Hey Joey, guess what?"  He looked at me, completely confused.  The more I stared back at him the more he realized what was about to happen.

"You're fuckin' next" I said as I turned him around.  I pulled his cargo shorts down which left him in a jockstrap and a sweat soaked tee.  "I've wanted this ass since I first came up here years ago" I said.  I opened my shorts just enough to pull my quickly hardening cock out.

"Oh fuck" Joey blurted out.  I chuckled and pulled his tee off before I wrapped my arm around his thick body.  Whispering into his ear, I said "you set us up and now it's time to pay."  I ground against his furry ass a little bit before my cock was so fuckin hard I couldn't bear it.  My shaft rubbed up and down along his crack a few more seconds, leaking precum over his fur and my dick. I aimed my phone down and pushed record as I guided my cock in and only a few strokes later my cock found it's target.

"Oh shit.  Make it quick, I need to be back inside soon" Joey said.

I stood there, my cock leaking pre and nestled tight against Joey's hole.  "Nah, I want this to last.  I want people to come out here wondering what happened to you and watch you get fucked" I said.  I heard him gasp and then laughed to myself.   Pushing harder, I soon felt his hole start to let me in.  He was one of the tightest I had fucked in a while and I quickly remembered the first few fucks with Louis.  Joey wasn't used to being fucked and that made getting my dick inside him even more enjoyable.

I rocked my hips slowly at first, pushing deeper into him and then pulling back.  It was a good thing I'd already blown a few loads today or I would have shot within a minute or two.  Each stroke got longer and longer and Joey was whimpering at feeling my bare dick fuck his ass.  The longer I fucked the more I realized Joey wasn't used to being on this end of a fuck.  The harder I fucked, the more verbal Joey got.

Lots of bottoms I fuck quickly move into moaning or other ways of showing that they love taking dick.  Not Joey.  He was a top and he wasn't giving in to the pleasure his ass could know.  At that time, I really didn't care.  It was a different attitude than I normally had, since I usually wanted my sex partner to have as much pleasure as I was getting.  But Joey had set us up to be the camp bitches for the night and I was going to make sure he was going to endure a long, hard fuck.

I may have started out slow, but once I had him stretched a bit I fucked harder.  I wasn't going to be a jerk and rape him, but I was pounding his ass.  While Joey was a big guy with plenty of padding, his ass was pretty firm and muscular like his legs.  The more I fucked the louder his grunts got and it didn't take long for us to attract a crowd.  I was sure Joey didn't want to have a bunch of his customers watch him get fucked, he didn't have a choice and I really like having an audience.

I pushed him over and he grabbed the ends of the grill while I drilled his ass.  The camera was catching each thrust in and out of his furry ass and when I watched it later you could see the sweat drip down over the hair on his back and ass.  I glanced around and the group had gotten bigger, some even stroking their cocks as I fucked Joey.   

"Come on, dude. Finish up, I can't take any more" Joey whined.

I laughed and replied "Sometimes it takes me a while to cum."  I grabbed his shoulder with one hand, drilling his ass and then slowed down.  I'm pretty sure everyone was out of the bar and watching the owner get fucked.  I saw Louis who had a big grin peering out of his bushy beard watch me fuck Joey.  I really have no idea how long I fucked but it was obvious that Joey was in pain.  He had a lot of lube in his ass from all the precum my cock was dripping, but that really wasn't enough.  He was tight and I was making him feel every inch of my cock plus the piercing.

My balls started to churn and I didn't think I could last much more. Louis came over and took the phone from my hand and became my cameraman.  My mind wanted to fuck Joey for a few more hours but my balls said "breed him."  The last few strokes got ragged as did my breath and I slammed in a few more times before my balls won the battle.  Ropes of hot cum flooded Joey's ravaged ass as I moaned out with each one.  

I heard lots of comments as guys around us realized I was cumming deep inside Joey.  They may have been surprised that a top guy like Joey got fucked and bred, but Joey knew that the moment that the cuffs no longer meant anything the party was over.  He took it in hopes that there would be another "designated hole" the following year.  

I pulled Joey up and felt his sweaty back on my chest.  My arms wrapped around him while my dick was still buried in his ass.  I whispered in his ear "Thanks, bud. You can be my bitch any time" before laughing loudly.  The crowd started to move back to their tents or the bar and I pulled my cock out of Joey's ass.  I slapped his butt and Louis zoomed in on the cum running out of Joey's hole.   

Joey pulled up his shorts and turned back to me.  "You're a fucking asshole" he said to me and then laughed.  We gave each other a hug and walked back into the bar, our arms wrapped around each other.   I sat down on my stool as Joey walked back on to the other side.  "I think you owe me another pint, since I just dumped one up your ass" I said with a grin.

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Very well written and hot. Love how it has moved along. 

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It was late when the bar closed we headed back to our tent. We had mostly drank but we also had a few pot breaks out in back too.  The buzz felt good and once inside our tent, both of us were sound asleep in minutes and didn't wake until we heard noises outside the tent the next morning.  We laid on our sleeping bags and Louis was the first to speak.   "Fuck you smell good" he said and a moment later had his face in my armpit.  His tongue was going crazy, licking every hair he could find.  Louis rolled onto his back and let out a chuckle.  "God, I love doing that" Louis said.

It was a little cool out so we put on jeans and tees and headed to the bar to grab some breakfast.  We took our spots at the bar and Joey was there with two cups of coffee in a flash.  "Ready to get the cuffs off?" Joey asked with a grin.

"Not quite yet" Louis replied before I could even start to say anything.   Sheepishly, I replied "What he said."   While we ate our breakfast and chatted with Joey, I could tell that some of the guys were already getting ready to go back home.  "Eat up, we don't want to miss our chance" I said quietly to Louis.  With the last few bites down, we got up and headed out the back door.  Once outside, I pulled Louis over near the grill and said "We might have time for one or two more.  You want to do them solo or together?"

"I bet we are probably thinking of the same guy, so lets tag team him" Louis replied with a sly grin, pulling his t-shirt over his head and tucking the top of it in his back pocket.

We walked over toward the river and quickly glanced at the mirror smooth water.  I turned around and the tent at the site was laying flat, ready to fold and roll up.  There was a small duffel bag that looked like it was stuffed full lying next to a folded camp chair.  But no one was there.  I looked down the row and saw the older guys looking back at me, talking to each other and pointing towards Louis and I.  I chuckled as they watched to see what we were up to.

Glancing back toward the bar and the attached shower rooms I saw our target. Dressed in some ratty sweatpants and flip-flops, he looked freshly cleaned and probably had spent the last hour shaving and trimming what body hair he had grown in the past day on his chest, abs and face that weren't exactly where he wanted it.  Who knows, maybe he even trimmed his pubes. "There he is.  You take the right side of the path and I'll take the left" I told Louis urgently.  We headed down the path back towards the bar and approached our cocky cub.  He really wasn't paying attention, so it was easy for us to each grab an arm and start dragging him back toward our tent.  

"What the fuck!" he yelled out. He struggled a bit, but with a firm grip on his arms we had good control of him.

"Luke, it seems you have a reputation around here of disappearing so you can't get fucked by the Friday night bottoms.  I heard you did it the last 3 years, so now it's payback time" I growled as we dragged him down the road.  I had barely finished talking and a couple of the frat guys came up and lifted his feet and helped us carry the cocky SOB to the playground.

"You can't fuckin do this.  Saturday is over!" he yelled out.

"If you look closer, you can see we still have the cuffs on.  And the rules say until we give em up, anyone is fair game.  And right now, you're our prey" Louis said.

Luke squirmed and yelled, but all that did was attract a bigger crowd.  Some had their camping gear in their arms, ready to load up and leave, but decided to see what we were up to.   We got to the fuck tree and with some help got him tied up.  He was still twisting and fighting anyone that was trying to tie him up but a couple guys did get his sweats off.   I noticed a spreader bar hanging from a rack nearby and in a few minutes had his ankles separated and secured.

"I ain't no fuckin' pussy boy.  You better not try an' fuck me!" he barked.

"You know the rules for the Pig Poke, Luke.  Friday night you get to fuck unless you're the pig. The rest of the weekend, you might end up being the one getting poked.  It's not your choice, it's ours.  So, you better learn how to be a good little bottom and learn fast.  If you make it tough on us, then its gonna hurt a whole lot more" I said as I watched the group circle around the tree.

"Fuck him good. He took off last year just as I was about to nab him" a thin, bald guy in his mid 40s with a large cross tattoo on his chest said.  I hadn't noticed him before, but I could see the fire in his eyes from twenty feet away.  "Last year's bottom, I guess" I said to myself.   

Louis rubbed the bulge in his shorts as he walked up behind Luke.  Louis gave a hard slap to each butt cheek and then spread them apart.  He spit a couple times on Luke's hole and started to work it into Luke's virgin-tight hole with his fingers.   I heard the crowd muttering and giving Louis encouragement.   There was a determined look in Louis' eyes that I hadn't seen before but he wasn't being a total animal with Luke either.   He spit a few more times and kept twisting his fingers until Luke had settled down.

Luke stopped tugging and twisting his wrists and realized that my knot making skills were good enough to keep him tied to the tree until I said he could go.  I wondered if he would stay still when he felt that first cock go into his ass or if he'd fight it off.  The crowd seemed to be a little antsy wanting to see Luke take some dick so I gave Luke's face a light slap with the face of my palm and said "Be a good boy" before I walked behind Louis.  Wrapping my arms around his bare chest I whispered into Louis' ear "Enjoy popping his cherry, he might be a virgin bottom."   My hands roamed down his chest and unbuttoned his shorts, letting them fall to his feet.   Today he was going commando and I felt his rigid cock spring free.  Louis stepped one boot out of his shorts and moved a little closer to Luke.

Removing his fingers, Louis used both hands to spread Luke's ass apart and aimed the tip of his drooling cock right at Luke's hole.

"Oh, fuck no!  Please!  NO!" Luke begged, but it didn't deter Louis.   He spit another glob of saliva on to Luke's hole and pushed in.   I gave Louis' nip a pinch and a slap to his ass and stepped aside to watch Luke get deflowered.  Louis gave another push and stood there a moment.  The gasp from Luke's mouth told me he knew he was now taking his first dick.   He began breathing harder and shaking his head 'no' when Louis started to rock his hips in and out.  "Oh god no" he sobbed as Louis worked his cock deeper with each stroke.   Louis held on to his hips and gave another thrust and held himself fully planted inside Luke's ass.

The grin on Louis' face was epic and showed how much he was enjoying Luke wrapped around his cock.   He stood there a few seconds longer than the crowd wanted and I heard a few guys start chanting "Fuck him!"   I kind of guessed that Louis was trying to hold off and not blow his load too soon, but relented and began plowing Luke's hole.  His pace picked up quickly and soon he was giving a good, firm drilling.  Luke's sobs continued while he tried to brace himself against the tree.  I didn't leave enough slack in the rope for him to get both hands on the steel rod that was bored into the tree so at first he alternated hands holding on.   "Stop... Please" begged Luke while Louis kept fucking.

Louis growled quietly as his thrusts got a little more erratic.   Looking around, I spotted the 40's tatted guy from last year's Poke and wandered over to him.   Wrapping my arm around his shoulder, I leaned in and whispered "You're next.  Fuck him like you wanted to last year."  He got a big toothy smile on his face before he slowly crept up next to Louis.   While I watched Louis get closer and closer to orgasm I felt a hand rest on my shoulder. 

"You gonna let all the guys that tried to nail him the past three years do him?" Joey asked quietly.   

Turning my head, I replied "Just the Friday night bottoms or we'd be here all day."  Joey chuckled and then walked away.   I heard the familiar grunting as Louis shoved his cock in deep and shot several ropes of cum inside Luke's no longer virgin chute.  Most of the guys cheered as they realized that Louis had bred Luke.  Once the last shot of cum had been deposited, Louis gave one more thrust and pulled out.  He backed away a little and last year's bottom moved in.

I couldn't hear what he told Luke, but Luke yelled out "FUCK!!! NOOOO!!!!"   I had to chuckle, but now Luke knew Louis and I weren't the only one using him today.  You could tell that the otter wasn't a regular top.  His motions were haggard and kind of frantic.   Maybe it was leftover frustration from last year but he was finally getting to fuck Luke.  I could tell he was churning up the cum inside Luke, since I could hear it even from fifteen feet away.   

One of the guys was cleaning off Louis' cock and I could see Louis change his focus back and forth from Luke to his cocksucker.  I was watching Luke get drilled when suddenly I heard Joey's voice right behind me.  "I found the other two guys.  They're all yours if you want 'em" Joey said discretely in my ear.   Looking back I saw Sam, the younger guy that took over bartending from Joey when I fucked him the night before and one of the black guys.  Reaching back, I pulled both of them forward, wrapping my arms around each one and then pulled them in close.  "I want him sloppy when I fuck him.  You guys want to help?" I said.  Both nodded before breaking into big grins.

The guy fucking Luke was slowing down, but each thrust was harder.   The growl that came from the guy surprised every one of us.  "You guys pick who's next" I said, looking back and forth at the guys next to me.   

"You go first, Bobby.  I know you want some payback" Sam said to the black guy.  "Yeah" Bobby said as he walked toward Luke while the guy fucking him gave a few last thrusts. Pushing his shorts off, Bobby began to stroke his long thin cock.  He leaned over and looked straight at Luke's face.  "Remember me? I'm the guy you called a 'worthless black pussy boi' that you fucked a couple years ago.  I just hope you take dick better than you give it, cuz I'm gonna plant my babies deep inside that racist cunt" he told Luke.  Several guys chuckled  and one yelled out "You're in for a treat.  When he goes deep in your ass you can almost feel it in the back of your throat!"

Louis was pulling his shorts up when the tatted guy pulled out.  He looked over at Bobby and winked, saying "Gawd, that's a nice piece of meat.  I'd love to take it some time, but enjoy that tight, cummy hole."  He backed away and was standing next to me a few seconds later, watching the show.  The guy that had cleaned Louis' cock started to crawl toward the tatted guy, but wasn't fast enough as Trey got a shove from his dad and was on his knees licking like a starved puppy on the tatted guy's cock. 

Bobby was drilling Luke like he was possessed.  Grunts and whimpers were coming out of Luke's mouth as their bodies slammed together.   He pulled all the way out, dragging a large glob of cum with his cock which landed on the ground below Luke's ass.  After a few moments, he shoved back in to the hilt and ground his body on Luke's ass cheeks.  Bobby pulled out and slammed back in again, slapping Luke's butt as he bottomed out.
The grin on Bobby's face told me that we were about to see a different side of Bobby and sure enough, he started hammering Luke's ass faster and harder than before. The puddle of cum under Luke's ass was growing as Bobby drilled him.   Suddenly he stopped with his cock buried in deep.  He pulled his whole body back and paused a moment before slamming back in.   Luke let out a scream and Bobby did the same thing again.   Luke screamed again, but wasn't quite as shrill this time.

Bobby let out a cackle and slammed in one more time, letting out a loud howl as his body shook.   His orgasm lasted a good minute and I was sure he had replaced all the cum that he had forced out.  Sam was nervously stroking his cock next to me and I whispered into his ear "Relax, you'll be fine."

"I don't fuck much and everyone is watching" he said.

"Look at Luke and no one else.  They just want to see him get his due" I said, trying to calm him a bit.   About that time, Bobby withdrew and had a mouth on his cock in seconds.   I gave Sam a little push and he walked over between Luke's legs.   He slapped Luke's ass and plowed into the creamy hole.   Someone yelled out "Fuck him good, Sam" and it seemed to give him a bit more confidence.   His hands grasped Luke's hips and he started to fuck.

Each stroke got more deliberate and soon he had a good rhythm going.   Even better, the smile on his face told everyone that he was enjoying it.  He didn't have Bobby's length or Louis' girth, but he made up for it with enthusiasm.  After a few more minutes, his expression seemed to turn towards worry and I decided he needed some help.   I pushed off my shorts and walked up behind him.

With my chest on his back, I wrapped my arms around him and tweaked both of his nips. My rigid cock was nestled between his butt cheeks and I tried hard not to let my dick get a little too low and slip inside him.  It might have helped Sam, but I wanted to save myself for Luke.  He shoved in harder and the more I played with his small pierced nipples, the more ragged his thrusts were.  He leaned his head back on my shoulder and moaned loudly until he drove his cock in deep and shuddered.   His little grunts were kinda cute and I knew he was adding some more lube for me to use.

After his last shot was inside Luke, he looked back and smiled at me.  "Thanks" he said and I nodded back.   I gave him some space and he slipped out of Luke and let me take his place.   The other guys had stretched Luke out just enough that I just slid right in, assisted by four other guys' cum.  It felt good, with just the right amount of pressure around my bare shaft and that silky wetness enveloping my cock.

"Damn you make a good cumdump.   I think you found your true calling" I said as I slowly pulled the length of my shaft back and almost out.  Luke let out a whimper and I drove firmly back in.   Each shove got harder and I stayed planted a little shorter.  After a few minutes, I was plowing his ass and quickly Luke had braced himself against the tree.   I leaned forward as my hips rolled and pressed my sweaty, hairy chest against the baby soft skin on his back.  One arm reached around and grabbed his muscled abs and the other went around his chest.

My fingers rubbed over his left nip and I could feel Luke squirm underneath me.   I pinched the eraser nub nip and his body tensed up, squeezing my cock as it pistoned his chute.  After a half dozen pinches, I gripped the nip hard and twisted.  Luke yelled out "FUCK!" and his ring clamped down tight around my dick.

"Yeah, Luke, tell me how bad you want me to breed you" I told him.   Luke replied defiantly with "Fuck You!"

I let go of him and stood back up, pounding him harder with my whole body in motion.   Two of the frat guys walked toward us and stood in front of Luke and started stroking themselves.   Their dicks were rock hard and it was obvious they had one goal in mind.   Maybe two.  As I fucked, they jacked their cocks and then I saw them look at each other and grin.   They both started shooting at the same time, each covering Luke's face with ropes of white cream.   The sight got me a lot closer and I began to thrust even harder.

One guy rubbed his cock over Luke's face, smearing the cum all over it before they walked back to their spots in the circle.   I had kind of hoped that they would hose us down with piss when they were done, but no.   That would have definitely pushed me over the edge but as it was I just needed another minute of plowing Luke's ass until I started shooting my own seed.  Several powerful spurts flooded Luke with a fifth man's seed.   A stream of cum ran out of his hole when I pulled out and I slapped him on the ass and said "Tighten up, don't lose it all" before I walked over next to Louis.

As the crowd started to disperse, Joey looked around and then stared at me a moment, raising his eyebrows.   I nodded and he walked over to the tree and untied Luke's hands.  Luke stood there without moving for a minute and then pushed himself upright and slowly walked back towards his campsite, his head hanging low.   I put my arm around Louis and we walked back to our tent.

"Shower now or when we get home?" he asked while we pulled the tent down and squeezed it back into it's bag.

"Probably gonna get sweaty on the ride home anyway, so might as well keep the funk going" I replied, grinning back at him.  We loaded the bikes up and stopped in to say "goodbye" to Joey. 

"See ya next year" Joey said as we walked out of the bar towards our bikes.   It wasn't phrased as a question, he knew we'd be back.  I hoped it was both of us, anyway.  We took the same route home, just in reverse and stopped at most of the same gas stations to refuel the bikes and ourselves.   

At the last one, I headed toward the restroom and Louis followed me in.  It was a two holer with a urinal and a stall.  Once I finished pissing, I headed to the sink and Louis grabbed me from behind. Pushing me against the wall, his lips locked on mine and he gave me an aggressive kiss with lots of tongue.  His hands reached up and started to push my jacket off my shoulders and I let it fall to the floor.   In a flash, he pushed my left arm up and moved his tongue over to my pit, burying his face in and breathing deep while he licked all the sweat off.

It only lasted a couple minutes, but he leaned back and smiled at me saying  "Thanks, bud."   He turned around, went to the sink and washed his hands, before unlocking the door and back to his bike.   I stood there a moment, shocked but happy.  After washing my hands and getting back to the bikes, I hopped on and we took off for the last leg of the trip.  It was getting dark by the time we got back to the city, so we split off and he headed to his place and I went to mine.   It wasn't the weekend I had planned but I wasn't going to complain. 


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