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My stories are completely fiction for the purpose of sexual fantasy only. In the real world, consent is important to us all. Mutual consent is the key to getting laid, and it keeps us out of jail. I wish I had more time to write porn. It usually requires a nothing-planned weekend and 6 hours at my computer with a rainstorm keeping me inside.

I have other hot stories on this site that get me creaming my shorts in no time. The Broken Jock, The Broken Jock II: The Third Baseman, and How to Get Your Poz Cock into Lyle Cranston's Speedos. All my stories feature various returning characters to help keep character development from getting too much in the way of the action (why we're here). My first story, the Broken Jock actually began with the first few chapters in the "Bareback Stories" forum, but... I eventually got poz tops bare fucking my neg protagonist, and so the rest of my stories are here in the "Bug Chasing and Gift-Giving Section" where they fit in very well. Enjoy this new installment.


The Broken Jock III: The Left Fielder

This is Clyde, John’s husband. It’s springtime and I’m at the bar for a season opener party for the hot gay softball team my partner John and I are on the war path for pozzing up.  Last season, John and I were useful in double poz fucking Adam the short stop, and I’m pretty sure that John and I pozzed up that beautiful ass on Tom the third baseman, especially after he returned to our doorstep, wet and cold from a rainy SantaCon, for a repeat bare fuck from us in December.

A group of us poz breeders, my partner John, Leon, anon online tops Poz9In and Coach4Jox have zeroed in on this team that seems ripe for the picking—for bareback fucking… and pozzing. They have some fresh new players this season and the group of us have been waiting for today to start our plan. Coach4Jox has his eye on a 21-year-old twink, Caleb, who seems to be playing a lot at left field according to what Leon has reported to the guild. He’s blond, slim with powerful legs from running a lot, and a small bubble butt that Coach says he wants to pop. He said that he has done his research and knows for sure that the kid is neg. I didn’t ask.

At the request of Coach4Jox, we are all currently buying shots for Caleb so that he can be buzzed enough to be walked home by one or two of us on the guild. So far, Caleb has accepted all offers, and Coach looks delighted at his prospects of getting his bare poz cock up in that cute butt later tonight.

I, on the other hand, have my eye on the new catcher, Evan. A stocky ginger boy, 23, with green eyes, strawberries and cream skin and coppery hair parted on the side. Like Tom, his white softball pants were tight and showed off his muscular butt. Even at 68, my poz cock drips just thinking about that neg hole on Evan. I know he’s neg because I found his profile on the safe-only hook up site after searching for hours. I practically creamed my bike shorts on Sunday morning when I found it, and knew I had to pursue this one.

Not all of the guild of poz breeders was present for the team’s first fundraiser of the year, but we have all secretly tasked ourselves with pozzing up the team this year, hopefully without the coach or the team catching on too quickly. Adam and Tom are keeping quiet, and Adam, now Leon’s boy, is helping us lure his teammates when we demand it. At the end of the beer bust, Adam is tasked with offering Coach for a walk home for the very drunk Caleb—creating the very dream scenario Coach had wanted for stealth pozzing Adam.

Evan was bought some stiff drinks by me, and he nodded a cheers to me in thanks before drinking it down. He approached me only on the third drink to say hello and thanks. I told him that I always buy drinks for beautiful boys, and he smiled and blushed. I laughed. When he recovered, he kissed me on the lips and turned back to his teammates to participate in a loud team cheer.

As the fundraiser was ending, Adam did his job of offering Coach to walk Caleb home and, surprisingly, he did the same for me and Evan. Evan chatted with me for as I watched Coach leave with young and very inebriated left fielder. Evan kissed me and said, “Thanks for the offer—Clyde was it?—but my boyfriend is coming over to take me home.”

“Damn! Really?” I said putting on an evil smile. “You mean I’m not going to get to shove my cock up that amazing ass tonight?” I teased him.

He blushed again and grabbed a napkin and pen from the bar. EVAN 555-9033. “Text me next weekend, okay. Maybe we can do that then. My boyfriend and I are open but we have some rules for being safe.”

I nodded and smiled, hiding my disappointment, but not my hardon which was blatantly stretching down my left calf under my khakis. “Sounds good.”

“He’s here.” He got his cap and a bag of softball gear and turned back to me. “Till then.”

“Bye, Evan.” I watched as his white cloth-clad but moved to the door. Next week I will get up that.




My hardon was now calling for a replacement ass and I remembered that Coach and Caleb were on their way to the boy’s place. I texted Coach to let me tag along.

ME: I’ll fuck him after you if you want. I’d like to pound your toxic seed in good with my big cock.”

I knew that would get Coach on board.

COACH4JOX: Fuck yeah! We’re only a block away on Dougherty Street. Come catch up and then follow behind us.

I quickly walked out of the club and made my way to Dougherty. When I turned the corner, Coach was helping Caleb up off the sidewalk. He was wasted. Coach turned and saw me, and motioned with his head to follow them. It took us about 10 minutes to get to the kid’s apartment.

After opening the building’s front gate, the twink bounded up the stairs. Coach held the gate open for me and we both got in the small entry way and walked up to find Caleb’s apartment door wide open. The boy was already passed out on the bed, face down when we closed the apartment door. Coach and I celebrated with a sigh. I got out the fresh bottle of poppers from my front pocket that had been meant for Evan, as Coach started unbuckling Caleb’s softball pants and pulling them down.

“I like to just take off their pants… and shoes, of course,” Coach said. I went down to the youth’s feet and pulled off his cleats. When Coach got Caleb’s pants off we stood up at the end of the bed admiring the boy’s smooth, white, jock-strapped butt.

A minute later I snapped out of my trance and stripped out of my clothes. Coach eventually saw me totally nude, get onto the bed to handle Caleb’s ass. I was leaking precum already as I opened up the kid’s cheeks to show Coach his prize. He was happy to see a smooth pink pucker—as was I.

The Coach looked away to undress, and, as the dirty old man I am, I took that opportunity to touch Caleb’s hole with my finger. Caleb moaned. Damn fine, I though to myself. I quickly used my finger and took a large gob of precum mid-drip from my hard poz cock and fingered it shallowly into the pink hole before Coach would notice. This was not my conquest, but I wanted my poz sperm in there first. Caleb moaned ask I slicked his hole up. I then took my other hand and moved the crotch of his white jock down so that I could get in more. With two fingers, I pushed in two fingers and let a large drop of precum fall from my cock right into the kid’s opened hole before Coach could catch what I was doing to his boy. When he did turn around, he got between the boys legs and pushed them wide apart.

I went to the head of the bed to offer the boy my cock to suck on. Groggily, Caleb opened his mouth and suckled on the head of my large cock. Feeling the kid’s tongue work my piss slit, I rolled my eyes back at Coach and pushed out more precum for the boy to take in, now from this end. He liked it and sucked more of my cock into his mouth. “Damn nice, boy!” I said.

Coach’s cock was hard and ready to plunge into the boy’s butt, but I figured some popper’s would help get the boy loosened up more. “Put some lube on your cock while I popper him up for you.”

I opened up the brown bottle and put it under Caleb’s nostril. “Breathe in, Caleb.” My cock was still halfway lodged in his mouth when he inhaled his first hit. I pulled my cock out to help the kid get a bigger hit. “Good boy!” I gave him 3 hits in each nostril and the kid was flying and I nodded to Coach, “He fucking ready for it.”

Coach pushed his bare cock up to Caleb’s hole and breached it almost immediately (with my precum work ahead of time). Caleb cried out and I shushed him, and gave him my cock to suck on again. The boy sucked my cock perfectly. I started to fuck Caleb’s throat he was getting me so worked up. Meanwhile, Coach was barebacking the left fielder’s hole very hard and he was getting close fast. Stealthers like coach probably have to be fast, I thought to myself.

“I’m going to charge up this hole, boy,” Coach said to the boy. Caleb made a guttural noise around my pistoning rod in his throat. “Fucking sweet ass on you.”

“Are you cumming?” I asked, my cock throbbing in Caleb’s mouth with the mention of it. “Tell me when you shoot. Don’t pull out, just tell me when you are loading the boy up.”

Caleb tried to say something then, but I rammed my cock into his throat to quiet him. “Let us men have you, Caleb. Surrender that sweet hole.” I started face fucking the boy again and Coach kept rabbit fucking his hole.

“AWWW. I’m cumming!” Coach announced to me. “Fuuuuck! Fucking loading up this neg hole right now! AH! AH! AAAH!” Coach pushed his cock up Caleb’s butt as hard as he could while ejaculating into it.

“That’s right. Charge up that hole, Coach,” I encouraged. Coach took a minute to recover and then pulled out. It was my turn. I wanted Caleb’s hole now, and pulled out the kid’s mouth to get at the foot of the bed. Coach took up the poppers and made the kid take more hits on it, while I pushed in my large old man’s pop cock into the hot jock’s tiny neg bubble butt.

My cock felt wet and warm in the boy’s open and freshly seeded hole. I wanted Coach’s poz sperm to be battered in to the boy’s rectum, so I fucked him hard. Coach was happy to see me work at that. Caleb was squirming as I changed angles on him as I fucked him. After 10 minutes of boyhole abuse, I was ready to give the kid my poz seed. So, I just long-dicked Caleb as he sucked Coach’s cock.

I started to feel my cum working up to my shaft and I told Coach that I was close.

“Fucking add your toxic load to mine. Let’s own this boy.”

As I rutted Caleb’s hole to climax, I saw that he had passed out. Coach just watched as I took the kid’s hole fully with my hard cock. “I’d like to see Poz9In take Caleb’s hole sometime,” Coach offered. “I bet that’d be hot to watch.”

“Fuck yeah. But we’re gonna poz him first,” I replied.

As Coach luridly spoke some more, I imagined Caleb playing left field, catching fly balls, and bending over to catch a grounder… that did it. As I imagined the uniformed Caleb bending over in left field, I exploded and flooded his tight neg hole with my own poz splooge. These power shots of poz sperm that were saved up for seven days in anticipation of pozzing Evan’s butt. Instead, they went into his teammate’s unprotected butt instead.

As I shot into Caleb’s hole, I thought about how I wanted the cute outfielder knocked up with my strain, not Coach’s. I am selfish like that. I won’t get them all, no. But I want as many players on the team as I can get to be knocked up by me this season.

“I’m fucking loading his hole up now, Coach,” I informed.

“Fuck yeah that’s so hot!”

We dressed in the apartment as Caleb snoozed away with his legs still spread apart, we both admired his hole. It looked red and open. It would’ve been hot to see our semen leaking out from the left fielder’s butt hole, but Coach and I both knew that we wanted our loads deep inside the boy. And so that’s where they stayed.

We let ourselves out into the cool evening air. Now I was thinking about Evan. Before heading home, I’ll go to the sex shop to buy a new bottle of poppers. And over the week, save up another large load just for him.


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To the editor: It is my mistake but my title above the first paragraph should read "The Broken Jock III" not "IV". I would edit it myself but I don't think I can at this point. Thank you.

Fixed it 

Edited by drscorpio

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I thought the Lyle Cranston stories might have been your hottest, but this one is off to an incredible start. Can't wait to see where this one leads.

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20 minutes ago, joethomas said:

I thought the Lyle Cranston stories might have been your hottest, but this one is off to an incredible start. Can't wait to see where this one leads.

Thanks, Joe. I reread that story over and over myself. 

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Thanks for all the appreciation from you guys here on BZ. Every post, heart and upvote makes this boy smile. I want to write a separate story post about a new character next. So please watch for it in the next week or so. Since he is a different player, he will have his own title, probably: "The Broken Jock IV: The Pitcher."


The next morning, Sunday, I woke up next to my snoring John thinking about Caleb. My cock throbbed with the recollection of filling that sweet young hole with my poz jizz. I wondered if Caleb had awakened yet; if his hole was sore; if he even remembered how it got that way.

I picked up my laptop and logged into to the guild’s private page where we have posted a roster of the team. We keep a tally of those players we've successfully fucked and with tips on how other guild members might also nail the player themselves if they wish. Of course, the first guild member who fucks a player on the team gets a double-point score. It doesn't have to be bareback to get the credit, but if you know this guild, they're going to raw fuck a boyhole whenever they get the chance, and then report it here.

  • Adam, short stop (25): first softball team member bred by Coach4Jox, Poz9in, Clyde and John (DP) on the same night; later fucked and kept by Leon. Leon gives permission for Adam to be used by any of us on the guild, but reminds us that we can only earn points once from fucking any player. 
  • Tom, third baseman (22): Neg boy butt poz bred by Clyde and John with regular continued breedings over the winter. Used poppers, no condoms needed.

And then I made an entry next to Caleb’s name:

  • Caleb, left fielder (21): Neg boy’s ass poz bred by Coach4Jox and Clyde. Was drunk; used poppers, no condoms needed.

As I looked farther down the list, I saw that ugly-as-fuck Leon had placed an entry of his own this morning. The guy is rich! He probably paid the guy.

  • Von, pitcher (30): Neg bi stud got his butt stealth fucked and poz seeded by Leon. Adam made the deal with Von. We used cash, poppers, and a broken condom.

Damn! So, this Von is a handsome, beefy, almost bearish man who plays pitcher for the team. From what I understand about Von, he’s the only guy on the team that has a girlfriend, but he likes having guys blow him when he gets horny and his teammates mostly take him up on his offer whenever they can.

I wondered how that all went down. How this sexy, bi, top guy on the team ended up with Leon’s poz seed up his butt. The money, I guess, and the presense of a condom maybe? That’s a pretty strong win for Leon. I might need to up my game a bit.

John started stirring awake next to me, so I closed the laptop, turned to him and said, “I’m in the lead!”

“Huh?” John replied sleepily.

Edited by ButtB4iGo
Added some missing words in a sentence.
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My stories are completely fiction for the purpose of sexual fantasy only. Since these stories are shorter, I've decided to keep the chapters together in one forum. I think that makes more sense as my stories are related with returning characters, etc. Anyway, enjoy.

The Broken Jock IV: The Pitcher

This is Adam again. I’ve been pretty busy since I got whored out by Poz9in and Hank at a motel room last year taking every stranger’s load up my butt. I still don’t know if Hank is poz, or if he just wanted to see poz loads go up my neg hole. Being the submissive young jock that I am, I took all loads that night. Now I am a kept boy, living with Leon. Leon is a wealthy investor and has a big cut poz cock that he fucks me with. He’s not a looker by any means. He might be what you think of when you say “ugly sex is hot.” He is rough sometimes, but overall he is good to me.

With the new season of softball coming up, he told me that some of the poz tops who converted me had created a “guild” of some kind with the aim to charge up as many of my teammates as possible. I was at first not interested in helping them, but then the more I thought on it, my dick would grow hard.

Leon wanted the pitcher, Von, to take his load first. Von was probably the biggest challenge of all my teammates. He was 30, super attractive with dark wavy hair and brown eyes, a beefy, bi top, and he had a girlfriend. He only let the guys suck him off—he really likes blowjobs from guys, and he lets everyone on the team know that his dick and wad were available to all cocksuckers. Most of the team has taken Von up on his offer. We openly talk about Von’s cock on the field. He loves the attention.

So at our season opener party at the team’s sponsor bar, I was tasked with convincing Von to come over and let me suck him off while Leon played with his asshole. Von was not into it at first but when I told him that Leon would pay him, he nodded, “Yeah. Maybe I can handle that for that price.”

“Can he fuck you?” I asked bluntly.

Von paused to think. I offered more money.

“He’s poz, right? I have a girlfriend,” he said.

“He’d wear a condom,” I countered.

“Well, I could really use that amount of cash. Does it hurt?” Von asked taking a big swig of his beer. He has never been fucked before.

“Some at first, but then you get used to it, and then it feels good,” I answered.

“Okay. I’ll do it if you’ll be there, too.”

“I will. I’ll be sucking that amazing cock of yours.”

“Nice,” Von smiled.

After that I checked on Caleb who was getting pretty hammered thanks to Coach and the guild.

“You doing okay there, Caleb?” I asked.

He downed a shot that Coach had paid for and said, “This is great! I’m having a blast. I can’t wait until our first game.”

“We’re a fun team, as you can see.” The bar was nearly filled to capacity with gay men. “And we have lots of fans.”

Just then Clyde pinched my butt as he walked by, and Caleb blushed. Clyde and his partner John double fucked me that night in the motel room. My hole was pretty sore after that night. I occasionally visit Clyde and John for a hot repeat double penetration fuck when Leon gives them permission. Having two cocks up my ass is my biggest turn on now, so Leon will sometimes invite over random, available tops from online so that they can both double load my hole.

“See that guy over there? The bearish older guy with the blue cap?” I nodded over toward Coach4Jox.

Caleb looked over at Coach. “Yes. He’s been buying my shots.”

“Good. If you get too wasted, let him walk you home. He’ll make sure you get there.”

Von came over then and whispered to me, “We should do this soon. I’m supposed to have dinner with Holly tonight.”

With the deal set, I called Leon and told him to rig a condom. “Von is coming over.”

“Fuck yes! Don’t tell him that his fine ass is going to get a charged load today!”

“He’s a virgin back there, so go easy. You can have his ass. I get his cock.” I teased.



When we arrived at our place, Leon abruptly told Von to take off his pants and underwear but leave everything else on. Von did as he was instructed. His hairy ass and legs exposed below his jersey.

“Here’s the payment.” Leon handed Von a wad of cash.

“All right!” Von put the cash down in a pocket of his pants. As he bent over, Leon got behind him and humped his bare ass so that Von could feel his hard cock through his jeans.

“Get on all fours on the bed,” Leon ordered.

Von did as he was told and I got on bed too, facing up with my mouth directly under the team’s prized suckable cut cock. I’ve sucked it before and love when he unloads in my mouth. I began licking the piss slit as Leon got on his knees to worship Von’s hole.

“Spread your legs more, Von,” Leon ordered. Von spread his legs more lowering his ass on the bed and his cock pushed into my mouth. “Fuck, that is a fine hole you have.” Von moaned as Leon began licking and eating his hole.

Von’s sweet precum flowed onto my tongue and I swallowed. Leon worked Von’s hole for 20 minutes, getting it wet, getting it prepared for its first dick—poz dick.

“You gonna let me fuck that tight hole, Von?”

“Yeah. Go slow though,” Von replied. “Put on a rubber, okay?”

“I’m already on it, big guy.”

I listened as the condom rapper was ripped open. And then I heard Leon open the can of Crisco that was under the bed. I sucked Von’s cock as I looked up at Leon. His pants and briefs were down to his knees. He grinned down at me as he oiled up his large poz cock wrapped in a condom with the tip cut off.

He then put a greased up finger into Von’s butthole. “Yeah stud. You like having a man inside there?” Leon teased.

Von didn’t answer but just moaned as Leon continued to slick up his hole with more Crisco and more fingers.

Leon was ready to enter Von’s greased up hole. I pulled out a fresh bottle of poppers from my pocket and gave it to Leon. “That’s my boy.”

Leon positioned himself over Von with his cock pressed against his pucker. He put his arm around Von’s neck and placed the poppers under his nose. “Inhale, Von”

Von breathed in the vapor from the poppers. “Again!” Von did as instructed.

“Now again. And hold it in for as long as you can.” Von complied. When he exhaled  he prepared for another hit as Leon moved the bottle to the other nostril. “Again.”

I listened as Leon took a hit and watched as he push his cocked against Von’s hole. Von gave out a sigh, indicating that he was flying on the poppers. With all the prep Leon had done on Von’s hole, his cock popped in relatively quickly. Von yelled out, “Fuuuuck!”

“Yes!” Leon replied as he pushed further in. “That’s a tight fuckin hole you have, Von.”

“Ahhh! Fuuuck!” Von said. I sucked him aggressively, trying to help him take his mind off of the invading cock. Trying to help Leon stealth poz our team pitcher.

“I’m all in,” Leon reported. I looked up between Von’s legs to see Leon’s shaved balls pressed against Von’s hairy scrotum. Leon let Von acclimate a bit before moving his cock back. I watched as Leon pulled half way out of Von and plunge back in. That’s when the fucking began. Leon pushed in and out, fucking Von in large strokes. Leon and I kept our eyes on the rigged condom, waiting to see Leon’s bare cockhead breech the rubber.

After about ten minutes of fucking Von, Leon pulled his cock out and moved the condom down his shaft, allowing his cock to break through the top. Leon winked at me with my mouth full of Von’s hardon, and then he pressed against Von’s hole with his raw leaking cockhead.

I watched as Leon’s cock pulsed for more poz precum before it pushed into Von’s neg butt to begin the stealthing.

“Ah, yeah!!” Leon exclaimed. “Nice hole on you, man! I’m going to fuck that hole up.”

Von was grunting with every stroke of Leon’s cock that stretched open his rectum. Leon continued his assault on Von’s unprotected hole, and overtime, succeeded in pushing the entire rubber down to the base of his cock. When I saw that Leon was full on bareback fucking Von’s neg virgin hole with his raging poz boner, I knew it wouldn’t take long.

I heard Von between grunts when he said, “I’m close, dude. Swallow it.” I sucked Von’s hard cock like never before to get that sweet cum that the team talks about at practice. Von’s cock pulsed in my mouth and a massive blast of sperm flooded over my tongue and into my throat. His young neg cum was just as sweet as always. As I swallowed Von’s load I heard Leon start to build up to climax.

“Ah! Fucking going to cum. Fucking sweet hole on you, man.” Leon yelled out as he tends to do when unloading into a man’s hole. He flooded Von’s neg hole with his high viral load jizz and began fucking it in hard.

Von yelled out in pain with the now brutal assault Leon was giving him. “Stay still! I gotta bruise up that hole good.” I got up from under Von. I stood next to the bed and watched as Leon covered up Von’s gorgeous mouth with his hand as he brutally fucked Von’s hole. The broken condom at the base of Leon’s cock was shiny and wet. And I could see white poz cum as it swirled around Von’s reddened pucker each time Leon’s shaft punched in. I knew that Leon was actively trying to charge up Von. He was a trooper, though, knowing we were almost done.

Later, Leon made a show of throwing away the used condom. I don’t know if Von caught on to being stealthed, but he seemed happy to leave the house with a sore hole and with enough money to buy an engagement ring.

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      My boy moaned into the pillow as I pressed the rubber to my boy’s ass. I told him the guy’s load was so big it would drip down his thighs. He grunted into the mattress while I pushed the reservoir against his crack, forcing cum into him. I told him I’d love to put POZ cum inside him, and my boy growled. I grabbed my phone and started recording a video. I told him I’d love to fuck POZ seed deep into his guts as I emptied that whole fresh load into him. My boy wiggled his butt as I lined up to fuck him. My dick met the inside-out rubber and molded to my dick. I made sure every drop of cum was inside my boy before I ripped it off an rammed my bare cock inside him. 
      I pounded my boy’s juicy cunt until POZ cum was sloshing out around my balls. I asked my boy if he knew why he was so wet. He shook his head. I told him what I’d done and pressed the empty condom into his hand. He looked confused as we never use rubbers. When he realized I was forcing fresh toxic seed into him, he came without even touching himself. His cum soaked through the jock’s pouch and puddled on the mattress. I was still filming. 
      I filled him up with my own cum and we collapsed into a sticky heap until my softening cock plopped out followed my an impressive flow of cum. I smiled into the phone’s camera and stopped recording. I texted the video to the POZ stud and cradled my used up boy as he fell asleep. 

      What I didn’t know was that my new buddy was going to upload it to his website where strangers would see me willingly putting POZ cum inside my boy. I also didn’t know he’d eventually film himself breeding my boy, and sharing my boy’s holes with his friends. 
      To be continued…

    • By Hot4urload
      Who wants to hookup with me and film a hot sex video? I know I do. I live in Lancaster Pennsylvania.  I can host or travel within 60 miles from Lancaster.  That would include,  Delaware,  Marland,  new Jersey and other areas.  Now I'm that in the closet straight acting submissive cum hungry cocksucking bottom whore who has a girlfriend but she doesn't know that her boyfriend  sneaks around behind her back and hooks up with random strangers for some mild to wild hot no string action . If I travel to you and you can't host.  Let's split the cost of a hotel room.  I love for you to hold a video camera and film me sucking your cock.  I'mpopper friendly and like dominate verbal alpha guys who are just looking for a hungry mouth to use  a throat to fuck and a face or throat to dump a hot thick load of cum all over.  I might be that straight guy to my girlfriend, family and friends but I'll be that cock whore we all like to use.  I would also like to be the face in a bukakke video.  So cum 1 cum all and watch me deepthroat every inch of your cock 

    • By 1981virginia
      Cum as Lube
      When I was in college, sex with condoms happened a lot more than bareback sex. It was before PrEP, and taking cum in your holes was risky. That risk thrilled me, and still does. The story I’m about to tell may be the first time I shared a boyfriend’s holes on purpose. 
      When I was a junior, I started dating a relatively naïve freshman. We went on three dates before he let me kiss him. He was sexy, tall, slim, blond bangs down to his eyes. The first time I blew him, he put a rubber on first. Ugh. I liked him and figured with a lot of persistence and trust, he’d let me fuck him bare. After a few times topping him safe, he complained that it hurt. I told him spit and drugstore lube were not enough to match the same glide as precum and spunk as lube. 
      My boy asked me how I knew that, and I told him about a guy I dated the summer after my senior year of high school. He wasn’t honest with me about sharing his ass with other guys, but he did let me fuck him raw. I was topping him once, and gobs of cum squeezed out around my cock. I realized he’d been lubed up with someone else’s fresh seed. What should have disgusted me got me so hard. I came in him way too quickly, and stayed hard. I fucked him with now at least two loads oozing out of his hole. It felt amazing. 
      Needless to say, that sounded hot and raunchy to my boy. He had an idea. A couple of days later, we went back to his dorm room. He went to his shared mini-fridge and pulled out a baggie. He grinned and told me he’d shot three loads into it, ready to warm up and lube up with. He’d still make me wear a condom, but he’d be lubed with cum. I knew he was starting his way down the slippery slope of begging for cum in his ass. 
      I rubbered up and squirted the lukewarm globs of seed into his ass and onto my sheathed cock. It did feel better for him, and the nastiness of it got me off. I told him I was glad it felt better for him, but wanted to feel his ass bareback. A few days of prodding wore him down. We repeated the nasty freezer cum trick, and he was pre-lubed with three of his own loads before I slid inside him raw for the first time. I told him it felt so good mixing our seed deep in his guts and I bred him well. I was cumming so hard that I hadn’t realized that his hot jock ‘straight’ roommate had come home into the small room and was jerking off to the raw gay sex show in front of him. The jock slid his cock into his roomate’s / my boyfriend’s mouth and then leaned forward to finger his cummy freshly-bred hole. 
      The guy looked at me and said he’d never fooled around with guys before, but he wanted to try it. So, my boyfriend took the second raw cock of his life that night, and his roommate bred him, adding his seed to the loads stirring around in his guts. 
      The next weekend, we went to a nearby city with a proper gay bar. I was 21 so could drink, but my boyfriend had to wear a wristband and wasn’t allowed alcohol. I had a few beers and got flirty with a tall swarthy stranger at the next stool. When my boy went to the bathroom, the stranger told me we were a cute couple and asked me if my boyfriend and I shared each other. Not quite understanding his question, I grinned and told him about our cum play. He asked if he’d want to fuck a stranger’s load deeper into my boy’s ass. I told him I’d really like that. The guy switched places with me and started flirting hardcore with my boyfriend, telling him how lucky he was to have me as such an understanding partner to indulge his cumplay fantasies. My boy blushed, knowing his secret was out. Minutes later, he had his hands down my boy’s shorts and was playing with his hole. The guy suggested we go back to his place, so we did. 
      Minutes after walking in the stranger’s apartment, he had me and my boy naked on the sofa making out with each other. He asked me to eat my boy’s ass and get it good and wet; he’d only have my spit to lube my boyfriend’s raw hole, but I’d get sloppy seconds. It sounded so hot that I didn’t think to look up as the guy stripped. I ate my boy’s ass as the man tore off his t-shirt revealing a furry chest, with a noticeable biohazard tattoo on his left pec. I knew what it meant. Maybe my boy did too, but he didn’t ask. Instead, he suckled the man’s thick cock and got it wet and hard to fuck him. 
      The man eased me out of the way and had me spread my boy’s cheeks as he slapped his tool against my boy’s crack. I was drooling at the sight and spit on the man’s cock as it split my boy open and sank inside. My boy moaned and I scooted underneath to suck his cock and balls as the man pounded him raw. The man’s hairy balls were in my mouth when I felt them contract and heard him grunt, knowing he was breeding my boy. 
      The man pulled out with a splat. I smeared his seed off my face and onto my dick as I slid into my boy. The fresh cum felt so good sloshing around on my cock, so did his stretched out opened hole. I’d felt the cummy squelchiness before, but never when he was opened up and freshly fucked, let alone by a total stranger with a biohazard tattoo. The whole scene got me so hot I didn’t last long and bred my boy. The stranger asked if we wanted to stick around, but my boy had an evil grin. He made me take a pic of his used slutty hole and texted it to his roommate. The ‘straight’ jock told him to hurry home and he’d add his load to the mix. 
      We got the stranger’s number and promised to keep in touch. On the ride back to my boy’s dorm, I asked if he knew what the guy’s tattoo meant. He thought it had something to do with a video game he must have played, and I just nodded, not wanting to acknowledge that he may have just taken his first POZ load, and I may have just fucked it deeper into him, or that I was about to share his ass with a well-hung jock.
      In just a few weeks, I’d turned my safe-only boyfriend into a cumdump, taking loads, no questions asked. 

    • By birawbreeder
      Any vers/bottoms in Calgary looking to take or swap loads? 25 here, fit, bi vers top, on Prep, looking for some sleazy anon action. 
      Maybe into partying but no T. 
    • By DaddyBare
      Ringleader: “This BareDaddy has been pestering me on and off for several months, he’s obviously turned on by the idea of being pozzed, but lacks the commitment to go through with it!”

      Beast: “Yes, he’s contacted me a few times without going through with it.”

      BigMuscle: “He’s asked me all kinds of questions including where I tend to frequent, but never directly asks to be fucked!”

      Beast: “We need to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget.”

      Ringleader: “I think the chance is coming up. He’s advertised a sauna meet-up on BBrt. I’ll ask Barelover to request an invitation. I’m sure he’ll take the bait. No one else has yet signed up and it’s only a couple of days away this Saturday. Barelover describes himself as not sure, only because he hasn’t the courage to get himself checked. We’ve all fucked him on several occasions and know how much toxic cum we’ve all poured into him!”

      LoadingUp: “Well I’m free this Saturday. So there’s nothing stopping me attending and shooting my high viral load inside him. I’ll check out his profile so I’ll be ready to load him.”

      Beast: “And I’ll teach him what sodomy is all about. He’ll reap what he sows! Or rather I’ll sow my poz seed inside his arse!”

      BigMuscle: You know me, I’m always ready to stick my bare cock up a neg arse and leave my gift inside someone whenever I visit a sauna.”

      Ringleader: “Well we’re all agreed then, between us the five of us will ensure he no longer plays around. I’ll come early to prepare him for the onslaught of you guys after Barelover has started the process of converting him!”

      Drew was disappointed that once again, no one had requested an invite to his sauna party, when he received a request from someone called BareLover. He was versatile like himself, but described himself as not sure of his status. After a slight doubt, Drew thought there was no harm accepting his request after all he was only being honest. Drew now started to look forward to some good bareback fun the next day.

      Drew arrived on time and after undressing and showering went straight to the darkroom. There in the gloom he managed to see three people. Two seemed interested at the new arrival, the third seemed happy just to watch. As one guy started to suck Drew’s cock to erection, Drew did the same for the other guy. At first this cock didn’t seem like much, but after some oral attention, it grew in Drew’s mouth to a reasonable size, albeit it somewhat skinny. Drew decided to concentrate on this guy to the detriment of the other, who’d been sucking him off and after a while he left the backroom. Drew presumed now that he was primed; he would presumably mount him with his stiff cock. But instead he was more interested in Drew fucking him. Not one to complain and ready to fuck after the other guy’s attention, Drew plunged his bare cock inside this man’s arse.

      Drew thrust inside again and again as his pace picked up; he was enjoying his first bareback fuck of the afternoon. The feeling of his bare cock inside the other guy’s bare hole was really turning him on. So his pace quickened further. In and out he thrust as his balls began to tense with the sensation of his bare fucking and before he knew it his cock was spewing semen inside this willing arse. Drew’s cock quickly went flaccid and he still hoped the other guy would return the favour as he offered him his own arse in return. Although he did take him up on the offer and started to fuck Drew bareback, it was only half-hearted and soon he desisted. It was then that the onlooker joined in, he seemed to whisper to the guy, presumably in encouragement. Then he prepped Drew’s hole with first one finger, then a second and finally a third. It was rather rough and considering the thin size of the guy’s cock more than enough. But the other guy had been wanking his cock back to a reasonable size and was now raring to have another chance at unloading himself into Drew.

      “Hi!” he said, “You must be BareDaddy, I’m BareLover. Don’t worry I’ll pour my load deep inside you!” Even though he had a thin cock, his thrusts at first were rather painful, possibly on account of the other guy’s manual ministrations. After a while though, the pain diminished and the thrill of receiving his first load of the afternoon grew. Drew could feel his cock penetrating his bare hole and looked forward to it being coated with this man’s cum. He forced his thin cock in as hard as he could eager to empty his load. When he was ready he held his cock firmly inside Drew’s arse as his toxic cum oozed out of Barelover’s cock and into Drew’s neg hole.

      As soon as Barelover pulled out, the onlooker took over immediately and started to feel inside Drew’s hole. “Mmm, I see you’ve had a good seeding. I think I’ll add mine too!” After finger fucking Drew quite savagely for a while he was ready to mount him and pushed his bare cock inside Drew’s ravaged bottom. No lube just the coating from Barelover’s seed. At first, this fuck was also somewhat painful until the sensation of another bare-fucking and the prospect of a second load took over in Drew’s lust to be filled. Whilst Drew was being fucked, another guy came into the darkroom and also watched this performance intensely as he wanked himself into an erect state.

      The new guy told the one that was fucking me “C’mon mate fill him full of your hot jizz, then it’s my turn to fuck him. At first I feared this would just put the other guy off, but instead his speed increased as did his breathing, which became very heavy and it wasn’t long before a grunt signified he was shooting his load inside. As soon as he’d pulled out, the new guy took over and plunged his cock inside Drew. “I’ll teach you what it means to be fucked bare!” he threatened. “I’m going to fuck you so fucking deep. You are going to take my load whether you want it or not!” He thrust into Drew mercilessly. Drew didn’t know whether pain or pleasure was going to win through. This guy was determined to plough Drew’s hole hard and relentlessly. “You’re going to understand what sodomy entails!” he added. He continued to verbally describe what he was doing to Drew throughout his onslaught. Finally he said “Here it comes! I'm blasting in you! "Take my load!" Drew received his third unknown poz load of the afternoon.

      Then Drew found himself in a hiatus, his three suitors had all dumped and gone and the darkroom was empty. Drew was more than satisfied with having already received three loads, when the onlooker returned with another guy wearing a large towel. Had this guy deliberately brought someone else to fuck Drew? When he dropped his towel Drew was surprised at how big this man’s cock was, especially because it was only semi-erect. Drops of precum were dripping from the tip. In lust, Drew grabbed his cock and began sucking it. He was also mindful that when fully erect he wondered whether he would be able to accommodate such a large member, so he could satisfy his craving by sucking him dry. But when the guy was fully erect, he lubed up and said to Drew “You got poppers?" To which Drew replied "yes." Then he said, "good ‘cause you're gonna need them," He started teasing Drew’s hole with the head of his cock. His huge tip began pushing against his hole.   Suddenly, he pushed harder and the head disappeared inside Drew’s arse.  He pulled back slightly then forward and another two inches went in and Drew cried out.  He pulled back almost all the way out and pushed forward again.  Yet there was about four inches still not inside of him. “Take it out! Take it out! It hurts!” Drew yelled before sniffing heavily on his poppers and eventually with this loosening and the guy’s insistent onslaught he drove his raw cock fully into his hole straight down to his balls. It hurt like hell but felt so good at the same time. Now this guy mercilessly ploughed Drew’s already ravished hole, still sore from the previous bare fucks. When it was time for him to come he pushed his huge dick as far inside Drew’s hole as he possibly could and let his cock pump his toxic load deep within.

      Whilst this was happening another stocky guy had entered the darkroom and was seemingly acknowledged by the other guy who’d brought this big dick guy in. Had he invited another person to take Drew’s hole? Whilst the big dicked guy was pumping his load inside Drew, so this guy was pumping his cock hard to get it to full erection, He was clearly intending to fuck Drew as soon as the other guy had finished dumping his load. Indeed when he’d finished, this new guy came over and whispered into Drew’s ear “I’ve been looking forward to seeding you for the last two days!” (Obviously, thought Drew, he’d seen the advert but not requested an invite, but had still turned up today.) He continued, “I’m so worked up, I don’t think I’ll last long inside you. I’ll load you up quickly!” It was indeed true, almost as soon as he’d mounted Drew and forced his cock inside, he was unloading into him. But what a load, this guy kept coming and coming. His cum started pouring out of Drew’s hole and down his perineum and trickled down Drew’s balls. There was so much that cum kept squelching out in great spurts at regular intervals. It was so messy Drew decided he had to go to take a shower to clean up.

      Whilst he was taking his shower, Drew noticed the stocky guy also showering; the one who’d just unloaded so much spunk into him. His cock was still dripping with spunk, which he washed off in the shower. But when he turned round to wash his back, Drew got the shock of his life when he saw the unmistakeable tattoo branded between his shoulders. But this got Drew thinking further. This guy had said he’d been wanting to seed him for a couple of days. He knew the guy who now Drew thought seemed to have orchestrated the whole affair. In all probability they were all positive. Didn’t the verbal beast threaten to teach him what barebacking meant? Hadn’t the first guy who contacted him, BareLover, who’d described himself as ‘Not Sure’, been encouraged by that guy to continue with the fucking until he came. Wasn’t the big dicked guy brought in to fuck him by this same ringleader? As this point Drew realised that his sauna party had been hijacked by a team of pozzers, whose only goal was to convert him.

      If you've enjoyed this story please like it and I always appreciate comments about the story from you guys.

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