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  1. My stories are completely fiction for the purpose of sexual fantasy only. Since these stories are shorter, I've decided to keep the chapters together in one forum. I think that makes more sense as my stories are related with returning characters, etc. Anyway, enjoy. The Broken Jock IV: The Pitcher This is Adam again. I’ve been pretty busy since I got whored out by Poz9in and Hank at a motel room last year taking every stranger’s load up my butt. I still don’t know if Hank is poz, or if he just wanted to see poz loads go up my neg hole. Being the submissive young jock that I am, I took all loads that night. Now I am a kept boy, living with Leon. Leon is a wealthy investor and has a big cut poz cock that he fucks me with. He’s not a looker by any means. He might be what you think of when you say “ugly sex is hot.” He is rough sometimes, but overall he is good to me. With the new season of softball coming up, he told me that some of the poz tops who converted me had created a “guild” of some kind with the aim to charge up as many of my teammates as possible. I was at first not interested in helping them, but then the more I thought on it, my dick would grow hard. Leon wanted the pitcher, Von, to take his load first. Von was probably the biggest challenge of all my teammates. He was 30, super attractive with dark wavy hair and brown eyes, a beefy, bi top, and he had a girlfriend. He only let the guys suck him off—he really likes blowjobs from guys, and he lets everyone on the team know that his dick and wad were available to all cocksuckers. Most of the team has taken Von up on his offer. We openly talk about Von’s cock on the field. He loves the attention. So at our season opener party at the team’s sponsor bar, I was tasked with convincing Von to come over and let me suck him off while Leon played with his asshole. Von was not into it at first but when I told him that Leon would pay him, he nodded, “Yeah. Maybe I can handle that for that price.” “Can he fuck you?” I asked bluntly. Von paused to think. I offered more money. “He’s poz, right? I have a girlfriend,” he said. “He’d wear a condom,” I countered. “Well, I could really use that amount of cash. Does it hurt?” Von asked taking a big swig of his beer. He has never been fucked before. “Some at first, but then you get used to it, and then it feels good,” I answered. “Okay. I’ll do it if you’ll be there, too.” “I will. I’ll be sucking that amazing cock of yours.” “Nice,” Von smiled. After that I checked on Caleb who was getting pretty hammered thanks to Coach and the guild. “You doing okay there, Caleb?” I asked. He downed a shot that Coach had paid for and said, “This is great! I’m having a blast. I can’t wait until our first game.” “We’re a fun team, as you can see.” The bar was nearly filled to capacity with gay men. “And we have lots of fans.” Just then Clyde pinched my butt as he walked by, and Caleb blushed. Clyde and his partner John double fucked me that night in the motel room. My hole was pretty sore after that night. I occasionally visit Clyde and John for a hot repeat double penetration fuck when Leon gives them permission. Having two cocks up my ass is my biggest turn on now, so Leon will sometimes invite over random, available tops from online so that they can both double load my hole. “See that guy over there? The bearish older guy with the blue cap?” I nodded over toward Coach4Jox. Caleb looked over at Coach. “Yes. He’s been buying my shots.” “Good. If you get too wasted, let him walk you home. He’ll make sure you get there.” Von came over then and whispered to me, “We should do this soon. I’m supposed to have dinner with Holly tonight.” With the deal set, I called Leon and told him to rig a condom. “Von is coming over.” “Fuck yes! Don’t tell him that his fine ass is going to get a charged load today!” “He’s a virgin back there, so go easy. You can have his ass. I get his cock.” I teased. ________________ When we arrived at our place, Leon abruptly told Von to take off his pants and underwear but leave everything else on. Von did as he was instructed. His hairy ass and legs exposed below his jersey. “Here’s the payment.” Leon handed Von a wad of cash. “All right!” Von put the cash down in a pocket of his pants. As he bent over, Leon got behind him and humped his bare ass so that Von could feel his hard cock through his jeans. “Get on all fours on the bed,” Leon ordered. Von did as he was told and I got on bed too, facing up with my mouth directly under the team’s prized suckable cut cock. I’ve sucked it before and love when he unloads in my mouth. I began licking the piss slit as Leon got on his knees to worship Von’s hole. “Spread your legs more, Von,” Leon ordered. Von spread his legs more lowering his ass on the bed and his cock pushed into my mouth. “Fuck, that is a fine hole you have.” Von moaned as Leon began licking and eating his hole. Von’s sweet precum flowed onto my tongue and I swallowed. Leon worked Von’s hole for 20 minutes, getting it wet, getting it prepared for its first dick—poz dick. “You gonna let me fuck that tight hole, Von?” “Yeah. Go slow though,” Von replied. “Put on a rubber, okay?” “I’m already on it, big guy.” I listened as the condom rapper was ripped open. And then I heard Leon open the can of Crisco that was under the bed. I sucked Von’s cock as I looked up at Leon. His pants and briefs were down to his knees. He grinned down at me as he oiled up his large poz cock wrapped in a condom with the tip cut off. He then put a greased up finger into Von’s butthole. “Yeah stud. You like having a man inside there?” Leon teased. Von didn’t answer but just moaned as Leon continued to slick up his hole with more Crisco and more fingers. Leon was ready to enter Von’s greased up hole. I pulled out a fresh bottle of poppers from my pocket and gave it to Leon. “That’s my boy.” Leon positioned himself over Von with his cock pressed against his pucker. He put his arm around Von’s neck and placed the poppers under his nose. “Inhale, Von” Von breathed in the vapor from the poppers. “Again!” Von did as instructed. “Now again. And hold it in for as long as you can.” Von complied. When he exhaled he prepared for another hit as Leon moved the bottle to the other nostril. “Again.” I listened as Leon took a hit and watched as he push his cocked against Von’s hole. Von gave out a sigh, indicating that he was flying on the poppers. With all the prep Leon had done on Von’s hole, his cock popped in relatively quickly. Von yelled out, “Fuuuuck!” “Yes!” Leon replied as he pushed further in. “That’s a tight fuckin hole you have, Von.” “Ahhh! Fuuuck!” Von said. I sucked him aggressively, trying to help him take his mind off of the invading cock. Trying to help Leon stealth poz our team pitcher. “I’m all in,” Leon reported. I looked up between Von’s legs to see Leon’s shaved balls pressed against Von’s hairy scrotum. Leon let Von acclimate a bit before moving his cock back. I watched as Leon pulled half way out of Von and plunge back in. That’s when the fucking began. Leon pushed in and out, fucking Von in large strokes. Leon and I kept our eyes on the rigged condom, waiting to see Leon’s bare cockhead breech the rubber. After about ten minutes of fucking Von, Leon pulled his cock out and moved the condom down his shaft, allowing his cock to break through the top. Leon winked at me with my mouth full of Von’s hardon, and then he pressed against Von’s hole with his raw leaking cockhead. I watched as Leon’s cock pulsed for more poz precum before it pushed into Von’s neg butt to begin the stealthing. “Ah, yeah!!” Leon exclaimed. “Nice hole on you, man! I’m going to fuck that hole up.” Von was grunting with every stroke of Leon’s cock that stretched open his rectum. Leon continued his assault on Von’s unprotected hole, and overtime, succeeded in pushing the entire rubber down to the base of his cock. When I saw that Leon was full on bareback fucking Von’s neg virgin hole with his raging poz boner, I knew it wouldn’t take long. I heard Von between grunts when he said, “I’m close, dude. Swallow it.” I sucked Von’s hard cock like never before to get that sweet cum that the team talks about at practice. Von’s cock pulsed in my mouth and a massive blast of sperm flooded over my tongue and into my throat. His young neg cum was just as sweet as always. As I swallowed Von’s load I heard Leon start to build up to climax. “Ah! Fucking going to cum. Fucking sweet hole on you, man.” Leon yelled out as he tends to do when unloading into a man’s hole. He flooded Von’s neg hole with his high viral load jizz and began fucking it in hard. Von yelled out in pain with the now brutal assault Leon was giving him. “Stay still! I gotta bruise up that hole good.” I got up from under Von. I stood next to the bed and watched as Leon covered up Von’s gorgeous mouth with his hand as he brutally fucked Von’s hole. The broken condom at the base of Leon’s cock was shiny and wet. And I could see white poz cum as it swirled around Von’s reddened pucker each time Leon’s shaft punched in. I knew that Leon was actively trying to charge up Von. He was a trooper, though, knowing we were almost done. Later, Leon made a show of throwing away the used condom. I don’t know if Von caught on to being stealthed, but he seemed happy to leave the house with a sore hole and with enough money to buy an engagement ring.
  2. Thanks for all the appreciation from you guys here on BZ. Every post, heart and upvote makes this boy smile. I want to write a separate story post about a new character next. So please watch for it in the next week or so. Since he is a different player, he will have his own title, probably: "The Broken Jock IV: The Pitcher." The next morning, Sunday, I woke up next to my snoring John thinking about Caleb. My cock throbbed with the recollection of filling that sweet young hole with my poz jizz. I wondered if Caleb had awakened yet; if his hole was sore; if he even remembered how it got that way. I picked up my laptop and logged into to the guild’s private page where we have posted a roster of the team. We keep a tally of those players we've successfully fucked and with tips on how other guild members might also nail the player themselves if they wish. Of course, the first guild member who fucks a player on the team gets a double-point score. It doesn't have to be bareback to get the credit, but if you know this guild, they're going to raw fuck a boyhole whenever they get the chance, and then report it here. Adam, short stop (25): first softball team member bred by Coach4Jox, Poz9in, Clyde and John (DP) on the same night; later fucked and kept by Leon. Leon gives permission for Adam to be used by any of us on the guild, but reminds us that we can only earn points once from fucking any player. Tom, third baseman (22): Neg boy butt poz bred by Clyde and John with regular continued breedings over the winter. Used poppers, no condoms needed. And then I made an entry next to Caleb’s name: Caleb, left fielder (21): Neg boy’s ass poz bred by Coach4Jox and Clyde. Was drunk; used poppers, no condoms needed. As I looked farther down the list, I saw that ugly-as-fuck Leon had placed an entry of his own this morning. The guy is rich! He probably paid the guy. Von, pitcher (30): Neg bi stud got his butt stealth fucked and poz seeded by Leon. Adam made the deal with Von. We used cash, poppers, and a broken condom. Damn! So, this Von is a handsome, beefy, almost bearish man who plays pitcher for the team. From what I understand about Von, he’s the only guy on the team that has a girlfriend, but he likes having guys blow him when he gets horny and his teammates mostly take him up on his offer whenever they can. I wondered how that all went down. How this sexy, bi, top guy on the team ended up with Leon’s poz seed up his butt. The money, I guess, and the presense of a condom maybe? That’s a pretty strong win for Leon. I might need to up my game a bit. John started stirring awake next to me, so I closed the laptop, turned to him and said, “I’m in the lead!” “Huh?” John replied sleepily.
  3. Thanks, Joe. I reread that story over and over myself.
  4. To the editor: It is my mistake but my title above the first paragraph should read "The Broken Jock III" not "IV". I would edit it myself but I don't think I can at this point. Thank you. Fixed it
  5. My stories are completely fiction for the purpose of sexual fantasy only. In the real world, consent is important to us all. Mutual consent is the key to getting laid, and it keeps us out of jail. I wish I had more time to write porn. It usually requires a nothing-planned weekend and 6 hours at my computer with a rainstorm keeping me inside. I have other hot stories on this site that get me creaming my shorts in no time. The Broken Jock, The Broken Jock II: The Third Baseman, and How to Get Your Poz Cock into Lyle Cranston's Speedos. All my stories feature various returning characters to help keep character development from getting too much in the way of the action (why we're here). My first story, the Broken Jock actually began with the first few chapters in the "Bareback Stories" forum, but... I eventually got poz tops bare fucking my neg protagonist, and so the rest of my stories are here in the "Bug Chasing and Gift-Giving Section" where they fit in very well. Enjoy this new installment. The Broken Jock III: The Left Fielder This is Clyde, John’s husband. It’s springtime and I’m at the bar for a season opener party for the hot gay softball team my partner John and I are on the war path for pozzing up. Last season, John and I were useful in double poz fucking Adam the short stop, and I’m pretty sure that John and I pozzed up that beautiful ass on Tom the third baseman, especially after he returned to our doorstep, wet and cold from a rainy SantaCon, for a repeat bare fuck from us in December. A group of us poz breeders, my partner John, Leon, anon online tops Poz9In and Coach4Jox have zeroed in on this team that seems ripe for the picking—for bareback fucking… and pozzing. They have some fresh new players this season and the group of us have been waiting for today to start our plan. Coach4Jox has his eye on a 21-year-old twink, Caleb, who seems to be playing a lot at left field according to what Leon has reported to the guild. He’s blond, slim with powerful legs from running a lot, and a small bubble butt that Coach says he wants to pop. He said that he has done his research and knows for sure that the kid is neg. I didn’t ask. At the request of Coach4Jox, we are all currently buying shots for Caleb so that he can be buzzed enough to be walked home by one or two of us on the guild. So far, Caleb has accepted all offers, and Coach looks delighted at his prospects of getting his bare poz cock up in that cute butt later tonight. I, on the other hand, have my eye on the new catcher, Evan. A stocky ginger boy, 23, with green eyes, strawberries and cream skin and coppery hair parted on the side. Like Tom, his white softball pants were tight and showed off his muscular butt. Even at 68, my poz cock drips just thinking about that neg hole on Evan. I know he’s neg because I found his profile on the safe-only hook up site after searching for hours. I practically creamed my bike shorts on Sunday morning when I found it, and knew I had to pursue this one. Not all of the guild of poz breeders was present for the team’s first fundraiser of the year, but we have all secretly tasked ourselves with pozzing up the team this year, hopefully without the coach or the team catching on too quickly. Adam and Tom are keeping quiet, and Adam, now Leon’s boy, is helping us lure his teammates when we demand it. At the end of the beer bust, Adam is tasked with offering Coach for a walk home for the very drunk Caleb—creating the very dream scenario Coach had wanted for stealth pozzing Adam. Evan was bought some stiff drinks by me, and he nodded a cheers to me in thanks before drinking it down. He approached me only on the third drink to say hello and thanks. I told him that I always buy drinks for beautiful boys, and he smiled and blushed. I laughed. When he recovered, he kissed me on the lips and turned back to his teammates to participate in a loud team cheer. As the fundraiser was ending, Adam did his job of offering Coach to walk Caleb home and, surprisingly, he did the same for me and Evan. Evan chatted with me for as I watched Coach leave with young and very inebriated left fielder. Evan kissed me and said, “Thanks for the offer—Clyde was it?—but my boyfriend is coming over to take me home.” “Damn! Really?” I said putting on an evil smile. “You mean I’m not going to get to shove my cock up that amazing ass tonight?” I teased him. He blushed again and grabbed a napkin and pen from the bar. EVAN 555-9033. “Text me next weekend, okay. Maybe we can do that then. My boyfriend and I are open but we have some rules for being safe.” I nodded and smiled, hiding my disappointment, but not my hardon which was blatantly stretching down my left calf under my khakis. “Sounds good.” “He’s here.” He got his cap and a bag of softball gear and turned back to me. “Till then.” “Bye, Evan.” I watched as his white cloth-clad but moved to the door. Next week I will get up that. ———- My hardon was now calling for a replacement ass and I remembered that Coach and Caleb were on their way to the boy’s place. I texted Coach to let me tag along. ME: I’ll fuck him after you if you want. I’d like to pound your toxic seed in good with my big cock.” I knew that would get Coach on board. COACH4JOX: Fuck yeah! We’re only a block away on Dougherty Street. Come catch up and then follow behind us. I quickly walked out of the club and made my way to Dougherty. When I turned the corner, Coach was helping Caleb up off the sidewalk. He was wasted. Coach turned and saw me, and motioned with his head to follow them. It took us about 10 minutes to get to the kid’s apartment. After opening the building’s front gate, the twink bounded up the stairs. Coach held the gate open for me and we both got in the small entry way and walked up to find Caleb’s apartment door wide open. The boy was already passed out on the bed, face down when we closed the apartment door. Coach and I celebrated with a sigh. I got out the fresh bottle of poppers from my front pocket that had been meant for Evan, as Coach started unbuckling Caleb’s softball pants and pulling them down. “I like to just take off their pants… and shoes, of course,” Coach said. I went down to the youth’s feet and pulled off his cleats. When Coach got Caleb’s pants off we stood up at the end of the bed admiring the boy’s smooth, white, jock-strapped butt. A minute later I snapped out of my trance and stripped out of my clothes. Coach eventually saw me totally nude, get onto the bed to handle Caleb’s ass. I was leaking precum already as I opened up the kid’s cheeks to show Coach his prize. He was happy to see a smooth pink pucker—as was I. The Coach looked away to undress, and, as the dirty old man I am, I took that opportunity to touch Caleb’s hole with my finger. Caleb moaned. Damn fine, I though to myself. I quickly used my finger and took a large gob of precum mid-drip from my hard poz cock and fingered it shallowly into the pink hole before Coach would notice. This was not my conquest, but I wanted my poz sperm in there first. Caleb moaned ask I slicked his hole up. I then took my other hand and moved the crotch of his white jock down so that I could get in more. With two fingers, I pushed in two fingers and let a large drop of precum fall from my cock right into the kid’s opened hole before Coach could catch what I was doing to his boy. When he did turn around, he got between the boys legs and pushed them wide apart. I went to the head of the bed to offer the boy my cock to suck on. Groggily, Caleb opened his mouth and suckled on the head of my large cock. Feeling the kid’s tongue work my piss slit, I rolled my eyes back at Coach and pushed out more precum for the boy to take in, now from this end. He liked it and sucked more of my cock into his mouth. “Damn nice, boy!” I said. Coach’s cock was hard and ready to plunge into the boy’s butt, but I figured some popper’s would help get the boy loosened up more. “Put some lube on your cock while I popper him up for you.” I opened up the brown bottle and put it under Caleb’s nostril. “Breathe in, Caleb.” My cock was still halfway lodged in his mouth when he inhaled his first hit. I pulled my cock out to help the kid get a bigger hit. “Good boy!” I gave him 3 hits in each nostril and the kid was flying and I nodded to Coach, “He fucking ready for it.” Coach pushed his bare cock up to Caleb’s hole and breached it almost immediately (with my precum work ahead of time). Caleb cried out and I shushed him, and gave him my cock to suck on again. The boy sucked my cock perfectly. I started to fuck Caleb’s throat he was getting me so worked up. Meanwhile, Coach was barebacking the left fielder’s hole very hard and he was getting close fast. Stealthers like coach probably have to be fast, I thought to myself. “I’m going to charge up this hole, boy,” Coach said to the boy. Caleb made a guttural noise around my pistoning rod in his throat. “Fucking sweet ass on you.” “Are you cumming?” I asked, my cock throbbing in Caleb’s mouth with the mention of it. “Tell me when you shoot. Don’t pull out, just tell me when you are loading the boy up.” Caleb tried to say something then, but I rammed my cock into his throat to quiet him. “Let us men have you, Caleb. Surrender that sweet hole.” I started face fucking the boy again and Coach kept rabbit fucking his hole. “AWWW. I’m cumming!” Coach announced to me. “Fuuuuck! Fucking loading up this neg hole right now! AH! AH! AAAH!” Coach pushed his cock up Caleb’s butt as hard as he could while ejaculating into it. “That’s right. Charge up that hole, Coach,” I encouraged. Coach took a minute to recover and then pulled out. It was my turn. I wanted Caleb’s hole now, and pulled out the kid’s mouth to get at the foot of the bed. Coach took up the poppers and made the kid take more hits on it, while I pushed in my large old man’s pop cock into the hot jock’s tiny neg bubble butt. My cock felt wet and warm in the boy’s open and freshly seeded hole. I wanted Coach’s poz sperm to be battered in to the boy’s rectum, so I fucked him hard. Coach was happy to see me work at that. Caleb was squirming as I changed angles on him as I fucked him. After 10 minutes of boyhole abuse, I was ready to give the kid my poz seed. So, I just long-dicked Caleb as he sucked Coach’s cock. I started to feel my cum working up to my shaft and I told Coach that I was close. “Fucking add your toxic load to mine. Let’s own this boy.” As I rutted Caleb’s hole to climax, I saw that he had passed out. Coach just watched as I took the kid’s hole fully with my hard cock. “I’d like to see Poz9In take Caleb’s hole sometime,” Coach offered. “I bet that’d be hot to watch.” “Fuck yeah. But we’re gonna poz him first,” I replied. As Coach luridly spoke some more, I imagined Caleb playing left field, catching fly balls, and bending over to catch a grounder… that did it. As I imagined the uniformed Caleb bending over in left field, I exploded and flooded his tight neg hole with my own poz splooge. These power shots of poz sperm that were saved up for seven days in anticipation of pozzing Evan’s butt. Instead, they went into his teammate’s unprotected butt instead. As I shot into Caleb’s hole, I thought about how I wanted the cute outfielder knocked up with my strain, not Coach’s. I am selfish like that. I won’t get them all, no. But I want as many players on the team as I can get to be knocked up by me this season. “I’m fucking loading his hole up now, Coach,” I informed. “Fuck yeah that’s so hot!” We dressed in the apartment as Caleb snoozed away with his legs still spread apart, we both admired his hole. It looked red and open. It would’ve been hot to see our semen leaking out from the left fielder’s butt hole, but Coach and I both knew that we wanted our loads deep inside the boy. And so that’s where they stayed. We let ourselves out into the cool evening air. Now I was thinking about Evan. Before heading home, I’ll go to the sex shop to buy a new bottle of poppers. And over the week, save up another large load just for him.
  6. For those who've asked, here is the link to parts 1 and 2 of this story on the general bareback fiction forum. It was my first ever story on the site, and it details how this young safe-sex jock first got started taking highly experienced cock up his butt without requiring the tops to rubber up, and ultimately how one man worked diligently to plug some risky anonymous sperm up Adam's neg hole. Enjoy! https://breeding.zone/topic/37161-the-broken-jock/?tab=comments#comment-410498
  7. Part 3 I arrived at the motel that Poz9in had booked for us at 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Lyle said that he'd come to town early to meet up with us for another double fuck session before visiting his family on Christmas morning. But as our plans detailed, Lyle would be getting blindfolded so that we could watch his perfect ass get stuffed by two ugly men whom he has never met. Poz9in told me that he had already paid for two old top trolls that he had met at a sleazy bar ready to pump their toxic loads into our naive, 18-year-old jock. "Don't worry," Poz9in said to me. "The kid's a natural sub and will take raw cock even if he catches on to our trick. But these guys are going to fucking lose it when they see Lyle's smooth, fit body and that fine butt. I'm sure that they haven't scored prime neg teen jock ass in decades. They've been instructed to get their seed inside Lyle's butthole if they want to get paid, and they agreed." Poz9in's large cock was fully engorged and strained against the right leg of his jeans as he spoke. "After these guys are done with him, we'll let ourselves out. These guys, Ed and Roger, will be here soon. We'll each pick one to be our proxy fuckers. When Lyle arrives, they'll wait in their cars until I signal for them to enter the motel room." "That's fucking wicked, and hot!" I said. "I can't wait to see these guys!" ---------------- Lyle looked more gorgeous than ever. His blond hair was shorter now and parted neatly on the side. He'd been working out more. He had six pack abs and more muscular arms, chest and legs. He told us that he wanted to bulk up a bit. I wanted to tear off his tight t-shirt and khakis and go to town on him right then and there, but Poz9in held up the blindfold and told Lyle that he'd have to strip down, get on the bed on his knees and elbows and we'd get started. As Poz9in secured the blindfold on him, Lyle was a vision in only his white socks on all fours on the bed spread. I could see his once tight hole just barely between his muscled buttocks. Poz9in had fucked him a lot over the summer, plus Thanksgiving, but his hole had recovered since then and was the same pink color I remembered from graduation day. I was in charge of the lube. I wanted Lyle's hole prepped with cum, so I collected my cum loads for five days. I used an oil based lube to jack off into a turkey baster, some of that lube was added to my cum mix before going into the freezer. I got my thawed mix from the bathroom and approached Lyle's puffy pink hole. I took his balls in my left hand to steady the boy and inserted the tip of the baster just inside Lyle's ring and squeezed. I watched as my cum emptied into his firm ass—just enough loads and enough oil-based lube to break down any rubber that might be used by our imposters or requested by Lyle. "Good boy," I said to Lyle and slapped his butt. Through the window, Poz9in signaled to his rented poz tops to come into the motel room. In half a minute, the room door opened and the night of breeding more dirty loads into Lyle Cranston's hole began. Then men were old and looked wasted from years of HIV exposure. When they entered, they were both wearing black leather gear and I was delighted to see that Roger sported not just a scorpion tattoo on his chest, but also a biohazard one on his right thigh. He looked like he was in his 60s or 70s with gray hair on his chest and back. He also wore a police officer style leather cap with a chain across the base of the bill. He wore leather chaps with a smooth, shiny black cod piece that he unsnapped while reaching for Lyle's vulnerable ass. He had been instructed not to make any vocal noise, as Poz9in and I were supposed to provide our voices for our trick to work. Roger mouthed silently to me, "Damn!" I nodded, encouraging Roger to go ahead and take the young jock's hole. "Can't wait to get my cock back inside this hole," I said as Roger removed the cod piece entirely to reveal a large, rock hard tool with a massive mushroom head that he lined up against Lyle's pink hole and pushed in hard. "Ow!" Lyle let out, but Roger was determined to get inside the boy fast and hard. Poz9in got the poppers under Lyle's nose, and said, "Take a big sniff." Roger wasn't going to slow down, we could tell, so Poz9in kept poppering Lyle until he was flying, and letting Roger fully invade his hole. Roger was fully inside Lyle's butt but trying to push deeper. He grunted in his attempts to get deep inside. "There it is," he said against our instructions. "Gonna pop that second ring!" He pistoned into the boy hard. "Yes! Fuck that hole is nice!" Ed watching his buddy thrust into a boy young enough to be his grandson started to urge Roger on. "Yeah, buddy! Knock that young hole up." Even poppered up, Lyle realized that the men using him were not Mr. Daines and his hung friend Dale. "What?" "It's fine, Lyle," I said. "I'm here. Let these men have your beautiful butt." Still blindfolded, Lyle felt around for the poppers. Poz9in held the brown bottle under the boy's nose as Roger long-dicked him. "Damn, Roger. You trying to split the kid in two?" Ed remarked. Roger kept up the assault on Lyle. "Ah! I am trying to poz this kid up once and for all. I'm roughing up this boy, Ed, but it's your P.A. that will wreck this sweet hole." Poz9in had a sinister grin. "Fucking load him up, Roger." I looked over to Ed, a bouncer-type, mid-60s hairy man, and saw that he was jacking an enormous pierced cock. Metal studs and a large gauge P.A. were going to wreak havoc on Lyle's perfect hole. Poz9in told Ed to come up and take a seat on the bed under Lyle's face. "Lyle, put the nice man's cock in your mouth." I watched Lyle comply as Ed's pierced cock was pushed into his mouth. "Feel all that metal, boy? That's going up your butt as soon as my buddy shoots his poz jizz up there. We're gonna charge up that nice college boy jock ass of yours." "Fuck yeah, we are!" Roger confirmed. I watched in awe as these emancipated old men used my beautiful blond swim champ's body for their virus's next breeding ground. Ed grabbed Lyle by the hair and pushed his cock, and P.A., all the way into his throat. Lyle squirmed a little from not being able to breath, he gagged and drooled, but took it like good sport. From Lyle's butt side, Roger announced, "I'm close. I'm going all the way in! Aaaaaaah! Fuck! Take that toxic sperm load, you fucking dumb jock!" He unloaded deep inside Lyle for about a minute. I started to cum from jacking and watching and told Roger to pull back so I could shoot my own poz load onto his cock. I mostly dumped my sperm onto Lyle's ass crack, where it pooled nicely at his opened hole. Roger punched my load into Lyle with his cockhead. Ed pulled his cock out of Lyle's mouth and got up from the bed. But Poz9in was cumming now and Ed told him to unload onto his death tool. His white sperm coated Ed's pierced cock and Roger pulled out of Lyle so that Ed could move in on Lyle's hole. Ed shoved his pierced cock into Lyle's boyhole and we had to take off the blindfold in order to use it instead as a gag to keep the boy from disturbing other motel guests. Lyle was trying to say something but Poz9in gave him more hits on the brown bottle. After he took four hits, he opened up to Ed's invading cock. "Take that pierced cock, boy," Ed taunted as he fucked Lyle. "It sure likes being up your sweet hole." As I watched the large man's cock tear into my boy, I saw that Lyle's hole was now red and frothy with our collective churned cum loads. "Do it, Ed," I urged the rough top. "Fucking poz our champion swimmer for good." Ed took my words to heart and rammed his pierced cock repeatedly into Lyle's rectum for ten minutes. Lyle whimpered, but I was still not convinced that he understood our poz talk and that we were actively trying to give him HIV. "I'm gonna shoot!" Ed announced to the room. "Do it. Load him up!" Roger encouraged. Poz9in removed the gag from Lyle's mouth. "Please shoot it!" Lyle moaned. "Tell us what you want shot, Lyle." I commanded. "Please, I need more cum in there." Lyle said. Ed pulled out and pressed his piss slit against Lyle's now gaping red hole and flooded it with the old man's sperm, pump after pump. Ed then pushed his load into the boy's hole with his finger. "Please it burns! I need it deeper," Lyle demanded. Still rock hard, Ed shoved his cock into Lyle to push his load in further and we heard the boy sigh. He fucked Lyle fast and hard as we all cheered him on. "Want that load to take!" Ed said. "I want to fucking bruise up every last swimming sperm in there with my lethal dick." We watched Ed finish fucking Lyle and Poz9in got his wallet and paid the two each with cash. "Let me know if we need to try again," Ed remarked before he and Roger headed out the door. Lyle was lying prone, face down on the motel bed, legs spread with poz sperm leaking out his reddened hole. Poz9in told me that he wanted to stay and suck the kid off. So I closed the room door behind me, leaving my little, buff swim champ alone with my sketchy Internet acquaintance who I could hear barking an order at the boy to get up on all fours again. I didn't see Lyle again after that, although I've found his profile on BBRT and RentBoy. He is thinner now. His status reads: Poz.
  8. PART 2 I saw Lyle graduate. In a gray suit and navy tie under his cap and gown, he walked up to get his diploma and photograph taken. I smiled devilishly when I noticed that his gait was more bow-legged than usual. His sweet neg hole was likely still carrying the two poz loads from the hard cherry-busting fuck Poz9in and I gave him that morning in the janitor closet. Lyle smiled wide for the camera and moseyed back to his seat. That's when I left. Online, around Christmas time, I saw that Poz9in was in a chat room on the barebacker web site where we had, in June, hooked up for the sole purpose of making sure that Lyle's first fuck was done by my poz cock with toxic sperm shooting directly into his unprotected neg butthole. After that was accomplished, I didn't see Lyle again. I wondered if we had successfully seroconverted my handsome young jock. Internet searches told me that he was doing well in swimming, a champion in a state tournament, even! Go, Lyle. A photo of the blonde swimmer showed perfectly muscled body, a victorious smile under sparkling blue eyes, and a large bowl-shaped trophy that he was holding over his head Me: Hey, Poz9. It's been awhile. How was the rest of your summer after we hooked up with our virgin pollywog? Poz9 invited me to a private chat. I accepted. Poz9in: Yeah, man, fucking that cute virgin jock was fucking hot. I have a confession to make. But I think you'll like it. Me: Wow, Ok. What is it? Poz9in: Well… hell. Here goes… As you might have guessed, I'm a total perv. After having Lyle's tight hole around my cock, I knew that I'd have to find a way to get my cock inside him again. Me: God, yes! Tell me you nailed that hole again with your massive poz cock! Tell me everything! Poz9in: I became Lyle's stalker the moment I shot my high viral load into the dumb kid. I came back to the school around 2 and waited an hour for classes let out. When I spotted him, I followed him home from school. It didn't look like his parents were home, so I took a chance and rang the doorbell. He answered, surprised and nervous when he saw me standing on his front porch. He told me to come in. I asked if anyone else were home. He said no. I demanded that he show me the way to his bedroom. Me: Damn! Poz9in: Not knowing how much time I had, I pushed him onto his twin bed and closed the bedroom door. He was face down on the bed (perfect), so I forced his jeans and briefs down and pushed down my tracks again and mounted him for a good rape-style breeding. He took it well. I slipped into his hole and our cum from that morning's fuck felt like warm butter on my cock. I covered his mouth to prevent him from yelling and fucked him so hard he bled some. I didn't give him poppers because I didn't care. I just needed to get another high viral load into that sweet jock butt while I still had the chance. Me: Fuck yeah! Damn, did you do it? Did you give him a third poz load before his graduation ceremony? Poz9in: I absolutely blasted that neg hole with a load I spent all day building up just plotting about how I was going to poz up Lyle Cranston in his own bedroom. As I long-dicked and fucked in my fresh load of toxic sperm into his hole, I looked around and saw that his suit was all laid out on the bed, crumpled now from our fucking on it. A little blood and sperm smeared the gray wool slacks on the inside left thigh. The gown would cover it. We heard someone enter the front door of the house. I pulled out of Lyle and looked for an exit. Lyle got up, pulled up his jeans and led me to a back door where I escaped detection. Pretty stealth, eh? Me: Fuck that's amazing! You are a stealth perv! Poz9in: There's more. Me: Oh shit! What? Poz9in: Lyle went off to college in late August. And… I fucked him raw on average 5 times a week until he left town. Never a condom mentioned. I think he likes the sperm injection more than the invasion of mancock in his hole. Once, on the night before he left, he met me at a motel room where I used a lube gun to shoot his hole up with 16 loads from 11 of my adult arcade bookstore friends who agreed to help me after I showed them his yearbook photos. I made sure to group text all 11 to inform them once when I flooded Lyles' hole with their loads, and again to let them know that I was fucking their loads into Lyle's hole at that moment. Some were poz/some not so poz. As I worked up to unload my own fresh sperm up there, I took my time. All evening my phone blew up with my porn shop friends cheering me on. Since we weren't in his bedroom this time, I could fuck him longer, and possibly suck out a sweet load from him for once before he had to go home. Me: So Lyle, who was a virgin only two months ago, had 16 anonymous loads inside his butt when… please tell me you knocked him up with a 17th. Poz9in: I did shoot my 51st high viral load into Lyle that night. A proficient perv counts! I still don't know if he has gotten tested for HIV yet. Honestly, I don't really want this pozzing challenge to end. He always texts me when he is home alone and wanting me to come over. Even at Thanksgiving, I went over to his parent’s house at 2 a.m. and, without making too much noise, stuffed his butt with my cock. No mention of anything yet. We can keep trying. Christmas is coming. You were his first. Should we double team him again? Maybe blindfold him and find a couple random poz tops from the website to pose as us at first. I’d love to see some old leather daddies stake their claim on his hole. That'd be hot. Me: I'd love to see my hot boy unknowingly take random anonymous dick. Yeah, let's do it.
  9. Hi Bend4. Maybe. Originally, I thought this would be a one-chapter story, but I'm considering having Lyle's butt more heavily used over the summer break as the men scheme to get more poz sperm inside his tight hole before he leaves for college.
  10. Hi H.A.B. I'm glad that you've been enjoying my stories, and my recurring character Poz9In. I have used that name for him because he dwells on Internet hook up sites, and he is often an anonymous poz top to the submissive bottoms in my stories (so hot! right?) I'm sorry to inform you, though, that Poz9In is a creation of my sexual imagination… so, not real. But I enjoy him, too, obviously. When I envision Poz9In physically, I see a character who I found intriguing in a 1996 David Cronenberg movie called "Crash," an unforgettable film about a group of people who have a sexual fetish for car crashes and their scarred and maimed victims. Vaughan was played by Elias Koteas (hot).
  11. Be advised that my stories often involve some element on nonconsensual sex by some of my characters. Regardless, my stories are 100% fiction/fantasy only. Any resemblance to persons or places are merely coincidental. How to Get Your Poz Cock into Lyle Cranston's Speedos A few year’s back, I was the janitor at the local high school in a school district where the only sex education the kids got was for abstinence. Well, this left the entire student body vulnerable to their own imaginations, learning whatever they could about sex from actual experience, or by doing some reading on the Internet or at the public library like I used to. The rate of pregnancies were up, and STD rates, too. Anyway, this lack of sex education made these students susceptible to perverts like me. One senior I was able to corrupt, Lyle, was the number one swimmer in the county. He was 18, had a compact and muscular body at 5’6”, blonde, chlorine-bleached hair, blue eyes, and an ass that filled out his light blue Speedos to perfection. All season, I’d catch him practicing at the pool in the early morning. Sometimes he’d linger in the locker room and shower area while I cleaned in there. He would do things for me, like acting as if he were checking his phone while bending over in his tight-fitting swimsuit. Did he know that he was getting my poz cock rock hard when he did that? So many times I’ve wanted to take my finger and press it against that stretched out blue lycra material; to press in, making a guess of where that boy’s hole was; feeling it, to hear him gasp or moan when I hit my mark. This show (offering?) went on all season. Instead of raping him right then and there, I’d ask him about things. How is school going? Are you going to prom? Stuff that allowed me to find out more about the kid. I found out that he was accepted at state university and will be living in the dorms in the fall. He got a swimming scholarship, too. He said that he and his girlfriend broke up in March, so he might go to prom stag, or not at all. He said that since he was leaving soon, it didn’t make sense to have a girlfriend here anyway. His parents were well-respected in town as ministers at one of the many churches here. I offered to answer any questions he had about sex if he wouldn’t tell anyone about it. He nodded, told me he was abstaining, but he had lots of questions. After that, he showed up at my janitor’s closet, always in his blue Speedo with questions for me. I’d close the door and he’d sit in my chair while he listed off questions about masterbation and was porn really evil. He never asked about condoms or STDs, but he did want to know how babies were made. I showed him diagrams and explained what sperm was and how it fertilizes the egg in a female, and so on. As he sat there with his legs spread, I was given full view of his taint and package just hidden beneath the blue lycra fabric of his Speedo. My perverted mind wanted more of this teen. I knew there had to be men online who would want to distract Lyle with poppers and a blowjob while I pressed my precum-dripping, cut cock head into the boy’s tight cherry hole. On the last week of school, I knew I had to get into that boy’s Speedos any way I could. And I enlisted the help of another barebacker I found online. His user name was Poz9In and he said he had ways of making sure I could get my raw cock inside a virgin’s butt, especially into a naive, under-sex educated Wildcat jock like Lyle. We arranged a time, graduation day. He agreed to the plan to help me stealth breed Lyle with a poz load. I told Lyle to meet me at my closet right after his morning swim, a good half hour before class. ________________ Poz9In was maybe around mid-50s, dark cropped hair and brown eyes. He arrived just before 7:30 a.m. He wore a track suit and his schlong was huge and evident down his right leg. With a scarred and stubbled face, he looked rough. He was not the hottest looking man. But I was immensely turned on from the contrast between the vision of a toughened older, experienced poz man making use of the body of a gorgeous, athletic teen. Lyle knocked on my closet door and I let him in. He was still wet from his swim. “Hi, Mr. Daines,” he said. “Hey Lyle. This is my friend, Dale, here. He wanted to meet the star swimming athlete for the Wildcats,” I stammered giving my Internet contact a fake name. I was a little nervous, but I was determined to fuck Lyle this morning. “Hey, Dale. Nice to meet you.” Lyle held his hand out in the cramped janitor’s closet and Poz9In took it and pulled Lyle to him. He used his other hand to grab Lyle’s cock and balls through the teen’s wet Speedo. Lyle barely had time to react when I got behind Lyle and pressed by uniformed bulge against his blue Speedoed bubble butt. “Hey! That’s my personal…” Lyle made a nervous swallow. “Yeah boy? Would you like to give your personal spot over to us men, or would you rather we take it?” Poz9In asked while the two of us, men older than his father, continued manhandling Lyle into submission. “I never…” Lyle stopped what he was saying and relented to Poz9In by closing his eyes and dropping his hands to his side. Poz9In worked Lyle’s dick to an erection while I took aim at my prized target: Lyle’s hole. “That’s it, kid. We’ll take good care of you, just relax,” Poz9In said. Now with Lyle’s submission, I finally got to press my finger in and feel for the boy’s hole. He let out a breath when I began rubbing it roughly through the smooth material. Fresh from the pool. Poz9in opened a new bottle of poppers and told the kid to breath in and hold his breath. Lyle did as he was instructed. I continued probing the covered hole while with my other hand, I reached around his waist. Poz9In moved my hand over to so I Lyle’s cock incased in the smooth, still damp lycra. He smelled deliciously of chlorine. “Good boy. Take another hit just like the first,” I heard Poz9In say. “Fuck yeah. You’re a hot one.” “I’ve been wanting this ass for four months!” I exclaimed. “Let’s do what we planned, but I want to keep these Speedos on him.” “Aahh, fuuuck!” Lyle was flying. “Nice! That’s a deal, mister,” Poz9In replied to me. “Let’s knock up this cute pollywog.” With that, Poz9in bent down and went to work sucking Lyle’s cock through the Speedos. A few moments later, he pushed the front of the swimsuit down. Then I saw Poz9In dive in and suck on the virgin’s swimmer’s exposed dick. “Aaah!” Lyle moaned in pleasure. With Poz9In’s help, I bent Lyle forward and spread his legs. Poz9In kept sucking Lyle’s dick like the pro he was, doing his damnedest to coax sweet semen out from a neg horny teen. I unzipped my pants and pushed them down to release my leaking cock. With my hard cock in hand, I rubbed the head of it on Lyle’s bubble butt. I relished the sight of his light blue swimsuit soiled with smudges of my precum. Poz9In gave Lyle more poppers as I pulled down the back of the Speedos to expose the tightest, pinkest hole I’ve ever seen. “Do it. Bareback that neg hole, man. He fucking wants it,” Poz9In encouraged. Realizing that Lyle doesn’t know what neg hole means, I stared at the pink hole in front of me and greased up my cock with lube and listened as Poz9In spoke. “This is the hottest piece of ass. Take it. Take that fine young, firm ass.” With that, I stood up and lined my drooling poz cock against Lyle’s hole. Hotter still, I could feel the kid’s ever-taunting blue Speedo tickling under my cock. I pumped some precum onto the ring of pink his hole and heard Lyle gasp as I pressed in. Lyle yelled as my cock head popped into him, and Poz9In used his hands to spread Lyle’s ass open for me. I fucked in more. As I did, I leaked more precum into Lyle as I thought about pozzing up a virgin, seeing him graduate tonight with my toxic load inside him, sending him off to college with HIV. Then, hopefully, more men will get to use this young butt. I was all the way in when Poz9In gave Lyle more poppers, about 6 full hits. “Breed that neg butt or I will!” I started to fuck Lyle’s hole, in and out. It got easier with my precum lubing the walls of his rectum. I wasn’t going to last long, though. Fucking Lyle full of my poz cum was a dream coming true. I started pistoning the tight swimmer’s hole imagining how my shaft must look penetrating that pink ring. His hole gripped my cock. I was urgent to impregnate my Lyle, star Wildcat swimmer. It was my absolute goal now was to poz Lyle up. “Fuck! I’m coming.” “Fucking do it! Fucking sperm up that clean hole.” Poz9In coached. “Aaaaagh!” I felt my shaft pulse and my cock slit open as hot poz sperm coated the walls of Lyle’s unprotected rectum. I was still shooting loads into Lyle’s hole when I started fucking him hard again. “Fuck!” Lyle yelled. “Fuuuuuck! Ah, I’m coming.” Poz9In went back to sucking Lyle’s dick. “Yeah, Lyle. Feed the nice man your load while I hammer mine into your butt” I said. Lyle didn’t say anything but convulsed as he orgasmed. I held him steady so that Poz9in could have what his profile said was his favorite part of sex: the taste of sweet, young neg sperm. “Fuckin’ A!” Poz9In said with his mouth full of hard teen dick and fresh sperm. When Lyle finished cumming, I put the poppers bottle under his nose again. Lyle took the hits as ordered. When Lyle was completely flying, I put the bottle down. With my eyes I looked down to Poz9In and I invited him to bareback this amazing hole. He stood up, stepped around Lyle, and started jacking his massive cock and told me to move out of the way. He got behind Lyle, who was still recovering from cumming, and he rubbed his big mushroom head against the boy’s now reddened entrance. He looked over and got the petroleum jelly and jacked his cock some more with it until it shined under the fluorescent lighting of the janitor’s closet. As Poz9In lodged his enormous highly experienced HVL poz cock into the teen’s no-longer-virgin hole, we heard Lyle say, “Ah! Fuck!” I watched as Poz9In pushed all the way into Lyle; his silver cock ring embedding red marks into the teen’s butt cheeks. Then he fucked Lyle’s ass hard. He clamped his large hand over Lyle’s mouth to keep him quiet while he fucked him so hard that they had to keep repositioning themselves around the closet. Amazingly, Lyle’s blue Speedos remained in place, pulled down just far enough to give us men access to his now fully fuckable butthole. At times I was able to get up close and I watched as Poz9In’s cock pulled out, his shaft covered in lube and poz sperm, and pushed all the way back into the boy’s hole, stretching out that beautiful pink ring, no longer hidden away from me behind light blue lycra. I started jacking off watching them. When Poz9In saw me, he repositioned Lyle again in front of me. Still lodged in Lyle’s ass, Poz9In pushed his head down and ordered him to suck my cock. Lyle eagerly sucked me until I was so turned on, I gripped onto his blonde hair started face-fucking the teen. An amazing perv achievement: Poz9In and I were fucking Lyle Cranston: The star swimmer for the Wildcats swim team and minister’s son was now taking raw poz cock at both ends in a janitor's closet. I unloaded in Lyle’s mouth with a sharp explosion and watched him swallow my load. At the same time, Poz9In announced that he was “knocking up the twink! Fuuuuuck! That’s right. Let us charge that hole, son! Take it deep in there.” He continued convulsing and cussing as more of his jizz flowed into naive Lyle’s neg hole. When he finished, he tussled Lyle’s now dry hair as he lewdly complimented the kid, and pulled out. Poz9In pulled up his track pants, nodded at me and left. Lyle was half in a daze as he pulled up his trunks and said that he had to get to class. “Thanks, Mr. Daines.” He left the janitor’s closet quickly with a towel around his waist. "Congrats! Have a good time tonight!" I called out. Good kid. Come fall, though, college physicals could reveal a surprise for young Lyle, and just before his first-ever actual sex education class.
  12. After placing pillows and beach towels on the bed, I went back to the living room. Tom was standing in bewilderment dressed in everything but his track pants which Clyde successfully pushed down past his sneakers. He wore a white t-shirt, his white jock strap that framed his neg jock ass (tonight’s target) well. His beautiful hairy muscular thighs were fully on display for us above white crew socks and blue sneakers. He looked amazing that way. I imagined how he’d look crouching down to catch a grounder looking like that; or stretching his legs to tag out a runner as he approached third base. My daydream was broken when I heard Clyde tell Tom to get on the bed, “On all fours.” I watched Tom’s ass as he walked slowly to the bedroom. I thought about how that that butt was now carrying Clyde’s poz cum, and how my own raw cock was about to penetrate that sweet hole. He got onto the bed on hands and knees like Clyde demanded. Clyde tucked a couple of pillows under Tom’s waist and asked him if he’s ever been fucked barebacked before tonight. Tom shook his head, his sweat-drenched brown hair now covering his eyes. “No, sir. I… Back in Wisconsin, my baseball coach would fuck me for a year before I moved here. But we always used condoms. Same with Eric, my boyfriend, who I broke up with last week.” Clyde opened the poppers and held them under the kid’s nose. “Spread your legs for John. He is going to fuck you bareback now, and you’re going to let him.” “Aw! Fuck,” Tom whined. He was loaded up with the fresh cum of an old man whom he barely knows. He doesn’t know that the load up his ass is poz. He might suspect? I don’t know. Tom must feel like he is being used by us. He must feel like we are taking advantage of his youth and inexperience. His legs widened for me, and his butt cheeks parted while framed by that bright white jock strap; I could now see the reddened pucker and some of the sperm that had escaped it. With plenty of precum on the end of my cock, I rubbed the head of my dick around Tom’s hole to gather the excess cum that had gotten away. I mixed it with mine, and I pressed it all against his hole. “Aw!” he moaned each time I teased that I was going in. Press; let up. Press; let up. I knew the poppers were getting to him when he rested his forearms on the bed, causing his ass to be raised up on the pillows. “Do it, John. He’s ready,” Clyde signaled. Tom could hear, I’m sure. But at this point, he already had one load up his butt. I could tell, and Clyde could too, that Tom was surrendering his ass to us. I plunged my raw cock into the boy’s hole. With Clyde’s cum, my precum and the Crisco we used as lube, it was easy going. Not so much for Tom, though. Apparently, my cock was splitting him open more than Clyde’s did. Tom was yelling out and grunting against the pain. Clyde coached him to open up for me. “Relax. Let the man fuck your tight hole open, Tom.” Tom’s hole was tight, warm and wet. Just what a couple of pervy old men long for. He gripped my cock with his ass whenever I tried to pull out. He relaxed when I pushed up and in. So I began speeding up the fucking. I wanted nothing more than to ram my boner up that third baseman’s butt. Finally we had him on our bed, submitting to the exact thing that we both wanted. His hole never let up. It was like it was trying to milk the cum from my balls. “Awww,” Tom moaned as I battered his hole with my rod. Clyde shoved his cock back into Tom’s mouth. I felt like my virus was boiling up in my semen, wanting release into this young, warm, neg hole. I reached under the kid to feel his cock through the ribbed material of the jock pouch. He was rock hard and his jock was soaked, slimed with his precum. So I grabbed a fist full of the jock’s waist band and rode that sweet ass home. I spoke to Tom. “I’m going to do it, jock boy. I’m gonna flood your neg hole with my sperm you fucking… AAAh!” My cum blasted into the jock’s hole as it gripped my cock once again. “Hell yes, fuckin’ knock this boy up, John. He’s taking it.” Tom moaned a protest with his mouth around Clyde’s cock. Clyde just pushed the boy’s head back onto his cock. I unloaded second fresh blast of sperm into Tom’s warm hole, and then a third. Both Clyde and I continued fucking Tom at both ends. I watched Clyde’s face as he fucked Tom’s throat, as I knew he was building up another load. Clyde pulled out of the kid’s mouth and told me to step aside. He hurried over as I pulled out of the kid’s hole. Two seconds later Clyde was up inside Tom’s hole blasting another poz load in there. He rode the boy’s ass, not caring how rough he got. I heard the jock strap rip as Clyde rammed him. Tom grunted and tried to push Clyde off. About a minute later, when Clyde finished bucking, he slid out of the kid’s butt. Tom, with tears on his face, jumped off the bed and walked into the living room, grabbed his track pants, hurriedly put them back on, and darted out the front door. I looked at Clyde. He smiled. “Let’s open the champagne.” ------------------------------------------------- Later on that year, on one rainy night in December, Tom rang our doorbell. He was standing on our door step rain-soaked and drunk from his santa hat to his toes, asking if he could come in and warm up. After standing him by the fireplace, it only took us a minute to push his jeans down far enough to enable Clyde's raw cock to once again slide into that third baseman.
  13. man, keep writing.  Wish you had been around when I was playing catcher.

  14. Author's disclaimer: Rape and sexual assault are major topics in the news as of late. In real life, there is a definite and legal necessity to obtain CONSENT from all involved parties when participating in sex. This story is complete fiction. It contains elements of non-consensual, risk-heavy sex and seroconversion. In pornographic stories of fiction and fantasy, we can explore fetishized privileges that, legally and/or morally, we should not attempt in real life. This story is a sequel to my original story, "The Broken Jock" which started in the "Bareback" section (Chap. 1 and 2) and then progressed to the "Bug Chasing and Gift Giving FICTION" section. The Broken Jock II: The Third Baseman My partner, Clyde, and I were all aglow with the realization that we finally got the sexy Adam (aka ShortStop91) to take our poz cocks bareback—plus we got to double penetrate the kid! He had been a conquest of ours for almost a year after discovering his profile on the safe-sex-only web site. We knew what softball team he was on because his picture on the web site showed the young, blonde-haired, stocky beef cake wearing his softball uniform. Clyde and I have gone to quite a few of their games to scope him out and enjoy watching him play; the whole time dreaming of one day getting our cocks inside that incredible ass. Our only disappointment in Adam was that we were not the first cocks to bareback and breed him. On the safe-sex only site, we tried luring him to come over plenty of times. We figured that he was getting lots of messages, because Adam's replies were either short or nonexistent. When he did reply, he was short with words. From what Hank told us, he and three of his buddies had successfully and aggressively barebacked Adam first only a couple weeks before, unopened condoms splayed out on the floor from the boy's pocket. But we were happy to take what we could get of him. Afterward, we got Adam to "buddy" us on both web sites so that his other safe-sex friends might consider spending a night with us. I'm John, the 63-year-old white-haired man who fucked Adam from underneath in that Folsom Motel room last weekend. Clyde is 67. He took Adam's hole from behind. Typically, Clyde and I have to rig condoms to break so that we can stealth the young men we find on the safe-only site. Our biggest turn on is when our poz sperm is shooting into young unprotected holes. After surely pozzing up the shortstop, Clyde and I were amped to try and get our bare cocks up the butts of one or more of Adam's teammates. Our next target was Tom, the 22-year-old third baseman. He is gorgeous with brown hair, blue eyes, a bubble butt and strong thighs that demand a top's attention. Clyde pointed out to me how his white uniform pants allowed everyone to see through to the straps of his jock just below his ass. Now that Adam is used up, (we've heard from Hank that an old perv named Leon is going to be fucking him regularly now) Clyde keeps talking about Tom. This morning Clyde is still in his lycra bike shorts and I can see his massive cut hardon when he tells me that he wants to discuss our plans for sinking our raw cocks up that sweet ass on the third baseman. He found Tom’s profile on a different dating site, where we discovered that he (or JockCub13) is a versatile bottom who likes 1-on-1 or to bottom for couples, he’s neg, and condoms are a must. His profile picture was just his cute face, but we already know what his amazing body looks like. "We'll probably have to stealth him," Clyde advised, "he doesn't say on here anything about poppers, but we'll need those, too." I offered, "Maybe we should have condoms on when our cocks are in his mouth. That way he'll be convinced that we're rubbered up for his hole, too." "Hmmm. If our mission is poz up his hole before he knows it, that might be how it needs to go down," Clyde agreed. "Maybe which ever one of us is dicking his throat and poppering the boy up can signal to the ass-fucker when it's time to rip off the condom and push back in. The first one of us to cum inside him needs to be discreet and slow about it so that he doesn't suspect anything. Well, at least until he gets a second load." "Sounds good," I said. "Let's message him now!" 243sum: "Hey, JockCub13. You're looking hot! We're a couple of tops with big dicks and big bed. If you want 2 men to take good care of your hole, let us be of service to you." After messaging Tom, Clyde was checking for replies all afternoon. At 4 o'clock, we got a reply. JockCub13: "Hi, guys. I like that idea! I'm at a softball after-game thing at the bar right now. Can I come over around 6 or 7? Here's my cell: 555-6509" 243sum: "That's a good plan. We're John and Clyde (me). Come over when you can. We'll text you our address. Wear your jock, too!" ------------------- Before Tom arrived, we decided that Clyde would fuck the boy first, so he got the rigged condoms ready, put on his cock ring and lubed up his bare cock with Crisco. At a quarter after six, Tom was at our door. Clyde let the boy in and closed the door. "Hi," he said. We didn't reply. He was wearing track pants, a t-shirt and sneakers. Clyde put his hand on the boy's butt, while I felt up his hardening dick through the smooth material of the track pants. He was wearing his jock underneath, and nothing else. When his dick was rock hard, I was able to move it to the side so that it was sticking out from the side of his jock pouch, the mushroom-shaped cockhead obscenely visible under the shiny material. I rubbed the head of his cock and heard him moan. That's when Clyde pushed Tom's track pants down. I knew Clyde was using his middle finger to feel up the boy's hole. Tom's dick began to drip precum, so I got on my knees to taste it. As soon as my tongue lapped over the boy's cock slit to taste his sweet precum, he shuddered and bent forward slightly, offering his butt more fully to Clyde. Clyde couldn't restrain himself. With his hard fuck stick already greased up, he stood up behind the boy, pressed his hand on Tom's back and started to push his unsheathed plug of a cockhead against Tom's hole. I sucked on Tom’s dick more aggressively to help the boy submit to being penetrated bareback. “Ah!" Tom moaned. But when Clyde started pushing his massive cock up Tom's tight chute, he cried out, "Wait! Wait!!" Clyde covered Tom's mouth with his hand as he pushed his poz daddy cock deeper into Tom's butt. "Arrrrrrrr!" "Take my cock, kid," Clyde coached. "You need my cock inside you. Just take it." Knowing that Clyde was able to get Tom to take his cock without a condom meant that we needed to get him over to the bedroom. I got off Tom's dick to lead the two of them over, but we only got as far as the back of the couch when Clyde announced that he was all the way in. That was my cue to get the poppers. I reached over to the end table and opened the brown bottle and immediately placed it under Tom’s first nostril. Ecstatic over the opportunity to fully bareback Tom’s neg hole, Clyde was already trying to plow into him aggressively, causing Tom to yell out behind Clyde's hand. With only his nose to breathe from, Tom had to take in the poppers when he inhaled. I stood there, guiding the bottle under each nostril about 6 or 8 times until Tom was flying. “He’s lit,” I reported to Clyde, and then I knelt back down to continue sucking the third-baseman’s dick, which was now dripping profusely with his sweet precum. Clyde removed his hand from Tom’s mouth. “Ahhh! Fuck! Fuck!” he cried out. “Yeah, Tom. That’s a sweet hole you’ve got milking my cock. Keep doing that! I’ve been wanting to get my cock up your ass since the moment I saw it on the field.” Clyde kicked the kid’s legs apart for better leverage and full access to his unprotected hole. When Clyde put Tom’s right leg up on the arm of the couch, I could see that at the crotch of Tom’s white jock strap, Clyde’s cock ring was pressed up against his young butthole. At over three times Tom’s age, Clyde was playing out his ultimate daddy top fantasy of pistoning his entire poz rod up a 22-year-old jock-strapped neg butt. “Damn nice.” “Fuck that jock, Clyde. He wants it.” Tom didn’t protest anymore. He was giving up his neg hole to a strange man's cock without using any protection, probably for the first time. He had probably fantasized about being barebacked. Clyde was fucking Tom harder. He had that determined look that he gets when topping young guy's ass, I’m sure he was thinking about how he was going to knock up Tom good. I know I was. “He wants that raw cock. Don’t you, Tom?” “Fuck! Fuck! This isn’t sa…” Clyde covered Tom's mouth again, and kept fucking the boy harder. Clyde made his shut-up look at me. I opened the poppers and got the jock lit up so Clyde would have the best chance at breeding that warm, neg hole before the kid smartened up again. On Tom’s sixth hit on the poppers, Clyde was getting close. “Fuck yeah, boy! I'm going to own that sweet hole, give it up to me,” Clyde demanded. “Ah!” Tom was grunting something, muffled by Clyde’s hand clinched tight over his mouth. I put the bottle down and went back to watching Clyde’s large raw cock fuck in and out of the jock’s hole. There it was. My Clyde’s huge poz cock shaft with Tom’s neg pink hole stretched around it. “AAAhhhh!” Clyde’s shaft pulsed once before it was pushed in to the hilt, and I new the deed was getting done. “Fuck yeah, Tom! Take my load to third base, you handsome fucker! Ah, goddamn! Fuck! Hold him steady, John. I'm still unloading. I want every fucking sperm swimming inside you, Tom.” I watched as Clyde started fucking the kid again. I know how he likes to fuck his jizz into a freshly bred hole. After a few strokes, I could see some of Clyde’s semen making a white ring just outside Tom’s hole. As Clyde continued to fuck his toxic seed into the beautiful jock’s perfect butt, he said, “You’re staying over, Tom.” Tom nodded in compliance, and Clyde removed his hand from the kid’s mouth again. “Damn! You came inside me? Aaaah!” he said half worried, half aroused. Clyde pulled out and pushed the jock down to suck his daddy cock clean. The third baseman dropped to his knees and worshipped Clyde’s cock with his mouth while I got the bed ready.

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