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    San Francisco sub boy relocated to Chicago as of December 2019. BZ is where I explore my fetish fantasies of submission through fiction writing and reading. If the fetish being explored is legal, can be done with all parties' consent and without someone getting hurt, then maybe we can have some fun nonfictionally.
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    Top dads every time. I enjoy an age difference, so if you're 55 to 95 and a top, you'd probably get in my pants.

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  1. Thank you all for your kudos. I treat these stories as porn—a way to get off. I admit that I reread this story often. However, I've taken this story as far as I wanted it to go, but my other stories often have returning characters when they turn me on. I'd like to find a new story for Ed and Roger, but I've not got the right setting, plot or bottom character figured out yet. Until then, please reread what I've got on this site so far. I reread many stories on Breeding Zone! Also, thank you for your patience. I work 50-70 hours a week, and often cannot find the time to write, or I'm too t
  2. I'm single and I'm down to about 15 pills left in my 3-month prescription, so saving them for when we are done with our shelter in place ordinance. I'm due for a refill, but I need to go to the clinic to have my STI screenings again — it's just not ideal to try get that done right now.
  3. Fuck! One of the hottest reads in this forum category.
  4. The Broken Jock V: The Catcher Clyde here again. It was noon when Adam texted the guild to let us all of know that the team was headed to the bar after Saturday practice. Young ginger catcher Evan and his neg hole was on my mind all week. I got to the bar around 2 and saw that most of the team was there having a good time drinking and hollering out team pride stuff. I wanted a smoke so I went out to the back alley. There, I found young Caleb with his sweat pants pulled down, bent over a trash can getting barebacked by Poz9in. I smiled and watched the kid take the large leather man's
  5. My stories are completely fiction for the purpose of sexual fantasy only. Since these stories are shorter, I've decided to keep the chapters together in one forum. I think that makes more sense as my stories are related with returning characters, etc. Anyway, enjoy. The Broken Jock IV: The Pitcher This is Adam again. I’ve been pretty busy since I got whored out by Poz9in and Hank at a motel room last year taking every stranger’s load up my butt. I still don’t know if Hank is poz, or if he just wanted to see poz loads go up my neg hole. Being the submissive young jock that I am, I too
  6. Thanks for all the appreciation from you guys here on BZ. Every post, heart and upvote makes this boy smile. I want to write a separate story post about a new character next. So please watch for it in the next week or so. Since he is a different player, he will have his own title, probably: "The Broken Jock IV: The Pitcher." The next morning, Sunday, I woke up next to my snoring John thinking about Caleb. My cock throbbed with the recollection of filling that sweet young hole with my poz jizz. I wondered if Caleb had awakened yet; if his hole was sore; if he even remembered how it
  7. Thanks, Joe. I reread that story over and over myself.
  8. To the editor: It is my mistake but my title above the first paragraph should read "The Broken Jock III" not "IV". I would edit it myself but I don't think I can at this point. Thank you. Fixed it
  9. My stories are completely fiction for the purpose of sexual fantasy only. In the real world, consent is important to us all. Mutual consent is the key to getting laid, and it keeps us out of jail. I wish I had more time to write porn. It usually requires a nothing-planned weekend and 6 hours at my computer with a rainstorm keeping me inside. I have other hot stories on this site that get me creaming my shorts in no time. The Broken Jock, The Broken Jock II: The Third Baseman, and How to Get Your Poz Cock into Lyle Cranston's Speedos. All my stories feature various returning characters to
  10. For those who've asked, here is the link to parts 1 and 2 of this story on the general bareback fiction forum. It was my first ever story on the site, and it details how this young safe-sex jock first got started taking highly experienced cock up his butt without requiring the tops to rubber up, and ultimately how one man worked diligently to plug some risky anonymous sperm up Adam's neg hole. Enjoy! https://breeding.zone/topic/37161-the-broken-jock/?tab=comments#comment-410498
  11. Part 3 I arrived at the motel that Poz9in had booked for us at 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Lyle said that he'd come to town early to meet up with us for another double fuck session before visiting his family on Christmas morning. But as our plans detailed, Lyle would be getting blindfolded so that we could watch his perfect ass get stuffed by two ugly men whom he has never met. Poz9in told me that he had already paid for two old top trolls that he had met at a sleazy bar ready to pump their toxic loads into our naive, 18-year-old jock. "Don't worry," Poz9in said to me. "The kid's a natu
  12. PART 2 I saw Lyle graduate. In a gray suit and navy tie under his cap and gown, he walked up to get his diploma and photograph taken. I smiled devilishly when I noticed that his gait was more bow-legged than usual. His sweet neg hole was likely still carrying the two poz loads from the hard cherry-busting fuck Poz9in and I gave him that morning in the janitor closet. Lyle smiled wide for the camera and moseyed back to his seat. That's when I left. Online, around Christmas time, I saw that Poz9in was in a chat room on the barebacker web site where we had, in June, hooked up for the so
  13. Hi Bend4. Maybe. Originally, I thought this would be a one-chapter story, but I'm considering having Lyle's butt more heavily used over the summer break as the men scheme to get more poz sperm inside his tight hole before he leaves for college.
  14. Hi H.A.B. I'm glad that you've been enjoying my stories, and my recurring character Poz9In. I have used that name for him because he dwells on Internet hook up sites, and he is often an anonymous poz top to the submissive bottoms in my stories (so hot! right?) I'm sorry to inform you, though, that Poz9In is a creation of my sexual imagination… so, not real. But I enjoy him, too, obviously. When I envision Poz9In physically, I see a character who I found intriguing in a 1996 David Cronenberg movie called "Crash," an unforgettable film about a group of people who have a sexual fetish for c
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