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ALL cum dumps from these states should post their ads here.

Bottoms should state what they're looking for and what they're willing to accept.

Tops should state what they have to offer.

Be as precise as possible with your location, how far you're willing to travel to get what you want or give what you have, and if you can host.

PLEASE...Real ads from Real people. There are plenty of other places to post your fantasy's.

Thank you, and Happy Hunting !

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Springfield Ohio here. I am usually willing to drive about an hour. I am open to anything except pain or scat. Would love to find a fisting top who can open me up!  I cannot host except on rare occasions. When I'm free it it usually between 6:30 am and 6:30 pm a couple times a month. 

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Indiana here. Fully versatile. Prefer raw when I bottom and a condom when I top. Pm for communication and exact location. Will travel for guaranteed play. Free use for all truckers. Will 1000% take your raw cock in a stall or behind a Bush. All ages, races, size and status welcome.

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Eastern Central IL here and hang out in the bath in Indianapolis frequently during the summer months, would love to be able to hook up with all those interested in an older cumdump BB bottom, will willingly take what you got and with no questions asked.

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Cumdump bottom faggot here. Just east of Indy. I am a total T faggot. Get me spun out of my mind and I become an insatiable, uninhibited, Cock hungry, piggy, cumdump bottom faggot slut that can't get enough Cock! Only take it bareback, no questions asked, no load refused! I will do about anything you desire. My place is to serve and provide pleasure to Real Men! 1 on 1 or groups. I'm submissive, a bit of a size queen. BBC & BWC rock my fag cunt! W/S, D/s, Daddy/son, truckers, muscle Daddies! 765.366.3141 to text me. If I'm free, I'm yours to use!

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Cincinnati ass up fagot bottom. Looking to tak any loads of cum, man juice and what ever else nasty [banned word] perverter stuff up my ass

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faggot in Michigan looking for Dominant Tops-- married, str8, bi ok-- faggot can be verbally abused,  humiliated, spit on, piss,ed on, used as a urinal,  physically Dominated, slowly forced , taking control, nudged, choked, restrained, slapped, stealthed,  date raped, bred. reluctant bottom . 50 yo goodlooking neg DDF skinny 5 10. 517 525. 6127


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More ideas

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Central OH (Whitehall) cumdump for stranger loads.  Love it anonymous.  Breed and bail.  Find me facedown/ass up waiting.  Can even take pics/vid if you want.

Just south of the CMH airport.  Text anytime with pic (no face) then breed this stranger.  614.288.9352

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  • Similar Content

    • By Redheadsub
      Heading into philly Saturday night looking for the best hotel for a cumdump. Where guys can easily walk up and into, use me and go ! ūüėú¬†please any advice would be great.¬†
    • By breathdeeper
      I am not much of a writer but I will do my best to tell this tale.
      I don't remember exactly how old I was 18, 19 but that doesn't really matter. As a late bloomer I always knew I was different. I dated a girl once but we never had sex. I stumbled across a porn tape in my dad's draw and used to watch it and always got hard at the guys never the girls. 
      At this time AOL was the big thing with chat rooms. I eventually discovered the gay ones and made a few friends and met in person for socializing. 
      There was another side to these chatrooms that I was naive too...
       One day this older guy in his late fifties started talking to me. He lived kinda close like 15 min. He said we shod meet for a drink one time and chat.
      I agreed and he said he could pick me up if I like and I said ok. I have. Him my cross streets and met him at 9pm on my corner.
      He had a big old Cadillac that reaked of cigarettes and cologne. He looked older than he said and was thin probably 120lbs with bushy black hair and about 5' 5" . I was  5'10 175.
      We got back to his apartment and I sat on the couch and we talked for quite a while. He was nice and we had some things in common. 
      He asked if I wanted something to drink. I agreed and he made us  a southern comfort and coke which I never had beforeand I liked it. A little too much.  Before I knew it I had finished my third. 
      We were just sitting around smoking Marlboroughs and getting drunk. 
      He asked me if I wanted to put on some tv or a movie. I said sure and he turned on his big screen the and fired up the vhs and it started playing gay porn which I had never seen before. I was enthralled. He smiled and asked if I smoked weed. 
      I had a few times with some friends but not for a while. So he asked if I wanted to and I said sure. I was pretty buzzed at this time and once we started smoking and watching the porn I got super horny. 
      He took off his shoes and socks and asked me to get comfortable so I did the same. 
      More drinks and weed were offered and accepted.
      I was flying. He put his hand on mine and moved it to his crotch which was hard and big. I was nervous.and shaking but the weed helped.
      He took off my shirt and pants and did the same. He was very thin but tight and strong. Not usually my type but the weed and drinks made that change.
      We started kissing slow and sensual and caressing each other's bodies. His wet  tongue licking down my throat to my chest and stomach drove me mad he tongues my navel and slowly slipped off my briefs. 
      He then sat back down on the couch and asked me to do the same to him. He was very excited by the buldge in his underwear. Once I slipped them off I saw his big veiny oozing cock for the first time and it looked amazing. The sight and musk off him was driving me mad. He slapped it across my face and the precum went in my mouth and eye and he smiled.
      He rubbed the slick ozing hard on my lips and pulled my head down and slowly enters my mouth.
      I slowly.sucked as much as I could and he guided me as to what he liked. He then did something that I had not know about up until this very moment. He pulled out a little brown bottle and unscrewed it as I sucked him. 
      He offer me some while I was still sucking so I stopped and said what is that? He looked supposed and then realized how little experience i had. He said just inhale it thru your nostril while I hole the other one closed. I obeyed and he quickly switched nostrils and told me to breathdeeper and I did. Wow what a sensation my whole body flushed with heat and I got super horny for his cock and sucked like I was possessed. He laughed and moaned at the same time.
      He got me. From that moment on I would do anything for him.
      I continued to suck for a bit longer feeding more on poppers.
      He then had us switch positions and did the same to me. I was in heaven.
      He was kneeling on the floor in front of my as I was laying back on the couch stroking and sucking my cock. He started poking my balls with his leaking cock and slowly manuvered my legs up onto his shoulders. He was just caressing me and rubbing his cock against my ass crack and feeding me poppers and booze.
      I was flying.
      He lowered his head down and for the first time ever had a tongue licking my hole. I gasped as he lapped at it and clenched my ass in response. He told me to relax and hit the poppers. Once I took a big hit his tongue went in deep and I squirmed and felt like I had cum but I didn't.
      He spent quite a while in there and I loved it. He eventually stopped and then reached up and kissed me deep. 
      I could taste my ass and weed smoke on his tongue and it was primal.
      At that point he began rubbing his cock against my spit lubed crack.
      Every few strokes I felt the head cross my hole and it was amazing. It was almost as if it was scratching an itch i had l. 
      He held the poppers my nose and popped the leaking head in and I winced. He kept it there still. Said just relax.
      I said you need a rubber he said fine and left it there for a few min for.me to relax but then relented.
      He put the rubber on and we began again. Made me finish off my fresh drink another hit of popper and he entered me slowly. It hurt alot but the poppers made it easier. He did it slow to make me get used to it. He was soon balls deep up to his thick hairy bush and kept it there for a few min. Then he slowly began rocking back and fourth and it felt better. 
      Me on my back 18 to with an old man's cock buried in me it was sureal.
      He came inside the rubber in me and sucked me to completion. 
      He asked if I wanted to stay the night but I lived at home parents still so he drove me home.
      As I thanked him head still spinning he said I want to have me over the next night. 
      I agreed....
    • By Chemedupcumdump
      Out in the my Druitt area atm... hoping for a hot load or 2 on way home this arvo 28th

    • By AnalKinkySlut
      So this is more of a general rant, but maybe other bottoms ( or even Tops?) are in a similar position. Let me explain.
      I'm around my 30s, with looks of 20-25 (good genes, I think). I workout 6+ times a week and keep myself generally healthy. By no means am I muscular, or have a six-pack, just a normal guy who takes pride in taking care of himself.
      Anyhow I've loved to play with my ass since my teens, and occasionally in my mid-20's I barebacked (like four times. 2nd time was a disaster, 3rd-4th I seroconverted. No I wasn't chasing). Since seroconversion It took some time to adapt to the meds and get my health back on track, but figured what the hell, now I can bareback with impunity, right? Wrong. (and yes, other STDs do worry me, hence why I look after myself. I can only hope others think the same way. Actually had a discussion about this with my doc. Can't believe people would be active whilst having a STD like chlam, herp, gon,hep C etc...and thus how it spreads).
      It's impossible for me to find decent Tops who are willing to fuck an otherwise healthy (undetectable, fit) ass. A lot of the times on chat sites I get 'Hey', or 'facepic' or lol tel nr). I don't actually like men. I don't enjoy kissing, cuddling, nipples, et al. I enjoy cock in the ass and/or a cock in my mouth. It could be a short pump n dump, or a long fuck. But the lack of action is really starting to get to me. I know how to clean myself fully out so that Tops can go balls-to-the-walls without worrying about getting dirty (something I learned along the way whilst playing with various size vibrators/dilos/buttplugs/self fisting).
      But reading these forums seems to be about Tops also enjoying a good kiss with their bottoms, something that is not my cup of tea. The Europe/Russia forums seem to be a bit dismal as well (Netherlands here, how come there is no Amsterdam Metro area? Seriously? Also lack of action in NL in general.
      It's a shame tbh, I'm willing to take cock, be clean, do what is needed, but no dice. I'll leave a picture here for you all to judge. Maybe other bottoms, or Tops, have the same issue? (there is a big issue of fakers in online chats as well). If people want to make a serious sexdate, and commit, I'm willing to travel. Netherlands isn't all that big, even to Amsterdam (ok train service here is pretty bad), but Tops need to play their part as well.
    • By subbottomguy
      With lockdown loosening up me and my housemates decided to take a trip to the coast, we all went our own way once we got there and i went exploring to find somewhere quiet to relax.
      Found a nice spot away from the crowds and laid down in my speedos to take in the rays, after a while a guy came up to me and asked if he could borrow some suncream, he was hot so i said yeah so i could eye rape him behind my shades. he ended up laying down next to me and we started talking, he turned out to be a local and wanted to get away from the day trippers, i did make a joke about being one of them but he said i was excused cause i was cute.
      After a while i managed to get him to admit he approached me hoping i was open to having fun with older guys, now he was probably mid 40ies, hairy chest, bit of a belly, wearing just some shorts with the outline of his soft cock clearly visible. I played it cool and asked what he wanted from a "cute" boy like me, he was nice and made it out he just wanted to suck me of and if i was up for it to fuck me, so i just said "know anywhere we can go?" the smile on his face, he made no effort to hide that he was a) hard and b) checking out my package.
      he took me a bit away from the beach into the woods until he pulled me into a clearing, got on his knees and pulled my cock out. he gave real good head and i was moaning away pretty fast, i couldnt stand it anymore, i pushed him off and stood next to a tree bending over and pushing my speedos totally off, he ate my ass out before he started going into his pockets finding a condom, his smile wasnt as big but he gave me the condom to put on his cock, i threw it away telling him to give me daddies load.
      he was keen at this point, spitting on his cock and slamming it into my hole, fucking me hard in the clearing, biting my neck and alternating between tugging my cock and twisting my nips. he didnt last too long before he was panting and pounding his load into my hole. he kissed me hard and as he seporated it was then i realised we had a little audience, little being two guys, both about my age, wearing tracksuit shorts that were bulging and metail chains, on had a tattoo of a snake on his chest the other had a massive bulge that caught my eye. there were no words just them coming over pushing the older guy aside and gripping my head pulling me into the tat guys crotch, the other lad hanging back rubbing his shorts.
      The tat guy pushed his shorts down and pushed his cock into my throat, made me gag alot but obviously didnt care, i could see the initial guy next to the other watching talking but i couldnt hear cause i was busy with the cock in my throat. after a bit he pulled out and called his mate over to "try out this bitch's throat" and then i saw the guys tool, older guys was 6inches cut, the tat guy was similar but uncut but this boy was closer to 8 inches uncut and didnt not even wait for me to open my mouth wide before forcing it into my mouth till i smelt his man scent pubes. he just held me there as his mate went to my hole and pushed into me, telling me i was a dirty little slut and gonna take his load like a good little bitch. i had to grip the dude in my mouth as the guy fucked me mercilessly, the guy in my throat pulled out and turned round making me eat out his dirty hole, my cock couldnt take anymore and exploded at some point before i felt the guy pounding me slam me one last time.
      as he pulled out i didnt even wait i just turned round to the big boy and begged for his cock, and he didn't disapoint, slamming it into me hard. unlike either guy he pulled me back and made out with me as he fucked me hard, the sound of his balls and hips slapping my ass was heavenly, but he didnt last long at all adding my third load. both chav lads slapped my ass pulled their trackies up and walked off laughing. the older guy moved in eating my ass wanting the lads loads. i felt empty by the time he was done licking my hole out so i begged him for a new load but he was still recovering which was a shame.
      If the day ended like that i would have been happy enough but i got one more load in me in the form of a quick ride on my housemate in the back of the van before heading home, he was horny and just said to follow him and got in the back, pulled his cock out and told me to do my job. needless to say i rode his cock while he texted his gf taking his hot load and leaving it in me till we got home.

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