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As my alpha cock slurped down the runt's weak seed, he collapsed between my huge thighs - each one dwarfing his torso. I gave him a quick squeeze, causing him to cry out before quickly getting up to my knees and shifted the kid so that he was lying face down.

"I'm going to work my fat cock into your guts and in the process my body is going to crush and compress yours. I'll squeeze any resistance out of you". I was thinking of the events that had meant that I'd had to slip out of my curfew anklet before coming over to this kid's place.  This time, there was no one to stop me and I could go as far as I wanted.  While I was distracted by my plans the kid had slowly started to wriggle away.  It was the cutest, most pathetic sight, his pearly white arse (a dark, gaping "O" at it's centre) was shuffling from side to side as he inched slowly across the bed.  I simply shuffled over to him, my belly raised high and then secured him by letting my gut rest on his back (just my belly, nowhere near my full weight).  Suddenly, he was immobilised and with a flex of my cock I was able locate myself in his gape.  I thrust forwards, easily placing my whole length in him without any apparent pain on his part.  My cock was surrounded by a warm, wet looseness which I was enjoying but not as much as....

...I let my full weight fall onto the kid.  he audibly crumpled, as I compressed him under me. I let myself settle for a few seconds before raising up and crashing back down as i thrust in his runty wetness. This time, I felt rather than heard as his body broke a little more and my fuck squeezed the life out of him. I wasn't rushing this,  I wanted to savour every thrust, but I knew he couldn't last very long as there's no way he was breathing with 410lbs on his back, besides I was getting pretty worked up already. Thinking about my climax and the best way to make use of this gift from heaven I decided that I needed some further reaction from Jake  if I was to work my toxic load into his ruined body.  Reaching under my sweat soaked body, I found his little head, neatly nestled in my cleavage. My forearm tucked up under his chin as I felt my balls tense up a little. There was no reaction from Jake though I thought I heard a noise somewhere in his flat, increasing my urgency.

"gonna break your scrawny neck you dumb little fuck".... I squeezed a little tighter "so close now Jake...time to end you".  I squeezed tighter still and a part of the kid somehow managed to struggle exciting me greatly with its weakness. My juices began pumping into him as I tensed further, just as I heard another  voice in the room....

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I could smell the unmistakable odour of man sweat as I let myself back into Jake's place and as soon as I was through the door I could hear muffled thuds and words coming from his room. I stood in the open door, Ray was on the bed, taking up most of the space to be honest, his massive bulk working up and down.  Jake's little body had to be under there somewhere but it was hard to see. Ray had his legs between the kid's, prying them apart, but such was the size of his thighs and calves, they pretty much obscured Jake's stick thin pins.  My rock hard cock was in my hands watching this incredible sight, wishing I was the size of Ray, just for tonight

I watched as the mountain of a man worked his arm under his chest, briefly glimpsing Jake as the arm threaded round his neck. The fucking intensified, shaking the whole room and I heard Ray grunt out: "gonna break your scrawny neck you dumb little fuck".  I was dripping pre-cum, willing Ray on, wondering how far he would really go.

His arm tensed up: "so close now Jake...time to end you". 

Shit! he really was serious. I'd heard rumours about something he'd done in the past but it looked like he intended to go all the way tonight. my cock twitched and my mind raced. My DNA was all over the place - in fact, it was swimming through Jake's bloodstream and was itself pretty close to completing the task that Ray had now appeared to set himself, albeit in a much less violent way.  I didn't want to get the blame for his work and I didn't want him to steal my property.

Ray was lifting his chest, bending Jake under him and he tensed tighter. I could see Jake's body shaking as Ray's perineum began to flex, pumping his liquid death into Jake's ruined interior. I had to stop this.

"Get the fuck off him Ray!!", I shouted, grabbing the chub by his shoulder and forcing him to drop his prey. He looked round at me, recognising my face from previous encounters and knowing that I stood a good chance of kicking his arse.  He'd already had his fun anyway, and his brain quickly calculated that it was time to leave.  Jake's guts released their hold on his softening cock far more easily than Ray's sweaty body let go of it's prey, Jake peeling slowly away from him as he stood, quickly grabbing his speedos and heading out to the living room to pull on his joggers. 

Jake lay on the bed, breathing shallowly but moving very little, his hole a dark glistening "O" slowly contracting and expanding but never closing. I couldn't believe how close Ray had come to ending my little project.  I shucked off my t shirt, straddled his bony frame and dipped my cock into him, careful not to place any weight on him. My cock was instantly enveloped in a warm soup of toxicity and I quickly added my perfect DNA to its mass, staying inside and stirring the broth after I'd reclaimed my boy.  The liquid sloshing around me soon tipped my bladder reaction over the edge....mmmm...why the fuck not? I thought as I pissed inside my property.  



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It was the same twink, it looked like he was just finishing his circuits of the park and heading for the path through the woods. It had been a few days since I'd fucked and my cock hardened as it remembered his vice-like arse chute.  I didn't often do repeat fucks....but needs must.  I started to quicken my pace a little, until we were both in the trees, him about 20m ahead of me.

I checked around, then sprinted after him. He had head phones on and was oblivious until I jumped on his back and brought us both crashing to the ground. I wasted no time in wrapping my bicep round his neck and carrying him deeper into the trees where I pushed him to the ground on his back and sat on his chest. He was winded but could still speak.


"Yup, it's your lucky day. You carrying my big poz baby?"

"No man! Get off! I got PEP"

"The morning after pill? You ungrateful little fuck"

"Get off me... let me go..."

My cock was now out of my shorts and drooling over his face. I could feel his little pecker hardening in his running shorts behind me.

"Not sure you want me to really" I said. "So, you're on the pill?"



"No man, I'm not. I have a boyfriend"

Mmmmm...Perfect. It was Saturday evening, a holiday weekend, and due to Covid there was a good chance he'd struggle to get PEP until Tuesday.  I shuffled forward and smothered him in my sweaty balls, feeling him, whimper and then huff down on my scent. I let him get a little intoxicated before hopping off and flipping him over. His shorts ripped easily down the seam as I held him down, kneeling on the back of his legs.  My new sharpened PA glistened evilly as a shaft of sunlight caught it through the trees.  I spat a couple of times on his almost invisible pucker and then let my cock head find its target.

He was almost as tight as before and I knew I'd be slicing him up just inside his entrance as well as deeper inside. He shrieked and squirmed - his first real effort - clearly a reflex response against his thought out approach of getting it over and done with.  I cupped his mouth in my hand and ploughed in, punching through his inner gate. I didn't pull out all the way once I was in, knowing that's what caused him the most pain. I just wanted to enjoy this and the easiest way was to let him think he was having some fun too, that way I could really use my body to thrust into him without worrying about gagging him with my hand or arm.  

I punched into him hard for a few minutes, grinding him into the dirt before slowing right down, which I could tell he loved. My head was right next to his, my tongue in his ear, nibbling on his lobe and leaving love bites over his neck.  

I whispered to him "getting close, pussy boi, time for daddy to plant his seed in your fertile pussy"

He whimpered back

"You going to look after my babies this time, boi?"

No answer, so I thrust hard into him.

"Yes Daddy, I'll look after them"

"let me grow inside you...."


"bring your boyfriend to my cock too, flood his guts as you watch"

At this he shuddered and pumped out his own sweet load under us. The sensation gripped my cock and I was quickly adding my evil DNA to his tender insides. No thrusting, I was already planted to the hilt, just steady, hard pumps of my cock that sent my lifeforce into him.

As soon as I was empty, I slid out of his red raw arse, noting the dribble of pink juice that followed my cock.  I stepped on his back, leaving a huge footprint on him before shoving myself back in my shorts and jogging off, getting glances from my obscene bulge.


Back at the flats there was a white box van parked in the bay for Jake's old place, rear doors open, loaded with boxes. New tennant.

On the first landing a slim young lad was struggling with a big box. It didn't look that heavy but getting it round the bend was defeating him.  I grabbed one end: "here let me help you"

A sound of surprise and then: "oh...wow...thanks...that's great". A high pitched girly voice.

Between us we got the box up to top landing and in through the door of Jake's place before placing it on the floor. All sorts of memories going through my mind. I looked up, half expecting this newcomer to be my old buddy and was shocked to find a young female face looking back at me...

"Thanks so much" (the voice now made sense) "It's just me today, my fiance had an appointment, I'm Sarah, I'd never have got that box in here without you"

I looked her boyish body up and down as I introduced myself and could see her doing the same to me, hardly surprising given the hard job my runners have of containing my package, especially with the new PA.  Of course, I offered to help her with the rest of the van load,...



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On 10/12/2020 at 4:49 AM, Gdbtmboy said:

What happened to the new addition. To the story about the 18 yo that get bred by him and he says thought the top was neg. it was up 4 days ago but now it’s gone was I think a yoga clients son that he seduces

it got deleted 😞

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      His likes were sparse and to the point: rough sex, fucking, breeding. Leather. Beer. 
      I checked my messages and — not unexpectedly — his was direct and to the point:
      “Wanna fuck”
      He didn’t even include the “?” At the end 
      I tapped in my reply: “Possibly. What are you looking for? Now?” It was 3 in the afternoon, on a Friday afternoon, and I still had a few more hours of work left. 
      “Yeah. Now. Need a hole to drop my seed into.”
      “Sorry. Can’t now but could do later.”
      He replied with a pic. It looked like something someone took from Folsom: shirtless and in leather chaps, massive cock swinging free between his legs.  He looked like in his 40s or 50s, but fit. His face was broad, head shaved, sunglasses on. His thin lips curled into a snarl-smile, mischievous and menace. Dark swirling tattoos covered his forearms and I could see a bit peeking over on his shoulders from his back. Muscles rippled through in almost comic-book proportions: biceps almost as thick as his head; pecs covered in sweaty dark fur, beads of water on the nipples.  “Probably steroids” I thought. I glanced down at his balls, the tell-tale sign but they seemed larger than normal, hanging low.
      I replied in the chat: “How about 5pm?”
      No reply. 
      I figured he found some other hole. I turned off my phone and went back to work. 
      A little while later, my phone buzzed again. Checked it and there was a message from him. 
      “Yeah. Address”
      I typed in my address and took a break from work to do a thorough prep and then tried to focus on work for the remainder of the day. Which was tricky - I put on a leather jockstrap and shorts to get myself in the mood. 
      5pm came… and went. 
      I hopped online and he wasn’t online anymore - again, I figured he found someone else and didn’t bother to cancel. 
      I opened a can of beer and started browsing other guys - after prepping, I didn’t want to let my ass go to waste. I was chatting with some twunk when my buzzer rang. It was almost 6pm. I pushed on the talk button and asked who it was. A gruff one word reply. “Dom”. Slightly annoyed, I replied “Third floor on the right” and buzzed him up. 
      A heavy knock on door. I opened and was pleasantly surprised - he looked more or less like that picture. Shorter than I was expecting but  the muscles were pretty much popping. He wore a t-shirt, jeans and a  dark hoodie. The sunglasses were still on. 
      I asked him if he wanted a beer and he nodded. I went and got him one and he had barely moved from the front door. I handed it to him and he took it with his left hand while reaching out to my shoulder with his right, pushing me down. 
      With a low growl, he said “Suck.” He spoke with a thick accent - Eastern European?
      I knelt down, and unbuckled his jeans. Unzipping, I could tell he wasn’t wearing any underwear and his cock tumbled forward. It was as advertised: thick and long, fatter just behind the uncut head. I bent forward and started to suck. I had to really open wide in order to get the semi-hard dick in my mouth. I could hear him guzzle his beer above my head as I worked his cock. I started to use my hands, as his cock was long enough that I couldn’t get it all in my mouth. 
      He reached down with his free hand and gently caressed the top of my head and moaned “That’s nice. Make it wet.” 
      I could taste sex on his dick. As I blew him, I could see the matted cum from a previous fuck in his pubes. I swirled my tongue under the foreskin and could taste the ass juice and load from the last guy. 
      He repositioned his hands to the back of my head and I knew where this was going. I tried to pull off before the face fucking could start — there was no way that was going to work well. But I was too slow. With an incredibly firm hold, his hand palmed the back of my head and he pulled my head in. I tried to open my mouth further, but his cock hit the back of my throat. He pulled back and then back in. I did my best to get gulps of air in through my nose but as he sped up and pushed harder, the opportunities became shorter and shorter. I put my hands on his waist and pushed him away, but there was no budging. Cocksucker’s tears were flowing down my face.
      He chuckled and slowed a little. He pulled back a bit and the air rushed into my lungs through my nose. He looked down at me (still with those fucking glasses and snarky smile) and said “Relax. Just open your throat.”
      I thought “what the fuck was he thinking I was doing?!” I tried to push again, but it literally felt like I was pushing against a wall - no movement at all. His hand — still on the back of my head — started to pull my head in. “Your choice. You can relax or not, but it’s going in.” 
      I closed my eyes and did my best to relax, expecting it to ram against my tonsils yet again. 
      But somehow his cock had softened a bit, and as he pulled my head in, it turned and went down my throat. There was a second moment of panic, but I tried to relax more and it became easier. He pulled back and then in again. And like the last time, his dick slid down my throat. I tongued the bottom of his shaft and his cock was iron-hard. I didn’t understand but before I could process it, my nose was buried in his pubes. The cum from his previous session smeared across my face. 
      And his cock was down my throat. He held me there and I could feel his cock pulse and throb in my throat. It was a surreal sensation - it was like a hot, pulsing steel rod was down my throat. I felt his head - or I think it was his head - swell /in my throat/ . His hand kept my head there, and to my surprise, I didn’t try to resist. I think I was curious - how was this happening ?! - but also it was hot: I was deepthroating something that should not be able to go down my throat. 
      His dick kept pulsing and I wondered if he had cum but he didn’t seem to make any of the other indications. Slowly, he pulled back and his cock snaked back - and I do mean /snaked/. It felt like somehow it could fully move, like a python in my mouth.
      He pulled the last bit from my drooling lips and then I could taste it. It was bitter and salty - kind of like cum, but something that also tasted like brackish saltwater. So maybe he did cum?
      The taste clung to my mouth - in that terrible way if you get a mouthful of antiperspirant. 
      He tilted my face — tears down my cheeks, used cum on my face, and drool down my chin —  towards his, and he growled, “Good boy.”
      He spun me around and shoved the back of my head hard, so I fell forward catching myself. He knelt down beside me and pulled back from my hips, so that he in a position to fuck me doggy style. 
      He reached down my shorts, and roughly fingered my hole. With a surprising strength, he grabbed the sides of my shorts and with surprising strength ripped them apart exposing my bare ass, framed by the jockstrap lines.
      “Ah yeah, you were fucking ready for this” he snarled and then I felt his face back in my crack. His stubble rubbed the side of my cheeks, and I could feel his tongue inside my hole. It was pushed my hole open, and even if I didn’t want it (which I did!), I wouldn’t have a choice. 
      He continued to grind his beard into my ass, as if he were trying to literally push me along with his jaw. And his tongue kept going deeper. And deeper. And he kept swirling it around, as if he were licking the inside of a bowl, but somehow in the inverse. 
      He came up for air and then I felt it. His hard cock against my hole, first running up along it, picking up some of his spit and then with one move, shoved it in my hole.
      Time stopped. 
      It hurt so much. 
      My vision went white with pain. 
      It came back. I came back to my body. And he was inside me. Fully. 
      With one shove - or I blacked out - he was balls deep in me. 
      Instinctively I tried to pull forward. But he held onto my hips and there was no give. None. 
      “Uh uh uh - you are staying there until I’m done with you.”
      And with that, he fucked me. Hard. Each thrust all the way, each thrust seemingly a little deeper. It hurt so bad - I couldn’t help think of my insides being wrecked.  I don’t think I have ever been fucked this deep - well, well past that second ring.
      And it kept doing. harder. And harder. I kept trying to squirm away, but there was literally nothing I could do other than make bigger bruises on my hips where he held on. Any more struggling and I would just be digging into his hands. 
      At one point, he leaned forward on top of me. He was so heavy. Like 400 lbs heavy. He was shorter than I was, and when he pressed down, his body completely pinned mine to the ground. He slowly pulled out, about half way and then slid all the way back in. 
      He paused inside me. “Milk it” he snarled. 
      I was stunned. I just lay there. “Milk it” he repeated. And then he smacked the back of my head, and instinctively my ass clenched. “There we go.”
      And I started to squeeze and milk it. 
      And it felt good. Really good. I could tell - my cock throbbed in my jockstrap. I know that sounds dumb, but honestly, my cock told me that it felt good. And once I ‘noticed’ then I really got into milking his cock. And he started to fuck me again, again with the snake. I felt it knew how to turn and go deeper. And deeper
      He got up a bit and pressed down on my shoulders with his hands, pinning me to the ground, with my ass up in the air. He went back to fucking me hard and fast. I just relaxed and let my hole loosen up.
      “Ah that’s good, my boy. Open up and let me in.” And I did. I just relaxed and he fucked me deep. Oh so deep. 
      My ass was slick with the same slime that was down my throat. His cock made thwash sound as it churned up the slime. It felt so fucking good. I moaned and squeezed my hole in appreciation. He lifted off my shoulders for a brief moment to separate out my cheeks so he could get /that much deeper/ then put his hands on my shoulders. I turned around to look at him.
      He had taken off his shirt at some point and was dripping sweat. His skin was red, like the blood was just under the skin. His muscles and veins popped and throbbed. His face was a mask of angry hunger - as if ever thrust was another bite he was taking. His sunglasses were off and his eyes were black, except where the pupil’s were, which I saw occasional glints of reddish light. Kind of like when you flash a light into an animal’s eyes in darkness. 
      His hands dug into my shoulders and the pain was sharp. His nails were clawing back towards him, so he could get as deep as he possibly could. And then he paused and let out a low groan-howl. I felt his cock start to twitch. And swell. My hole expanded even further - it was easily bigger than a can of coke at this point. I could feel him coming but it felt different - instead of the jerk-twitch-squirt that most cocks do, this was a pulse-wave-shove of cum.  As he pushed himself in as far as he could, he grunted through gritted teeth “yeah…. yeah..…” I could feel it filling up my guts, as if there was a tap running. He kept cumming, depositing his seed deep inside me, for seeming minutes. Slowly he pulled out but kept coming, the same pulse-wave feeling. 
      Finally he pulled out, and spun me around to face his cock. And I understood why now it felt that way. His cock continued to shudder and push out cum and cum was really thick, almost solid, a golf-ball size blob-ball of cum. I watched his cock push another one out, and the cock slit, widened to let this cum ball out. 
      He shoved my face down to clean it off. I did as I was instructed and opened up. Even in my stupor, I knew it wouldn’t fit, but somehow, improbably, it did. It filled my entire mouth, and filled my throat. And it twitched and I felt the cumball push its way down his cock and directly down my throat. 
      While that happened, I instinctively fingered my gaping hole and felt his cum inside. And my ass was full of these balls. I clenched my ass, keeping them inside and started to jerk off. I started to actively swallow now, welcoming them into me. I heard him above me say “Yes. Open up and let me in.”
      I could smell my ass, his cum and all the other guys now that my nose was shoved up into his pubes. I knew I was just another receptacle for him. One of many.
      And I liked it. I just relaxed. Both ends letting his cock travel down my throat and my ass. I could feel some of the cumballs plop onto the floor. But I didn’t care. I was open for him. Open. Open. 
      And then I came. My ass clenched. And I just saw emptiness. I blinked to make sure they were open. But I just saw emptiness. It was different than blackness - I could tell that there was space in front of me, but it was just /empty/. 
      I came back to my body. There was a wave of pleasure so strong that it hurt.  My body wracked with spasms, the orgasm convulsing every cell of my body. I don’t remember how but when I regained my senses, his cock was out of my mouth. I looked around and he was buttoning the last button on his jeans. He bent over and picked up his shirt.
      Wordless, he just smirked at me. I was dumbstruck, kneeling on the ground a puddle of my cum in front of me. 
      Pulling his shirt down, he motioned with his jaw towards the ground and said “They don’t last long outside a body.” I glanced down to see the cumballs - yes they were real - melt and spread out into murky jelly. He and put back on his sunglasses, covering his black, flashing eyes. 
      “Take care of them,” he said. He turned and walked out the door. 
      I hadn’t moved or said anything. 
      I slowly stood up, my body starting to ache. I staggered to the bathroom, cum dripping down the inside of my left thigh. In the bathroom, I saw that my face was raw from being ground on the floor. There were two bruises on  my hips. In the shower my hole was tender, but I was expecting far worse. 
      I cleaned up the hallway, and his cum was remarkably sticky, but the smell wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. His cum, more than most, was breaking apart and turning into a thinner liquid.
      Over the next day, I was expecting an interesting shit ahead. But the cumballs didn’t “come out” - I guess they were absorbed? 
      I checked his profile online but it was deleted. 
      Now it seems surreal so I wonder if I was drugged - I’m writing this down so I remember, as it feels like it might fade away like a dream. So here is the recounting of the time I was bred by… uh, not sure what.  
    • By Redheadsub
      Sub bottom visiting DC on the 20th. Looking for my first GangBang experience. Will be in downtown by DuPont circle in hotel. Submissive into Dom hung aggressive tops. Any tips or advice ? Best way to get tops to come ?! Any and all advice would be great. 
      thanks mates 😜

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