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I’ll try to maintain this thread as a log of load taking.

Yesterday, I slipped into a new jock, and let the grindr world know my hole was available. Lots of flakes, etc as normal. I mean if your profile name is”I host now” and you tell me you’re into raw fucking and don’t pull out... then live up to it. The day was pretty much like that. Then, a breakthrough. My classic response to a “what’s up” message is “Looking for cocks to breed my hole.”  followed by the pic in my BZ profile.

I received a customary cock pic of a fat bbc with a message that said, “Come get it, bring your poppers.” When I got to his house, he messaged me to strip to my jock while I waited on the porch. I know people saw me. Inside he grabbed me by the back of the neck and directed me to the bedroom.

Forcing me to my knees, he told me to hit my poppers till he said stop. After about 20 seconds, he said stop then shoved his cock down my throat. He hammered away a bit then yanked me up and told me to lay flat on his mattress. I felt his head brush my hole and he said, “I only use your spit on my cock for lube bitch” Then he plunged in with incredible force. My spit had lubed my outer ring, but as he raw fucked my ass deeper, his precum started coating my walls. After about ten minutes and a couple more popper hits. He  buried every inch in as far as he could and I felt about 9 pulses from his cock as he unloaded in me. He pulled back and continued to fuck until he slipped out. I got off the mattress, back on my knees and cleaned that stick off. I started to get dressed but he told me “pussysluts get dressed outside.” And guided me out just as he guided me in. 
I messaged him a note of thanks and he said to Favorite him, he’d use me again.

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After getting my hole worked over yesterday for a couple of hours, but no load by a couple of chem influenced fuck buds, I tended to some business them hopped on Grindr. I was really craving a hard fuck and deep breeding. I noticed a guy that had pounded my fag hole before so I hit him up. We agreed to met up on the Parkway and get nasty on a trail. By the time we got up there, rain was pouring.

We ducked onto a side trail and I dropped to the mud and swallowed his cock. He got hard immediately and I stood up, dropped my shorts and bent over. Bracing myself on a tree trunk I knew what was coming. Much like the bbc from last Friday, this guy fucked me just as I like... shoving it straight in and pumping his cock deeper into my hole.
After a couple minutes, he abruptly pulled out, stopped down and rimmed my ass. By this time I was begging him to breed my hole. He stood up, shoved it back in, gave 4-5 deep thrusts then unloaded.
As my ass clinched around his cock, milking it for all he had, I felt another sensation. The warm feeling of piss filling my ass. “You like that slut?” I moaned my affirmation and he gave me a couple thrusts mixing his piss and cum in my hole before his cock slipped out. 
I released his piss and it flooded out of my ass. I turned and knelt in the mud again, cleaning his cock off like a good slut does.

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    • By latinobb
      I'll be in Portland this weekend. I'm looking to get as many loads as possible. I'll travel to you, no load refused. I love public, understall, glory holes, and anon breeding.
      Also looking for the best places to get bred. Are there any ABS open?
    • By btmboi92
      Hi guys, new to this site!
      Not too long ago, I hooked up with this top. I'm 28m and he's 33m. Both are bi, but he's in a relationship with a female so he's super DL. I am DDF, not on prep.
      First time we met, we just hung out and didn't do anything. After that he texts me he can't wait until he fucks me and texts me a pic of his hard dick. Finally we meet up. He's a tall 6'4" guy and I'm only 5'5". He lays on the bed and I go and pull down his shorts, suck his big cock for some time then he tells me to bend over. He wraps up, lubes me up, and he slowly enters me. It was lovely. I had a dry spell so he had to go easy at first but then he picked up thrust. All in all, it was great. He tells me he wanted to meet again so that was the plan.
      Now a couple of days later, he texts me and asks me if we can do raw next time. He wants to nut in my hole and says he's never nutted in a guy. Initially I was omg that would be hot, but told him I was scared because I have never done full on raw. He agreed and is somewhat nervous too. I have been stealthed in the past, but made them wrap up since I was able to tell... and it felt amazing raw btw, sadly never a full session. I have been having gay sex since 17 and raw has been a fantasy of mine since then. We spoke on the phone and told him I'd feel more comfortable if we got tests, he agreed. So I told him this week get a test and I will too and I will see about letting go in raw. Mind you, he's not on prep and neither am I. He did tell he does raw with his gf. 
      Once he gets tested and he shows me his paperwork, should I still trust him? What would you do in this situation? Would you let him go raw?
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      Tell me where to meet you and I'll come with my hole ready for your load.

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