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Soccer Boy's Screen Test

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1. Questionnaires

James woke up to hear his phone chiming. It took him a few seconds to remember where he was. He was in his apartment, but he didn't remember coming back. He tried to move, and discovered every muscle in his body was sore. Painfully, he reached down. His stomach was sticky with sweat and lube, and his dick was soft and limp.

Bit of the night started to return to him. Conrad fucking him, as he begged Conrad to stop. Strangers fucking him as he cried in agony. Conrad laughing as he whimpered in pain. He had been nothing to these men, and they treated him like the faggot he was. He reached around, and gingerly explored his asshole with a finger. 

It was tender. He gasped, and learned that his throat was as sore as his asshole. Another memory returned. This time, his head was off the side of a bed, and a thick black cock was buried in his throat. It was deep enough that it choked off his oxygen. He had tried to push it away; that only got his arms tied down.

He was shivering now, not so much cold as he was terrified. Conrad lived only a few doors down. He couldn't stop remembering the sound of Conrad's laugh. When he had gagged, Conrad had just laughed that much harder.

Finally, he forced himself to look at the phone. The message was from Mitchell. "Audition for you tomorrow. I'll e-mail details."

James tried to speak. He could barely get out a word, his throat was so sore. There was no way he could audition tomorrow in his current state. "Really bad sore throat," he wrote back. "Can barely talk."

"Let me see what I can do," Mitchell texted back. James tried to stretch out his muscles; he found new areas of tenderness. There were bruises on his wrist, where he had struggled against the restraints. He had been blindfolded; the man fucking his hole had paused. 

The unknown man whispered in his ear. "Turns me on. Watching you struggle like that." He tried to forget what had happened next.

"I want you to see my doctor," Mitchell texted. "14:00," he said, and gave an address. James looked at his phone. It was already 12:30. He forced himself out of bed, forcing himself to ignore the pain. He took a shower, and washed away the accumulated sweat, lube, spit, and cum. 

He felt a bit better, until he looked in the mirror. There were some light bruises on his face; he couldn't remember when he had gotten them. A further exploration of his body revealed some welts on his ass, and bruises around his ankles as well.

He was numb. He hated himself, hated what he felt, hated that he had let it happen to him. He put on his clothes, and called an Uber. The office was a nondescript building in a nondescript commercial district. He went to the second floor office and walked in. There were four seats in the waiting area, only one was occupied by a muscular older man.

He went to the receptionist. He was a slim Latino, and James found himself imagining the possibilities with the older man and Latino. "Hi. I'm Jim, James," he said, catching himself. The receptionist looked up; he had a thick, trimmed beard. James stuttered for a moment. "I've, I've, I've got an appointment."

"Oh yes. Mitchell had booked it." He pulled out a clipboard and handed it to him. "Can you just fill this out before the doctor sees you?" He motioned for James to take a seat. As James sat across from the bearded older man, he looked him over. He was good looking, and there was an unmistakable bulge in his jeans. Unfortunately, the man caught him staring, and smiled. James quickly glanced away and sat down.

James tried to focus on the questionnaire, despite feeling the man's eyes on him. He read the first question. "In the past 48 hours, how many sexual partners have you had?" There were two columns of answers, one labeled "Receptive" and "Insertive." For each, there were just four options, "None," "One," "Two," and "Three or more." 

James circled his answers. "Three or more" for getting fucked, and none at all for fucking. He moved on to the next questions. "What forms of safer sex did you use, if any." Again, there were options, but only one applied to James. "None."

James started on the next question, "What of the following have you done in the past six months?" He started to check off some of the options. He had used "party drugs," as the survey put it. He had sex with strangers. He had been restrained. The last one made him cause. "Sex without your consent (Raped)."

He remembered how he had begged Conrad to stop. He remembered how Conrad had laughed. "I need to cum," he said. "That's all you need to worry about." His ass throbbed at the memory; he wasn't sure if he was horrified or aroused by it. He checked the box.

But before he could go to the next page, the door opened, and two men walked out. He immediately recognized Tiago; this time in a shirt and tie, wearing a white lab coat and a stethoscope. He was followed by a young black man. He was wearing black pants and under the blue polo shirt, James could see the muscles ripple with each move.

"I wondered if it was you," Tiago said. Tiago smiled, and James knew that even if his memory of the time with Tiago was fuzzy, Tiago's memory was crisp and clear. "This is my intern, Fabien," he said, introducing the young man next to him. He was at most a year or two older than James. 

James went to stand up; he realized he was about six inches taller than Fabien. "Don't worry," Tiago said. He turned to Fabien. "You want to finish up the questionnaire with him?" 

"Sure," Fabien said. He took the clipboard, and read the answers. He turned to James. "All bottom, huh?"

"Yeah," James stammered. He tried not to meet Fabien's eyes. He had all the answers right in front of him. 

"And all bareback, too?" Fabien asked. Tiago was standing, watching, nodding his head. James caught the stranger staring at him, and smiling. He adjusted his dick in his jeans; James could see the stranger's cock was massive.

"Yeah," James stammered. He didn't want this interview to happen where anyone could see it. 

"You said drugs," Fabien continued. "Which ones?" Fabien wasn't even trying to keep his voice down. Even the Latino receptionist had stopped shuffling papers, and was listening.

"Uh..." The entire room was focused on him.

"Weed?" Fabien asked. James nodded. "GHB?" James nodded again. "Tina?" James nodded a third time. He couldn't stand to look at the stranger again, much less Fabien or Tiago. "Anything else?"

He remembered Conrad telling him to snort something. "He called it vitamin K?"

"That's a bunch," Fabien said. He looked at the clipboard. His eye fell on the last one. "Let's go back," he said, turning to Tiago. "Yeah," he said.

"Let's go," Tiago said, helping James to his feet. "We can talk more."

As the two men led James back to an examination room, James heard the stranger ask the receptionist. "You've got his number, right?"

"Hell yeah," the receptionist said, as the Fabien shut the door. 

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2. Opening Up

"In here," Tiago said, opening a door to a white, brightly lit room. In the middle was an examination table, complete with a set of metal stirrups at the base. James walked in, blinking in the bright light, and Fabien brought up the rear. "Can you get the kit from the closet?" Tiago asked Fabien. Fabien nodded, and walked back out. Tiago turned his attention back to James. "We'll need to do a full physical examination," he said. "Can you strip down for me?"

James was still a bit dazed, and took off his shoes and sock, then his shirt and pants. He stood there in his underwear. Tiago looked him over. It was hard to miss the bruised on his face, body, and arms. Nor how his eyes were hollow and empty. Tiago felt his dick twitch, but it was too early to think about that. The boy had been through a lot, but his journey had barely begun. 

"All the way," Tiago said. 

"Everything?" James asked. He needed the little bit of protection his underwear offered. He didn't want to be completely naked, especially when Fabien came back.

"Everything," Tiago said. "What do you think of Fabien?"

"Uh..." James started. He pushed the underwear down and stepped out of them. His dick was soft and limp; the last thing on his mind was sex. He wasn't sure if he ever wanted to be touched again.

"I saw you checking him out," Tiago said. From his pocket, he pulled out a phone and another device. He fumbled with the two for a moment, then placed the tripod on the desk, arranging it so the phone pointed directly at James. He tapped the screen. "I have to record this. Now. What happened last night?"

"This guy. Conrad. He lives in my building. He invited me over, and I went." 

"Were you high?"

"Yeah. And he gave me more." Tiago's dick was starting to grow.

"Did you have sex?"

"Yeah. He fucked me."

"Did it hurt?" James opened his mouth, but as he started to speak, Fabien walked back in with a black canvas gym bag.

"This?" he asked Tiago.

"Yeah," Tiago responded. "Close the door," he said, and turned back to James. "Did it hurt?" he asked. "Him fucking you?"

"Yeah," James said. He looked up from the floor just enough to see that both Fabien and Tiago were watching him. He felt like a mouse, and the two cats were just playing with him.

"Did you ask him to stop?" Tiago asked.

"Yeah," James said. He could hear Conrad's laugh. It was harsh and joyous, disturbing and amusing. Conrad had gotten off on James's suffering.

"Did he?"

"No." James was trembling, remembering how the man's cock had felt inside him. It had been white-hot, burning him. "He didn't." He started to cry, hating his weakness in front of the alpha males. "None of them did."

"Them? How many were there?" Tiago saw Fabien rub his groin.

"Three," James said. "I think."

"Think?" Fabien said. "Could have been more?"

"I don't know. I can't remember." He was shaking, cold, tired and sore.

"It's going to be all right," Tiago said. "We just need to do a physical examination. Can you get up here?" He pointed at the examination table. "Now, lie back," he continued. "I'm going to put your feet in the stirrups." He didn't wait for James to say anything, but put first his right foot, then left in the leather loops. He tightened them slightly.

"Please. No," James said, desperate. "I can't...," he started, but he choked and never finished the sentence.

"It's ok," Tiago said calmly and gently. "It just holds your legs in place." Tiago didn't mention how the position left James's ass exposed and defenseless. "Relax," he told James. "We're just going check you out." 

James closed his eyes. He heard Tiago unzip the bag, and heard the clink of metal against metal. He shivered. It reminded him of the sound the metal carabiners had made as he struggled to escape Conrad's bedroom. He hated that when he thought about it, he couldn't remember any of the details, no matter how hard he tried. But yet, the slightest noise would remind him of one more unbearable moment from the night.

"Just relax," Tiago said. His voice was now coming from right by James. "I'm going to adjust the head." He grabbed the pad James's head was resting on, and slid it into a pocket on the exam table. He used his free hand to cradle James's head, and Tiago gently lowered it, so it was hanging off the side of the exam table.

James carefully breathed in and out, forcing himself to relax. He was aware of just how naked he was, and how exposed his hole was. Now his mouth felt equally vulnerable. He opened his eyes, and saw Tiago kneeling down, a flashlight in his hand. Standing next to him was Fabien. James could just barely make out the outline of Fabien's cockhead; the denim was lightly frayed, like he was often erect. 

James had a vision of a thick cock from the night before. He had been in the same position as he was now, his head hanging off the side of the bed. A man had forced his cock into James's mouth and down his throat. He remembered gagging, and the man only pushing deeper. He gasped, and shut his mouth. "Wait," Tiago started to say.

"Please," James grunted, then closed his mouth and eyes. James was trembling a bit; he felt his cock try to climb inside him. 

"Please," Tiago said. "I need to examine you mouth." James tried to open his mouth; he would get it half way, before he remembered choking on a cock, and close it. "Can you open it?" 

James finally shook his head no. He knew it was too scary. "Let me try something," Tiago said. "Is that ok?"

James nodded. "Open your mouth. Just a little." James opened, and Tiago slid a thin wire assembly. It was cold, and James shivered. "Give it a second," Tiago said. He ran his hand over James's exposed body. James focused on the touch, trying not to remember how Conrad had done the same thing as he had played with James's hole.

"Better?" he asked. James nodded, and Tiago continued. "Here we go," he said, and pinched the levers to the side together slightly. In James's mouth, the wire assembly sprang open, forcing his mouth open. 

James lost it. "Fuck, please. Please, please," he said, struggling against the metal restraints. "I can't." As James begged, Tiago noticed that Fabien had stopped trying to hide his dick. The black man was now plainly stroking it, staring at James's futile struggle against the mouth spreader

"Sorry," Tiago quickly said, and snapped the spreader back closed. "It's ok. We don't need to use this right now." Fabien stopped stroking as Tiago smoothly pulled the spreader out, and popped out the head support. "Relax," he said. "It's going to be ok. Breathe." He held James's hand, as the boy's breathing slowly returned to normal. "That's ok. I'm going to get something, ok?"

James nodded. Tiago let go of the boy's hand, but kept touching the boy. He looked up long enough to see Fabien still watching the two. He was still young, and hadn't yet learned a good poker face. He was horny, and he couldn't hide it. He winked at Fabien, then turned back to James. "I'm gonna get you something," he said, "Something to help you calm down. It'll be just a second, ok?"

James nodded. He was crying slightly, and his eyes were red. He hated being naked, his ass still exposed. But it wouldn't be that much longer. So much had happened, and he needed some time to process it. But, before he could say anything, Tiago returned. "Open your mouth," he said. "It's going to calm you down." He took James's hand, and repeated himself. "Calm you down."

James opened his mouth slightly, and quickly, the doctor inserted a pipette into his mouth. He squeezed the plastic bulb, and a thick liquid hit the back of James's mouth. Before he realized what he was doing, he swallowed. "That wasn't so bad, was it?" Tiago said, as he handed the used pipette to Fabien.

"It's ok?" James said, still trying to hold himself together. "It's hard," he said. "Hard to remember."

"It's good to remember," Tiago said. "It helps."

Fabien smelled his fingers from where he had held the pipette. "What was that?" he asked. 

"It's ok," Tiago said James, not yet acknowledging Fabien's question. "Right? It's ok?" 

"Yeah," James finally managed. "I think."

"Good," Tiago said. He turned his attention to Fabien. "It's called GHB. It's good for anxiety and panic. It's sometimes used as a club drug too. But this is how it is supposed to used."

"GHB?" James said, finally realizing what he had just swallowed. "No, man. I just can't. I remember taking it. With him." He left the antecedent blank. Even thinking about Conrad's name was hard.

"Just breath," Tiago said. "This is ok. This is what it's supposed to be used for. Relax. This is ok."

"I know. I need to do this."

"Yeah. You can do this. I'm here. Fabien is here." Tiago held one of James's hands, and Fabien took the other. "Just breathe. Relax. It's going to be ok." Slowly, James's breathing slowed down, and he stopped shaking. "You doing better?"

"Yeah," James finally said. He hated that they had seen that. He had wanted to be strong for Tiago and for Fabien. "I'm sorry."

"It's ok. It's hard," Tiago said. "Let's just talk for now. Is there a part of it that you want to talk about?"

"I don't know. It's all. I don't know. Hard."

"I know. It can be very intense." He focused his eyes on James. "Did you suck dick like that? With your head back?"

"Yeah," James said. He tried not to think about gagging on the unknown man's cock. "I did. I gagged." He remembered choking, needing to breathe and not being able to. He started to tremble again. 

"Relax," Tiago immediately said. "It's ok. It's in the past." James started to calm down again. "You got fucked as well, right?"

"Yeah," James said a second time. It was getting easier for him to remember what had happened, like so many dots were starting to resolve into an image. "I did." There had been a few men. They had all used his holes. 

"You're strong," Tiago said to him. It made James feel good. "It's good, isn't it? To remember. To share?"

"Yeah," James said. He was feeling warm and calm. It was the G kicking in. He didn't mind it. "It's easier now. Talking about it."

"Isn't it. Did they all fuck you raw?" Tiago asked. "I know how much you like it bareback."

"Yeah. They all did," James said. It was the third thing he had admitted to Tiago. He wasn't as scared any longer, and it was easy to talk to Tiago. James wanted to tell him all the hard things.

"That's ok," Tiago said. "It was ok to take their loads." Tiago's dick was dripping in his trousers. He wanted to fuck the boy, but he needed to eased into it. 

"It felt good," James said. "Inside me."

"It does feel good," Tiago said. He turned to Fabien. "We're going to have to do an anal swab on him." Fabien was holding one of James's hands. But his other hand was discreetly rubbing against his dickhead. "Turned on by this?" Tiago asked.

"Yeah," Fabien said. "He's really hot. And the story. Wow."

"That's good. You said you liked Fabien, didn't you?" Tiago said. He was staring right at James, and nodding his head. 

James's head was spinning. He had said how hot Fabien was. This was just fun in the office, though. It wouldn't go anywhere. 

"Yeah, he is hot." 

Tiago smiled. "Yeah. And his story is intense. Just remember it can be hard for the person talking about it." He turns back to James. "I know this is hard. But we need to continue, OK? The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can move on to bigger things." Tiago nodded his head again. James imitated his movements, already spaced out on G. 

"Yeah," James said. "Get it over with. But I'm...." He started, but then trailed off. 

"Scared?" Tiago asked. 


"That's all right. We can get this done quickly, OK?" Tiago smiled and nodded. James mirrored him. "We can help you, is that good?"

"Yeah. Just be here. With me."

"Of course," Tiago smiled, and turned to Fabien. "Under the table by his waist and chest," he said. The black boy produced two restraining straps, matched by the ones the doctor was holding. "On three." Fabien smiled, and held the straps at the ready. "One. Two. Three."

Before James knew what was happening, Tiago was tightening the strap around his chest, holding him in place. "It's all right," Tiago whispered into James's ear, as the boy struggled not to have a full-fledged panic attack. "Just relax. I hope this is going to go by quickly."

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3. A Demonstration

"Just relax," Tiago said. "I hope this is going to go by quickly." Tiago was trying not to stare at the boy's ass, so perfectly on display and available. He'd get it soon enough. "Focus on something for me," Tiago said. "Please?"

"What?" James said, trying not to panic. He focused on Tiago's hand against his skin, the doctor's soothing voice. "Please. Something."

"Of course," Tiago said. "Just go, 'ahhhhh' for me. Focus on that phase."

"Ahhhhhh," James said, spreading his mouth open. It did feel better. He opened his eyes for a moment. Tiago was had one hand up, holding a flashlight. He dipped it down when James opened his eyes. Fabien had a phone in his hand, and was recording everything that happened. "Ahhhh," James continued, closing his eyes again. It wasn't as bad as the night before, and it needed to happen. 

"I'm going to help you," Tiago said. "Make that easier." James felt him slip the metal wire spreader back into his mouth. "Don't fight it. Let me help you." The metal slid in. This time, it wasn't cold. It was strangely warm, and James let the doctor force his mouth open. 

"I just need to examine your throat, ok?"

James nodded. He was still gently going "ahhhh," and the short mantra was calming the young man. Tiago pushed the head support back into the exam table, and let James's head hang down. 

"That's good," Tiago said. "Here," he said, and motioned Fabien to come over. He turned on a small flashlight, and shined it into James's mouth. "See? There. Around the back of his throat."

"What's that?" Fabien asked. He pointed the phone into James's mouth as Tiago lit up each of the purple splotches. "There's a lot of them." 

"It's bruising," Tiago said. 

"How did he get bruised back there? What's it from?"

Tiago turned his attention back to James. "I need to show Fabien how this happens. Just nod if it's all right. It will only take a minute." James's head was spinning a bit, and it was getting harder for him to concentrate on anything. 

James saw Tiago nodding, and he nodded. "Yeah," he finally said.

"Thank you," Tiago said, and turned his attention back to Fabien. "It's bruising from a dick. It's from getting throat-fucked."

"Fuck? Really? How?" Fabien asked. He looked confused; Tiago wondered how much experience he had in receiving oral sex. 

Tiago ran his hand over James's exposed body, across his flat, hairy chest and his chest. "Relax," he told the young man. He gently squeezed the tabs at the side of the spreader, forcing James's mouth open even further. Then he unfastened his chinos, and pulled out his cock. "Easier to show," he said. Fabien stared at the doctor's erect cock. "You getting this?"

Fabien fumbled with the phone slightly, focusing it on Tiago's erection. "Yeah," he said. "For sure." 

"Good. Now, this is how you should fuck a throat." Fabien stared as Tiago pressed his dick into James's mouth. The wire spreader held James's mouth open, letting Tiago push all the way to the back of the young man's mouth.

"Ugggh," James grunted, unprepared for the sudden intrusion.

"It's going to be ok," Tiago said. "Just relax. This is just a demonstration. It's nothing real." He turned his attention back to Fabien. "Now, If I just push a bit harder, I'll be in his throat." He flexed his hips, and suddenly, several more inches of dick disappeared into James's throat. "hat's good," he said to James.

James grunted, and started to struggle against the restraints. At the same time, Tiago just moaned. "Feels so fucking good. Wet and warm and tight." He did a few short strokes in and out; Fabien stared as Tiago's cock went even deeper into James's throat. "Fuck. Nothing like a good deep-throat blow job." 

"He's good?"

"Amazing. You know, it feels so damn good. But as I said. If you're too aggressive, you can bruise the throat." He pulled his cock back from James's throat, leaving just the cockhead in his mouth. The boy was still struggling against the restraints, but Tiago didn't seem to care. "That's what happened to him last night."

"Is that bad?"

"Not really. It heals pretty quickly. But the next day or two, cocksucker's got a really sore throat." He turned his attention to James. "You had a sore throat when you came in, right?" 

James nodded as best he could. He was trying not to remember how similar Tiago's cock felt to the dicks the night before. He wanted to be home. He wanted this to end. He wanted to be Under the covers and alone and safe. Not out here, his body naked, and a stranger watching him get throat fucked. "Please," he said, wanting it end.

"Almost," Tiago said. "One more example. Remember. This is just a demonstration. You don't have to worry about it." He turned to Fabien. "This is not how you should do it."

Tiago suddenly pushed his cock all the way into James's mouth. "AAAARGH," James practically screamed, despite the cock clogging his throat and the metal spreader keeping his jaw locked open.

Tiago stroked his cock in and out a few times, each stroke eliciting a new moan of agony from James. "You see?" he asked Fabien. 

Fabien just stared at the scene, utterly transfixed. His dick was rock-hard as he imagined the possibilities that had just been laid out for him. Tiago prompted him. "You see?"

"Yeah," Fabien finally said. He was still holding the camera in one hand, the lens pointed at the intense throat fucking that Tiago was delivering. "Yeah."

"Good," Tiago said, and pulled his cock out of James's mouth. "It's over, James," he said. "It wasn't that bad, now was it?" Tiago asked. James nodded. "I knew you could do it." He turned back to Fabien. "Got that? How to slide in properly?"

Fabien nodded. "How much can he take, when he's like that? You know. Opened up?"

"A lot," Tiago said. He turned back to James, and without any warning, slowly pressed the full length of his phallus into the young man's throat. James struggled at first, but then accepted it. "Show me yours," Tiago said, nodding at Fabien's visible erection.

The black man unzipped his jeans, and slowly fished out his tool. It was thick, long, and hard, easily an inch or two longer that Tiago's seven and half inch endowment. "This?" Fabien asked.

"Definitely. Try it." Tiago suddenly pulled his cock all the way out from James's throat, leaving the boy gasping like a beached fish.

"Ease, Ooo. Ahtp," James grunted through the pain in his throat and the constraints of the mouth spreader. He was struggling against the leather straps across his chest, but his frantic efforts were going nowhere. 

"Just once, quickly," Tiago said to Fabien. "His throat is already pretty destroyed from last night. It's going to be hard for him to take all of it for very long." He took the camera from Fabien, and knelt down beside James. "You can do this," he said to James. "You can help Fabien get it right, and that's important, right? It's important."

James nodded. Fabien immediately pressed his cockhead into James's mouth. The mouth spreader was wide open, and even so, it was still hard for Fabien to navigate his thick black shaft to the entrance of James's throat. "Found it?" Tiago said.

Fabien nodded. "Go for it," Tiago said. "James is ready for it, aren't you?" James was fighting to keep his composure. He wanted to scream. He wanted to run away, and never have to think about this again. But all of that was too much. It was all too much, the bright light of the examination room, the relentless weight of the leather restraints, and the dense softness of the cock pressed against his tonsils. "Go on," Tiago said

Fabien pushed, just like Tiago had demonstrated. Several inches of his cock disappeared into James's mouth. "Oh fuck," Fabien moaned.

James moaned. Fabien's cock was bigger than he imagined it would be. Tiago watched. He carefully recorded James's throat bulging out from the sheer girth of Fabien's tool. Tiago wondered what it had been like, when James had been properly high and restrained. He wondered what James sounded like when he was begging. "You see?" Tiago said.

"This is amazing," Fabien said. "Fucking amazing."

"Now. Just once. Try just forcing it in." Tiago put his hand on James's chest. "It's just once, ok? You can do this." James whimpered, but nodded in agreement. "Go ahead," Tiago told Fabien.

Fabien had pulled out far enough that just the tip of his dick was still in James's mouth. As soon as Tiago gave him permission, he slammed his cock into the young man's throat. James's body stiffened, and he grunted in agony. Fabien laughed at James's reaction. He was enjoying his power, and clearly reveled in the response he was getting from James.

"Taking it all," Fabien said. "Like a good cocksucker." He pulled out, and pushed in again. Once more, James struggled against the invasion, but he was powerless to stop it. "This is fucking amazing," he said. "I could do this all day."

"So, you see how that happens?"

"Yeah," Fabien said. "Just like this," he said, and used it as an excuse to slam-fuck James's throat once more. The young man was straining against the leather straps. His eyes were red from the tears. "Fuck," he said, as his dick disappeared into James's throat once more. "FUCK," he grunted.

"That's enough for now," Tiago said, and pulled Fabien away from James. The black man's cock was stiff, glistening with James's spit. Tiago had been a bit surprised at how much the young man had gotten off on fucking James's throat. He wondered what Fabien could do when he was tweaked, particularly when he had a submissive boy like James to play with.  "There's still a lot we need to do." 

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2 hours ago, Gymguy8 said:

James moaned. Fabien's cock was bigger than he imagined it would be. Tiago watched. He carefully recorded James's throat bulging out from the sheer girth of Fabien's tool. Tiago wondered what it had been like, when James had been properly high and restrained. He wondered what James sounded like when he was begging. "You see?" Tiago said.


2 hours ago, Gymguy8 said:

Tiago had been a bit surprised at how much the young man had gotten off on fucking James's throat. He wondered what Fabien could do when he was tweaked, particularly when he had a submissive boy like James to play with.

There's quite a few of us wondering - but there again, there's quite a few of us who remember how good it is to have been in James' position ...

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4. Speculum

"There's still a lot we need to do," Tiago said. He turned to James. "You're doing ok, right?" 

James moaned, shook his head. He tried to speak, but the mouth spreader rendered his words utterly unintelligible. He continued to fight against the thick leather straps that held him in place, but they held him down. Fabien had the phone now; the had stepped back to get the entire scene in frame. 

"I'm going to take the mouth spreader out, ok?" Tiago said. James nodded furiously. "But. You need to let me do it. Don't move." James tried his best, but it was hard to calm down. He wanted out. He hated being here. He hated the feelings. He dreaded the memories. "If you move, it's going to hurt, ok? Relax. This was just a demonstration. This is nothing you need to be worried about."

James finally calmed down, and stopped struggling. He was still crying, but Tiago knew it wouldn't get any better until he was no longer subject to the mouth spreader's discomforting power. Fabien came back, holding the camera with one hand, and playing with his cock with the other. 

As Fabien recorded, Tiago reached down and snapped the wire frame device closed. It just slid out of James's mouth. "FUCK," James said. Before James could say another word, Tiago pressed his hand over James's mouth.

"It's ok," Tiago said. "It was just a short demonstration, ok? It didn't mean anything." James had his eyes open now. Neither Tiago nor Fabien had put their cocks away, and their dicks were barely inches away from James's face. He remembered how it had been the night before. There had been cocks everywhere, and they each did what they wanted.

"I just..." James started. 

Tiago gave Fabien an evil smile, then knelt down. The doctor didn't give James a chance to finish the sentence. "You did so well. That wasn't as bad as it could have been, now was it?"

"I don't know...." James continued. 

Once more, Tiago didn't let James speak. "Just a little bit more," he said. "And then you can go home." James cheered up when Tiago mentioned him going home. It was an unfortunate tell for James. Tiago had plans for James, and the reveal only made them easier to execute. "That's good, you going home. It's a safe feeling, isn't it? Home." 

James face was streaked with tears. He nodded, only distantly aware of how Fabien was still recording his every word and action. "Please," he begged. "I don't know. You. Fabien. Everything. It's hard."

"We don't have to do anything you don't want to," Tiago said. "But it's important to get clear evidence of what happened to you. There's only one more thing we need to do."

"I don't know," James said. His eyes were closed now, and his breath was shallow and ragged. "Just one more thing?" he asked.

"Yeah," Tiago replied. "Only one."

"One more thing," he started to repeat. "One more thing." He kept his eyes closed. 

Tiago pushed his cock back into his pants, and buttoned them up. He longed for James's hole around his tool, but he had other things to do right now. Fabien followed Tiago's lead, although he struggled to push his stiff rod down, and to get the thick member stuffed into his jeans.

James continued to repeat his new mantra. "One more thing," he said, keeping his eyes tightly closed.

"That's it," Tiago said. "Now, I just need to see if there is any semen to collect. The DNA can help make an identification. Is that ok?"

James nodded. "One more thing," he said. 

Tiago motion for Fabien to come to the end of the examination table. James's legs were still spread wide, his feet held in the stirrups. His asshole was on display, and even from a distance, Tiago could see the sperm leaking out of it. 

From the gym bag, Tiago pulled out a fat metal speculum. He showed Fabien how the two duck-bills would press apart, stretching open James's rectum. He then turned his attention back to James. 

"This is going to be cold at first," he said. "But it will warm up quickly" He spread some lubricant over the two legs, before pressing it against James's asshole.

"Oh no. no. no," James begged. "Please."

"We can do what you want," Tiago said. "But without this sample, it's going to be hard to do anything. Are you sure you want me to stop?"

James stopped moaning. He was quiet for several seconds, started to speak, then was quiet again. Despite James quiet, his chest was heaving in complete panic. Fabien was faithfully recording the entire scene. "Should we stop?" Tiago finally asked.

"No," James said. His teeth were clenched. He was struggling. He had panicked the moment the cold metal pressed against his asshole, and for a moment, he thought he was back in Conrad's flat. "Make it fast?" he asked. "Please?"

"It's ok. This is a speculum. It's going to help me examine your anus." He pressed it into James's hole. His asshole was already open; it took only the slightest force for several inches of the speculum to slide in. 

James's body tensed, and Tiago could feel his ass struggling to accept the foreign object. "OOOHHHHHH," James grunted, struggling to keep his composure. His ass was tender and sore, and the speculum was almost more than he could take. 

"Just breathe," Tiago said. Keeping one hand on the metal handle, he reached back to the gym bag, and grabbed a sample tube, some long-stemmed swabs, and a small dark brown bottle. He handed it to Fabien. "Hold it under his nose," he told Fabien. "It'll help him take the probe."

Fabien swapped the phone for the bottle. Tiago took the phone, and framed James as he huffed from the brown bottle. "Both nostrils," Tiago told James. "His ass is tender and sore." James struggled to keep his breathing measured and even. But it didn't matter. Fabien held the bottle under his nose, no matter if he took quick, shallow breaths or long, deep breaths, he got the full force of the poppers. 

"See how he flushes?" Tiago said, as the poppers began to hit James. "That's when you know." Tiago pushed the speculum several inches into James's ass. The young man gasped, but this time, did not protest.

"Please," he said. "It's sore. Not too deep."

"Just relax," Tiago replied. He nodded to Fabien, and the black man removed the poppers from James's nose. "We're just collecting DNA, ok? It's not that bad is it?"

"It's ok," James said. Fabien screwed the cap on the poppers, and joined Tiago between James's legs. "I just. I just want to go home."

"It's going to be all right, James," Tiago said. "I'll get you home just as soon as I can." He turned to Fabien. "Watch this," he said, and squeezed the handle of the speculum slowly. The metal duck-bills slowly spread apart, exposing James's ass.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," James moaned. "That's fucking intense. Please. Fuck. Fuck." He was shaking, but this time, it wasn't the discomfort. This was just something new for him; he had no way to express how it felt to have his ass exposed to air. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he continued to murmur.

"What's that white stuff?" Fabien asked, as a thick yellowish-white fluid started to dribble out. Tiago quickly grabbed a specimen swab, and started to wipe up the fluid.

"That's semen," Tiago said. "Loads from the guys fucking him." 

"Their gift to me," James said. His face and chest were still red from the poppers. He was strangely calm, but still upset. "It's mine, please. Let me keep it."

"But we need it as evidence. It's all in here. In the semen you got. Besides." Tiago rubbed his crotch. His cock was still hard. "You can always get more, can't you?"

"But they gave it to me," he said. "It was a gift." It was paradoxical how James was so fiercely protective of his rapists' semen. Tiago didn't care. He went through several swabs, wiping up all the semen his probes exposed. It was more than enough. "It's mine. I need to keep it," he said. 

It was only poppers and GHB, but it was still enough. "You will get plenty more," Tiago said. "I bet Fabien could give you a load."

"In me?" James moaned, pressing himself against the speculum, and pushing it several inches deeper in. Another pool of semen appeared, and Tiago quickly wiped it up. "It feels so good. Inside me."

"Of course," Tiago said. "Won't you?"

"Fuck. Of course I would," Fabien said. He was just staring at James's asshole, mesmerized by how red and vulnerable it was. "You can put anything in there, huh?" 

"Yeah. Anything. Wait a second," Tiago said. He locked the speculum open, then let Fabien grab on to the handle. "Hold it there. I'll be back in a second."

He went to the counter, and quickly produced another plastic pipette full of a yellow-clear liquid. He squirted it directly into James's ass. "One last thing to help you calm down and understand."

"What was that?" Fabien asked.

"Quarter gram of crystal. Dissolved in piss." 

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