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    Stealthing, Condom-to-bareback, cumdump, conversion, big dicks.
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    Just moved down south.
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    Ha! I wish.
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    To be dominated and bred balls deep, then go back on the hunt to get bred again.

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  1. First time getting used and abused in a public bathroom. I never even saw his face. 






    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Poz-Mcr


      Damn, that's a hole I would love to fill

    3. wantingnow


      You can fill mine as well, whilst you're at it 😉 

    4. BoredMidwest


      Fucking hot. Literally.

  2. The condom’s still on, right? Still... you have to promise you’ll pull out, I lost my job after the shutdown and I haven’t been able to afford PrEP for the last few months....




    1. Read1


      If you love bb sex, then continue taking each and every load. Enjoy!

  3. you have a fucking hot body... 😛

  4. Omg one of the hottest stories on the site! Don’t stop right at the “climax!” 😜
  5. I’m 25 and me and most of my friends are on PrEP and none of us use condoms... ever! I’ve fucked one or two guys bagged up but I have never, not once, let a too fucking me without doing it bare and without him breeding me balls deep. I think I’m the age of PrEP condoms are just not the norm anymore and it’s only getting MORE that way. I mean, lucky me 😇
  6. Totally new at this site. Intrigued and more than a little hot-and-bothered... but still figuring it out. And if I can bear a little of my soul here: I’m a little nervous that I’m so turned on by this site and the stories here. More turned on than anything else I’ve found on the internet, if I’m going to be honest with myself.  So I’m a little lost but I’m horned-up as hell. If ever a sentence existed to describe my life that would be the one hehe. 

    Anyway, I’m loving what you all are doing and I’m glad I found this new... well, community! I can’t wait to explore it with you. 

  7. So fucking hot. Nothing like it on here. Can’t wait for more!
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