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I've agreed to sub for 3 men who have told me they plan to handcuff me and strap a piss gag over my head, in my mouth. I'm excited but bit nervous - I've never won one before and not sure what to expect - any advice?

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    • By secretcumslut
      There was a LGBT Pride festival this weekend, so my husband and I and  one of our friends went to the parade.  Naturally, these festivals usually have after parties,  so of course we ended up at the club.  At first it was very empty, but as there were two dollar drinks on sale so of course I had to have several.  The evening opened with a long island iced tea, but one turned into two, two turned into three, and three turned into four.  Oh, and four quickly turned into seven.  Needless to say I was drunk as fuck.
      The morning before we left the hotel my husband had fucked me, breeding my hole nice and deep, and as I expected the day would be fun, I definitely didn't want to prematurely loose his load.  I also needed to advertise myself, so before leaving for the parade I slid on a cock ring.  Naturally I also skipped underwear, which left my cock printed through the front of my shorts.  I knew it was visible but I wanted everyone to see it, especially one of the hairy daddies with whom I'm in heat, and who I expected to be at the parade.
      Being drunk at a gay bar made me feel extra slutty, and when my friend and my husband was pre-occupied, I decided it was time to walk around and look to see what action I can get into.  A couple of guys were seemingly interested, but not enough to follow through.  I walked through two rooms, each containing a sling, but no one was waiting to fuck.  I figured I'd circle back later to see if the activity picked-up.
      A few rounds later I found myself increasingly impatient:  there was still nothing going on in the slings, and I really, really wanted to fuck.  Fortunately two doorways down the hall I found a door which was open.  The man inside the room was in his 50s.  Sensing he wanted to play really really badly, I stepped up to the doorway and made introductory small small talk, graduating to asking if he wanted to play.
      "Hell, yes," he replied, gesturing for me to enter his room.
      By the time the door was closed I was on my knees, taking his cock into my hungry mouth.  He moaned and pushed it deep down my throat.  His cock, which was about six and a half inches, cut, was just the right size.  When he offered his poppers I accepted gratefully, taking a couple deep hits and holding them in my lungs for as long as I could, heart beating ever faster as he became more aggressive in pumping into my mouth.
      Several minutes into our session he withdrew from my mouth, and bent over, offering me his ass.  As I rimmed his hole he took several deep hits of poppers, with the consequence his hole opened up quite nicely, enabling me to push my tongue deep inside, at which point I could taste the cum from another man.  Asking him about the load, he replied he had been fucked earlier by two guys, and each had blown his load inside.
      I continued working his ass for several minutes, lost in the spell of his hole (and the poppers).  Getting to my feet, I aligned my cock, and abruptly shoved my cock into his ass.  He grunted in genuine discomfort, but I wasn't going to stop, so I recommended he take some additional hits of poppers, which he did.  To further distract him from the pain I reached under his body, found his tits and worked his nipples, fucking his used hole hard.  Apparently the pain was diminishing 'cause his at this point he was only whimpering, and at one level that was good as I could easily have continued fucking him until I came, but I also wanted to be fucked, so I withdrew, took some huffs and aligned my ass so his cock could slide right in.  He banged me like a two bit whore, and I was in heaven, especially when he announced "I'm gonna cum" only for his cock to pulsate, and a warm, slick wetness to fill my hole.  He had definitely bred me.
      Pulling out, he went to work on my cock as we both huffed the poppers.  Apparently I shot a big load, as with my third volley of cum he began gagging, and tears were streaming down his face.  But I didn’t care.  He had used my ass and now I was using his throat.  He swallowed my sperm and then made to kiss me, but really wasn't interested in prolonging the session.  Instead I simply pulled-up my pants and left.   When I met my husband and our friend I was still high on poppers. 
      Upon getting back to the hotel, my husband smelling the cum, started to feel my hole, knowing that I was bred, he wanted to fuck.  He made me bend over and drop my shorts, then ruggedly pushed Into my hole.
      "No more poppers for you," he said, adding "I want your hole wrapped around my cock."
      Our friend was standing on the sidelines, watching us, so I gestured for him to join us.  He presented his cock for me to suck.  I took his cock into my mouth and he must have been really horny as, within two minutes he announced he was about to cum.  I gestured for him to slip into my ass, and he did so, cumming quickly.  All the while my husband was feeling me his cock.
      After our friend came, my husband he he changed places, and my husband drumped his load into my hole. 
      This was the best Pride ever. 
    • Guest SBBOY
      By Guest SBBOY
      How much fetish gear do you own?
      Here's my list so far;
      - Sling
      - Fisting Board
      - Rim Seat
      - Fuck Machine
      - Spreader Bars
      - Cock Rings
      - Hoods
      - Masks
      - Gags
      - Mouth Spreader
      - Urinal Gag/Mask
      - Piss Funnel/Butt Plug
      - Butt Plugs
      - Playpool
      - Dildos
      - Blingfolds
      - Nipple Clamps
      - 2 x Fleshlights
      - Paddle
      - Crops
      - Puppytail
      - Puppy Paw Mitts
      - Butt Plugs
      - Handcuffs
      - Bed Restraints
      - Wrist/Ankle Restraints
      - Collars
      - Dog Lead
      - Harnesses
      - Leather Wrist Straps
      - Bicep Straps
      - Various Jockstraps (Leather/Rubber/Cotton)
      - Various Underwear
      - Wrestling Singlets
      - Sports/Football Gear
      - Uniforms
      - Truncheon 
      - Flogger
      - Sling Wrist Straps
      - E-Stim Kit
      - Leather Clothing
      - Boots
      - Door Restraints
      - Candles (For Hot Wax Torture)
      And theres probably even more that I can't even remember
    • By LeicSlut
      Slutty cum dump can accom all next week in Leicester, looking to get bred. Anon, sleaze, group, rent welcome.
    • By LeicSlut
      Slutty cum dump can accom all week in Leicester, looking to get bred. Anon, sleaze, group, rent welcome.
    • By gwmguy312
      hello SIR.  wm, 47, 5 9, 150, sub faggot likes to be spit and puked on, will give deep, wet, sloppy blowjobs, like to get fucked, eye contact, worship my SIR.  put your hand in your mouth and gag me while looking at me.
      whore here.
      need a moderately in shape top about my age or younger.  like all races with special weakness for latinos but ALL SIRS into above are encouraged.
      thank you SIR
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