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Best Bathhouse in Asia

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I think most saunas in Asia barebacking is widespread. Asians love getting bred. Their submissive personality makes hard for them to say no to a top even when they (Asians) want to use a condom.

I have been to saunas in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. All the guys I fucked in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan saunas  were bareback. In Thailand was the highest percentage of people who refused to get fucked without a condom (20-30%). Nevertheless, I think the best sauna I've been is Babylon Sauna in Bangkok.



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Babylon’s nice! I had so many white daddy’s jostle for position over my mouth there. 

I plan to visit again and hopefully have raw fun next time. Last time most fun was only oral for me.

And @lecheroxxl is right, most Asians wouldn’t refuse a raw cock, especially a foreign cock. Hehe we’re sub like that. 

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I’ve been to saunas in Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Taipei and Thailand. I can’t recall a sauna in Macau where I successfully used Grindr. I loved the bathhouses in Tokyo and Osaka but it was several years back and all condoms. In Hong Kong I’ve used places in HK and Kowloon, variable quality, but haven’t used recently as I’ve now got a fuckbuddy there who insisted on screwing me exclusively on my last three visits, usually three times a night. I recall barebacking in saunas in Singapore, Taipei and Bangkok. I’ve visited Bangkok Babylon many times and barebacking is more common there now but probably still encountered condoms about 20% of the time.

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I've been to sauna's in Singapore, Taipei, Bangkok and KL ... and I cannot recall any occasion where I was asked to use a condom.  And I can recall a particularly hot encounter in Singapore sauna where a guy in the dark room was blowing me and then dragged me to the fuck bench so that I could pound him raw.  As I fucked him (hard) there was a small crowd around and he begged me to cum inside him .... which I did.  He then cleaned me off and had barely finished before another bottom then grabbed my hard cock and impaled himself on it and got a second load out of me.


In Bangkok, there was a nightclub (can't recall the name, but its likely gone now) that had a cruise area on the top level: I went up there when I first arrived as I was curious what it looked like.  Someone followed me up and I ended up fucking him raw/cumming inside him.  I went back down to watch the show and enjoy the evening - the show finished about an hour later and *everyone* went up to the cruise level - so I followed.  It wasn't "packed" (it was a large area) but there were lots of guys and I recall fucking three guys raw and leaving a further two loads inside some pretty hot Asian guys.


The point being that BB is really easy to get (it is kind of the default), and you don't have to go to the sauna's to find it. 

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