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    Top guy here - and I'm into smooth bottoms with darker skin than me ... this means Asian guys mostly, but also cute Latin and Black guys too :)
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  1. I've been to sauna's in Singapore, Taipei, Bangkok and KL ... and I cannot recall any occasion where I was asked to use a condom. And I can recall a particularly hot encounter in Singapore sauna where a guy in the dark room was blowing me and then dragged me to the fuck bench so that I could pound him raw. As I fucked him (hard) there was a small crowd around and he begged me to cum inside him .... which I did. He then cleaned me off and had barely finished before another bottom then grabbed my hard cock and impaled himself on it and got a second load out of me. In Bangkok, ther
  2. I'm a blond, blue eyed, fair skinned Caucasian with a moderately hairy body (although blond hair against fair skin tends to disappear). I have a fairly muscular build, which I did nothing to deserve and put most simply, I prefer guys who are not made in my image/likeness: I am not at all sexually attracted to Caucasian and/or hairy guys, but find slim guys with smooth dark skin to be irresistible! I have tried to put this preference as positively as possible on my BBRT profile (feel free to check it out), but I still get a lot of interest from Caucasian/hairy men who will repeatedl
  3. I am not into versatile guys - I find that the chemistry just doesn’t work when you meet up. I’m really only into total bottoms (versatile bottoms are OK, just not my preference) as they are always eager to get their ass wrapped around your cock. Sometimes I find “versatile” bottoms wanting me to suck them (not happening) or feeling for my ass (again, not happening). The ideal bottom is totally focused on pleasing my cock with their ass … and what make the encounter super hot, is when they are not afraid of advertising that’s who they are via a pre-lubed ass (from cum or lube) or just th
  4. That's what I like in a bottom - a tiny little/soft dick: it means that the bottom is concentrating on my dick and using his hole to do so. I find it a turn on when I reach to feel the bottom's cock as I am balls-deep inside him, and his cock is soft/flaccid 🙂 It is the sign of a total bottom ...
  5. I dropped by one of the local saunas during their busy Sunday afternoon fuck fests to see what it was going to be like. Unfortunately, this seems to make people (including me!) more picky about who they'll fuck for some reason..? Anyway, there wasn't a whole lot on offer that was my taste - a nice looking tanned / athletic guy was taking raw cock in the steam room (a really hard place to cum I've found), so I had a few minutes inside his ass before he slid off to try the next bare cock ... I continued to walk around a bit and heard someone being pounded in the maze (which is a da
  6. Fucking Asian bottoms is my specialty: there's quite a large Asian minority in Australia but a lot of guys overlook them (or have profiles that say "No Asians"), but I find Asian guys to be attractive, erotic and if into BB, really good at bottoming. My favourite kind of Asian bottom is the geeky/nerdy sort that looks like they spend most of their free time playing video games and drinking bubble tea, but are total cum sluts that love being fucked raw and loaded with cum. I've been fortunate to have been able to pound a few of these types, but they are not so easy to find and they
  7. I normally don't bother with Sauna's on the weekends, but decided to see what Wet was like on a Saturday afternoon - was reasonably busy but there wasn't a lot that I found interesting: the one guy that I connected with was looking for a bottom so that was definitely a fail 😞 So I took a pass out and came back later in the evening - definitely more interesting then. I was in the darkroom and heard what I thought was an Asian guy being fucked - I've found that several of the Asian bottoms that I have fucked over the years have a distinctive whimper and this guy was true
  8. I normally don't bother with Sauna's on the weekends, but decided to see what Wet was like on a Saturday afternoon - was reasonably busy but there wasn't a lot that I found interesting: the one guy that I connected with was looking for a bottom so that was definitely a fail 😞 So I took a pass out and came back later in the evening - definitely more interesting then.
  9. The regular cruise club that I go to has been closed during the day due to construction works outside the place ... but has recently reopened so I decided to roll the dice and see what the action was like. It was pretty quiet when I got there, maybe about a dozen guys - a fairly small crowd for lunchtime, but inhibitions had clearly been cast aside. One guy was being fucked through a gloryhole and had the door open so that any other takers could see what was on offer. He wasn't my type, but he certainly got the place humming ... I found an Asian kid in his 20's who'd
  10. Last weekend an Asian bottom that I've loaded a few times was in town: he'd organised a gang-bang that I couldn't make so he sent me this photo of the check marks on his ass that each of the tops that had fucked a load into him had left behind... https://assets.s3xstatic.com/bz/uploads/monthly_2019_10/1193678394_slut-1.thumb.jpeg.05070e53839268cec5d25f95d3ecc9b3.jpeg ... he asked me whether I'd like to make a donation on the Monday morning, and being the generous sort, I was definitely keen on obliging him https://assets.s3xstatic.com/bz/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
  11. Looks like this poll is meant for bottoms, but as a top, I love not using lube for a few reasons: It can sometimes be a passion killer ... particularly if you have to go hunting for it when all you really want to do is slide inside the bottom It somewhat dulls the feel for the top: if the bottom has a really smooth hole, I like to be able to feel it as I slide inside I like fucking bottoms that have been recently topped (there's always bonus points if the bottom's hole has a freshly fucked feel to it) ... and maybe someone has already cum inside them. I wouldn't want to spoi
  12. Asian bottoms are my favourite, especially guys who have a smooth hairless hole. I've found some Asian bottoms can be really greedy for cock & cum, so it is often a good match on both sides as I'm always ready to donate both to the right hole I love smooth Latin and Black bottoms as well (we don't get that many of either where I live) ... I just love the contrast when I watch my dick pumping away. Its so hot!
  13. Earlier this week I paid a visit to Subway Sauna here in Melbourne: I find the place to be quite random in terms of success ... sometimes its fantastic, other times its just dead. I've had a run of dead visits ... so low expectations going in. And for the most part, it lived down to my expectations - really no one that was my type, so I just at in the steam room or watched a video. I'd got a bit bored and headed to the gloryholes, which I find are good for sparking a bit of action, and sat down outside one to see what would happen. A few minutes later, this muscly Eurasian guy w
  14. Great story - I almost never hookup with guys under 20 ... like you, I just don't like getting stuffed around. A couple of years ago I had an Asian kid who'd been consistently messaging me over a period of probably 2 or 3 years, with a "screen age" of 20. When I finally relented and arranged to meet at his place, I casually asked why he wasn't at work/uni ... and he said something about school holidays. Alarm bells!! Anyway, he was of legal age - he was clearly quite experienced in managing the age issue. But what stood out about this encounter was the number of sex toys that h
  15. Count me in on the interracial scene: I don't find guys that look like me attractive (blond/blue eyes/fair skin/solid build/muscular/top) .. so I find smooth Latin and Asian bottoms guys to be the ones who catch my eye I haven't had a lot of experience with Black guys as there aren't many where I live (or maybe the places I cruise) ... but they're pretty good looking too! I love the contrast in skin, body build, hair colour etc., and a brown skin bottom with a smooth hole is my kryptonite!
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