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Last time you fucked in public

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I went to Lateshift on Sunday afternoon for the weekly naked session. It was busy as. I met a tall guy mid twenties who was standing watching the others - though he had underwear on. I walked past him and said he should take those off. He followed me round the corner to a wider more public area of the club and said maybe I should help him out. I got on my knees and pulled out a very nice uncut cock with a small PA. I started sucking him off and his cock grew and grew in my mouth till I needed to huff some poppers. Then we carried on and slowly he started throat fucking me... holding my head still and turning me into a slobbering mess with his 9 inch cock all the way down my throat. We had quite a crowd so I got up from my knees and bent over hoping someone would start fucking my hole but no one joined in. Then the guy decided he wanted to fuck me and turned me round - no lube- just the slick coating from the throat fuck and he forced his cock into my cunt. My god it was good. He fucked me leaning against the wall for a good 10 minutes then spun me round again to fuck my throat. A couple of guys offered their cocks whilst I was getting fucked but the cock in my arse was so fucking good I just wanted to concentrate on that. I didn’t get his load but it was an excellent fuck! 

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There is a tarp in Detroit that arranges other tops to fuck and breed me. He gives me addresses throughout the day and I drive there and bend over in my car for whoever is there to fuck me. Last Saturday he had me go to five different locations in Dearborn and areas in Detroit like alleys and parks. Five different guys bread me that day.

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On 1/11/2021 at 4:44 PM, manux32ccs said:

What I most want is to travel to Canada to accompany you on one of those little whore adventures, and when everyone fills up your tank to be able to suck your ass and swallow the cum churning in your guts, I adore what a whore you are.

thanks! when you are a slutty faggot cumdump like me with no pride or shame you just wanna get used in the dirtiest ways possible and don't care how many people know you take loads from strangers. you would love my fuckhole when its full of several mens loads. its like a cumfilled swamp

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