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  1. +1 on going to Lateshift on a Sunday afternoon :-)
  2. I went to Latshift in Auckland on Sunday afternoon - initially it was really quiet - then I met a guy who is one of the regulars who has only recently started fucking me - he told me to get in the sling in one of the rooms. We fucked for a while then he said he was going to cruise the place to see who else had arrived. He turned the light on, opened the room to the door and turning toward me said, "Stay where you are. Let's see you how many cocks you get in your hole. I'll cum back later and give you my load!" I have never been a sling hog in my life - you know the guy lying there being ignored whilst a bunch of other guys wish they could get in the sling with the hot guy they just bumped into? Anyway - 3 minutes pass and a guy walks in - not a word said - he slides right in. He grabs my hips and starts really getting into it - eyes closed - I'm swinging away with his balls banging against my arse - and within 2 minutes he unloads in my hole. Result! This is turning out to be not too bad! I get 4 more guys in to visit over the next half an hour - then my fuckbud cums back in - and adds his load to the mix just like he said. I needed a break so go for a wander round the club - it's busy as by now and there are a group of guys in one of the larger rooms with a double fuck bed. I go join the bottom in there laying over the end of the bed - and we work on this fabulous bear's fat uncut cock - sharing it between us - taking turns to take it down our throats. Sometimes we take a side each and snog each other with this fabulous thick piece of deliciousness between our lips. Within a couple of minutes a guy lines up behind me and rams in a long fucking cock - and bangs my hole hard - I mean really hard! I push back and pin him against the wall and work his cock in my hole. He keeps going and I rest down on the bed again - and he adds his load in to the mix. Later on I head in to the dark room - the really pitch black no light at all - dark room. There's a silence broken by occasional groans. Then a hand on my arse - and I'm sure it's the bear with his big foreskin cock that's sliding in between my cheeks - It is! It's definitely him! So I bend over, and he teases my hole - just swirling round my ring with his cock head - smearing pre-cum and lube and other's cum all over my cheeks. Then he slides it in and we're away. What a great fuck - he sticks poppers under my nose and grunts in my ear and plays with my nipples - he manages to get me hard - and all the while relentlessly keeping a rhythm going that keeps building in my taint and my balls - my cock is slapping my stomach - hard now and dripping pre-cum all over the place and we both climax within seconds of each other. I stand up with him still deep in my guts - my cum spraying the other guys in the room; on the floor; up the walls - and another load up my cunt. What an excellent Sunday!
  3. there's a great darkroom at Lateshift here in Auckland - there are no lights at all - and the only glimmer of light is from way down the corridor outside the darkroom - so you really can't see anything. Just standing there in the silence knowing there are other guys beside you - waiting...the anticipation. The energy of waiting...then you get brushed by a hand, or a cock. And the hand finds your arse...strokes it - moves up your back and starts pushing you forward - and then you know that you're going to get fucked - and the head of the cock reaches your cheeks....and pushes in. It can be intense. I love it!
  4. in-between two port-a-loos in Dore Alley down the side of The Powerhouse the Up Your Alley Fair in 2018 - and I got bred not just the once....such a good time πŸ™‚. And top tip - you have to do Folsom St Fair and Up Your Alley Fair naked - the vibe from other folks once you get rid of all your clothes is the best πŸ™‚
  5. less of the judgey judgey "lax sexual habits...disease vector" bullshit. We are all sexually generous beings having a god time. You have sex, you can get STIs. We are lucky we can get tested and get treated. Don't put people off getting tested by spreading the stereotypical "you have an infection - ergo - you must be dirty"
  6. I've been to Wet N Hot in Palm Springs every year since 2012 - and every year I get fucked by more guys than I think is possible! It's such a fucking blast - and you can get hosed down in piss at the same time as getting spit roasted! CumUnion in San Francisco used to be a great party too - and 442 Natoma was a favourite place - especially on Dore Alley Sunday afternoon. In 2017 I got there at 3pm and left at 10pm with cum running out my hole. I don't know how many guys fucked me - and the crazy thing was the line to get in when I left was still huge! Fuck....Such a shame all these great places are closing down 😞
  7. I went to 440 Natoma in San Francisco about mid 2016. I'd decided to fuck raw only after years of condoms. It was one of their Dark Party nights- so busy as. I was in one of the rooms with a fuck bench and I overheard two guys talking - about their need to leave to go to another party and deciding they needed to cum before they left - one of the guys then turned to me and said "Get on the bench" - and he plowed into my well lubed hole. In about 30 seconds he leaned over and said "here's my toxic load, faggot" and fired right into me. As he pulled out he told his friend that he'd dropped a load into this guy here - and with me still being on the fuck bench his buddy slipped in too - and in another minute I had load number 2. Not exactly stealth but my first 2 raw loads ever in the space of 5 minutes. I stayed another few hours and took more raw cock and loads from another bunch of guys. Happy days πŸ™‚
  8. I love spontaneous fucks like that - and he pissed on you after - what a find! lucky you πŸ™‚
  9. fuck you're a sexy man - with a great attitude - have fun!

  10. sexy man πŸ™‚

  11. next time I'm in Edinburgh Roscoe you can spray your babies up my cunt as many times as you like πŸ™‚
  12. just do what you're happy with and don't worry about judgement from anyone else.... it's your hole - your rules...
  13. keep getting tested boys πŸ™‚ easy fix and if you test positive, just shows that you're sexually generous.
  14. I fucking love cock - so don;'t really care one way or the other - but uncut is fucking sexy
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