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Last time you fucked in public

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Sadly early this years precovid at club 80 down In Melbourne on nud night! Happen to be the last night this year I took more than 1 cock .. 

hopefully soon get to be used in a group fuck again just want be blindfolded, bound , and used by as many tops as possible ! 

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Guest beardedbastard

March. Met a guy at The airport. He was coming to visit his daughter. He has a tight body, scruff. We made eye contact while in line to board. When we arrived I made it a point to quickly follow. Made quick conversation with him. Asked if he knew where the toilets were. He said he also need to use them so to walk w him. After everyone left I motioned him to a stall. Got him up on the toilet seat in case anyone walked in. Had a beautiful hairy hole. Licked him and shoved my cock into him. Started banging him. Blaster my load and we exited the stall. We walked out and I just said thanks for the hole. He gave me his number. He came over that whole weekend in the evenings to get Bred. 

it was sweet seeing him hug his daughter and family. Knowing my poz load was swimming in his gut. 

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Last time in a park was bout 2 weeks ago naked against a tree in the middle of the night.

Last time in a sauna was in March, hearing lockdown was likely I got out and went to my usual place in the morning and spent all day flipping between the gloryhole, sauna and darkroom all day giving my ass and mouth to guys wanting to unload before things all closed up.

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Last week at a well known wooded area near the city. 

I made eye contact with a long haired lad as I walked towards the bushes. He caught up with me 5 mins later when I found my spot. I had a jock & cock ring on, shorts around my ankles and my hairy hole on display. 

He pulled out his impressive 8 incher (I love wee guys with a massive todger), which I sucked to get him hard.

A couple of blokes joined us, wanking off. Top man spun me around to access my arse. He went in hell for leather, calling me a dirty slut which turned me on even more. He asked the other 2 if they wanted to breed me, but they were happy watching and wanking.

He pulled out to insert a PA, then rammed it  back in. It felt amazing, feeling his PA in me. He built up to climax and grunted when he coated my innards with cum. When he slid out, the cum was leaking down my leg. He left with a grin on his face, as did I. 

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