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The Party After Halloween


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1. Halloween Preparations

I had met Seth at the gym. He was a senior, and I think he noticed me checking him out. He was beautiful: about 5'11", muscular, but not too muscular, brown hair and eyes. He had a rugby player's build, stout and muscular, with a muscular ass. I was far to shy to say anything, especially after he caught me checking him out. But he just smiled at me, and despite my blushing, I smiled back. Luckily, we both moved on to different parts of the gym, and then he disappeared. I resolved to never work out at that time again.

Unfortunately, he was waiting for me outside the locker rooms. He smiled again, and my ass twitched. "Like what you saw?" he asked me. 

Even though I was a freshman, I was hardly a virgin. In high school, I had a steady boyfriend, and we had done a lot of exploring. I had learned what I liked, and that was a thick cock up my hole. Safely, of course. But, also, of course, when I was watching porn, I only watched bareback porn. It was so hot to see a twink boy take a load of sperm from a hot man. I had to answer him. 

"Y-Yeah," I said. The chance of him beating me up here was almost zero. But I was still terrified. 

"Nice. Me too." He smiled, and licked his lips. "I'm Seth," he said.

"Kenta," I replied. 

"I gotta run. Here's my number. Let's get a smoothie soon," he said. But Seth's social schedule was packed. I was reasonably popular, but I was still just a freshman. We actually ran into each other more at the gym. We checked each other out, and talked a bit. Once, I saw him in the shower. His dick was thick, even when he was soft. I tried not to stare too much.

We finally did the smoothie, but we did it by skipping a class. He had a fresh joint, and we smoked it out in the park, sitting in the sun. He had told me about his home life. He was living in a complex relationship with three other guys, two older men, and then one a few years older than him. 

He passed the joint to me, and motioned me closer, as he pulled out his phone. He started showing me pictures of his family. I was now sitting right next to him on the bench. We were both in tank tops, and his skin was warm, and still a bit damp from the workout. His "husbands and brother," as he called them were just as hot as he was.

I must have said something when he showed me Jon's picture. Jon was the first of the two husbands, and he was balding, bearded, hairy, and hung. He was totally my type, and my asshole was twitching. 

"Yeah," Seth said. "You'd like him." He continued to show me the other husband and the brother. JP, the husband, was almost better than Jon. I even liked Cal, the tall, lean gymnast brother, although he was far too similar to me in build. "You should meet them. They're great people."

He swiped again, and it was another picture of Jon. This time shirtless, wearing a leather harness and jeans. "Wow," I said.

"Yeah?" Seth asked. "Are you interested in that?"

"It's hot," I said. "Really hot. But I haven't done anything like that before." 

"You should come over. We've got a lot of gear. You can see what it's like." He leaned in and kissed me. When he told me about his family, I thought he was off-limits. "This is totally fine," he said, almost reading my mind. 

This time, I kissed him back. The weed was hitting me, and I was horny. "I'd like that." All I could think about was the picture of Jon in the harness. He had been wearing gloves, and I imagined the feel of the warm leather against my skin.

"And maybe you'd play with us," Seth said. I had seen videos like that. I had fantasized about it. But I had no idea where to find them. I think I was also scared of it. I had jerked off to the porn. But actually doing it was another thing. Health class had made the consequences so clear, and very scary.

"Uh..." I started, utterly unsure what I was going to say.

"It's cool," he said, and kissed me again. "Whatever you want."

"No," I finally said. "I'd like that. It's just.."

"You're a virgin?" he asked, sounding genuinely surprised. 

"No, no, not hardly. Just never done it with more than one guy." 

"Oh," he smiled. He kissed me again. "That's easy. We're good at this. Lots of practice." He paused. "By the way, what's your safer sex practice?"

"Uh. Usually condoms." I don't know why I said "usually," since I always used condoms. 

"Cool. We're almost all on Prep or meds," Seth said. "So, we're safe that way." I had seen signs about Prep, and I hadn't really thought about it. But then, with my dick already hard and the weed kicking in, my mind wandered.

I could take a raw cock. It was just a pill, and I had heard how easy it was to get at the campus health center. I could take Jon's raw cock. It was definitely the weed's fault, but I couldn't stop thinking about the possibilities. "I'll have to see about it," I said.

"Yeah! That's great. You want to come over next Friday?" he asked. "We're doing a little Halloween post-party."

"Sure," I said. "What kind of Halloween party? Costumes?"

"Yeah. Don't worry about it. We'll get you into some proper leather beforehand. You'll fit right in." He smiled at me and gave me another kiss. We made out for a few more minutes, enjoying the freedom to do this out in public and the warmth of the late fall sun. But, finally, he had to be somewhere, and I had a lab section.

Later, he texted me the details. He wanted me to have some time with his family first, before the rest of the party started. "Don't worry. JP and Cal get started on these things hours beforehand."

My cock was stiff. By Japanese standards, I was hung. But I remembered the cock Seth had. He had made some comment that he was just average for his family, and I wondered how big Jon and JP must be. More than just my dick, my ass was itching. It had been a while since I had gotten fucked. I wanted to feel all of Jon, and didn't want him to miss any part of me.

I looked up PrEP at the health center. It was easy and I had an appointment the next day. A day after that I had a bottle of pills. The doctor said I'd be protected just a few days later.

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2. Toasts

I didn't see Seth at the gym again before the Friday of the party. We messaged a bit on line, but he had been busy with school, plus all the regular parties around Halloween, so we didn't message that often. I went to a few parties, and made out with a few guys. But even when I was making out with some cute freshman, all I could think about was Seth's partners. I wanted to feel their hairy chests against my body. I wanted to feel their beards brush against my lips.

Most of all, I wanted to feel their thick cocks stretch my hole open. Other than Seth, I hadn't seen any of them naked. But I just knew that Jon and JP were hung with fat daddy dicks, and heavy, low-hanging balls filled with cum. I wanted to taste their cum, and I really wanted to feel what it was like for a man like Jon to breed my hole.

It felt like it took forever to get to Friday, and then that morning went by at a snail's pace. I hadn't cum in several days, and I hadn't even tried to get fucked, despite being on prep. I wanted my first time to be with Seth and his family. A little after noon, my last class let out. I quickly found something to eat, and rushed back to my dorm. Seth had told me not to worry about a costume, that they would find something. I just took a shower, making sure I was clean inside and out. 

I found a cute pair of underwear to put on, and a pair of jeans that highlighted my ass. I was your standard skinny Asian twink, but my ass were two perfect melons. In the right jeans, I might have even fucked myself. As I finished dressing, my phone buzzed. It was Seth. I was excited and scared when I read the message.

"Come whenever. But looking forward to seeing you, so the sooner the better." I was relieved that he hadn't cancelled. But I was still a bit scared. I was going over to the home of several strange, unknown men, and they were going to fuck me all night long, if not more. I was also hard as a rock. The blue briefs I was wearing hid nothing, and there was already a wet spot where my dickhead pressed against the shiny fabric.

"On my way," I said, as I ordered an Lyft. Less than five minutes later, I was on my way. I shared my location with Seth. 

"See you soon. Simon, the door man knows you're coming." It was a twenty minute ride downtown, but with the traffic, it took thirty minutes. They seemed to drag by; I was fidgeting a bit, trying to will the traffic to open up. Finally, we pulled up to a tall condo building in downtown. I had seen it on the skyline; I knew it was expensive. 

"Nice place," the Lyft driver said as he dropped me off at the front door. It opened onto a large, and expensive-looking lobby. I stepped out and looked into the lobby. I had a marijuana vape pen with me, just in case I got nervous. I ducked off to one side, out of view of the lobby, and inhaled deeply. I held it, then did another hit. 

I was about to go to a sex party with four other guys. My dick cock was hard and my ass was twitching just thinking about it. Think about being sandwiched between Jon and JP, their hairy bodies pressed against me. I took another hit, just enough to help calm my nerves. Besides, it always made me horny, which couldn't hurt.

I held it for thirty seconds, then stepped into the lobby. By the elevators, there was a tall, muscular black man, in an immaculately tailored suit. I tired not to stare; he was an ebony god. Just one of his arms was as big as I was. I read his discreet name badge. "Eli," it said. He caught me staring, and I blushed. "You must be Kenta," he said. 

Letting my eyes drop didn't help. There was little the tailor could do to hide the thick snake pressed against one of his legs. "Yeah," I said.

"The guys are on Floor 48," he continued, directing me towards the elevator. "Have fun." I walked in the elevator; it was elegant, with dark mirrors and careful lighting. It took me a moment to find 48; I wondered how I would know which apartment it was. 

But the elevator was fast, and it was only a few seconds before it was slowing down, and the doors opened. Seth was standing there, wearing a white tank-top, black sweat pants, and a surprisingly realistic pair of goat horns coming out of his hair. Standing next to him was Jon, also in the tank top and sweats. He had a small pair of devil horns emerging from the cropped hair. His beard was also shaped into a proper devil's point. "Welcome," Seth said. "This is Jon."

"I'm Kenta," I said.

"Pleased to meet you," Jon said. He reached out and pulled me close to him. "You're a cute one," he said, then pushed me into Seth's waiting arms.

"Isn't he?" Seth said, before kissing me. "I know we're going to have fun. I know just the costume for you." He kissed me again, then pushed me back to Jon. 

Jon kissed me this time. I wasn't expecting it, but I welcomed it, letting him explore my mouth with his tongue. He pushed me back for a second, and looked over my body. Even at maybe 5'10", he looked big against my 5'4" frame. "Let's get you into a proper costume," he said.

Seth led the way out of the left. "Jon doesn't like to talk about it, but he made a lot of money with a start-up. So we live here. And have things like this for a closet." He stepped into a room about the size of my bedroom growing up. Around the edges were hooks and shelves holding various pieces of leather and toys. It was almost like being in the leather store downtown, except in one corner was a small bar, complete with a sink and small fridge.

I had watched enough leather porn on XTube to recognize the other things in the room, a sling, a fuck bench, and a sturdy metal cage. I took a deep breath. My lungs filled with the scent of leather and sweat, and my head swam a bit. The marijuana was starting to hit, and now, this dirty porno jerk-off fantasy was starting to come true. My asshole twitched. I wanted another hit from the pipe. 

"You smoke weed?" Jon asked, almost reading my mind.

"Yeah," I said.

"You ever try G?" Seth asked me.

"I've heard of it," I said. I had read stories about drug-fueled parties. "But not sure about it. What does it do?" 

"It's a bit like weed," Jon said. "It makes everything very mellow and chill. Great for making out and cuddling." He was standing behind me, close enough that I could feel the warmth from his body. I wanted it closer. "Have you been drinking?" he asked. 

"No," I said. I wanted to trust these two men. They made me feel like I could trust them. "Just vaped some weed."

"Oh perfect," Seth said. "Just do a little, you can see how it feels. Then decide if you like it." He turned to Jon. "Maybe an ml?"

"Him?" Jon said. He smiled at me. "Let's start him at .6. He's like half of you." He turned back tome. "Seth just wants to get you naked. I'll take care of you." He turned back to Seth. "But. Yes. Let's get Kenta naked and into his costume."

"You get Kenta and us some G," Seth said. He stepped over to me, and wrapped his arms around me. He gave me a big kiss. "And I'll get Kenta naked." He peeled off my shirt with practiced ease, and tossed it into a corner. At the bar, Jon mixed something up.

"This one is for you, Kenta," he said, reappearing with three glasses of orange juice. He handed me a glass, then handed one to Seth. "Cheers, boys," he said, as he toasted. "Do it quickly," he said, and then we clinked glasses.

I swallowed it quickly, just like the others. But I could taste something bitter. 

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