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A bonus for this bottom

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I love the booths at the ABSs. Favorite place to spend on a Saturday or a family holiday. There is always tons of cock. 

I dress accordingly: small but easy to slip off shorts or sweatpants with a small bottle of lube in one pocket and poppers in the other, commando or one of my jocks, a t-shirt, and flip flops. Less to lose, I'm usually naked if I'm in a booth, but roaming around looking my slut uniform fits the requirements and allows any interested tops access to finger my ass, if they are bold enough. 

One particular Saturday, I had been there since around noon. It was around 3 or 4 when a really tight fit guy about my age came in through the curtain. Jeans, tank top, sneakers, and a ball cap. Hairy chest, scruff, and a killer smile.

I had just exited a booth, the taste of semen shellacked the inside of my mouth. 

We made eye contact and with a look I followed him into a booth. He locked the door behind me. He chose a private booth.  We started to make out. Grabbing each other's asses and crotches.  Undressing each other as he tasted the last guy's load in my saliva. It seemed to turn him on even more. 

Once his jeans were to his knees, we started to trade blow jobs. It was so hot. My clothes were in a pile on the floor. He had a really nice slightly bigger than average cock. Cut. Big fat head on it. It felt so good in my mouth.

He smelled freshly showered and tasted of strawberries, with his pre was completely intoxicating.

I asked him to fuck me. He responded, "I'm normally a bottom, but fuck yeah! I just need to piss first. I'll be real quick." 

"You don't have to go," I shot back.

What did I do? I was in an intensely horny mood. He was so sexy, a lightly furred otter bod with a face to match. 

"What?" He asked looking me in the eyes. 

"I'll take it," I said. "I'll drink it, if that's cool?"

His cock was rigid. He smiled as he put his hand on my naked shoulder then he pushed me gently to my knees. I placed his flared cock head in my mouth. Patient. Waiting. His cock softened a little before I felt it swell again as his spray of piss shot over my tongue. It filled my mouth in a moment. As I swallowed my own dick was hard and leaking pre. In my head, I was being marked as this submissive's submissive. 

His stream didn't stop. It was a steady flow. Right to the end. Just a little of his golden warm liquid escaped the corners of my mouth to my chin. I was dizzy from his heady brew. 

Before I was even aware he had stopped passing he had me turned around and bent over a chair. I felt the head nudge my pucker. 

There were two loads in my hole. 

I heard him spit. His cock pushed the spit slimed head against my pucker and he slid in. 

"Fuck, slut! How much cock have you had in your ass today? There is a lot of cum in you."

He went balls deep then pulled out. We both heard the "plop" on the floor. 

The flavor of his piss lingered on my tongue as he pushed his cock back into me. Without pause, he proceeded to pound my hungry ass. He got a little loud. Smacking my ass. Calling out to some whore he was fucking and asking the dirty slut if he wanted his load.

"Yes!" I cried out. "Breed me, stud. I want your bottom seed." 

I love being used by other bottoms as much as by tops. 

He deposited his load with the others. 

He was dressed, kissed, me goodbye, and was out the door before I managed to connect my things. 

That wasn't the end of my day, but he was fucking hot and memorable. 

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Hot as fuck!! As a vers guy, BONUS is the exact word I use when I get a bottom to fuck and breed me!  

A couple years ago I had this younger buddy I considered to be VERS.  We flipped every time we played.  One day we texted and decided to meet up for cumunion that night - both taking loads then flip fuck each other at the end.  I got there pretty early, but he was already there.  He grabbed me as soon as I walked in and started fucking me in the open with around 15 guys in the vicinity.  Of course he didn't cum yet, but someone else took over fucking me and he went his own way.  We both took loads for about an hour then met up as planned to flip breed.  I had been fucked by 17 guys that I counted, 6 loads.  For some reason he wanted to go in a private booth for the finale.  We each bred each others SLOPPY fuck hole and headed out.  The hot thing was a couple days later when I got a message from this other guy asking me how I got such a well known bottom cumdump to to fuck me.  He had seen my buddy fucking me at the start.  The guy was a great fuck as top AND bottom, but it turned my on like fuck having onlookers see me as a bottom's bottom!

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      Heeey. My name is Kyle Reinhardt, I something go by Trystan on my social media, and I'm a 30 year old faggot from Pittsburgh PA. I really appreciate it enjoy posting my pics and info around the web for people to see. I like people seeing my small dick and my big wrecked cunt of an asshole. My dream is for someone to print out my pics and flyers and post them publicly. If you see me let me know! Text or call me! And be sure to save and spread my pics somewhere else!! Thanks so much!
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      We've tried Koomba, Yarra Bend - was wondering if there were any other suggestions.  Most importantly though - who's interested in joining us?

    • By heyzeus
      Somehow the fight started early in the morning. By 7 Trent was out of the house and driving vaguely downtown while calling hotels. 
      The nice places seemed booked up and he turned into a crappy motel right off the highway. Whatever.
      He got a room for a couple of nights and went in. Yeah, it sucked in every way but the bed was fairly comfy. Whatever. 
      He and Heidi had been fighting nonstop recently. But that morning had been another level. Whatever.
      He decided to relax. He got out his iPad and screwed around, finally going to a porn tube site. As he got more turned on he moved from teens to transwomen and finally to gay porn. He already knew he loved the 80s stuff.
      Without fully thinking, Trent took cock pics and then used the bathroom mirror to get his hole. He googled and then signed up for some hookup sites. "Tight bottom looking for sex this morning. Bring lube." 
      He got a decent response and invited the first 3 guys who responded. A couple of generic 40s white guys and a late 20s hispanic dude. 
      He figured at best one of them would show up. Instead 2 made it to the door at the same time and the third was there within another 5 minutes. Lol.
      They all brought lube.
      Trent was shy. He'd had gay sex one other time. An embarrassing incident during his honeymoon with Heidi in Las Vegas. She'd gone to bed long ago, he got picked up and went back to a guy's room to have a drink. Matt. Matt got aggressive as soon as they were back to his room. Trent was mostly blacked out but could remember begging for it. And getting it. 
      Trent staggered back to the honeymoon suite around 3. He secretly took an hiv test a few months later and pumped his fist at the negative result.
      The guys in his room at the Red Roof Inn egged each other on. Trent was constantly sucking cock. They were tough on him and slid fingers in him. "You do have a tight ass," said one of his new friends as he positioned himself behind Trent. He squirted a bunch of lube on his cock and slid into his asshole. All the way. Trent got fucked hard and relentlessly for about 2 minutes.
      "Oh fuck yeah bitch. Take my load."
      He stayed inside as he finished ejaculating. After he pulled out the men in his mouth came around behind him and slid all the way inside. It was embarrassing to admit but he loved being fucked by a stranger.
      The second guy started talking dirty as the got close. "You're a faggot now you know that right?" He pumped hard and then slid all the way inside Trent. 
      "Where do you want me to cum?" He asked. I only groaned.
      "Tell me where to cum." I still didn't respond. He fucked me faster and demanded, "tell me to cum in you."
      I did as I was told. I said I was a cumslut who would take any load in my tight ass. 
      That satisfied him and he emptied his balls while thrusting in me. 
      Fuck. I was overwhelmed. I asked the others for a minute and took a hot shower.
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      Cum Dump 2: GWM, 41, 6’ 1” 220, Cub - An adventurous bottom looking for tops who like using a cock hungry pig hole hard.  Likes sex on the wild side, pushing limits (yours/his), & rough/hard (give/take), verbal breedings. Into anon scenes & loads, pigs who get off on degradation, uninhibited group play, & fantasy exploration.
      +++ Uncut cocks, old fuckers with big swinging dicks, redneck/trashy pigs, truckers needing to get off come use us. But all hard cocks ready to breed appreciated!

    • By Tanbbottom
      (This story is not so  much about chasing or gifting. It is more about living on the edge and the adrenaline rush of taking risks with many barebacker sexual partners without the safety of PrEP. I chose to place it here because some might feel it's closer to this topic than general bareback where there's no reference to HIV.)
      "Looks like we're not cooking again tonight", said my husband with a twinkle in his eyes. He can always tell when I arrive home with a load or two or more from my day at work in the hospital. This was a 'more day' and we had two rules. The first was that he would never waist the natural lube for his 8 inch thick cock. After breeding me on the kitchen island he would enjoy an appetizer by fetching out his load and the rewards of my sexually active day.  This day there was enough protein for the main course, so lots to snowballing share with me.
      The second rule was we had to share all the details if we had hooked up. We had an open relationship from day one and often played together with others. But the rule was if you played on your own you had to tell the other as soon as possible. Like I needed to tell him, he could always smell the other men on me from 100 feet. 
      We never rushed a fuck with each other so this day like many, supper prep time disappeared. Besides it was more fun to tell all the sordid details when neither of us were distracted by something as mundane as meal preparation. So he spent forty five minutes pounding two of his loads into me; one in the kitchen followed by appetizer; the other in the shower; and then we headed off to our secluded booth at the back of our favorite Italian restaurant. The fact that we knew our server was a cute, young, olive skinned otter who provided special privileges and discretion didn't hurt either. 
      - . ------.-------.-------.-------.-------.-------.-------.----
      Me: "So there was a super handsome new doctor on Rounds this morning. "
      My hubby: "Oh, oh,  okay. I know where this is going. "
      Me: "Don't give me that hon. I know you loved the api we just shared every bit as much or more than I did. "
      Him: "Yup! And I know that I've just sampled more than the taste of this new doctor's cum. How many did you bring home tucked up your sweet perky ass babe? Were you able to do any nursing work today?"
      Me: "Uh... uh.... (counting in my head) ... not sure.... I think nine."
      Our waiter whistled: "Fuck you whore, that's a lot even for you!" We had not noticed his arrival. 
      Me; "Actually there was the 26 load bathhouse visit before I met hon. Wait, that was the night I met you wasn't it hon? But who's counting?"
      Waiter; "Not me. I couldn't keep up. "
      Hubby laughing; "Now you see my problem. You don't look very busy. Why don't you get our usual cocktails and sit in to hear his sordid details?"
      Me; "It looked like Rounds as usual. All the regular team. Just as we were heading into the first patient room he appeared and joined us. I lost my breath the moment our eyes met. There was an instant connection. My first thought was about my 'Pure' capsules. My ass was sure to be clean for what was bound to be probing it soon."
      "He looked a lot like McSteamy from Gray's Anatomy. Tall, slim, sharpely handsome face, patchy scruffy beard that he could get away with due to his steamy grin and seductive blue grey eyes. Those eyes instantly saw right through me and he knew before the day was finished where he would be planting his load. "
      Waiter; "You hoped!"
      Hubby; "Oh no! My slutty babe knew!"
      Me; "Shortly after Rounds McSteamy arrives at my nursing station. When he's finished giving instructions to the ward clerk he makes sure he's caught my eye. Using his seductive eyes and nothing more he motions me down the hall. When we get to the walk in linnen closet he pushes me in, closes and locks the door."
      "I'm on my knees and fish out his 5 inch semi-erect tool. It quickly expands to it's full 7 inch respectable slender hardness in my mouth. He grabs me by the hair, pulls me to my feet, spins me around and leans me against the shelving in one smoothly orchestrated movement. He's done this many times with many a nurse. "
      " "No time for oral foreplay whore. As a doctor I know very well we should use a condom but you will only take it bareback. Right slut?" "
      "I silently nodded my head. "
      Waiter; "Fuck, you didn't even ask his status?"
      Hubby laughing; "Are you kidding? This guy? He never does. "
      Waiter; "You must be on PrEP?"
      Hubby smiling; "He's not.  We gotta get you on that."
      Me; "Yah, I guess. "
      Hubby smiling; "Or not. You love the adrenalin rush of not knowing. Right?"
      Waiter; "So are you guys chasing? I'm assuming you bareback each other. "
      Hubby; "Not really chasing. We just haven't got around to PrEP. And honestly, we both get horned up by the spin of the Roulette wheel. Maybe we are pre-chasing."
      Waiter; "Fuck! You guys are so damn hot. "
      Me; "Do you guys want to hear the rest of this story? Or not?"
      They both nod and turn their attention back to me where it belongs. 
      Me; "Before I could answer his question, with just spit for lube he presses against my vulnerable hole. I take a deep breath and his naked head has penetrated me. "That's it, deep breaths slut. Keep relaxing that hole so I can force this beaut into you balls deep. We don't have a lot of time for this pump and dump. We don't want to be missed do we?" "
      "By the time I could feel his trimmed pubic hairs scratching my ass cheeks the pounding began. Zero to one hundred in a flash. Between the rocking of the shelving and the rhythmic slapping of his pelvis to my butt cheeks I'm surprised we hadn't attracted a crowd to the closest door."
      "Within two minutes he was breathlessly whispering in my ear,  "Filling your slutty ass whore. You're getting my second load of the day and I can only imagine how many you'll get dropped in there before your day ends.  Thanks. Have fun. " "
      "And he was gone before I could even pull up my scrubs. I probed my ass and had a little taste just to be sure I had received my reward for the chance I'd taken. It tasted mighty sweet!"
      "As I emerged from the closest Sam the janitor gave me a knowing look asking; "Are you headed to the lab with samples?" "
      ""Pretty sure I am." I responded."
      "Sam leaned in speaking so only I could hear, "Great. Meet me in the basement in 15. I'll give you a sample to join the good doctor's." "
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