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What's Your Fetish?


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My fetish is wearing strange men's underwear ( clean). The feel of someone else's boxer or briefs against my skin arouses me and often allows me to fantasize as I wank  thinking what that  ( prior owner ) man's cock, balls, and bush must have looked like, smelled and felt.

No, I don't steal them out of the gym locker room.

There's a large thrift store in my city that has a huge used clothing section with over 14 aisles of clothing. That's where I buy them ( usually already laundered). 

I went there on a Saturday morning to kill some time waiting for my friend Ron to call me. once his boyfriend left their apt. that day for work. Ron and I were planning a leisurely all day flip fuck , so I was in his neighborhood waiting for him to call . I was ready, already fed, cleaned out, with a small bottle of my favorite lube in my pocket ( not that stain inducing silicone  based  brand Ron and his boyfriend used at home.) 

In the store  I got lucky.

On the long   mens undergarment aisle were  gym shorts, running lycra bicycle tights, designer sweatpants, tracksuits , winter frostproof longjohns, underwear and bathing trunks. All used, formerly carrying someone else's bollocks, a nirvana for a [banned word] like me. 

I found a formerly owned  and worn nice blue flannel boxer shorts with white snowflakes in the design. ( If you peruse my Twitter page at @88going you'll see those selfsame  used underpants with my  own cock flopping out of them.)

Right then, my instinctive response was to lift those underwear on their hangar and drape them on my face , close my eyes and smell deeply. They smelled of floral laundry detergent. 

As I opened my eyes, a few feet away an attractive mid thirties, brown eyed mustached hipster man in black horn rim glasses , tousled light brown hair, about 5'7'' in tight dark blue jeans , pretty doe like  limpid eyes  smiled at me and then looked down and started laughing. He lifted his head  again and looked back at me with a wide grin with his eyes lingering a little too long. 

I walked over to him as he was studying a pair of bathing trunks and asked me with a mirthful smile : "Did they smell good?"  I suggested that the swimming trunks  in his hand would look good on him, and then I took a risk and suggested: " Let's go try them on".

I introduced myself & he told me his name was David and we went over to the long bank of 7  individual changing booths, on the other side of the store and waited in a queue together with mostly  women  waiting to try on clothing before purchase. 

We stood close to each other, our legs rubbing and I started to gently caress the small of his back with my palm while we were waiting in the queue and he smiled back. It must have seemed to others that we were together. 

I shut off my phone (sorry Ron) and when a booth opened up we went in together and we both stripped naked to our socks.I bent down to suck his musky smooth shaved balls and fellate his wide 6 inch cut erect cock set on a trimmed brown bush. I deep throated his cock and licked his smooth pendulous sweaty balls some more . He looked at me, adjusted his glasses, and smiled. I stood up and pulled the small bottle of lube out of my pocket and generously coated my attentive 7 incher and attempted to stand behind David. He shook his head no and whispered in my ear : " I'm not clean." 

He then grabbed the lube  from the bench, poured some on his cock and with his other hand grabbed the back of my neck, and pushed me facing and against the free wall and pivoted his hips up against my ass , guiding his wet cock into my ass with his free hand.   While grabbing the nape of my neck  he started to fuck me hard balls deep and as he was pumping and sighing I bit my tounge in order not to shout.

It felt awesome.

Looking across the room in the floor length mirror I watched David's hairy brown legs and furry bubble but with brown fuzz  fucking me  with the rhythm of a metronome , the sight of which and the pressure of his hard cock inside me caused me to shoot a few long ropes of cum against the wall. David sighed, grunted and unloaded in me . As he pulled out  I started to dribble his spunk down my leg.

Using my undershirt, I hurriedly did my best to clean up the odiferous jizz from David's cock, my own, the wall, the floor, my leg and  my dripping asshole.

We went to the cash register and I bought the  blue underwear, and David his swim trunks ( to say thank you) . The cashier must have wondered why I  smelled like a n animal birthing barn reeking of sweat and spunk ,with wet stains on the back of my jeans. I offered David my phone number, which he declined, rushed home and later called Ron with a white lie ( Ron forgave me.).

So what's your fetish?

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Anything having to do with water. I love giving underwater blowjobs and getting fucked underwater, in hot tubs, etc. A recurring fantasy is to get fucked while giving a blowjob underwater, all the while I am floating positioned with my back toward the bottom so my head is thrown back and he is able to grip and fuck my throat. Having it recorded would definitely enhance the event!

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Guest pozstrainspig

I love anonymous used condoms. Also, although a bottom I love wearing chaps with, or without, a jock. 

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I have a huge sexy underwear fetish.  Thongs are my favorite; been so since high school (late 80's, early 90's) when wearing something like that in a locker room was very daring.  i have always enjoyed pushing the envelope just a little bit.  But a thong is just so darn comfortable.  It hugs my package and puts it on display for all to see.

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Guest JockofSpades

I like wearing athletic jocks and sports socks (Baseball and soccer), brings me back to my days after practice. 

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When I was young (from about 8 until around 13) my family used to take in students who had come to the UK to learn and/or improve their English. Mostly Germans or Italians but sometimes from France or one of the Scandic countries. 

Generally speaking they were teenagers 18 and under. Often when they were out of the house I would sneak into their room and sniff their underwear, swim wear or trousers (still damp speedos were a favourite) imagining that they were sitting on my face wearing them. As this was mostly before puberty I'd just be rubbing my limp cock whilst sniffing and rubbing the item of clothing over my face, but it still felt good getting those dry orgasms. 

There was one student though, German, and unfortunately I cannot remember his name, who had a pair of beige corduroy trousers, I can't remember how or who initiated it, but I spent an hour with my face pressed into his meaty ass (he was wearing the cords), whilst every so often he would fart. I have no idea how old I was when this happened but it only happened once during his stay,  a pleasant experience and just part of discovering myself as I grew up. 

Once I hit puberty my tastes changed to men generally older than myself (smell better too!) and if a guy has just removed his underwear, particularly if sweaty, I love to inhale them deeply whilst being fucked raw - better than poppers!


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