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    5'10", ~185, ~7". LOVE kissing and am a great kisser. Love long sessions.
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    User name and pic says it all. While I don't mind felching my cum from a hole, I LOVE felching other men's from it. I like all races, most builds and have a wide age range from my own. I'm multiorgasmic and my orgasms are like going out to dinner - the first is like the appetizer, the second is like the main course and the third is like dessert. Lkg 4 FWB or NSA, repeats or one-offs.

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  1. I 😍 friends with benefits! But not all of my gay friends fall into that category. And I honestly wouldn't want all of them too.... I wholeheartedly agree with this! Understanding that I'm making generalities, gay men seem to be able to separate sex from love more than non-gay people do.
  2. Agreed. I tell bottoms who are worried about whether or not they're cleaned out enough that if it happens, no big deal. I have a hookup in the shower and they can refresh if needed. Then we can pick up where we left off. BUT that is different from what I think the OP was talking about - someone who hadn't cleaned out (well enough or at all). I don't fuck anything I haven't eaten first. And if my nose and tongue get down there and it doesn't appear to be properly cleaned? There won't be any eating or fucking.
  3. I mostly hook up through online sites as opposed to anonymous situations. ALL of my profiles state bareback. If a bottom hit me up but wanted me to fuck him with a condom? No. Not sorry! And I don't care how many boxes you may check for me. I would rather fuck a bottom bareback who checked zero other boxes for me than to fuck a bottom with a condom who checked every box for me.
  4. Of course you can give your nephew whatever gift you want! That's between your nephew and you. If his dad doesn't like it, too bad. I agree that a phone would be more practical than an iPad at that age. You don't mention it, but assuming you are out to your brother, what is your relationship with him like? Can you talk to your brother or will that just inflame the situation? As others have said, let your nephew know you're there for him. As you've "been there, done that" have you discussed your experiences with him?
  5. He woke up this morning with a cough and a slight fever. At home COVID test came back positive, so no playing today. 😒 And I have a 5-day load I was going to surprise him with too. Oh well. Guess it'll get added to my container in the freezer. We'll reschedule when he's better.
  6. I used to be a moderator on a site that no longer exists. My "pay" for 30+ hours of work each week on top of my real job? A free paid membership, which amounted to $30 a year. And for that I got to deal with lots of special snowflakes who thought they were the only special snowflake and therefore the rules shouldn't apply to them. 🙄 I'm sure I got called a bully more than once. And whenever someone complained about an action I had taken, I directed them to the site owner as, more often than not, I was just enforcing the rules the site owner had set. I was never told to undo an action I had taken, but might've been told, "I would've handled that differently." I tried to apply the rules consistently. But I'm human and have no delusion that I was 100% successful. Threads here go much further afield than would've been allowed on the forum I helped to moderate. We didn't have a points system, but all of the mods knew who the troublemakers were, and their misdeeds were tracked. When the line was crossed one time too many, that person was banned. We even had a Banned Members thread that only Global Moderators could post in because they were the only ones who could ban a member. Easily 75% of the posts were related to banning new accounts of members who had already been banned and not the banning of new people. (Another 10-15% were related to members who asked that their account be deactivated. So we really weren't banning that many people for infractions.) I have no idea what, or even if, the mods here get paid. But I DO know it's probably nowhere near enough for what they have to put up with! Having been a moderator, I give props to anyone who takes the time out of their lives to help out. And, because I have walked many miles in their shoes, I try not to cause them any additional grief, and I try not to second guess their actions. And one more thing before I end. On every forum I have seen, once one becomes a Moderator, there is no way to post as an individual contributor. Anything JonTheSexGod the Moderator does as JonTheSexGod the individual contributor shows as a Moderator post or action even though it may not have been intended to be that. My suggestion to anyone who wants to complain about the mods on this, or any, forum is to grant them some grace and assume that they are acting with the best of intentions, even if you don't agree with whatever they did.
  7. OK, now I'm really confused. I thought the whole purpose of a cage (to which the bottom DID NOT have the key) was to stop them from being able to get hard and jerk off, thereby increasing their sexual desire to get fucked. (My understanding is that they do nothing tostop spontaneous orgasms.) So, for example, if I put a cage on you, locked it, and took the key with me, you wouldn't be able to jerk off cause you couldn't get hard. Or am I understanding something wrong?
  8. Serious question, because I honestly don't know. Is it about "making it work" (bottom in control) or is it about being forced into the situation (top in control)?
  9. I have tenative plans for Sunday to fuck a caged bottom. If it happens, I will report back about the experience!
  10. Another designation other than gay or bi that has gained traction in the last few years is MSM - Men who have Sex with other Men. There's nothing about love or attraction. It's purely about the sex. There are a number of men on this site who are married to women who enjoy having sex with men and share those experiences. I knew I was gay at 5, have never dated nor had sex with a woman, and have no intention of ever doing so, so I can't be of much help to you from that perspective. Although I do have a theory that men can more easily separate sex from love than women can. So just because a man has sex with someone else doesn't mean that he doesn't love the person he's with. Only you can decide for yourself whether it's cheating if you get fucked by a man (as opposed to you fucking someone else).
  11. Sorry for what you went through, but every time I look at this thread I'm reminded of a greeting card from the 90's (?): Don't! Stop! DON'T! STOP! DON'T STOP! DON'T STOP! DON'T STOP! DON'T STOP! DON'T STOP! DON'T STOP! You appear to be like me in that I have GREAT willpower until it's tested! I have all the willpower in the world not to have that horrible thing to eat that I shouldn't have in my apartment. But if it somehow manages to get into my apartment? I have ZERO willpower to stop myself from eating it! IF you want to stay true to your BF, delete the apps off your phone and don't download them again when you travel. If you don't want to stay true? Have FUN! As for the "If I was blindfolded, it didn't happen...." line of reasoning? 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐
  12. He may feel that kissing is a level of intimacy with a man that is dangerous for him as it might make him face some things that he'd rather not face....
  13. I've recounted the story elsewhere on this site, but I bottomed through the 80s and part of the 90s because I thought I was a premature ejaculator and therefore a bad top. It wasn't until the mid-90's that I played with a guy and after I came, we kept playing, I got hard again, fucked him again and came again. So it wasn't until my 30's that I discovered that I'm multiorgasmic. Now, I liken my orgasms to going to out dinner. The first is like the appetizer in that it usually arrives pretty quickly. The second is like the main course in that it usually takes longer to arrive and hopefully is worth the wait. The third is like dessert in that sometimes you get it and sometimes you don't. (Dessert usually takes a 3-hour+ session these days.) So, as others have said, just because a top comes quickly doesn't mean he can't come again.
  14. I haven't read any of the posts in this thread except for those on the same page onto which I'm posting.... For decades, chub was explicitly OFF my radar! I like builds from skinny right up to chubby/linebacker! Chub was just one step too far removed. Last year this bottom cancelled on me at the last minute. I was horny and this chub hit me up. I fucked him and bred him. Didn't need (or want) to see him again as I didn't enjoy the experience. Yeah, I got off. But.... Couple of months ago this guy hit me up. He looked chubby in his pics and his height/weight stats could've been right on the border between chubby and chub. So, I agreed to hook up. He was definitely a chub! Color me 🤯though! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! He was a great kisser AND his hole was silky! (That's a term I'm pretty sure I've never used before about ANY bottom. ) The more he gets fucked and the more turned on he gets, the more he self-lubricates! HE was embarrased by that, but I told him it turned me ON! (I even started a thread about self-lubricating bottoms before I met him!) We're trying to arrange another time to hookup, which takes some planning since he lives 2 hours away. SO! While I know better than to judge a book by its cover, I was doing exactly that! Lesson learned! (Hopefully)
  15. Bless You for your service to the community!
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