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  1. I just can’t fathom sex WITHOUT scat. I can’t get erect without it.
  2. Yes. In fact, it is a moral obligation.
  3. hey man.....having any success in getting your faggot ass knocked up?

  4. I don't understand. Why do you wanna be on that to begin with? Why don't you want AIDS?
  5. Does anyone else love HIV/AIDS as much as me? Nope! My favorite disease is AIDS because it's the disease for me!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. 12340


      Woof pig I also love aids and take NO meds

    3. Poz2play


      Looking for it too

    4. luvitraw


      Fuck I love it too.

  6. AIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL HAIL THE POWER OF AIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Looks like he gave as much information as possible...like his full name and birth year?
  8. Just moved into an old apartment located in what used to be a hospital that closed in 1943. One bathroom and shower on the two floors of said complex. Lighting is bad but luckily I can use my hotspot so internet and smut aplenty. The place has exposed asbestos everywhere and i sleep w/ a fan that blows the insulation particles in my face. Already have a gnarly cough.
  9. Anyone know the hotspots in the US to contract forms of meningitis or Hepatitis A/B?

  10. Fascinating thread. History, really. Anyone know if the OP kicked the bucket, or is he still with us? Would be cool to know what took him down if he's reached the cosmos.
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